Gnod are "an ever evolving creature that sheds its skin and grows anew, it’s hard to pin down precisely who, or what, Gnod are. This bleeds into their music as well; steeped firmly in psychedelia but drawing from influences as disparate as Afro-beat, krautrock, drone, jazz and dance music, their recent release with White Hills, Drop Out, is a deeply immersive illusion of repetition whereby its motorik rhythms underpin a myriad of hypnotic textures. As a band they’re always creating, hours and hours of jams of which they occasionally see fit to release to the wider world. I say occasionally; since their formation in 2007 they’ve had at least twelve full-length releases and claim to have had many more. These appear out of nowhere though, with no fanfare or attention; Gnod aren’t wilfully elusive, but there is a mysticism that surrounds them nonetheless, an ever changing cast and a lack of information about them ... they keep themselves to themselves mainly, in a collective residency at Salford’s Islington Mill – a creative arts space where they live and rehearse." Quietus

Quite concise really. Gnod often get tarnished with the label of space rock and get compared to Hawkwind. I really don't get that at all. This is Kosmiche inspired psychedelia all the way down! The freak 'n' roll of Ash Ra Tempel, the motorik beat of Neu! and the groove of early Can. Add the punk-funk of, say, the MC5, the repetition of Suicide or Spacemen 3 and garnish with the psychotic theatre of Sunburned Hand Of The Man and you're closer to the truth. However, this isn't meant to date them or bind them in cultural reference points...Gnod are quintessentially Gnod!

I've listened to Gnod for ages and love them. However, I'm ashamed to say that I hadn't seen them live. That is until this year's Supersonic Festival. That's when it all fell into place for me! They were a quite literal revelation. That's when the collective spirit and joy really shone through. Completely inspirational. Gnod seem to be constantly touring the UK and have started to branch out into mainland Europe. Whenever you get the chance, go and see Gnod live! Which brings me to Islington Mill, the spiritual home of Gnod and a shining beacon in the mainstream sludge of Manchester. If you are anywhere nearby...keep an eye on this place! Gnod play here all the time but you will get to see everyone from Melt Banana to Sun Araw, Dieter Moebius to Acid Mothers Temple, Sunn O))) to Chris Corsano.

Gnod have just released a split lp (with A Middle Sex) on Blackest Rainbow. There are only 400 of these so I'd grab it now if I were you.

Thanks go to Gnod for being very supportive of this post going ahead!!!

Goodbye 2010. Hello 2011.

2011 belongs to Gnod!

2007 - Gnod - Abstehen Der Ohren & Live Birth [self-released]
2007 - Gnod - Lord Fear's Dream, Bulletproof Awareness & Pixiedust
2007 - Gnod - Never Nothing Ever (Volume III) [self-released]
2008 - Gnod - The Somnambulist’s Tale (s-sided C100) [sloow tapes]
2008 - White Hills & Gnod - Aquarian Downer (tour cdr) [white hills music]
2009 - Bong & Gnod - Split (cdr) [box records]
2009 - Gnod - Gnod (lp) [pariah child]
2009 - Gnod - Sex, Drones & Broken Bones (or secret pathways to hidden lands)
2009 - Gnod - The Crystal Pagoda (C40) [sonic meditations]
2009 - Gnod - Wuste Zeremonie (cdr) [reverb worship]
2009 - Gnod White Hills - Drop Out (tour cdr) [drug space records]
2010 - Gnod - Full Moon Ritual (C45) [cabin floor esoterica]
2010 - Gnod - Science & Industry (C60) [not not fun records]
2010 - Gnod & Robedoor - Bored Fortress (7'') [not not fun records]
2010 - Gnod Drop Out With White Hills II (2xlp) [rocket recordings]

Gnod plus Fonik - Supercluster (net release) [electronic musik]
Gnod vs Noise Research - Galaxy Being (net release) [electronic musik]


Sure 'Nuff 'N Yes I Do

Captain Beefheart - Under Review

Apparently, because this dvd is bigger than a gigabyte you need to have an account with MU. To quote Flava Flav..."fuck that shit"...

Under Review.part1
Under Review.part2
Under Review.part3

The Artist Formerly Known as Captain Beefheart

BBC documentary first broadcast in 1997, narrated by the late, great John Peel.

The Artist Formerly Known as Captain Beefheart

Anton Corbijn / Don Van Vliet - Some Yoyo Stuff - An Observation Of The Observations Of Don Van Vliet

Anton Corbijn / Don Van Vliet - Some Yoyo Stuff

The Greatest Album Ever Made!

Trout Mask Replica


Kousokuya - Live At Shinjuku JAM, 2006

You already know who they are...

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


Boredoms - SUPER SEEEEEE!!!!!!

Obviously (the) Boredoms are one of the finest finest fine things. Ever wanted to buy this one?



Butthole Surfers - Blind Eye Sees All

Between 1983 and 1989 the Butthole Surfers were the finest band in the world (apart from the times when I thought somebody else was). I want Human Cannonball played at my funeral. I think they disappeared up their wormhole after Hairway To Steven...

it's a VHS rip

Blind Eye Sees All


Satan Rides The Media

I have very little time for black metal...I find it rather lame, theatrical and self-absorbed. However, this doc is pretty good. Tools dressing their ultra-far right racist xenophobic shite as a war against the establishment. An education is a good idea...

Satan Rides The Media [Satan Rir Media]


American Hardcore

American "punk" had a rather tortured history...blemished in a rather major and unforgivable way by the Orange County knuckle heads and the sub-metal meatheads who jumped on their local bandwagon and then showed their true colours by the second me an American punk band post 86...go on I dare you!

part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
part 5
part 6
part 7
part 8
part 9


Don Van Vliet

Don died today.

He coloured my thoughts...

...and today, I am devastated.


Amps For Christ

Amps For Christ is largely the project of Man Is The Bastard and Bastard Noise veteran and metal/noise pioneer Henry Barnes. Beginning in 1996, when Henry met the like-minded Enid Snarb the project (which has also included Joel Connell and Tara Tavi) has largely operated out of Claremont, California ever since. Barnes decided that he wanted to combine his experience with experimental noise and extreme metal with his love for traditional folk music, classical composition, and jazz. Henry has been building odd stringed instruments, pre-amps and amplifiers for years and used them occasionally in his previous outfits. With Amps For Christ he really began to focus on chasing down these new sounds. The warp in the harmonic scale, experimentation with waveforms and beat-tones are matters of great intrigue in this project. Amps For Christ is about combinations of many styles of music, emphasising the multi-cultured, multi-layered, and multi-genre composition as well as broadly ranged themes. Many tracks deal with love, peace, warmongers, rampant corporate capitalism, and Barnes' relationship with God all with a similar mystical honesty. Even if I suspect there may be a tongue implanted in a cheek somewhere down the line...

There hasn't been any new AFC releases for years although I think that there have been some recent hopefully there will be some new releases soon!

1997 - Amps For Christ - Thorny Path [vermiform]
1997 - Amps For Christ & Two Ambiguous Figures - The Beggars Garden [shrimper]
1998 - Amps For Christ - Songs From Mt. Ion [total annihilation]
1999 - Amps For Christ - Circuits [vermiform
1999 - Amps For Christ - Electrosphere [shrimper]
2001 - Amps For Christ - The Oak In The Ashes [shrimper]
2003 - Amps For Christ & Bastard Noise - Split [helicopter, kill frank lentini]
2004 - Amps For Christ - The People At Large [5 rue christine]
2006 - Amps For Christ - Every Eleven Seconds [5 rue christine]


People Who Do Noise

From the IMDb website: 'People Who Do Noise' is a film about the experimental music of Portland, Oregon. Extensive interviews and intimate performance footage provide an intense portrait of the motivations, emotions, and methods that go into this uncompromising, sometimes brutal musical form. Unwavering in its focus, the film brings to light an art form unfathomable to many, with only the words of the musicians themselves providing any explanation for the pulsating sonic chaos they create. The unflinching cinematic style defies any trend-setting or commercial representation, opting instead for a stark portrayal of a musical underground at its most genuine and vital.

There's a couple of other reviews here and here and you can buy it here and check the makers here.

Request from the shoutbox. This was posted on Terror Noise Audio a while back but the links are evidence that the post was here it is again.

Part 1
Part 2



Kousokuya are a Tokyo-based underground dark psychedelic rock group. They were formed in 1978 by guitarist Jutok Kaneko out of the ashes of an older group called Kokugaiso. The classic trio line-up that recorded the first album, and reformed in recent years was: Jutok Kaneko (guitar, vocals) Ikuro Takahashi (ex-High Rise, Fushitsusha) (drums) Mick (bass, vocals). Other members have included Hiroshi Yokoyama (synth, 1978-1979), Toshiko Watanabe (drums, 1979), Asahito Nanjo (bass, 1982-1983), Munehiro Narita (drums, 1982-1983), Atsushi Ishiguro (drums, 1983-84), Hibari Nagao (drums, 1994-1997), Emily (bass), Sachiko (vocals, synth, bass, 1995-2003) and Michinobu Matsubashi (drums, 2000-).

The group were heavily associated with the Minor scene in the late 70s and early 80s but released only a handful of recordings internationally, and scant more in their local Tokyo underground scene. As far as I am aware, Kousokuya only released one studio album in their 28 years as a trio with the rest of their output being live recordings. Even these were largely unavaiable outside of Japan until recently. This goes a long way to explaining why bands like High Rise, Mainliner, Fushitsusha et al are legendary and rightly lauded whilst Kousokuya slipped under the radar...

Kaneko passed away on January 24th 2007, but the group has since continued as a duo.

1990 - Kousokuya - 1st (2003 reissue) [p.s.f. records]
1995 - Kousokuya - Ray Night 1991-1992 Live [forced exposure]
1997 - Kousokuya & Masayoshi Urabe - The Dark Spot [p.s.f. records]
2001 - Kousokuya - Live Osaka 09.21.01 [bootleg]
光束夜 - Live 逆流虚空 (Live Gyakuryu Kokou) [p.s.f. records]
2006 - 光束夜 - First Live 1979 (Kichijoji Minor) [p.s.f. records]
2007 - 光束夜 - Echoes From Deep Underground [archive]
Echoes From Deep Underground cd
Echoes From Deep Underground dvd
2007 - Kousokuya - Ray Night [ray night music]