Lidless Eye - Casket Paddles

You know where the Id Monster crashes up against the force fields in Forbidden Planet? Yep! Then Robbie does a bit of body popping before shit gets weird again ... quality.

A CDr from 2015 released on Green Records And Tapes in an edition of eleven.

flagellate yr receptacles


The Cramps - Bikini Girls With Machine Guns

This time last week, Kristy Marlana Wallace had her 69th birthday. Sorry Ivy, I missed it but better late than never. An icon that we should all righteously kneel before until the end of days!

women make the best punks


1%er - Chrome Expedition

The wonderful combination of Andrew Coltrane, Knox Mitchell, frying electronics, synth overload and tape manipulation. Happy Sunday!

CDr released in 2015 on Knox's Green Records And Tapes in an edition of eighteen.

alien soundtracks


Armenia / K2 / PCRV / Crank Sturgeon - Mutaciones

I'm assuming that this wasn't a fever dream noise sleepover. However, all four in their pyjamas watching scary movies remains a pleasing image that I already regret sharing. Who is doing what and why is further obfuscated by the fact that it was released as a tape on Matt's Fluxus Montana label and as a CDr on Leo's Bizarre Audio Arts. Does it matter who was in charge of the popcorn and who got to choose the film? Of course it doesn't (but it really does when you think long enough about it).

This is the C48 on Fluxus Montana from 2014.

i spy with my brown eye


John Olson - Rat Patrols


First released in 2001 by American Tapes as a CDR in an edition of 12 copies, then quickly reissued by Hanson in a larger run. In typically confusing style, the AM Tapes version was credited to Spykes but the Hanson version to John Olson. 

we could use those men in tan


A Lizard In A Woman's Skin - Wet Dreams Become Murderous

You all know that we adore Richard Ramirez. Noise ledge but also a lovely human.

When I wake up in the morning, I'll be starting nine days off work. I can not think of a better way of driving the demons of wage slavery from my brain than this! I've searched The Holy Grail and I'm pretty sure it's not available there. I'm two thirds of the way through a box of Brewdog so it's possible I'm wrong but I really hope not.

A six CDr set released on his own Room 2A in 2016.

wet dreams are made of this


va - Portland


Triple LP box from RRRecords, released in 2006. One side each by Smegma, Daniel Menche, Nkondi, Okha, Bdong and Pulse Emitter.



Smell & Quim - Quimtessence

Imagine not being proud of coming from the North of England?

I know! Makes no sense whatsoever. In the obviously correct spirit of "what have the Romans ever done for us" I give you ...

A C44 initially released in 2019 on Juntaro's Vis A Vis Audio Arts in a frankly spiteful edition of ten. I mean, imagine being 11th in that queue. Luckily, the always wonderful Total Black rode to the rescue shortly after and put another 125 into the world. Thinking about it, you could argue that is even more spiteful.

t'essence a quim


va - New England


A 5xLP set from RRRecords in 2004, this hefty box collected one side each by artists from Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. At the time this album was made, many of the artists were relatively unknown. Several of them still are. You get one LP side apiece from Prurient, Can't (Jessica Rylan), The Brutum Fulmen, Sickness, Human Is Filth, Skin Crime, Immaculate :Grotesque, Diagram:A, Karlheinz, and Mr. Brinkman (Meerk Puffy). All the covers were unique, hand-made by the artists. 



Smell & Quim - The Yellow Album

Glorious perverts in full frontal back door action. Just ask Idwal.

C60 and 5" lathe released on Total Black in 2019.

like a twat out of hull


Smell & Quim / Family Battle Snake - Split

So. This label rocks up and blurts out six split tapes in their "You Are Playin' Like A Fuckin' Pub Band" series. I mourn the ephemeral nature and number of the tapes and then repair my brain by forgetting. Un/Fortunately, I've just remembered. On here you get England's favourite ferret wrestling chaos engineers and Bill Kouligas' comparatively sedate introspection. Anyone got the other five?

C30 released on The 7.17 From West Wittering Is Late Again from 2011.

more piss vicar?


va - Colorado


This LP was RRReleased in 1988 with artists from (no points for correct guesses) Colorado. Features tracks by Architects Office, Joshua Stevens, Doll Parts (featuring some members of Architects Office), Chaffed Chunk (also from AO), Rick Corrigan (also also from AO), Human Head Transplant, City of Worms and Little Fyodor.

mile high club


va - Michigan


A 6xLP boxset compiled by Aaron Dilloway and Greh Holger, released cooperatively by RRRecords, Chondritic Sound and Hanson Records in 2009. One side each by Wolf Eyes, Hive Mind, Redrot, Princess Dragon-Mom, Mammal, Raven Strain (who was so good, but so underrated!), Cotton Museum, Tovah D-Day and Charlie Draheim. 

jesus chrysler drives a dodge


The Gerogerigegege - Blackout Archive V.1~ V.3

Sweet Baby Jesus ... I can't wait for the Covid Archive.

Three CDs released seperately on Juntaro's own Vis A Vis Audio Arts in 2019. Then they were brought together with a fourth "not for sale" CDr. No spoliers but ...

back in blackout


Ramleh - Blowhole

The very excellent Gary Mundy and Philip Best. Draw your own parallels.

LP released on Shock in 1991.

so you can leave your nose at home


va - Texas


A 2006 triple-LP boxset from RRRecords with noise from, you guessed it, Texas. One LP side each from A Fail Association, Steel Hook Prostheses, Goat, Inhalant, TEF and Concrete Violin.

beers & steers


va - California


2006: The Year Noise Broke. RRRecords, Troniks and Ground Fault teamed up to release this landmark 10xLP geographic-themed boxset of many flavors of noise from California, with one entire LP side each by The Cherry Point, Randy Yau, Solid Eye, Tralphaz, Xome,  Moth Drakula, Rubber O Cement, Amps For Christ, GX Jupitter-Larsen, Yellow Swans, Control, SIXES, The Skaters, Open City. Oscillating Innards, John Wiese, Damion Romero, Spastic Colon, John Weise, Gerritt, Joe Colley. 

crazy from the heat

ten-way tie for last


The Gerogerigegege – 燃えない腹

Whoa. 17 tracks on limited vinyl? With me on the cover?

But hang on a minute, it only comes in at about seven minutes!

Listen hard matey, I bought The Doors' "Live At The Hollywood Bowl" when it came out. I get it. Quit your whining. You still have me on the cover.

A 12" released on Scrotum Records in 2017.

here we gero


Ramleh - Homeless

So I wish I'd checked Bandcamp before I'd prepped a load of Cultural Amnesia posts. Ah well.

So how about this gorgeous piece of work? A legendary line-up of Gary Mundy, Philip Best, Stuart Dennison and Anthony Di Franco that is completely distinct from the earlier Broken Flag industrial power moves. Think the finest noiserock with the occassional sprinkle of Velvet / Spacemen dark psychedelics.

CD released on Freek Records in 1994

maybe tomorrow i'll want to settle down


Various - Endzeit

The Virgin Prunes, Cultural Amnesia, Section 25, Culturcide, Raudive Bunker Experiment and Die Klopferbande. Strangely compelling early Eighties synthnoise.

C50 released on Datenverarbeitung in 1982.

celebrate end times, c'mon


Nurse With Wound - Alas The Madonna Does Not Function

Exquisite. As far as I know it's unavailable outside of the second hand market ...

LP released on United Dairies in 1988.

the fallen madonna with the big boobies


Various - Bethel

Front-runner in the race for weirdest line-up on a compilation: Doo-Dooettes, Boyd Rice, Foetus, Virgin Prunes, Pure, 23 Skiddoo, Coil, Nurse With Wound and more ... there's even a track from Meat Puppets that I don't think appears anywhere else.

C60ish released on Datenverarbeitung in 1983.

little donkey


Various - In Fractured Silence

Un Drame Musical Instantané, Hélène Sage, Sema and Nurse With Wound.

LP on United Dairies from 1984.

hello darkness


Various - An Afflicted Man's Musica Box

Another classic that saves my typing finger.

LP released on United Dairies in 1982.

you don't need to call it music if the term shocks you


Various - Masse Mensch

As it says on the tin ...

LP released on Selektion in 1982.



Various - Dry Lungs (A Compilation of Industrial Music From Around The World)

Stunning. Do your own homework.

LP released on Placebo Records in 1985.

last lung leg


va - Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy


Four artists (Big City Orchestra, Merzbow, Mohr, Maeror Tri) take a quarter of a CD each on this neat compilation released by Fool's Paradise in 1994. 

u mad, cow?


Various - Dry Lungs II

Severed Heads, Hijokaidan, If Bwana, Randy Greif, YBO², Croiners, Jarboe, Controlled Bleeding, Asmus Tietchens and more.

LP released on Placebo Records in 1986.

two lips, two lungs and one tongue


Various - Dry Lungs III

So, where was I again? Ah yes, vinyls! Fisrt off, you really have to be living your best life to get annoyed at the presence or bscence of a single letterr.

Unsurprisingly the third in the series featuring the likes of Greater Than One, Die Form, Paul Lemos, Maybe Mental, Cranioclast and Carl Michael von Hausswolff & Zbigniew Karkowski.

LP released on Placebo Records in 1987.



I8U - Grasshopper Morphine


A very early album by Montreal sound artist France Jobin, under her "band" name I8U. This set of crisp minimalism was released as a small-edition CDR by Piehead Records in 2002 in a limited edition of just 300 copies. 



Fouke - Sulphur River

You lot have had it far too easy lately ... all of this music where you can wear your hats at a jaunty angle and moonwalk across your parquet flooring? Well, enough of that. Stand by your beds and straighten your brims.

A triple CDr set on Room 2A in an edition of 15 from 2014.

Hats off to Richard!!


va - Etat Bruit -Switzerland-


A metal film canister containing five 7" records representing the best that Switzerland has to offer (aside from Yello, Mummenschanz, melted cheese, knives with bottle openers in them and probably a few other glaring omissions). Includes music by OP Rechts, Sudden Infant, Maggot Bile (aka Roger Rotor), Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock and Batchas. Released in 1996 by Scrotum Production, a label run by Mr. Batchas.

neutral state


Napalm Death - Scum

To pause a tour of UK hardcore, here's something that I expect you all have already ... but you never know?

A ground-breaking LP from 1987 on Earache. This is the lossless remastered and reissued CD version from 1995.

I'm The Daddy Now!


Gate - Lounge


Gate's 1993 album, released on CD by Twisted Village. 

i believe in swordfish