Sir Richard Bishop - The Vault Recordings

"The three VAULT volumes were issued in a limited run of 50 signed and numbered copies and are now long gone. They included a number of older pieces that were just lying around, looking for somewhere to go. A few of the songs eventually ended up on later official releases in updated form. Others remain obscure and of various fidelities." SRB

Sir Richard Bishop was a founder member of Sun City Girls along with his brother Alan and the deeply missed Charles Gocher. Whilst Rick plays in The Brothers Unconnected with Alan as well as with Messenger Girls Trio, and Rangda, he is best known for his solo work.

He is, quite simply, the greatest living guitarist.

Check Rick here and pass by the mighty Sublime Frequencies label that Alan runs with Hisham Mayet.

Vault Recordings, Vol. 1

Vault Recordings, Vol. 2

Vault Recordings, Vol. 3


Sloth - The Noiseville LP

LP released in 2010 in an edition of 133 on (yes, you guessed it) Noiseville.

The Noiseville LP


Sloth & Seppuku - Split 7''

Split seven inch on At War With False Noise in 2008. Collaboration with the Cleveland, Ohio sludge doom outfit.

Split 7''


Culver & Seppuku - Dedicated To Soledad Miranda

Great split cd released on At War With False Noise in 2009.

Dedicated To Soledad Miranda Part 1
Dedicated To Soledad Miranda Part 2


Culver - Zero

Self-released cdr from 2007. The picture isn't related to the release...I just like the image.



The Mutant Turd Trio, Rough Sex Quartet & Monopolka - Live In Newcastle

C60 released on George Proctor and Nicola Vinciguerra's Turgid Animal label in 2007.

Recorded live by Lee Stokoe who (amongst other names) records as Culver.

Live In Newcastle Part 1
Live In Newcastle Part 2


Rough Sex Quartet - Rape Baby

Rough Sex Quartet are a "mysterious" revolving cast list featuring the UK's favourite wall noise mongers.

Cdr released on the UK's At War With False Noise label in 2007. AWWFN is run by Seppuku (formally known as Tetsuo) which is itself a revolving bunch of noisemongers, this time based around the Glasgow area.

Rape Baby Part 1
Rape Baby Part 2


Mutant Turd - Disco Anale

Mutant Turd are Darren Wyngarde of Filthy Turd and George Proctor of Mutant Ape.

This cdr was released on Darren's Voltagestress*r label in 2005.

"George the Mutant Ape & Filthy have a big fight over what is best: The Misfits or 70's porn. Doesn't sound like Earth A.D. and you are unlikely to toss yourself off while listening to it. Disapointing and fantastic. Dissapointingly fantastic. Fantstically disapointing. You get the picture. Not pretty. LIKE YOUR UGLY FACE."

Disco Anale


LSD March - Live At The AMS

LP released in 2009 in an edition of 200 on German label Psych.KG.

Live At The AMS


Sanhedrin - さあ 真ん中だ どんな感じ

This is also known as Sun Head Ring. This was a tour only cd released in 2008. Sanhedrin were also known as Sanhedolin...

Sun Head Ring


Sanhedolin - 満場一致は無効

You may also see this referred to as Manjo Icchi Wa Muko. It was released in 2002 on P.S.F. Records. The label actually took it's name from the High Rise release "Psychedelic Speed Freaks" and is the finest purveyer of all things Japanese and psychedelic that you could possibly imagine. Can't remember ever hearing a bad release...

Sanhedolin were Keiji Haino on guitar, Tatsuya Yoshida on drums and Mitsuru Nasuno on bass. Ohhh yeahhh!

Manjo Icchi Wa Muko


Ohkami No Jikan - Mort Nuit

Ohkami No Jikan is another Asahito Nanjo vehicle that should be familiar to you all. Includes Makoto Kawabata just in case you need any convincing.

Released in 2002 on the French label Fractal Records.

You can find some more Ohkami No Jikan on the excellently obscurantist Nice Pooper Zine blog!

Mort Nuit


Melt-Banana Splits

Melt-Banana is a band from Tokyo although they tour so frequently that I'd be surprised if they actually spend much time in their native land. Good thing too as they are quite simply the best night out you will ever have!

They are about to embark on a mammoth 51 date tour of North America in October and November so catch them when you can. Don't worry if you're not in the U.S., they will be playing near you very soon.

A lot of the early singles were gathered on the 13 Hedgehogs cd but just in case you ever wondered about the b-sides....

1994 - Melt-Banana & God Is My Co-Pilot - Split 7''
1995 - Melt Banana & Discordance Axis - Split 7''
1995 - Melt-Banana & Pencilneck - Split 7''
1996 - Melt Banana - Untitled (Piano One) 7''
1996 - Melt Banana & Stilluppsteypa - Split 10''
1996 - Melt-Banana & Target Shoppers - Split 7''
1997 - Melt Banana & Plainfield - Split 7''
1997 - Melt Banana & Xerobot 5''
1997 - Melt-Banana - Eleventh 7''
1998 - Melt-Banana - Dead Spex 7''
1998 - Melt-Banana & Killout Trash - Most Wanted World Wide 7''
1999 - Various - Erase Yer Head No. 9 7''
2001 - Melt Banana & Dynamite Anna And The Bone Machine - Split 7''
2001 - Melt-Banana & Daemien Frost - Split 7''
2001 - Melt-Banana & Three Studies For A Crucifixion - Split 8''
2002 - Melt-Banana - 666 6'' [level plane records]
2002 - The Locust & Melt Banana - Split 7''
2003 - Melt-Banana & Big D And The Kids Table - Split 7''
2003 - Melt-Banana & Narcosis - Split 7''
2005 - Fantômas & Melt-Banana 5''
2005 - Melt-Banana & Chung - Quick Quick Slow Death 10''
2006 - Melt-Banana - アイノウタ 5''
2007 - Melt-Banana & Fat Day - Q.A 3''
2009 - Melt-Banana - Initial T. 7''
2009 - Young Widows & Melt Banana - Split Series Part 2 7''


An Innocent Young Throat-Cutter - Mrs. Wardh

...and this is the lp released on Urashima in 2009.

Urashima is the label run by Cristiano Renzoni and is quite simply the finest HNW label out there...every release is absolute quality...on it should be!

Mrs. Wardh


An Innocent Young Throat-Cutter - Gli Occhi Dentro (Tribute To Bruno Mattei)

By this time Richard had been joined by Cristiano Renzoni (aka Alo Girl). This is a c30 released in 2009 on Italian label Nil By Mouth Recordings.

Gli Occhi Dentro (Tribute To Bruno Mattei)


An Innocent Young Throat-Cutter - French Sex Murders

This incarnation of An Innocent Young Throat-Cutter features Richard Ramirez and Isabella K (the latter cut all connections with noise projects in about 2009 and disappeared into "real life").

This was initially released as a cdr on Richard's own Deadline Recordings in 2008. This is a rip of the c30 that was reissued in the same year in an edition of 15 on Dead Audio Tapes...just in case that kind of trivia floats your boat.

French Sex Murders


Inca Ore + Lemon Bear / Starving Weirdos - A Drawing With Shadows The Light Is Coming From The Sun

Request for a re-up.

320 rip of the cdr released on the sublimely named Atheists Are Gods label in 2007.

Part 1
Part 2


High Rise - Psychedelic Speed Freaks Live

This is the 5th La Musica boxset that I've posted here. This time it's the second of the High Rise sets (LMB 081-090). This has taken me a long long time to chase down and piece together. process of elimination...I'm 99.9% that I've nailed it. We are talking about La Musica tho'...

Give me a shout if anybody can confirm the names of discs in the Musica Transonic "Works"...that would help...I'm fairly sure I'm close to having that all sorted too!


Desperado '96 - '99

Desperado Live

Go Ride The Music

Psychedelic Conversation

Psychedelic Speed Freaks '84 - '85

Sadducees Faith


Speed Of The Monster 1987

Studio Live '93


Ashtray Navigations!

I am delighted to announce that Leeds has finally been connected to the electricity grid.

And...Phil Todd has taken maximum advantage by giving us the best opportunities to keep up with new Ashtray Navigations developments. As if this wasn't good enough...Phil will be offering up past AshNav glories as Flac downloads direct from the masters...

First off is the absolutely beautifully desinged wordpress site that you can find here which contains all of the info you will ever need about the new releases, gigs and general really need to dive in and keep track.

There is also the bandcamp page here that delivers to your more immediate ADHD needs by cutting to the chase and giving you the opportunity to buy physical or digital or both.

Also tagged in is the Radio Free Midwich wordpress page here. This was a new one for me and a really welcome find. It's the work of Rob Hayler who ran the really quite brilliant Fencing Flatworm Recordings label and ran the experimental-music institution Termite Club. I only managed to get to Termite once and smiled for weeks after. Top man!


Psychedelic Atmosphere Beatnik

This is the first of the three of La Musica's Psychedelic Atmosphere Beatnik boxsets (LMB031-040).

This one features live recordings of Musica Transonic, Mainliner, Toho Sara, Acid Mothers Temple, Ohkami No Jikan, and more.

Disc 01 - German Tour 96
Disc 02 - Live In Paris 97
Disc 03 - UK Tour 96
Disc 04 - France Tour 97
Disc 05 - Tour 98
Disc 06 - Spain Tour 97 (Japanese Psychedelic Atmosphere)
Disc 07 - Showcase (Japanese Free Psychedelic)
Disc 08 - German Tour 96 (Part 2)
Disc 09 - Sound Possession
Disc 10 - Mainliner Live In NY 97


Causa Sui - Pewt'r Sessions 2

...and...funnily enough...

Pewt'r Sessions 2 and part 2


Pewt'r jjjjj - Byens Lys 061217

...and this is the live recording that kicked it all off...

Byens Lys 061217


Causa Sui - Pewt'r Sessions 1

Ron Schneiderman (who is Pewtr and part of the Sunburned Hand Of The Man collective) moved to Denmark for a while. What a great move that was! From what I remember, Ron was playing with Jørgen Teller as Coal Hook in Christiania and the mighty Danish psychonauts Causa Sui ended up on stage as well. This saw life as the Pewt'r jjjjj - Byens Lys 061217 cdr release on There Is No Trouble In Denmark in 2007.

Luckily, the story didn't end there. This proved to be the inspiration for Ron to collaborate with Causa Sui again. This year saw the release of the first Pewt'r Sessions on El Paraiso Records. A few short months later, the second volume came out. They sold out immediately. Gone. Gone. Gone.

Not surprising really given that both lps are (for me) the best thing that has been released this year (at least)!

Pewt'r Sessions 1


Guilty Connector - Sabbath Connector Sabbath

Single-sided c60 released on HMW Distribution in 2000. Kohei Nakagawa in a noise tribute to Black Sabbath. Ace.

Sabbath Connector Sabbath


Burning Star Core - USA Live Reports Spring 2005

Four c30 tapes released in 2005 on DroneDisco.

USA Live Reports Spring 2005


High Rise - High Rise Live

This is the first of the La Musica boxes (LMB001-010) and was apparently released to mark the 15th anniversary of High Rise. It consists of live and unreleased studio recordings.

Disc 01 - Psychedelic Speed Freaks 84-87
Disc 02 - 86–88 Live
Disc 03 - Tour 91
Disc 04 - Trip 92 Live
Disc 05 - High Rise 93–96
Disc 06 - Heavy Speed Sonic Live 93–94
Disc 07 - Psychedelic Solid 94
Disc 08 - Special Studio Live Disallow 95–96
Disc 09 - Live 96
Disc 10 - Live Paris 98


White Nights

Four C30 tapes released on the mysterious Private Edition label. Straight out of Sweden in 2008. Limited edition of 100.

Includes Sewer Election, Alfarmania, Treriksröset and Proiekt Hat.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


International Noise Galore

CDr released in an edition of 46 to be sold at the Tochnit Aleph Festival which took place at Ausland, Berlin, on September 26, 2008. Tochnit Aleph is a great Berlin-based label and distro that you need to check out here

Joke Lanz is better known as Sudden Infant and provides the noise compere interludes between the other artists.

International Noise Galore [tochnit aleph, 2008]