Our Love Will The Destroy The World

Our Love Will Destroy the World is a psychedelic / noise project from Featherston, New Zealand by Campbell Kneale after disbanding Birchville Cat Motel. It forced through and came to life as the artist's sort of "second birth" in 2008.

Personally I much prefer this to most BCM, even tho they're not that different =/

2008 - Polished Glass Autobahn [Dirty Knobby, VBR 256~320]
2009 - Split (w/ Bark Haze) [Krayon Recordings, VBR 256~320]
2009 - Beautiful Monolith Two [Quasi Pop Records, 320]
2009 - Blondesummer Snowqueen [Don't Fuck With Magic, 320]
2009 - Broken Spine Fantasia [Tape Drift Records, VBR 256~320]
2009 - Cursegoback [Don't Fuck With Magic, VBR 256~320]
2009 - Even My Angels Thought Darkly/Yellow Nirvana [Trensmat, 320]
2009 - Fucking Dracula Clouds [Blackest Rainbow, 320]
2009 - Goddess Of Ten [Don't Fuck With Magic, 192]
2009 - Stillborn Plague Angels [Dekorder, VBR 250~320]


Ashtray Navigations

Phil Todd has been recording as Ashtray Navigations for over 15 years now. Originally a solo project, it gradually evolved into a group effort, although recently it's been the duo of Phil and Melanie Delaney. Phil also appears under numerous pseudonyms, and in a swarm of groups and collaborations. He has also appeared as an occasional member of Vibracathedral Orchestra and Sunroof! in some of their best work. His major achievement, however, is his ongoing project Ashtray Navigations. Releasing a cascade of cassettes, LPs, CDs and CD-Rs, Todd has refined a singular take on modern sound construction that references the dynamics of rock, the emotional evisceration of blues and the white-light intensity of noise. For more than 15 years he has blazed his own trail with a unique dedication and passion. Passion is in fact, the first word that comes to mind listening to this music where (over)driven effects drenched acid guitar riffs, concrete sounds, delicate acoustic passages and vintage warm electronics, live in absolute symbiosis. Power to the imagination, breaking down the walls between song and improvisation, structure and freedom, melody and noise. Just like looking inside a kaleidoscope, this will be the perfect soundtrack for your daydreams!

Mr. Todd was the head of the gloriously esoteric, now defunct, Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers label and now runs the equally sublime Memoirs Of An Aesthete. Ashtray are staggeringly prolific but i have only included a selection of earlier works. Phil is up on ebay and discogs as randomrevivalzzz, putting out damn fine new releases on a regular basis alongside rereleases and old stock. Go there immediately, metaphorically shake him warmly by the hand, and give him all of your money! He is officially the nicest man in Leeds...he deserves your fullest support!!!

1996 - Ashtray Navigations - The Black Clock (C45) [matching head]
1997 - Ashtray Navigations - Four Raga Moods [betley welcomes careful drivers]
1997 - Ashtray Navigations - Live At The Tehuacán Harvest Festival [betley welcomes careful drivers]
1997 - Ashtray Navigations - Quartz (C45) [muzamuza records]
1997 - Ashtray Navigations - Use Copenhagen 69 Guitars & Park Drive Effects Pedals Exclusively (lp) [siltbreeze]
1997 - Ashtray Navigations & Universal Indians - Split [betley welcomes careful drivers, american tapes]
1998 - Ashtray Navigations - Live At Wolf Central (C30) [freedom from]
1998 - Ashtray Navigations - Those Are Pearls That Were His Eyes [solipsism]
1998 - Ashtray Navigations - Trash Mobile [betley welcomes careful drivers]
1998 - Ashtray Navigations & Gang Wizard - Split (7'') [betley welcomes careful drivers]
1999 - Ashtray Navigations - The Original Wooden Forest (7'') [betley welcomes careful drivers]
2000 - Ashtray Navigations - A Mayflower Garland (lp) [outer orbit]
2000 - Ashtray Navigations - ''End Of The Pier'' Vault (7'') [tonschacht]
2000 - Ashtray Navigations - Plaster Projection Instruction Record (s-sided lp) [menlo park recordings]
2000 - Ashtray Navigations - Tristes Tropiques [betley welcomes careful drivers]
2000 - Ashtray Navigations & Sandoz Lab Technicians & R.O.T. & Toss - Veglia Compilation [veglia]
2001 - Ashtray Navigations - Fast Angels Vol 1 [bake records]
2001 - Ashtray Navigations - When You See The Moon You've Got To Howl [rhizome]
2002 - Ashtray Navigations - Blues And Authentic River Songs [self-released]
2002 - Ashtray Navigations - Last Kiss Amateur Frequencies (7'') [gameboy records]
2004 - Ashtray Navigations - Aurora Grease Sweetrocket (3''cdr) [memoirs of an aesthete]
2004 - Ashtray Navigations - Electric Cointelpro (3'' cdr) [first person]
2004 - Ashtray Navigations - Sinking Seagull (3'' cdr) [foxglove]
2004 - Ashtray Navigations - To Your Fucking Feathered Wings [absurd, gold soundz]
2004 - Ashtray Navigations - Yesterday's Teeth Cast In Gold [pseudoarcana]
2004 - Ashtray Navigations - You Cannot Tell Cigars By The Picture On The Box [celebrate psi phenomenon]



Thirdorgan is the noise music project of the Japanese musician Akihiro Shimizu (pictured right). Since 1986, Akihiro Shimizu under his Thirdorgan moniker has been a constant presence in the Osaka underground scene and a major player in the international 'noise' arena. Along with Government Alpha, Contagious Orgasm, Dissecting Table and Guilty Connector, Thirdorgan is one of the more prominent acts from the "second wave" of Japanoise acts in the middle to late 1990s. His works have been finely honed over the many years and now stand alongside the refined power electronica surges of artists found on the Mego label, mid-period Merzbow or even early Sahko pulse & crunch overload. Shimizu also runs the record label Alienation Records. He has worked with Masonna and Solmania and is most frequently now found collaborating with original Zeni Geva guitarist NP. Expect incredibly digitized blurts, static washes and glitchy mayhem.

1993 - Thirdorgan - Cerebral Cortex (C45) [open wound]
1993 - Thirdorgan - Cyclotron (C46) [g.r.o.s.s.]
1994 - Cock E.S.P. & Thirdorgan - Split (C60) [e.f. tapes]
1994 - Telepherique & Thirdorgan - Robotorsklaven (C45) [drahtfunk-products]
1994 - Thirdorgan - Inorganic Wars (C45) [art konkret]
1995 - Thirdorgan - Alien Lovers (C45) [slaughter productions]
1995 - Thirdorgan - Mechanical Violator (C45) [old europa cafe]
1996 - Thirdorgan - Heavy Metal Battle Fighter (C45) [less than zero]
1996 - Thirdorgan - Mirrorman (C45) [betley welcomes careful drivers]
1996 - Thirdorgan - Pessimistic Cyborg (C60) [self abuse records]
1996 - Thirdorgan - Skrewman (C50) [dreizehn]
1996 - Thirdorgan & Stimbox & Deathsquad & Acerrimamente - Four Ways Of Penetration [bizarre audio arts]
1997 - Contagious Orgasm & Thirdorgan - Split (7'') [sd-image]
1997 - Thirdorgan & Expose Your Eyes - The Axis Powers (C60) [fiend recordings]
1998 - NP vs. Thirdorgan - NP vs. Thirdorgan Ver.2 [solipsism]
1998 - Thirdorgan - Dedicated To Spectruman (C45) [philosophy shop]
1998 - Thirdorgan - Jinzoningen (12'') [harbinger sound]
2001 - Thirdorgan & Hermit - Dead-Tech Machine Gallery [self abuse records]
2004 - Thirdorgan & Xome - Endemoniado [tabula rasa]
2005 - Thirdorgan - Bionic Ambient Music [harshnoise]
2006 - Thirdorgan - Satanico Pandemonium [dead sea liner]



Corrupted is a Japanese sludge/doom metal band, formed in 1994. Their sound is characterized by incredibly downtuned guitars and bass playing slow, minimalist riffs under deep layers of feedback. The vocals are harsh guttural grunts, and the music alternates between long instrumental sections and sections with vocals which go for long periods of time without rest. They are considered by most familiar with the genre to be one of the heaviest and darkest doom metal bands of all. However, they sometimes have long acoustic sections, spoken-word interludes, and other breaks in the style, even other instruments, as on their album El Mundo Frio, a 71-minute song which contains long sections of harp. To this effect, they recently added a keyboardist, Takehito Miyagi, to their lineup, which had previously consisted only of guitar, bass, drums, and vocals.

Corrupted has a few notable idiosyncrasies which seem to create an air of mystery around the band. Although they hail from Japan, and their members on most releases are all Japanese, they sing almost exclusively in Spanish, though some songs contain sections in Japanese or English. In addition, the band has never taken promotional pictures nor do any of the albums contain group photos. The only known existing photographs are taken by fans at concerts, and they refuse to give interviews.

Corrupted’s albums typically contain extensive liner notes in the form of bleak black-and-white photographs, which add to the gloomy atmosphere of the music.

1995 - Anciano [Japan Overseas, 192]
1995 - El Dios Queja [Tag Rag, 192]
1995 - Nadie [Third Culture, VBR 128~160]
1995 - Split (w/Grief) [HG Fact, VBR 192~320]
1997 - Split (w/Enemy Soil) [HG Fact, 160]
1997 - Live At Fandango [Bootleg, 192]
1997 - Live On KJFC [Bootleg, 192]
1997 - Live On WFMU [Bootleg, 192]
1997 - Paso Inferior [Frigidity Discos, 256]
1999 - Dios Injusto [Frigidity Discos, 192]
1999 - Driven To Kill/Existence (w/Scarvers Calling) [Gouge, 192]
1999 - Llenandose De Gusanos [HG Fact, 128]
2000 - Split (w/Machetazo) [Frigidity Discos, 192]
2000 - Split (w/Sloth) [Not On Label, VBR 256~320]
2001 - La Victima Es Tu Mismo [View Beyond Records, 192]
2003 - Live @ 20,000V 3.24.03 [Bootleg, 128]
2004 - Se Hace Por Los Suenos Asesinos [HG Fact, VBR 160~320]
2005 - El Mundo Frio [HG Fact, 224]
2007 - An Island Insane [HG Fact, 320]
2007 - Vesana [HG Fact, 320]