Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson & Tender Morsels & Rubber O Cement - Melancholy Petri-Muse, Si-Si-Si

"A little visit from Sigtryggur from his home in Spain added to a lager experimental moment between the stateside pseudo-science happening in the bay area. We came up with one bizarre experiment after another trying to build an international petri dish companion for us. Steady failures built up our depression into a mighty swirl of dire vices culminating in a few wounds and and an upsetting string of question marks after one very confusing evening. The journal we worked on for each experiment (some in Sigtryggur's native spainish scribbling) left us with a heartening task of translating this to an audio medium. Unnamed members of our ensemble were too inebriated to allow a perfect/steady record of the archiving in the studio, so this cd represents what we were able to assemble from the ruin. Half of the audio experimental archive has been destroyed from the original cassette medium, other parts were too nonsensical or embarrassing to pass onto the toughest listener. Honing this down to a 61 (plus) minute release took a lot out of us. Our construct is here, your living hell begins when you hit play..." Also includes the seven minute video file for added infernal immersion.

CDr released on Brutal Sound Effects during the past.

Melancholy Petri-Muse, Si-Si-Si