(Psychedelic) Freakout Revisited

This is the first of the planned La Musica boxsets (LMB 041-050). It's a bit of a cheat but when you are talking about an almost apocryphal label...if this isn't the best we are going to get...it will do for now!

This is the bootleg of the bootleg that is La Musica's "Psychedelic Freakout" box set, with material culled from Galactic Zoo Dossier cassettes and Plastic Crimewave's 'Jagged Time Lapse' label. The tracklist is here

Disc 01 - Demented Scrawls

Disc 02 - Trouble Fill My Spoon

Disc 03 - A Haze Of Noise

Disc 04 - Illuminated Sounds

Disc 05 - Black Radiation

Disc 06 - Epitaph For A Head

Disc 07 - Inking Her Soul

Disc 08 - Storm The Gates

Disc 09 - One Wild Chemical Switch

Disc 10 - Displacer Ray



Akaten is Tsuyama Atsushi (who has appeared in most of the AMT manifestations as well as Nishinihon and playing alongside Omoide Hatoba) and Yoshida Tatsuya (who you should love already!). All of their releases appear on the Magaibutsu label. The first four are from between 1995 and 1997. The final release is from 2001.

I - 赤天 – 赤天

II - 赤天 – 赤天

III - 赤天 – 参

IV - 赤天 – 純米吟醸

V - Chateau Du Akaten


Sewer Goddess - With Dirt You Are One

CD released on Black Plagve (which is a sublabel of Malignant Records) last year which sold out really quickly. Not surprising really as Sewer Goddess are quite brilliant.

They have a new release out on Black Plagve: "Disciples Of Shit: Live Waste". I'd grab it now if I were you...it won't be around for long!

With Dirt You Are One


Sewer Goddess - Dirt Behind the Daydream

Another CDr released in 2006 on No Life.

Dirt Behind the Daydream


Sewer Goddess - Dejection Veil

CDr released in 2006 on No Life...I think that this was the first SG release.

Dejection Veil


Shitty Vibe Smasher - Stretching Of The Cave

Shitty Vibe Smasher is Dan Rizer (Budweiser Sprite amongst others), Daryl Groetsch (who is the "all bow down we are not worthy" Pulse Emitter) and Glamorous Pat Maherr (Expressway Yo-Yo Dieting, etc).

This is a C30 released in 2008 that formed part of Enterruption's brilliant "Hermetic Archival Series 3" set of tapes.

Enterruption is run by Mr and Mrs Rage, at least one of which forms half of Blue Sabbath Black Cheer.

Stretching Of The Cave


The Vomit Arsonist - Reciprocation

The Vomit Arsonist is Andrew Grant who runs the Danvers State Recordings label and is one half of the excellent Bereft.

This is a C30 released on DSR in 2008.



Treriksröset - Sexregler

Single-sided C90 released on Hatband (a label affiliated with Proiekt Hat btw) in 2002.

Treriksröset is Tommy Carlsson who owned and ran the late lamented Segerhuva label.

Part 1
Part 2


Sewer Election & Treriksröset - Killing For Norrland... Dedicated To BLOD

Single-sided C60 released on Harsh Head Rituals in 2005.

Killing For Norrland


Sewer Election - Sex Death

2xC35 released on Dan Johansson's own Harsh Head Rituals label in 2006.

Part 1
Part 2


Haare - Satanic Freakout

3" CDr released on Chondritic Sound in 2007.

Haare is the work of Finnish psychedelic noise guru Ilkka Vekka. His work really blows me away and should peel your face too. You can keep track here.

Satanic Freakout


Haare - Psychedelic Funeral

C32 released on Abisko in 2007.

Psychedelic Funeral


Haare - Church Of Self-Obliteration

Self-released CDr from 2003.

Part 1
Part 2


Toho Sara

Toho Sara were Asahito Nanjo (the mainbrain behind such bliss as High Rise, Musica Transonic, Mainliner and Ohkami No Jikan) and Makoto Kawabata. The frist and second official releases contained Hisashi Yasuda and Mineko Mido respectively.

Toho Sara - Toho Sara [p.s.f. records, 1995]

Toho Sara

Toho Sara - Kami No Miya C40 [la musica records, 1996]

Kami No Miya

Toho Sara - 冥鄭蛋廠 [Meijyoutansyou Part 1-6] [la musica records, 1998]

Meijyoutansyou Part 1-6

Toho Sara - Hourouurin [Fractal Records, 2004]



Astronoise - Supplement, Complement

Astronoise is Choi Joon Yong are Hong Chul Ki. South Korean noise and guitar abuse of the highest order!

This CDr was released in 2006 on harshnoise.

Supplement, Complement


Astronoise - Digression/Degression

CDr released on their own Balloon & Needle label in 2004.

Digression, Degression



Andromelos is Makoto Kawabata (of Acid Mothers Temple), Maso Yamazaki (best known for his work as Masonna) and Okano Futoshi (best known for his work with AMT, Ghost and Hijokaidan). This appears to have been a one-off project. The cd was released on Finnish label Ektro Records which is run by Jussi Lehtisalo of such mighty outfits as Circle, Doktor Kettu and Pharaoh Overlord.

Don't suppose you need any convincing really...



Brighter Death Now & Slogun & Proiekt Hat - A Celebration Of Misfortune

LP released in 2003 to commemorate a live event in Chicago.

A Celebration Of Misfortune


Burning Star Core - The 'Labyrinth Of The Minotaur' Spring Tour: United Kingdom Live Report 2006

2 X C30 released on Yeh's Dronedisco in 2007.

Labyrinth Of The Minotaur


Smile! You're On Camera

CDr released on Symbolic Prod in 2001.

1 Grunt – It Doesn't Matter
2 Mourmansk 150 – Even If...
3 Government Alpha – In The Synapse
4 Outermost – A Forced Smile
5 Ripit – An Eye Behind An Eye
6 Thirdorgan – Teletuibies Came To Amagasaki
7 PZR-17 – L'ascenseur
8 Black Leather Jesus – In The Act
9 Prurient – Painting #6

Part 1
Part 2


The Stormer

C90 released on Cult Cassettes in 2008.

A1 Pink Lava – Invocation
A2 Green Army Faction – Destroi!
A3 Mumber Toes – Bulldog Breed
A4 Narkoleptik – Lie Down In The Gutter
A5 Genocide Lolita – SHARP Shooters
A6 Gelsomina – Truth That Hurts
A7 Mansfield – I Don't Like You
A8 Wedding – First Bells Of Harihara
A9 Stab – I Don't Give A Fuck
B1 Burial Hex – The Stormer (Lansing,MI:2007)
B2 Whitecastle – Ruination II
B3 The Grey Wolves - Streicher Commando Storm
B4 Odal – Eurabia
B5 Salvation For Sale – Julius Streicher
B6 Fecalove – I Can Feel Death SS On My Cock
B7 Deathkey – Total War

Part 1
Part 2


We Would Be Happy - A Noise Opera

Compliation from 2005. Split release on Roggbif Records, Sunship Records, Nihilist, Little Mafia Records, and Back Bacon

01 Smell & Quim – Renault Cabriolet
02 Lasse Marhaug – Miami Pussy
03 K.K. Null – French Kiss
04 Richard Ramirez – Je T'aime Mon Amour
05 Cock E.S.P. – Such A Beauty
06 Smell & Quim – Only Me
07 Lasse Marhaug – Racist-Fascist
08 Cock E.S.P. – My Knife Was Never Sharp
09 K.K. Null – Come Together
10 Richard Ramirez – I Want You
11 Cock E.S.P. – Just Pretend (Where Is My Knife?)
12 Richard Ramirez – In Her Clutches
13 Smell & Quim – You Can't Escape Me

We Would Be Happy


Hoisting The Black Flag

LP released in 1980 on the immortal United Dairies. Some of your mothers aren't as old as this.

A1 Lemon Kittens – Funky 7
A2 Truth Club – To The Nile Sisters
A3 Nurse With Wound – Duelling Banjos
A4 Mental Aardvarks – Bogart Was Three Lemons
B1 David Cross – Early Dance Music
B2 Paul Hamilton & Joseph Duarte – Dance Music
B3a Whitehouse – Her Entry
B3b Whitehouse – Foreplay
B4 Mental Aardvarks – What Have You Done (Pieces Of Meat)?

Hoisting The Black Flag


Wolverine Carcass

Wolverine Carcass is the power electronics/industrial project of Logan Butler, one half of Wicked King Wicker. He got in touch after I posted one of WKW's releases and pointed me in the direction of his tumblr page where he had dropped most of his material. I've reposted his original (mediafire) links and added the split with FTRG. I think that the only release that is missing is the lathe split with the fine Ultrabunny. Enjoy!

Wolverine Carcass / Fuck, The Retarded Girl

CDr released on Smell The Stench in 2008.

Fuck, The Retarded Werewolf

Orgasm Denial / Wolverine Carcass

C30 released in 2009 on Crushing Cassettes in edition of 35.

Orgasm Carcass

Reaching. / Wolverine Carcass

CDr released on Logan's own Frail Walls Productions in 2009 in an edition of 25.

Reach For The Wolverine

Reaching. / Wolverine Carcass – Collaboration

CDr released in 2010 in an edition of 39 on Agoraphobic Nosebleed's Hoarse label.

Reach For The Carcass

Wolverine Carcass - Why Am I Doing This

CDr released on Frail Walls Productions bringing together some unreleased and OOP tracks just in case reading is an issue for you.


Wolverine Carcass - A Little Ditty 'Bout Mark And Mary

Business card CDr released on Cantankerous Records in an edition of 20.

A Little Ditty...

Apocolyptic Youth - Santa’s Got Our Back

Logan's "retarded joke noisecore band".

Over to Logan: "we were around for 10+ years with the mindset of being the worst band ever; no practicing, no songs, everything made up on the spot. I didn't even listen to noise when we started out so I thought I was doing something unique. We were never gonna record anything and only play on local hardcore shows to annoy all the scensters, but I ended up going to school for audio production and I thought putting out an AY album would be hilarious to hand in as my final project (I got an A on it btw). Santa's Got Our Back is an album and two live sets. By the end of the band we had incorporated wrestling matches into the live shows...we used to do wrestling style promos calling out other bands we would be playing with to hype the shows and have people hate us before we even got to the show."

Worst band ever...nah, that's Metallica! Funny shit...

Who needs Steve Austin when you have Santa?