Kiling Ha Muerto...Cuantas Veces

LP released on the French label Climax Records in 1995.

A1 - Blowhole – Chatter
A2 - Hands To – Apache Boot
A3 - Smell & Quim – Tuning The Twat Machinery
A4 - Cock E.S.P. – Dinosaur
A5 - Evil Moisture – Rea End Retro
A6 - Tea Culture – Aesophagus Glug Cussdrunk Fucker
A7 - Prick Decay – A Bacteria Bone Musical - Septic Afghanistan
A8 - To Live And Shave In L.A. – Kopenhagen Lounge (Live)
A9 - Melt-Banana – Scrubber (Tropical Birds Version)
B1 - Lhasa Cement Plant – The Sign Of Virtue Complete
B2 - Roughage – Pseudo-Rapist
B3 - Pork Queen – Electra-Glide
B4 - Noggin – Récidiviste
B5 - Idea Fire Company – Shower-Bath Of The Patriarch

Kiling Ha Muerto...Cuantas Veces


Mutant Ape & Splinter vs Stalin - Muscles, Missles, And Mongoloids

CDr released on Audiobot in 2005. This is George Proctor and Nicola of the mighty Turgid Animal label.

This is what happens when the international arms of Turgid Animal embrace...scary cuddles!

Muscles, Missles, And Mongoloids


The Static Hymnal

Superb set of six C60 tapes containing some of the finest people around. This was a split label release from Factotum Tapes (owned and run by Matthew Reis of the outrageously good Teeth Collection...amongst other projects), Husk Records (run by Josh Lay & Morgan Rankin), and the beautifully named Hung Like A Horse?! (run by Cory Rowell from Demonologists...myshite hasn't been updated since forever but, I think, is still active).

Apart from the obvious quality on offer, and the fact that there were only one hundred copies of this released, this is also offered up as a sincerely meant doff of the cap to The Static Fanatic. 1000 posts and counting...that takes one hell of a lot of commitment. And...thanks for the Creel Pone!

This is what you should expect:

A1 - Bernard Mothstal – Vicious Mongoose And Hybrid Snake
A2 - Red Needled Sea – 100,000 Snakes For A Head
A3 - Jason Schuler – Untitled
B1 - Teeth Collection – Untitled
B2 - Altar Of Flies – Nobody Sleeps
B3 - Family Battle Snake – Macula Lutea
C1 - Envenomist – The Shroud Of Time
C2 - Ordo Lacrima Christi – Lagumen Emanuel Therefori Mechelag Laigel Yazizazael
C3 - Pillars Of Heaven – Chanting Crane Blues
D1 - Kam Kassah – Una Sull Ultra
D2 - Altars – Ewing Verloren
D3 - Sewer Goddess – Carnal Lust Gone Amok
D4 - Fat Legs – Medication For The Dead
E1 - Camisole – Oblivious To Mankind
E2 - Nataraja – Aeon Wellspring
E3 - Gnarly Sheen – Peeler Of Flesh
F1 - Josh Lay – Keeper Of Cold Stone
F2 - The Fortieth Day - Token Two
F3 - Hallowed Butchery – Jesus Christ 666
G1 - Ettrick – In The Field Of The Mouth
G2 - Riververb – Burnt Rubbers
G3 - Blue Sabbath Black Cheer – Untitled
H1 - Fermentae – Blackest Mass
H2 - One Lifeless Eye – Spectre Manifestation
H3 - Tree Creature – The Octopus He Will Not Breathe
H4 - Stemcell Research Project – Your Life Means Nothing
I1 - Wether – Lambs
I2 - Ben Allen - Go Seki
I3 - Breath Of Chaos – Untitled
J1 - Steel Hook Prostheses – Pouring Salt Over Third Degree Burns
J2 - Scard – Forever Loyal To Misery
J3 - Dzakar – Bestial Dawn
J4 - Hauntings – The Stench Of A Thousand Open Graves
K1 - Demonologists – Phoenixxx
K2 - Toxicum Aestus – Tortune In The Nothing
K3 - Scythe Death – Harvest
K4 - M.Kourie – Sunplight
K5 - Black Moss – A Brenning Av Den Kirke
L1 - Metek - Flagrare
L2 - Gnaw Their Tongues – Body Bouquet
L3 - Wilt – The Scarlet Prodigal
L4 - Ryan Unks - Daughters Of Bomb Inspectors

Part 1

Tape 2

Tape 3

Tape 4

Tape 5

Tape 6


Leslie Keffer - Too Much Bush

Self released cdr from 2006 in an edition of 25.

Leslie makes great music and grooves on cats...what's not to love?

Too Much Bush


Sewer Goddess & Diseased Oblivion

A friend gave me a rip of this info anywhere on the interweb.

Sewer Goddess are described as Death Industrial/Power Electronics but that seriously doesn't do it justice!

When you weigh it all up, labels are worth jack shit!

Sewer Goddess & Diseased Oblivion


Alfarmania & Proiekt Hat - Furyfication

LP released on Swedish label Harsh Head Rituals which is run by Dan Johansson (aka Sewer Election).

Alfarmania are Kristian Olsson and Tony Hallén and represent "Post-mortem / power electronic depravity from northern Sweden, brimming with insanity, negative emotional charge and filthy technocratic dizziness. Crafted with primitive tools revealing claustrophobia syndrome among four walls of an asylum, the hell of chemical paradise and existential terror." Nicked that directly from discogs...bit over the top but you get the idea!

Proiekt Hat (or sometimes Projekt Hat) are deliberately mysterious and I don't know who he/she/they are but I do know that I like "them" a lot.



Harsh Noise For Bondage

C60 released on Underground Pollution Records in 2006 featuring Torturing Nurse, Gone, Mutant Ape and Splinter vs Stalin.

Part 1
Part 2


Wicked King Wicker - God Is Busy... Save Yourself

WKW is the Drone/Doom Metal/Power Electronics project of Jim Gibson who runs the Noiseville record label.

I've posted this for five main reasons: 1 - I love WKW and own everything that's been released; 2 - Noiseville is a really superb label and I have put a lot of well spent cash that way over the years and never regretted a penny; 3 - it's released on Cold Spring ("UK label specializing in all forms of extreme media, but particularly, black industrial/ambience, neo-classical and orchestral power - sampling, and hardcorepower electronics/noise from Japan."); 4 - it's candidate for one of the best album titles...period...

but more importantly...WKW released a split LP with BSBC on Gnarled Forest and Noiseville a couple of months is very very good...go and buy it...that's an order!

Noiseville website hasn't been updated for a while so ... Jim sells directly here or email him at or hit up BSBC at or keep track here.

God Is Busy... Save Yourself


Blue Sabbath Black Cheer - Doom Mantra

You all know BSBC by now!

LP released on Doom-Mantra Records in December 2009. Doom-Mantra Records is a sub-label of Noiseville...more of which soon!

Doom Mantra


Hoor-paar-Kraat - An Anagram Hypnotic

...and this lp was released on Goat Eater in 2006. Some heavy slo-mo doom drones be happenin'.

An Anagram Hypnotic


Hoor-paar-Kraat - Thohu-Bohu

Hoor-paar-Kraat is (mainly) the work of New York (via Florida) based painter, draughtsman and sound artist Anthony Mangicapra. This double cdr was released on his own Goat Eater Arts label in 2005. Each HPK release is different but expect some fine experimental "noise" as a commom thread.



Fossils - Four Cassette Box

Not surprisingly...this is a box with four tapes in it (MJC197-200) released in 2008 on Middle James Co.

As always, you should check out Fossils and the Middle James Co label here, here, and here.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4


Smell & Quim - Cosmic Bondage

C60 from our favourite UK noise perverts from waay back in 1995 released on Stinky Horse Fuck.

Part 1
Part 2


Work/Death - Teenage Heavy Metal Revisionism

C32 released in 2007 on I Just Live Here.

Work/Death is the brainchild of Scott Reber and I think he's a freakin' genius!

Teenage Heavy Metal Revisionism


Work/Death - Excuse Me But I Think You Dropped Something

C20 released on Three Songs Of Lenin in 2008.

Excuse Me...


The USA Is A Monster & Kites & Mudboy - Kitesisamonster / Usaisamudboy

C45 released in 2007 split between Mudboy's Free Matter For The Blind label and Mass Dist.

Kitesisamonster / Usaisamudboy


The USA Is A Monster - Masonic Chronic

12" released on Infrasound in 2002.

Masonic Chronic


Pig Heart Transplant - Land Of Marred Normalcy

C20 released in 2007 on What We Do Is Secret.

Land Of Marred Normalcy


Pig Heart Transplant - Accidental Phone Sex

C20 released on Heavy Psych in 2009 in an edition of 50.

The main man behind PHG is Jon Kortland but appears with a random assortment of heads which has, at times, included both members of Blue Sabbath Black Cheer.

Accidental Phone Sex


Oren Ambarchi & Lasse Marhaug - Worried Friends

7" released in 2007 on Lasse's Pica Disk. Sold out at source but there are a few copies on Discogs still going!

Described as "a pair of 'piano music' pieces, acting as the debut collaborative single from two of contemporary experimental music's most prolific/consistently rewarding practitioners; oren ambarchi and lasse marhaug... those of you expecting something on par with maurizio pollini's reading of satie's gnossiennes might be a little shocked to find instead a fierce 12+ minute inside-piano scrape-fest, hedged with bursts of live-electronic feedback & a 'hot' fidelity familiar from any number of david tudor recordings... yet at the same time not too far removed from the new blockaders' whole gesamtnichswerk; this is anti-music at its finest... not something for strict followers of oren's friendly/subdued sine-guitar throb, nor lasse's harsh wall of electronic sound; but definitely one for those whose preferences fall in the noisier end of the electro-acoustic composition/improv spectrum."

Piano? Sounds like sulphuric acid dropping from a great height onto wet sheet steel. And, as we know, that is a fine sound indeed!

Worried Friends