How People Speak - I Was Tempted To Tell Him That I Had I No Idea What I Really Wanted But Decided To Keep It To Myself

Me and Mrs Inside regularly have discussions about Nakahara Masaya and John Olson. I say discussion. I mean, we go "oh my god have you heard this?"; "yeah, I know, it's fucking amazing innit"; "I'm Canadian, what the fuck does innit mean?": cue regardless fanboy/girl screeching. Turns out there are quite a few people like us.

So, here's one back to the ledge who gave us the Universal Eyes tapes. It's the pretty classic split-channel Olson mind-fuck sorcery that makes me warm inside and slightly moist on the outside.

C52 on American Tapes from 2009 ... it's AM829 btw.

everyone's a winner, baby, that's no lie


Hair Stylistics - No Pony

onwards ...

Self-released CDr from 2010.

saddle up and ride no pony


Deux Pingouins - Karisma Ha

I love this space! Today, a Norwegian friend of ours sent us the missing Pingouins. Cue happy face.

A 3" CDr released on Éditions Cactus in 1993.

catch the pingouin


U.Eye - Field Deviations Vol. 1

Stil shitting and giggling ... what can I say? The idea of these four people sitting in a room making magic makes me moist! Probably sounds a lot weirder than I suspected it would ... ah, well. What's one more restraining order ...

A self-released / no label C58 from 2019 ... 24/96 from wav ... I'll return to more usual rates soon ...


d'mega thing


U.Eye - Field Deviations Vol. 2

Ahh, Universal Eyes ... the gorgeous combination of Universal Indians & Wolf Eyes. Aaron Dilloway, Gretchen Gonzales, Nate Young and John Olson. That on it's own is full on "shut the fuck up" but it's better than that. A mutual friend of ours sent some of his rips to post. This is the part where all of the people here who arrive for the same reasons that we post should be doffng the proverbial or actual hat. I've just donned an actual hat in order to doff it ... that's leadership for you!

I think it gets even better than that ... it's 24/96 from wav, entirely for shits and giggles. It sounds fucking amazing.

Mrs Inside doesn't even know I'm posting this so hopefully this makes her smile (or at least raise one eyebrow at a suitably jaunty angle) and it does the same for you too.

A self-released C54 from 2019 that may have been in an edition of 12 copies ... John's a great human and will sometimes rip an additional copy or two. Even so, an edition of virtually fuck all.

always the darkest before the dawn

mega option etc


The Gerogerigegege - >​(​decrescendo) Final Chapter = デクレッシェンド 最終章

"Recorded in a park before dawn in August 2019, it was released for the first time in December on a series of cassettes by fashion brand CAV EMPT and sold out immediately. In 2020, "Ugusudani Apocalypse" was released on LP by The Trilogy Tapes in the UK. In 2020, he self-released a cassette box with three versions recorded in the same park. In 2021, The Trilogy Tapes will release a second pressing of the album with a poster in a double-page jacket. Finally, a limited release of a record buried in the same park for a week. For the first time on CD, the entire recording will be released on two discs as a completely new and final form of sound image."

That will be this then. I have "Ugusudani Apocalypse" and what seems to be a rip of the first Trilogy Tapes LP and maybe the tape ... apparently the tape boxset actually exists as well but don't get your hopes up. I've also recently bought the gatefold second edition so will be able to compare etc ... when I'll get around to ripping it is anybody's guess, it'll work as a reference point tho'.

A double CD released on いぬん堂 last month ... it will inevitably disappear into the scalper's whorepool so if you want to buy it. I'd recommend you do it now before they start adding a zero to the price.

bon voyage Totoro


High Rise - Psychedelic Speed Freaks '84-'85


Some of the earliest recordings of the Japanese heavy-psych brutes High Rise. Imagine the raging-Harley amphetamine-crazed energy of Motorhead, but instead of catchy tunes about drinking and gambling you get scorching sheets of white-noise guitar solos that screech over barely-held-together songs about not doing drugs that might have been played on instruments made out of actual motorcycle engines. This is some black leather and dark sunglasses rock n'roll turned up to an absurd degree. 

just say no


Deux Pingouins - Le Bruit Du Fond


The 2nd album by this DDAA offshoot was the soundtrack to a video installation from 1993. 

formal attire


Deux Pingouins - Animal Mal


Richard and Linda Thompson... Sonny and Cher... John and Yoko... the musical tradition of married couples making music together is long and deep and now you can add Jean-Philippe and Sylvie Martineau Fee to that list of greats. Taking time off from their main group DDAA, the Fees here are just a couple of penguins. Not terribly far afield from their main gig. This 1988 cassette was the first release under this band name, released by their own Illusion Productions label. 

black tie


Various - The Artificial Nerve

Yeah, caught the fucking plague again ... ah, well ... back on the tandem.

I posted this back in 2014 and presumably meant to post the other two at the time and wandered off somewhere else. In the intervening period, I've taught myself a fair bit so went back to the rip and all but one needed some amplification. Anyway, the sound across the entire tape is now balanced and (as far as I'm concerned) sounds so much better. So if you grabbed it then (obviously Caligari, that means you), replace it with this one.

A C50 on Xerxes from 1997 ... name's on the tin.



T. Mikawa & Harsh Noise Movement - Here Comes The Singularity!


The second split CDR from HNM and Mikawa, released in 2017 and long gone from the source.

here come the warm singularities


T. Mikawa & Harsh Noise Movement - Split


Split CDR from 2016, released in an edition of 50 copies and long gone from the label.

as split as possible


Vomir & Harsh Noise Movement - Split


Split CDR from 2017, released on Harsh Noise Movement's HNM label.



CDR & Harsh Noise Movement - Wank Material


A short collaborative album by CDR and Harsh Noise Movement. 



CDR & Harsh Noise Movement - Split


A split album from Harsh Noise Movement and Japanese breakcore artist CDR. It was once available from Harsh Noise Movement's Bandcamp page, but that page no longer exists. 



Zr3a & Harsh Noise Movement - Split


Split album from Harsh Noise Movement and CDR's noise alter ego, Zr3a. Not on Discogs.



Various - The Artificial Nerve Part. II

Again, the cover does the heavy lifting...

C60 on Xerxes from 1997.



Various - The Artificial Nerve Part. III

Like it says on the slightly unfocussed tin.

C42 released on Xerxes in 1998.



Hair Stylistics - Final Violent Shit

Helmet's on ... 70 minutes of head scratching approaches.

CDr. Boid. 2010.



Mo•Te - Uncut

A collection of works from the legendary Fumiyuki Nagura that were originally released on his own Uncut label between 1996 and 1998. What is even better is that it includes the full Melting Plastic Head Core tape ... an apparently one-off collaborative project with Hideki Kato (aka Crack Fierce).

Four CD boxset jointly released on Audio Dissection and Industrial Recollections in 2019.

cut me

lean on the mega option first


Hair Stylistics - I Hate Your Dream

... tense up, and relaaax. Now doesn't feel better already?

Another self-released / Boid CDr from 2010.

sweet dreams are made of hate


The Residents - Hell!

Released in 1986 on Rykodisc, this compilation of evil-sounding Residents songs was the first time the Eyeball Buddies appeared on CD! Companion album to "Heaven?", but you figured that out already. 

double hockey sticks


Witcyst & Prick Decay - Custic Witch Conflictory And In The Pols

Dylan and Lisa Nyoukis collaborating with Michael Veet Ruiliude via the good old medium of mail-art. That's from the UK to New Zealand and back and forth and kind of admirably stubborn. If you're not familiar with Witcyst ... lordy lordy, where you been and say hello to Chrimbo. Not only is his music wonderfully eclectic (erm, wonderful would have sufficed in that sentence) but he is as prolific as the Mighty O. His own page is past a 1000 releases that as far as I know are free to download. The caveat is due to it being a lifelong commitment on anyone's part to really keep up! A short-cut, if it helps, is the brilliant Lathe Cut Singles box-set that Lasse Marhaug released in 2017. Whilst you're here, you may as well nip over to Stefan Neville's Stabbies And The Rocket Recordings treasure trove. Nice to have met you ... see you again in a few years!

This bounced between continents in 1996 and fell down the back of a couch for nearly a quarter of a century before seeing the light of day in an edition of 75 on the always delectable Chocolate Monk in 2020.

caustic magnetic poles apart


The Residents - Heaven?


Released in 1986 on Rykodisc, this compilation of cheerful Residents songs was the first time the Eyeball Buddies appeared on CD!

number one in heaven


Awkward Geisha - Operetta

Never the same genre twice ... remarkable.

A triple CDr from 2017 courtesy of the sadly defunct Harsh Noise Movement bandcamp page.



Acid Mothers Temple And The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. - Does The Cosmic Shepherd Dream Of Electric Tapirs?

... good question.

CD released on Space Age Recordings in 2014.

sweet tapirs are made of this