GX Jupitter-Larsen / White Walls / Torturing Nurse / The Haters - Panic Attack

CDr on 412Recordings from 2011.

No Brainer!

Panic Attack


Burial Ground‎ - The Omen

To celebrate the ritual vanquishing of the formerly great satan...

Here's a triple C60 boxset on Lighten Up Sounds from about ten minutes ago! This was released in a tiny edition of ony 13 copies! Unsurprisingly, it sold out almost immediately.

Burial Ground is the work of Anthony Shaw. He has recorded under a number of noms de guerre...Haemorrhaging Fetus might ring a bell!

As Burial Ground, Anthony wraps his HNW in his love of classic horror films. Which is obviously twice as nice!

He is extremely prolific at the moment...his Burial Ground blog and its label links are a good place to start the stalking...

Normally, I would try a little harder...but I'm off to celebrate!

The Omen

Damien: Omen II

Omen III: The Final Conflict


The Forces Of Good Prevail Again!

Righteous people everywhere...Rejoice!

The Great Satan had his pants pulled down and the Heavenly Host spanked his arse red raw! The rightful order is restored!!!


Neokarma Jooklo Octet - Infinity

David Vanzan and Virginia Genta and Maurizio Abate are joined by Andrea Gulli, Giorgio Pacorig, Paolo Pascolo, Christian Zandonella and Makoto Kawabata (of Acid Mothers Temple obviously).

This quite beautiful double LP was released on Qbico in 2007.



Neokarma Jooklo Sextet‎ - Live At Scalodieci

David Vanzan, Virginia Genta and Maurizio Abate are joined by Andrea Gulli and Paolo Pascolo (who have featured in the Aghe Clope Ensemble) and Chris Zand .

CDr released on Troglosound in an edition of 38 in 2007.

Live At Scalodieci


Jooklo Stellar Tribe‎ - Freakedelic

David Vanzan, Virginia Genta and Maurizio Abate are joined by Alessandro De Zan and Riccardo Biondetti (who record as G.I. Joe and in In Zaire with Claudio Rocchetti and Stefano Pilia).

Aptly named LP released on Troglosound in an edition of 200 in 2012.

You have to be quick with the label. New releases disappear almost instantaneously!



Jooklo Quartet‎ - Where Has Jazz Gone?

David Vanzan and Virginia Genta are joined by Tero Kemppainen and Topias Tiheäsalo who have recorded with Rauhan Orkesteri and Pymathon repsectively.

LP released on Troglosound in 2011.

Where Has Jazz Gone?


Neokarma Jooklo Trio‎ - Solar Vision

David Vanzan and Virginia Genta are joined by Maurizio Abate on this LP released in an edition of 125 on Qbico in 2007.

Solar Vision


Jooklo Duo‎ - Free Serpents

Jooklo Duo‎ are David Vanzan and Virginia Genta doing their free form improvisational psychedelic jazz thing!

This is the CDr version released on Troglosound in 2007 in an edition of 37. This has 8 tracks whilst the LP version on Qbico apparently has 10. I've never heard the LP so can't account for any differences.

Free Serpents


United Noise Toys - Live In Utrecht '98

I'm in the middle of organising some non-noise related posts but I was listening to this last night and thought that this needed to be posted.

This is Anne La Berge and Gert-Jan Prins in a live collaboration recorded during performances of the United Noise Toys installation between the 8th and 19th of December 1998 at the Huis a/d Werf in Utrecht. This was released by X-OR in 1998 as part of their Field Recordings series.

The playfulness in the interplay is a joy to hear.

Live In Utrecht '98


Dead Body Love‎ - Nechronology

Ahhh! The wonderful work of Gabriele Giuliani!

Dead Body Love‎ was incredibly prolific between about 1995 and 1998. In very small editions that are excrutiatingly difficult to find. He disappeared for about a decade and then the art started to drip through again...

Step forward the beautiful Second Sleep (which is run by Matteo Castro who records as Kam Hassah and Endless Sea and contributes to Drug Age and Lettera 22 ... obviously, a man of impeccable taste!).

Seriously. Seriously. Pay attention to this label!!!

Anyway, in 2010, Second Sleep released a glorious 8 (yes...EIGHT!) tape boxset of almost mythical releases from 1995-1997 plus a tape and a half of unreleased material.

Could you possibly expect more?


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


Viking Movement / Rough Sex Quartet‎ - Christian Sex Colony / Doll In The Joy Pit

C56 released on George Proctor's (aka Mutant Ape's) stunning Turgid Animal or Nicola Vinciguerra's (aka Fecalove's) Italian division of Turgid Animal in 2009.

I've noted the revolving nature of RSQ previously. VM is a moveable feast which centres around Richard Ramirez...I'm not sure who accompanies him on this release...

Christian Pit


Självhat - Skönhet Part 1

Another 77 minutes of HNW, again, self-released in an edition of 15 in 2008.

To be honest, I know very little of the personal details about this wall artist. I do know that he is Swedish and his initials are probably KT. I also know that he recorded as Skönhet, Fbrz, Harsh Head and Young Girls.

These self-released CDrs probably formed the basis of the first three releases on HarshFuckedForLife Records. Those were three C90 tapes which begs the question ... were there three CDrs that came first?

He appears to have disappeared from noise history...

Skönhet Part 1


Självhat‎ - Skönhet Part 2

79 minutes of HNW, self-released in an edition of 15 in 2008.

Skönhet Part 2


Nobuo Yamada‎ - Empty Time Of T.N.B.

This is a CDr released on ABH in 2004.

This features a collaboration with The New Blockaders. I am assuming that the only collaborative work is the 1st track: "Prickle / Crevice".

There are two reasons for the assumption.

"Prickle / Crevice" was released by The New Blockaders as a single sided LP on PsychForm Records in 2005. As far as my addled brain takes me...PsychForm was an early label ran by Stan Reed of Blue Sabbath Black Cheer and TBPO. Given that the LP track is longer than the CDr version, I would assume that there was some mastering work done on it. So again, I am assuming that the CDr version is the original work. I am slightly too lazy to pull the vinyl from the shelf and compare and contrast. Sorry about that!

The second reason is that the second and third tracks don't feature as singular Blockader releases.

The second track "Objective Ground Level" is credited to Art Break (which is obviously Nobuo Yamada‎) on Volume II of the vinyl "Viva Negativa!" boxset and on "Volume IV: Japan" of the CD reissue of Viva Negativa! Those tracks are 7:33 in length. This one is 15:04.

The third track "Empty Time" (25:46 incidentally) only appears here as far as I am aware.

Naturally, if you know different, let us know!

Empty Time


Nobuo Yamada‎ - Echoes Of Tokyo Suburbs

Double CDr released on ABH in 2007.

"Material Recorded: 2001-2005 at suburbs in West Tokyo."

Disc 1

Disc 2


Nobuo Yamada‎ - Daydream Of Wok

CDr released on his own ABH label in 2009.

The first track features a live performance at Pain de Musha Musha & Cofee in Mashiko, Tochigi in 2008.

Daydream Of Wok


ABH - Unbounded Wall

C30 released on Shin Chida's (aka Burried Machine's) Rockatansky Records in 2010.

ABH (aka Artbreakhotel) is the metal junk noise of Nobuo Yamada.

Unbounded Wall


Atrax Morgue & Stabat Mors - Aminobenzolmessias

Stabat Mors was the work of Christian Koehler.

Atrax Morgue was the work of Marco Corbelli. Marco was also responsible for the Slaughter Productions label.

Both are legends of the European Industrialists and set standards for others to follow.

Both committed suicide. Christian in 2006. Marco in 2007.

This is an LP released on Christian's abRECt label in 1997.



Stabat Mors - O(h)m Entschälung

LP released in 1996 on Christian's abRECt label.

O(h)m Entschälung


Stabat Mors - Geschlechtliche Deformation Als Nichtung

7" vinyl on Membrum Debile Propaganda from 1996.

Geschlechtliche Deformation Als Nichtung


Stabat Mors - Die Vier Schla(e)chtungen Part 1

Again, this CDr released on Membrum Debile Propaganda in 2002.

Die Vier Schla(e)chtungen Part 1


Stabat Mors - Die Vier Schla(e)chtungen Part 2

CDr released on Membrum Debile Propaganda in 2002.

Die Vier Schla(e)chtungen Part 2


Concrete Threat‎ - Harsh Noise Death

Concrete Threat‎ were Christian Fagerström and Hannes Hellman.

This is a six tape retrospective released in an edition of 40 on the brilliant (and missed) noise wall champions HarshFuckedForLife Records in 2010.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4



In January 2011, I lost The Inspector (aka Jerry). He had cancer.

After a couple of years, it felt safe to assume his brother was in the clear.

I was wrong.

G*Spoon (aka George) wasn't gifted with the intelligence of his brother. He was a great big ginger fool when you weigh it all up. Everytime I turned around, he was there. He would talk to me all day long. It really was like he was giving me a running commentary on how his day was going. I'm writing this and he should be draped across the back of the chair behind me. We were inseperable.

Anyway. At 03:51 this morning, he drew his final breath. I was with him all the way through.

I've lost my shadow.