Reynols - Sonirdo De Lo Mofifero

You should already know that I love Reynols. Even by their high standards, this is majestically warped. The "Computer FX" are credited to the otherwise unknown "Bombicino". Surely, that is John Olson himself. Fuck it, let's start a rumour.

CDr released on American Tapes in 1999 in a spiral bound book plastered in Olson art.

It's AM77 btw.

Sonirdo De Lo Mofifero


Commune Ills - Untitled

Commune Ills were John Olson, Aaron Dilloway, Mike Kearns and Lisa Colwell and as far as I know this was a one-off project. It's a belter. Slow motion orchestral doom jazz if you will. It comes in as a C94 largely down to the near 47 minute A Side. The reverse is some 20 minutes shorter. It's on American Tapes. It's from 1999. There were eighteen of them.

It's AM96 btw.

Commune Ills


J. Olson - Crawling Hands

John in free-form basement jazz mode. C48 released on American Tapes in 2000 in an edition of seven.

It's AM117 btw.

Crawling Hands


Spykes - File-Ings BC

Dive into the warm tape-hiss squelch of Spykes on this C40 released on American Tapes in 2000 in an edition of 9 copies.

It's AM119 btw.

File-Ings BC


va - Idealistic Idiot 9

C90 from 1989, featuring music by John Hudak, Die Rache, factor X, Minoy, Mike Shannon, more.

va - Idealistic Idiot 9 


Crawlspace - Huck & Tom At Fillmore East

Drones, tones and fried electronics from Mr Olson on a CDr released on American Tapes in 2000.

It's AM125 btw.

Huck & Tom At Fillmore East


va - Idealistic Idiot 8

Tracks by Odal, Minoy, Cancerous Growth, John Hudak, Not 1/2, Mental Anguish, Lyke Wake, The H.E.S.S., Nostalgie Eternelle, others even more obscure.

va - Idealistic Idiot 8


Wolf Eyes & Spykes - Live Summer '00

John Olson, Aaron Dilloway and Nate Young collaborating with (erm) John Olson for this otherwordly no-fi live recording. C16 released on American Tapes in 2000 in an expansive edition of 14.

It's AM147 btw.

Live Summer '00


va - Idealistic Idiot 7

Compilation cassette from 1988, released on Nihilist Recordings and compiled by Dutch maniac Peter Zinken/Odal. Includes tracks by 80's comp tape stalwarts Con-Dom, Minoy, City of Worms and Big City Orchestra, plus Uringlinimirnaglu, Treble King, Jittery Sphincter Laboratories, others lost to decaying iron oxide obscurity.

va - Idealistic Idiot 7


The Ugly Borns - Contact Flour Live

The Ugly Borns were a brief project of John Olson, Aaron Dilloway and Wade Kergan. This is a recording of a gig where you get sax honk, drums, withered electronics and an irritating woman talking in the background (but I'm sure that all of her observations were crucial). CDr released on American Tapes in 2000 in an edition of 12.

It's AM152 btw.

Contact Flour Live


va - Idealistic Idiot 1

First in a series of weirdo underground compilation cassettes, issued by Peter Zinken/Odal on his Nihilistic Recordings label in the mid-1980's. Features noise by Kapotte Muziek, A Violated Body, Experiment Incest, Zanstones, Croyners, Blackshirt Orchestra (aka the Grey Wolves), Odal, and more people you've never heard of.

va - Idealistic Idiot 1


Spykes - Rat Patrols

Spykes-style whirling stuttering electronic blurp from Mr Olson on this CDr released on American Tapes in 2001. There were only ten of these.

It's AM170 btw.

Rat Patrols


Wolf Eyes - Droll

The first in the long-running Droll series. C40 released on American Tapes in 2001. Think of a small number then halve it. That will be the number of copies then.

It's AM175 btw.



Dead Comet Alive - Jailed: 1857-2057

CDr strapped to painted cardboard and released on American Tapes in 2001 in an edition of 10. Stunning piece of work from John Olson where he uses different approaches in each channel to take you on a wild ride. The quality of this piece makes the tiny edition unfathomable.

It's AM185 btw.

Jailed: 1857-2057


Wolf Eyes - Sandpapered Eyes

Delirious jazzskronknoise on a CDr strapped to painted dead vinyl and released on American Tapes in 2001 in an edition of twelve.

It's AM186 btw.

Sandpapered Eyes


Dead Comet Alive - From a Cliff Into the Sea

Here at Bleak Bliss, we can't get enough of John Olson. And that's a good thing, because we will never run out; he's recorded so much music, I doubt even he's been able to listen to it all. This 30-minute cassette of DIY fried electronics appeared in 2005 on the misleadingly-named generic noise label No Horse Shit. 

Dead Comet Alive - From a Cliff Into the Sea


Dead Brain - Cold Water On Brain

Extra-terrestrial radio interference from the hands of Mr Olson. C60 released on American Tapes in 2001 in an edition of ten.

Its AM188 btw.

Cold Water On Brain


Various - No Machine Is Silent

Das Synthetische Mischgewebe, Crawl Unit, Asmus Tietchens, Illusion Of Safety, Aube, THU20, Bacillus, Richard Ramirez, Merzbow and more ...

Double C60 set released on Realization Recordings in 1995.




Various - Dutch Fidelity

7" released on Antenne in 2002 with the CDr that came with the first 100 copies featuring the likes of Peter Duimelinks, Jos Smolders, Roel Meelkop, Radboud Mens, Jac Van Bussel's DMDN, Beequeen, THU20, Freiband and Goem. Quality all the way through.

Dutch Fidelity


Various - Harsh Ears Now ! !

Classic compilation that brings together the mail-art / cassette culture of the mid-late '80s about as well as anything else that I can think of.

Triple C90 set released on Jac Van Bussel's Midas Music in (most likely) 1988.

I've had to split this into four parts so they all need to be extracted to the same folder.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four


Experiment Incest - Unpopular Incest Songs

Yeah. You read that correctly. Please don't be put off. After all, any right thinking person prefers their incest traditionally delivered and its songs of the popular variety. Nevertheless, this is more Dutch strangeness delivered by Stephane Windelinckx and Erik Incest (me neither).

Where do I even start with this one? It's beyond strange ... cheesy Kraftwerk inspired bedroom industrial europop rinsed through an electronic mangle (me neither). It's really entertaining but you'll probably hate it. Who cares? Walk along sir, nothing to see here ...

C30 released on Opus Dei Society in late 1986 or early 1987. The jpeg is taken from the self-released version listed on Discogs. For some reason, I really didn't want to be searching for the titular images ...

Unpopular Incest Songs


13 Frater 13 - The Lord Is My Shepherd

This is a single-sided C60 released on Opus Dei Society in 1985 and I have no idea who is behind 13 Frater 13. It's the sound of a secret ceremony recorded in the labyrinth ... maybe ...

The Lord Is My Shepherd


Factor 6 - The Heretic

The person behind Factor 6 is Dirk Vercruyssen (aka Het Hilaire Brisdak Ensemble) who did the Sound Theft tape I posted fairly recently. It's peculiar Dutch bedroom electronics and the more I play it the better I like it ... but it will no doubt be an acquired taste.

Another C30 released on Opus Dei Society in 1985 0r 1986.

Not for the first time, it's been pointed out that I am talking out of my arse! Discogs lists this tape incorrectly. Factor 6 was actually Christian Nijs but then it gets more complicated. Christian was going to record a tape for Opus but never got around to it so Frans de Waard recorded and released this himself.

More factual inaccuracies, baseless opinion and contrite corrections coming right up!

The Heretic


Information Aggression - Liberators Become Oppressors

Side A is basically a theological justification broadcast on BBC's Radio 4 in the mid-80s overlaid with pulsed electronics. Side B has disturbing accounts from female prisoners within the British penal system given the same treatment, presumably the narrative was also lifted from Radio 4.

Information Aggression appear to have been a one off project from Frans de Waard, Trevor Ward and David Padbury and it doesn't really go anywhere but the journey is not always about the destination.

C30 released on Opus Dei Society in 1987.

Liberators Become Oppressors


Death Pact International - Fear Eats The Soul

This is a double C60 set released on Zeal Severe Systems in 1987. There are around 19 people involved in these tapes including Frans, half of The Grey Wolves and all of Con-Dom and Merz. Full details of everybody is included in the scans ...

Fear Eats

The Soul


Death Pact International - Death Sentence

This is another C30 released on Opus Dei Society but this time in 1985. DPI were a loose collective of (post-industrial) electronic avengers who collaborated to produce music that was free of copyright with the intention of sharing the compositions freely. On this tape they are Frans de Waard, Christian Nijs (who was in Kapotte Muziek with Frans between 1984 and 1987), Marien van Oers (aka Het Zweet), Peter Zincken (who is, of course, Odal and is in the excellently named Fckn'Bstrds) and Trevor Ward (of The Grey Wolves).

Death Sentence


Post Destruction Music - Mijn Nederland

More electronics from Frans de Waard recorded live in 1986. This C30 was the first release on his own Opus Dei Society in the same year.

Mijn Nederland


Post Destruction Music - The Right To Be Wrong

PDM is the early work of Frans de Waard who you will know more for his work as a member of Kapotte Muziek, Beequeen, Goem, THU20, The Tobacconists and the like. He also started Korm Plastics and it's great subsidiaries Bake Records, Plinkity Plonk Records and My Own Little Label.

C30 of live electronics released on his own Opus Dei Society in 1986.

The Right To Be Wrong


White Hills - ...Oddity...A Look At How The Collective Mind Works

The title tells you what you need to know ... but just in case:

"At the last minute I decided to do a Limited Edition Tour Only CDr titled "WHITE HILLS presents: ...ODDITY... A Look At How The Collective Mind Woks". This CDr is limited to 100 copies and features two long sprawling tracks that clock in at just under 50 minutes of music in total. One track is a massive synth and guitar drone...the other is a work in progress of a new song (as yet untitled). In the words of Kid Millions "brah...this new track makes me want to eat a fist full of no-doze and hit the highway to get my fill of some white line fever!"

...A Look At How The Collective Mind Works


White Hills - Oddity II: Night Scene On Mill Mountain

A rough around the edges compilation of experiments and covers that saw three releases on Drug Space and Thrill Jockey between 2010 and 2013.

Night Scene On Mill Mountain


White Hills - Oddity III: Basic Information

Another self-released CDr which came in 2 very limited editions as part of the mersh on their European and North American tours in 2012.

Basic Information


White Hills - Black Valleys

Whilst I'm here, I suppose this is Black Valleys I. This was released by Aquarius Records as part of Record Store Day in 2011 in an edition of 300 copies.

Black Valleys


White Hills - Oddity IV: Black Valleys II "Out Psychedelia"

A 27 minute live improvisation released as a CDr on their own Drug Space Records in 2013.

Out Psychedelia


White Hills - Oddity V: Freaky Farm Funk

I'd been aware of White Hills for quite a while. I bought the Koko CDr in 2006 and a few other bits and pieces around that time. However, it was only when they started their collaborations with Gnod and The Heads that I really stood up on my hind legs. They make quality psychedelic guitar music with more than a hint of motorik.

Self-released CDr from 2014.

Freaky Farm Funk


Phurpa - Wal Phur Nag Po

Phurpa are a Russian collective that dig deep into the traditions and mysticism of Tibetan Buddhism to create music unlike anything else out there.

This is a C64 released on Lust Vessel in 2014. There is an almost industrial aesthetic to the mastering of these live ceremonial recordings. All in all, it's one of the most astonishing things that I have heard for a long time!

Wal Phur Nag Po

... and in an unrelated manner, here is Phurpa live in Paris.


Hedonic Serge - Somatoscopy: Mode Of Male Pleasure

Spectacular spiralling cacophony with an accompanying choir of angels heralding the apocalypse. Really quite brilliant. This is another uncredited project on a C32 released on Stiff Sanctorum in 2012. Answers on a postcard please ...



Ultimastanza - Total Preoccupancy In Pleasant Silence

This time, it's a C30 on Stiff Sanctorum which is another Lust Vessel subsidiary. Same confusion applies.

Pleasant Silence


Ultimastanza - A Jewel In A Dunghill

This is a C30 released on Lebenslinie Kassetten (which is an offshoot of Lust Vessel) in 2013. I don't know who is behind Ultimastanza but there are quite a few uncredited projects associated with Lust Vessel and based on nothing at all, I assume it's "Lily Vice". So, the next question: who is "Lily Vice"?

A Jewel In A Dunghill


Arv & Miljö - Antropocen

It's Matthias Andersson on a C54 released on Lust Vessel in 2014. That's all that anybody needs to know.



Arv & Miljö - Resurser

As stark, unforgiving and beautiful as the landscape.

C22 released on Total Black in 2013.



Arv & Miljö - Decennium

More Swedish goodness from Matthias Andersson and his consistently great Arv & Miljö project.

This is a C50 released on his own Release The Bats Records in 2012 in a tiny edition of 23 copies.



Blodvite - Hämnaren

Just in case you need any convincing about how great this Swedish gentleman is ... he also records as Orquere and Street Drinkers, is a member of Ättestupa, Enklav, Leafes and Ultra Fuck and runs the ridiculously great Järtecknet label.

C40 released on Järtecknet in 2011.



Blodvite - Renad I Eld

C30 released on Kristian Olsson's Styggelse label in 2011 and again self-released in a second edition the following year.

Renad I Eld


Blodvite - Ett Främmande Land

Viktor Ottosson on an exemplary C20 released on Posh Isolation in 2011 that he also self-released the following year.

Ett Främmande Land


Various - The Palermo Protocol

Classy compilation featuring the likes of Puce Mary, Arv & Miljö, Händer Som Vårdar, Vanity Productions, Rose Alliance and Blodvite.

Triple C30 set released on Denmark's Posh Isolation last year.

The Palermo Protocol


Möslang-Guhl - Voice Crack

"Recorded live on March 23rd, 1984 during the exhibition of Josef Felix Müller at the gallery „Corinne Hummel" in Basel, Switzerland."

LP released on UHLAng-PRODUKTION in 1984.

Voice Crack


Norbert Möslang, Andy Guhl - Knack On

Various instruments, plastic pipes, bits of metal, radios, electronic waste and a dictaphone wrestled into submission and forced to confess! More orchestral manoeuvres from the would be Voice Crack on an LP released on UHLAng in 1983.

Knack On