Demons are Nate Young (Wolf Eyes, etc) and Steve Kenney (Hatred, Isis & Werewolves). Demons use synthesizers to explore near-epileptic fits of droning synth textures that elicit comparisons with earlier European electronic pioneers (such as Stockhausen and Cluster) whilst simultaneously bludgeoning forward with the grating and scraping atonal complexities of Whitehouse and Throbbing Gristle. Subterranean atonal analog rumblings compete with laser-sharp extraterrestial blasts and hums. Since forming in late 2005, Demons have evolved from a synthesizer duo to include video artist Alivia Zivich into a "Visual Music" trio to produce discomforting psychedelic multi-media performances. Working under the name “Video Madness” she often uses the music of Demons as soundtracks to her analog video experiments.

Most Demons output is released via Nate's AA Records (which you can reach here). The site appears to be in hibernation at the minute but you can still grab a few of their releases at Fusetron. You can also grab some of their fantastic dvd releases here.

Demons are touring with Sick Llama soon, so hopefully there will be new output in the near future.

Before you get too excited...the Life Destroyer box only has the audio rip of the dvd (with the cd and tape of course) and 080206 doesn't include the (extremely limited) 1-sided lathe cut locked groove 5".

2006 - Demons - Untitled (s-sided C30) [aa records]
2007 - Demons - Evocation [no fun productions]
2007 - Demons - Frozen Fog [aa records]
2007 - Demons - Invisible Darkness [aa records]
2007 - Demons - Life Destroyer (boxset) [aa records]
2007 - Demons - Live @ Les Instants Chavirés, Montreuil, France (10-8-07)
2007 - Demons - Live at No Fun Fest 2007
2007 - Demons & Dilloway - Demons Dilloway (C30) [aa records]
2007 - Demons & Thames - Split (C60) [wintage records & tapes]
2007 - Demons & Vertonen - Split (lp) [scratch & sniff, crippled intellect]
2007 - Demons with Zac Davis - Untitled (cass) [fag tapes]
2008 - Demons - Live @ Yoga studio, Northampton, MA (May 13, 2008) (flac)
2008 - Demons & Hatred - Split (lp) [troubleman unlimited]
2008 - Demons & Zac Davis - For Joy Rd [maim & disfigure]
2009 - Demons - 080206 [green records and tapes]


Bark Haze

Bark Haze is primarily a guitar duo of Andrew Macgregor (who also records as the wonderful Gown) and Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth etfuckingcetera). They are occasionally joined on drums by either Pete Nolan (Magik Markers, Virgin Eye Blood Brothers, Spectre Folk, GHQ, etc) or John Moloney (Sunburned Hand Of The Man, Howlin' Rain, etc). Their name came from a mis-hearing of theradical early 70s R+B group the Bar-Kays and from that moment the concept of mis-hearing and allegiance to presenting the mis-hearing as some open-ended musical course became The Bark Haze's identity. Their debut gig in the UK was at the 2006 Nightmare Before Christmas ATP event that was curated by Moore.

You should know what to expect: open ended effects pedal drenched free-guitar blow outs.

2006 - Bark Haze - Live & ATP, The Nightmare Before Christmas, UK (10th Dec 2006)
2007 - Bark Haze - Macannabis (C30) [arbor]
2007 - Bark Haze - Total Joke Era [important records]
2007 - The Bark Haze - Self-Titled (lp) [important records]
2008 - Bark Haze - Basement Psychosis (cass) [ecstatic peace!]
2008 - Bark Haze - One For Merz [three lobed recordings]
2008 - Bark Haze & Traum - Monolith Jupiter [music fellowship]
2009 - Bark Haze - Wild + Free [self released]
2009 - Bark Haze & Our Love Will Destroy The World - Split (7'') [krayon recordings]

...with John Moloney...

...with Pete Nolan...


The Broken Penis Orchestra

This is the post that, without a doubt, gives me the most pleasure to give to y'all! Dick Flick is the pseudonymous main brain behind the crazed kalaidoscopic world of the BPO. Hailing from Seattle, he is regularly joined by various incognito waifs and strays (especially live) to create delirious, crazed, perverted and sacriligious soundscapes.

Imagine a cartoon cut-up assault filled with rapid-fire samples, vertiginous switchback edits, lightning bolts of noise, loops spun inwards, outwards and upside down, and gratuitous FX abuse. Imagine Uncle Meat/Lumpy Gravy style Zappa/Mothers Of Invention, harsh electronics, porn flicks, televangilists, sex instruction manuals and public information docs shredded and turned inside out. Got it? You're not even close! I listen to BPO a lot. I find myself laughing my face off or dancing around the room or curled up in a corner, gently rocking, trying to convince myself "everything is gonna be OK". And that can be during just one track. It's a wildly ecstatic and nauseating ride!

It's live where the true hypnotic and hallucinatory genius works best of all. Check the dvdr that comes with Fuck Rockin' In American Airspace. The video cut-up meshes with the sound collage perfectly. And, check the 6 man "Fear God" dance troupe towards the end ( read that right). Absolutely hilarious!

Special thanks to Herr Flick for getting me into this in the first place a good while ago. And for ocassionally sending me the odd tape and vinyl treat. But especially for being so enthusiastic about me posting this. He's a good human! They definately put some crazy drugs in the water in Seattle...I wish I lived in Seattle!

2003 - The Broken Penis Orchestra - 3 Inch Dick (3'' cdr) [psychochrist productions]
2004 - The Broken Penis Orchestra - Oral Copulation (3'' cdr) [psychochrist productions]
2004 - The Broken Penis Orchestra - Organ Failure (7'') [hypnagogia]
2004 - The Broken Penis Orchestra - Plays With Itself [hypnagogia]
2004 - The Broken Penis Orchestra - Testicle Difficulties [psychochrist productions]
2006 - Crank Sturgeon & The Broken Penis Orchestra - Split (C20) [psychform records]
2006 - Nurse With Wound & The Broken Penis Orchestra - Natal Moonies [united jnana]
2006 - The Broken Penis Orchestra - Live @ The Electric Heavyland (R.I.P.) (04-15-06)
2006 - The Broken Penis Orchestra - Psychedelic Sex Show (C40) [enterruption]
2006 - The Broken Penis Orchestra - Vienna Sausage (3'' cdr) [psychochrist productions]
2006 - The Broken Penis Orchestra & At Jennie Richie - Split (2xC1) [psychform records]
2008 - The Broken Penis Orchestra - ...Sex & Drugs &... (C20) [enterruption]
2009 - Dick Flick - Cocktales From The Cutting Room Floor, Volume I... (C40) [soccer mom ebonics]
2009 - The Broken Penis Orchestra - Fuck Rockin' In American Airspace [debacle records] cdr dvdr
2009 - The Broken Penis Orchestra - Live @ Debacle Fest, Seattle (09-26-09)



Stimbox is the work of Tim Oliveira, and was one of the more established names in the American harsh noise scene. Oliveira was also the founder of the Hebi Like a Snake record label, and co-owner (with Bob Scott of Xome) of the Harsh Noise label. The Harshnoise label was active from 2002 through 2008. During those years, the label released some excellent (invitation only) harsh noise releases from some of the best artists in the field. Initially, it was operated by both Tim Oliveira (Stimbox) and Bob Scott (Xome) but eventually Tim took over the whole operation while Bob concentrated on other endeavors.

Stimbox's work is noted for its' dense, psychedelic harsh noise, usually made with closed feedback loops run through a huge range of effects pedals with a trademark blend of grating harsh and synthesized textures. There's a short mini-doc at the bottom...he can tell you better than I can.

Ages ago, somebody requested a Stimbox post. Didn't act on it at the time because I hadn't actually heard that much...but it was enough to set me off. Thanks, whoever you are. There are dozens of releases going back to the early 1990's...but they are really hard to get hold of and this is all I have. Tim seems to have folded his operations a couple of years ago. If anybody knows what he is up to these days give us a shout!

1996 - Stimbox - Recycled (cass) [rrrecords]
1996 - Stimbox & A.U.M. & Death Squad - Enjoy Happiness
1996 - Thirdorgan & Stimbox & Death Squad & Acerrimamente - Four Ways Of Penetration [bizarre audio arts]
1997 - Disposable & Stimbox - Commitee-For-Public Safety (C60) [hebi like a snake]
1997 - Stimbox - Meltdown (C46) [spite]
1997 - Stimbox - Powerrr Dump (C90) [labyrinth]
1998 - Stimbox - Caveat Emptor [solipsism]
1998 - Stimbox - Patrick Purdy (7'') [self abuse records]
2002 - Stimbox - Impulse [sewer records]
2002 - Stimbox - Lupus Tuberculoso [tabula rasa]
2003 - Stimbox - Bogul Bogul [hebi like a snake]
2003 - Stimbox & Armenia - Split (cdr) [bizarre audio arts]
2004 - Stimbox - Inner Turmoil [fargone records]
2004 - Stimbox & The Cherry Point - Split (C20) [troniks]
2004 - Xome & Stimbox - Split [negatron heavy industries]
2005 - Torturing Nurse & Stimbox - Cowfish Plus Vermilion [shasha records]
2006 - Stimbox & Ronez & Lasse Marhaug - 3-Way Split [doufu records]