Dylan Nyoukis - The Shield That Pierces The Earth

LP released on Catsup Plate in the year two thousand.

You have to love Dylan Nyoukis!

No, seriously...that's an order!!!

The Shield


Ryan Jewell - Autodidact Starfruit Motherfucker

CDr from 2008 on Dylan Nyoukis' miraculous Chocolate Monk label.



Ryan Jewell, C. Spencer Yeh and Wasteland Jazz Unit - Ohio Ghastly Soil

...and apart from a wealth of work under his own name, Ryan is also a member of the excellent Psychedelic Horseshit.

CDr from 2008 on Dreamsheep that was run by Valerio Cosi.

Ohio Ghastly Soil


Storm Of Corpses - Bite Your Tongue

John Rich and Jon Lorenz with C. Spencer Yeh (Burning Star Core etc), Jacob Felix Heule (Basshaters, Ettrick) Jay Korber (Ettrick and Burmese) and Tony Dryer (Basshaters and The Emergency String (X)Tet).

CDr on Bug Incision Records from 2009 in an edition of 100.

Bite Your Tongue


Wasteland Jazz Unit - Space Denial

Obviously, Wasteland Jazz Unit is Jon Lorenz on saxophone and John Rich on clarinet. Free Improv skronk heaven.

LP released on Nashazphone in 2009.

Space Denial


Birds Of Delay - A Living Room At The Bottom Of A Lake

LP released on the Egyptian / Algerian label Nashazphone in 2009.

Side B was recorded by Ruaraidh Sanachan...see what I've done there?

Living Room


Nackt Insecten / Birds Of Delay - Untitled

Birds alongside Ruaraidh Sanachan's Nackt Insecten project.

C30 released on Ruaraidh's Sick Head label in 2006.

Nackt Delay


Birds Of Delay / Jazzfinger - Split

Two of the UK's finest here. You all know my love of Jazzfinger. Birds Of Delay were Steven Warwick and Luke Younger who stopped recording as Birds in around 2010. Steven now records as Heatsick whilst Luke is recording as Helm...both need your serious attention!

Anyway...this LP was released in 2008 in an edition of 114.



Interlard - Meanwhile

There's some weird shit brewing in the backstreets of Birmingham!

Wes from Interlard sent me a link for their new album on their Bandcamp page (where you can also find plenty of past material).

Given that they also do a fine line in self-deprecation, I'll leave it to them to describe themselves:

"Interlard: a relentless, noisy, abrasive, heavy, experimental and noisy band from Birmingham, UK, that very few people would admit to enjoying, and fewer still really do. Functioning as a unit since 2003, and remaining unsociable, unheard and unpopular."

"...more unremitting filth from nobody's favourite band..."

Seriously...grab all of their work and use it to punish miscreants everywhere!



Non Band - Non Bandin' Live

I posted some Non Band earlier...Caligari liked it...that's good enough for me...double CD of live early '80s Japanese new/no wave released in 2007.

The sound quality isn't great (presumably, these were destined to be private recordings and they were recorded to tape and sat in a box for a few decades) but beggars shouldn't choose.

By The Way: Hello Caligari!

Non Bandin' Live


Jim O'Rourke - Old News

In 2011, Editions Mego started to launch an "Old News" series of double LPs which started at Volume 5 and is currently up to Volume 8. The first four Old News releases are a bit of a mystery. As far as I know, the first four were all tour releases.

The first Old News was sold on the Diskaholics Anonymous Trio tour of Japan in early 2002 whilst the second was sold on Mirror’s tour of Japan in late 2002. Volume Four was sold on a Japanese tour in 2005. I would assume that Volume Three was also sold on a tour of Japan but I have never even heard a rumour of it!

Whilst I may never get to hear Volumes 3 and 4...here's the first two.

Old 1

Old 2


Black Bombaim Tour

Lovers and Lollypops have just sent me details of a BB Tour in mainland Europe that has just kicked off. If you are lucky enough to be in the area, check them out!

The poster features beautiful artwork by André Coelho.

Black Bombaim seguem em Tour

Confiram as datas:

20.11. (PT) VILA REAL // Club de Vila Real

21.11. (ESP) SAN SEBASTIAN // Le Bukowski

22.11. (FR) PARIS // Les Combustibles

24.11. (D) BERLIN // White Trash

25.11. (D) HALLE(Saale) // Hühnermanhattan Klub

26.11. (D) - REGENSBURG // Winter-VOID

27.11. (D) - WÜRZBURG // Immerhin Würzburg

28.11. (LU) LUXEMBOURG // Rocas

29.11. (NL) UTRECHT // Le Guess Who? Festival

01.12. (B) GEEL -//Yellowstock Winterfest

02.12. (FR) LILLE // TBA

03.12. (FR) NANTES // TBA

04.12. (FR) TOULOUSE // TBA

05.12. (ESP) BARCELONA // Be Good Club

06.12. (ESP) MADRID // Space Cadet

07.12. (PT) CARTAXO // CentroCultural

08.12. (PT) BRAGA // Bracara Extreme Fest 2012


Black Bombaim ‎- Saturdays And Space Travels

I've been meaning to post some Black Bombaim for a couple of years. My head either contains many ideas or nothing. Sometimes it happens at the same time and they cancel each other out.

Black Bombaim are a really great psychrock band from Portugal. This LP was released in 2010 (from memory, it was an edition of 500) on Lovers & Lollypops. I bought it at the time. It is a great piece of work...

Since the release sold out, the BB crew have put this up for free download on their Bandcamp page. I recommend you try to find the vinyl of this album. Anyway, I've linked you to the new 2xLP "Titan"...it's around for download but...seriously...this band were made for vinyl.

...and here it is: Black Saturdays


In July, my favourite "pay attention you dick" blog / label Rocket Recordings told me that Gnod were touring Portugal and that on the 22nd of July, Gnod would be collaborating gig-wise with Black Bombaim at the Milhoes de Festa in Barcelos.

At least three things struck me in quick succession:

1. sweet lord, that is a masterstroke!

2. shit, I don't live anywhere near Portugal.

3. that will take me forever to try and find a bootleg of that.

Those thoughts made me sad!!!

Anway Part II

The always reliable Rocket pointed me in the direction of Cardinal Fuzz. These mighty people have not only recorded the collaboration but are about to release the beast. It's available for preorder this Monday (the 19th if you're late getting here) and that makes me feel quite damp!


No-Neck Blues Band‎ - Letters From The Serth

NNCK should need no explanation. A faultless collective.

This CD was released on their own Sound@One label in 1998.

Result of a request. Somebody who bothered to have a name couldn't find his copy of the CD. Mine was sitting at eye level and here it is.

There may be a lesson in there for all those anonymous types who leave never to be published comments for re-ups. Or there might not be.

Letters From The Serth


Sten Ove Toft‎ - Lit De Parade

Norwegian electronics experimenter that has contributed to Hijokaidan releases. There are even some Lasse Marhaug contributions hidden away in here somewhere.

CD on Roggbif Records from 2007.

"Recorded between 2001-2006 at various locations in Oslo, Haugesund and Stavanger. Mixed and mastered between 2004-2007 at NOTAM in Oslo, The National Academy Of Fine Arts in Oslo, Thorvald Meyers Cultural Centre in Oslo and at Cold Raven Studios in Copenhagen."

Lit De Parade


TAC / factor X / E / Runzelstirn & Gurgelstøck - Perverse Series No.1

TAC (Tom Cox) with factor X (Shaun Robert) with E (Andy Bolus aka Evil Moisture) and Runzelstirn & Gurgelstøck (Rudolf Eber).

1996 CD on Harsh Dept. Productions.

It's a very strange beast indeed!

Perverse Series No.1


Ore // KK Null - Archispirostreptus Gigas

Ore are the Birmingham-based drone doom tuba project of Stuart Estell and Sam Underwood.

Now drink that sentence in...

I was at Supersonic a couple of weeks ago where Ore played alongside Kazuyuki Kishino. The set started with Stuart and Sam playing drone tuba...it kind of reminded me of Coasters from the Lemon Kitten lp I posted a while ago...and after about 10 or 15 minutes, KK came back on stage to bring the noise whilst Ore brought the tone. One of the highlights of the festival!

This cdr was exclusively for sale at the festival in an edition of 100. It was undoubtedly hoovered up by speculators and cultural tourists and will shortly appear for a million dollars! Well, here it is for free!


Stuart Estell has been kind enough to get in touch. There are a few copies of this still available from here. You can also get the debut Ore full-length "Granolithic" from the same place. You can also visit here for the "Beyond Tree and Stone" digital EP.

Archispirostreptus Gigas


Sound Of Pot + Pewt'r - Untitled

I've been busy buying music recently...well over 100 tapes/cdrs/vinyl gems that have been taking priority over the blog...

Couldn't resist breaking away to post this beauty...

C60 released on Ecstatic Peace! in March of last year. Only 50 of these were made...which is a shame.

Just in case you are wondering what the fuss is about...Sound Of Pot is Conrad Capistran of Tarp (with Joshua Burkett) and I think has major affiliations with Sunburned (although I may have made that up in my brain) and Pewt'r who is Ron Schneiderman who certainly is a regular member of Sunburned Hand Of The Man.

Two lovely gentlemen meet up to put out a really great tape...

Pewt'r Pot