Sissy Spacek

Sissy Spacek is a side project of noisician John Wiese and often includes Corydon Ronnau and Jesse Jackson. Based out of LA, Wiese often describes them as grindcore though thier work more often features rapidly spliced samples and blistering noise. Live their performance is more closely related to grindcore utilizing bass/guitar/drum machine in rapid, heavy metal and hardcore inspiried bursts with screamed vocals.

The video below is from No Fun Fest in 2007.

2001 - Hair Control [Helicopter, 192]
2001 - Sissy Spacek [Helicopter, 256]
2002 - Phys Ed (w/Panicsville) [Helicopter, 192]
2002 - Scissors [Helicopter, 224]
2002 - Skroo Spacek [Helicopter, 256]
2003 - Remote Whale Control [Gameboy Records, 192]
2004 - Split (w/Die Monitr Bats) [Helicopter, Hand Held Heart, VBR 192~256]
2005 - Nice Gems [EET, 192]
2006 - Devils Cone And Palm [Misanthropic Agenda, 222]
2007 - Poling [Static Aktion, 192]
2008 - California Ax [Helicopter, VBR 224~320]pt.1 pt.2
2008 - DDT [Chondritic Sound, 192]
2008 - French Record [dualpLOVER, 192]
2010 - Agathocles/Sissy Spacek (w/Agathocles) [Ultra Eczema, VBR 234~320]



Keith Brewer (aka Taint) is a Texas-based power electronics artist. Keith Brewer is old school. The name might not ring any bells, but if you had your ear to the high-end harsh noise and power electronics underground during the 1990's, you'll have heard of Taint, the notoriously sleazy electronics project that Mr. Brewer was operating under since way back. A kind of juiced up, pure-hate version of Whitehouse on steroids, Taint discharged a vicious stew of screaming high-end feedback, grinding distorted scrape, and caustic ranting vocals that are overlaid with sheets of white noise across a prolific output of cassettes, 7"s, CDs, and LPs. These hostile, antagonistic noise outbursts always came with interesting packaging but the visuals and themes that Taint explored were disturbing to say the least, filled with psychosexual violence and grim, hateful observations on humanity, and the combination made for some of the more intense hardcore noise coming out of the American electronic underground.

This isn’t your average run-of-the-mill power electronics assault though; rather than bludgeoning the listener with totally unbearable noise and excruciating
digital whine, although these elements are there, he creates a subtly unnerving and discomfiting effect, using minimalist and sparse instrumentation combined with voice samples and distorted vocals. It’s the sonic equivalent of the quiet twinkly-eyed next door neighbour who gives sweets to kids and helps out in the community but who actually turns out to be a twisted sadistic serial killer who has a dark secret in his basement....

Keith now operates as Mania and keeps on releasing awesome PE/noise ... including some stellar collaborative work with Sam McKinley (aka The Rita). Keep your eyes open for this stuff and buy it all....

The Misogynistic Lust cd uses the original tape as source material to turn it into a different beast altogether. There are no decent vids of Taint out there as far as I can tell.

1993 - Smell & Quim - Taint - Split (7'') [red stream inc]
1993 - MSBR & Taint - Scopotophilia (7'') [msbr records]
1993 - Taint - Killing For Company (C90) [open wound]
1993 - Taint - Strange Feeling, Shit Coming (C50) [g.r.o.s.s.]
1994 - Black Leather Jesus & Taint - Sex Acts On A Child In A Full Body Cast (cass) [deadline recordings]
1995 - Taint - Indecent Liberties (lp) [praxis dr. bearmann]
1995 - Taint - Justmeat (C45) [slaughter productions]
1995 - Taint - Piece-Meal Dissection [taint entertainment]
1996 - Taint - Perverse [taint entertainment]
1996 - Taint - The Untimely Silence (C45) [sounds for consciousness rape]
1996 - Taint - Whoredom [praxis dr. bearmann]
1997 - Taint - When You Meet A Stranger (7'') [self abuse records]
1997 - Taint & Strict - Split (7'') [the ajna offensive]
1998 - Taint - Misogynist Lust (C45) [taint entertainment]
1999 - Taint - Dau Ghter - Victimilogy 2 [freak animal records]
1999 - Taint - Where Are The Whores (7'') [spite]
2001 - Taint - Harmed Live 2000 [biteworks]
2001 - Taint - Harming Obsession [freak animal records]
2001 - Taint - Vice (lp) [self abuse records]
2001 - Taint & Skin Crime & Sickness - Behind The Smile [self abuse records]
2002 - Nicole 12 & Taint - Candyman [freak animal records]
2002 - Taint - ...I'm A Whore (bcard) [pacrec, troniks]
2002 - Taint - Hel-lo (bcard) [pacrec, troniks]
2004 - Taint - Misogynist Lust (CD) [freak animal records]
2003 - Taint & Grunt - Schoolyard Bruises (lp) [antihumanism records]
2007 - Taint - Sex Sick [the ajna offensive]

Taint - Recycled Music (cass) [rrrecords]



Mono are a post-rock group from Tokyo, Japan formed in 1999. The songs, all of which are instrumental, are usually focused on layered guitar melodies. Strings and pianos are also prominently featured in some songs. They are known for their powerful live shows and their complex guitar work.

The band's style of instrumental rock music is influenced by the genres of experimental rock and shoegazing, as well as by both the classical and contemporary classical periods of classical music, and also by noise and minimalism. Mono's sound is characterised by the lead and rhythm guitars of Goto and Yoda respectively, both of whom make extensive use of reverb, distortion and delay effects. The band's live performances are noted for their intensity, both in the playing and in the dynamics.

The video below is a (brilliant) performance of 'Ashes In The Snow' recorded on the bands 10th anniversary at the NY Society For Ethical Culture in Manhattan on May 8th 2009.

'New York Soundtracks' is actually a compilation album with various artists performing a selection of Mono's songs, but the release was credited as Mono's.

2000 - Hey You. EP [Forty-4, 128]
2001 - Under The Pipal Tree [Tzadik, 320]
2002 - One More Step And You Die [Music Mine Inc., VBR 233~320]
2002 - Session, 02 [Medicom Toy Corporation, 192]
2004 - New York Soundtracks [Human Highway, VBR 207~320]
2004 - Peel Session 2004.09.11 [128]
2005 - Split (w/ Pelican) [Temporary Residence Limited, 320]
2005 - Palmless Prayer/Mass Murder Refrain (w/ World's End Girlfriend) [Human Highway, VBR 192~224]
2006 - Live At The Triple Rock 2006.06.09 [VBR 160~320]
2006 - Live At The Great American Music Hall 2006.05.31 [Bootleg, VBR 210~224]
2006 - Memorie Dal Futuro [Vinyl Films, 200]
2006 - You Are There [Human Highway, VBR 204~224]
2007 - Gone - A Collection Of EPs 2000-2007 [Temporary Residence Limited, 320]
2007 - Live At 40 Watt Club 2007.10.02 [VBR 224~256]
2007 - Live At First Avenue 2007.10.21 [VBR 197-256]
2007 - Live At Richards On Richards 2007.10.24 [VBR 197~224]
2007 - The Phoenix Tree (Travels in Constants Volume Twenty-Two) [Temporary Residence Limited, 320]
2009 - Hymn To The Immortal Wind [Human Highway, VBR 189~224]
2009 - Live At Corporation 2009.03.24 [VBR 236~274]
2009 - Live At Ebisu Liquidroom 2009.03.14 [VBr 196~320]
2009 - Live At Patronaat 2009.03.28 [VBR 208~320]
2009 - Live At Stereo 2009.02.23 [224]
2010 - Live At Doornroosje 2010.03.21 [183~320]

Couple of side projects here, Left is more nice instrumental post-rock and DSCO is more electro-based music, not the usual stuff you'd expect from Mono.

Left - ???? - I Could Stand Alone Here [VBR 160~256]
DSCO - 2001 - Indian Winter [192]

DVD: (You need to download all parts and extract together for it to work)
2008 - The Sky Remains The Same As Ever [Temporary Residence Limited, AVI]
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

2010 - Holy Ground - NYC Live With The Wordless Music Orchestra [Temporary Residence Limited, MP4]
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5


Hair Police

Hair Police were formed in Lexington, Kentucky, in January of 2001. The original line-up included Matt Minter and Ross Compton, but the group soon settled on Mike Connelly (guitar, vocals, tapes, noise), Robert Beatty (electronics), and Trevor Tremaine (drums, vocals, tapes).

Working with the traditional rock trinity of guitar, bass and drums, as well as power electronics, tape manipulation and oscillators, Hair Police build a demonic wall of sound straddling the boundary between thrash metal and industrial noise for a result reminiscent of Throbbing Gristle, early Black Dice, and Wolf Eyes. With a dose of Black Flag. Fuck the hyperbole, they really are that good!

”It’s not necessarily about technique, but it’s about attaining this kind of emotional high and sustaining it, sustaining it, sustaining it. Once you sustain it for a certain period, it becomes something else entirely. Hair Police just build and build and build and build, and it’s undeniable at some point. It’s not a put-on, it’s not bullshit. … They put themselves out there.” - Peter Kolovos

I'm pretty sure all of this is out of print. I've not included some of the more recent need it! Go and buy it!

There is so much great Hair Police footage out there (including Hair Police on stage with Sonic Youth and Wolf Eyes) I couldn't resist posting two of them. The first is Hair Police at Florence American Legion in Florence, Ma on 08.01.08. It's basically a full set running at nearly half an hour. That will give you something to do whilst your waiting for your nails to dry! The second is a 10 minute part of a gig at the Savage Garden in Toronto (08.07.08) that is more straight into your face.

2001 - Hair Police - History Of Ghost Dad [gods of tundra]
2002 - Hair Police - Blow Out Your Blood [freedom from]
2002 - Hair Police - Mortuary Servants (7'') [freedom from ,gods of tundra]
2003 - Hair Police - Movies (Live '01 - '02) (C30) [animal disguise]
2003 - Hair Police - Probe Cutting (C30) [gods of tundra]
2003 - Hair Police & Crystal Fantasy - Split (10'') [liquid death records, hello pussy records]
2003 - Viki & Hair Police - Split [load records]
2004 - Hair Police - Dune Sores (C30) [rampart tapes]
2004 - Hair Police - Obedience Cuts [freedom from]
2004 - Hair Police - Rattlers Echo [chondritic sound]
2004 - Hair Police - Your Skull In The Gutter (C30) [gods of tundra]
2004 - Hair Police, Kites, Prurient - Live @ Edinburgh Castle, San Francisco (04-09-04)
2005 - Dead Machines & Hair Police - Illegal The Raw Live [fag tapes]
2005 - Dead Machines & Hair Police - Speech Of The Eyeless Infants_The Hills Have Eyes (lp) [american tapes, gods of tundra]
2005 - Hair Police - Beyond Leech Pit (C60) [fuck it tapes]
2005 - Hair Police - Constantly Terrified [troubleman unlimited]
2005 - Hair Police - Drawn Dead [hanson records]
2005 - Hair Police - Live @ Victoriaville, Canada (21.05.05)
2006 - Hair Police - 030505 (C10) [mountaain]
2006 - Hair Police - Live In Lex [american tapes]
2007 - Hair Police - Blind Kingdom (1-sided lp) [ultra eczema]
2007 - Hair Police - Live @ No Fun Fest (17.05.2007)
2007 - Hair Police - Live at the Asylum Inn (7'' & CDR) [american tapes]
2007 - Hair Police - New Mutations (euro tour cdr ) [gods of tundra]
2007 - Hair Police - Strict (7'') [troubleman unlimited]
2007 - Hair Police - The Empty Quarter [harbinger sound]
2007 - Hair Police & Pengo - Virus Thoughts (1-sided lp) [gods of tundra]
2008 - Hair Police - Our Minds Problems Vol. 1 [gods of tundra]
2008 - Hair Police - Our Minds Problems Vol. 2 [gods of tundra]
2008 - Hair Police - Our Minds Problems Vol. 3 [gods of tundra]
2008 - Hair Police & Dead Machines - ''Snow Front'' Live At The Half Ass [american tapes]


John Wiese

John Wiese is an artist and composer from Los Angeles, California. His ongoing projects include LHD and Sissy Spacek, but is known for his collaborations with many artists as diverse as Sunn O))), Wolf Eyes, Merzbow, Smegma, Kevin Drumm, Cattle Decapitation, and C. Spencer Yeh as well as his work as a solo artist. He has toured extensively throughout the world, covering Europe, Scandinavia and Australia as a member of Sunn O))), the UK as part of the Free Noise tour (a tentet including Evan Parker, C. Spencer Yeh, Yellow Swans, etc.), the United States alongside Wolf Eyes, and recently performed in the 52nd Venice Biennale with artist Nico Vascellari. While releasing albums on a variety of international labels, Wiese often releases work on his own label, Helicopter.

Video was filmed in Rotture, 2007.

1997 - Cat Woman Is A Cat Vampire [Helicopter, 160]
2001 - Split (w. Lefthandeddecision) [Troniks, 320]
2001 - John Wiese/Aeon Eon (w/ Aeon Eon) [Sir-C/X-Sar, 320]
2002 - Pyramid Suites (w/The Cherry Point) [Troniks, 320]
2002 - Guilty Connector/John Wiese (w/Guilty Connector) [Ataxie Disques, 320]
2003 - Ghost Call [Hardisty Disk, 192]
2003 - Bubble Pulse [Kissy Records, 320]
2004 - Foret [Chondritic Sound, 192]
2004 - Magic Crystal Blah [Helicopter, Kitty Play Records, VBR 231~320]
2004 - Pyramid Suites Vol.2 (w/ The Cherry Point) [Troniks, 192]
2004 - Split (w/ Thurston Moore) [Troniks, 192]
2005 - Free Piano (w/ Merzbow) [Misanthropic Agenda, Helicopter, 320]
2005 - Multiplication (w/ Merzbow) [Misanthropic Agenda, 320]
2005 - Arrhythmia Wave Burst And Panner Crash [Helicopter, 192]
2005 - Magical Crystal Blah Volume 2 [Helicopter, Kitty Play Records, 192]
2005 - Magical Crystal Blah Volume 3 [Helicopter, Kitty Play Records, 192]
2005 - Spectral Hand [Meudiademorte, 320]
2005 - Teenage Hallucination 1992-1999 [Troniks, 192]
2006 - ...Trick Satanism (w/ Hive Mind) [Chondritic Sound, 192]
2006 - At A Loss For Words (w/ Dave Phillips) [Blossoming Noise, 320]
2006 - Exoteric (w/ Metxlux) [Load Records, 160]
2006 - White Gold (w/ The Cherry Point) [Troniks, 320]
2006 - Haas Campaign [Troniks, 256]
2006 - Fronts (w/ Bruce Russel) [Helicopter, 256]
2006 - Live @ No Fun Fest 19.03.2006
2006 - Soft Punk [Troubleman Unlimited, 256]
2007 - Live In Nottingham (w/ C Spencer Yeh) [What The...? Records, 192]
2007 - Hzcollective - Richmond, VA 23.10.2007 (w/ C Spencer Yeh)
2007 - Terrazzo (w/ Pain Jerk) [Harbinger Sound, 320]
2007 - Mental Peace Liberation Front (w/ Pain Jerk) [Meatbox Records, 224]
2008 - Dramatic Accessories [Ultra Eczema, 256]
2008 - Inside And Out (w/ Ju Suk Reet Meate & Olivia) [Helicopter, 160]
2008 - New York/Atlanta (w/ C Spencer Yeh) [Helicopter, 128]
2009 - Cincinatti (w/ C Spencer Yeh) [DroneDisco, 320]
2009 - The Void (w/ C Spencer Yeh) [DroneDisco, 160]


Zebra Mu

I'm hopeless at writing bios n stuff but it seems to be how things go now so i'm gona take a stab at it, so with a little ctrl+c...

Like the Dada artist Kurt Schwitters who used found objects to build up his Merz works, Mike Ridge utilizes and modifies unwanted consumer items in the creation of noise and sound based recordings. This project is heavily centred on circuit-bending and hardware hacking: the creative modification of existing items to produce the unexpected from the familiar. Other items such as glass, metal, contact mics, tape heads and simple handmade electronic devices are also used as part of this project.

(Info stolen from here)

Mr Ridge is also the bloke behind a certain DIY noise label i'm sure i've made you all familiar with, Quagga Curious Sounds.

The video at the bottom is from some noise show back in March '09 with Gokkun.

2007 - Childhood Destroyer [Catch23 Recordings, VBR 128~224]
2007 - DDDD-77 [Dadaist Audio, 192]
2007 - Glass Material Action [Catch23 Recordings, VBR 128~320]
2008 - Analogue Anal (with [unitauf]) [Sewer Records, 320]
2008 - Cock Gallop! [Quagga Curious Sounds, 192]
2008 - Lavatorial Hardware Bondage [Love Torture Records, 64(!?)]
2008 - Unfold / Enmushubi [Smell The Stench, 320]
2008 - Unreleased Curiosities Oddments And Piffle [Super Terror Z, 192]
2009 - Antitheoretical Manipulated Kaleïdoscope (with Bruital Orgasm) [CNCCR, 192]
2009 - Split (with Boar) [Hoarse, 320]
2009 - Extinction Vol.1 [Quagga Curious Sounds, 192]
2009 - Extinction Vol.2 [Quagga Curious Sounds, 320]
2010 - Extinction Vol.2 Remix (by RedSK) [Not On Label, 320]
2010 - Exticntion Vol.3 [Feeding Cotten Records, 320]
???? - Small Talk [Catch23 Recordings, 192]