Caroliner Rainbow Solid Handshake & Loose 2 Pins - Transcontinental Pinecone Collector

Loose 2 Pins or two loose screws?

LP released on BullsHit in 2005.

Transcontinental Pinecone Collector


cool breeze 7 August 2018 at 04:20  

brilliant! -- would love to hear the following if you've got em: I'm Armed With Quarts of Blood, Rise of the Common Woodpile, Cooking Stove Beast, American Heritage, and Toodoos.

tall order, I know---thanks for the great blog.

badgerstump 7 August 2018 at 07:40  

i've got all of those (and more), they'll be coming soon

J Reeves,  8 August 2018 at 04:05  

All good things come to he who waits. Considering that it has been nigh onto impossible to obtain any kind of copy (vinyl or otherwise) of Caroliner stuff, I am eternally grateful. I've been waiting for somebody -- anybody -- to post digital versions of this stuff so that I can complete my collection. (I already have "Pinecone collector," but there are a few items I still lack, notably "Awkward Shadow") Thanks, again.

p.shrivelclub 15 August 2018 at 14:43  

thanks for all the caroliner stuff, brilliant, and here the residents comparison is quite apt!
i remember working myself into a psychic frenzy, including vivid aural hallucinations, trying to create a fitting accommodation in my apt. on short notice for two caroliners after a gig we set up a while before they sadly apparently folded... as it went, they found other lodgings, and good for them too...;)
btw, iirc, their live material sounded quite different, i wonder if any of that has been captured...?

badgerstump 15 August 2018 at 15:00  

...I've got nine live recordings that I'm going to finish the run off with ...

p.shrivelclub 16 August 2018 at 16:07  

oh, great. looking forward to that (not the finish). also "our american heritage, volume one" is live, i see now.

badgerstump 16 August 2018 at 16:43  

actually, it's only eight (one was a double tagged differently) ... but hey, eight's better than seven in some people's ears