19/Juke - Pieces

Unfathomable ethnographic whirlpools organised by genius beyond my imagination.

Originally self-released on vinyl in 1982, this is a lossless rip of the CD reissue on Time Bomb Records from 1996.



19/Juke - EZMD

Well who would have thunk it? It was nearly eight years ago when Mrs Inside posted the 19/Juke retrospective boxset. Erm, yeah, that was a long time ago! Definitely time to revisit the unfathomable genius of Shinro Ohtake.

This is a lossless rip of the CD reissue on UCA in 1991.


This is a rip of the original C40 released on 用美社 in 1987.



Various - alt.noise: A Switch Records Compilation Of Noise And Electronics

It starts with Incapacitants and ends with something that sits right at home on one of the Macro Dub Infection compilations. I need say no more.

CD released on Switch Records Canada in 1997.



Jeph Jerman - A Fidgety And Excitable Engine

The inimitable Mr. Jerman continuing to confound expectations.

C40 released on Second Sleep in 2013. The source material was reused and released as a lathe and CDr combo nine years later in a sexy wooden box. Completely different results to what is on this tape but there were only 12 of those released. So brothers and sisters, weep along with me at the futility of ever thinking that we will hear that and console yourself with this excellent tape.



Various - Extreme Pleasures

Nothing not to like here: Sshe Retina Stimulants, Iugula-Thor, Atrax Morgue, Macronympha, MSBR and Mark Solotroff.

A C30 released on Slaughter Productions in 1996.

Volume I

The main interest for me is Dead Body Love but you also get Advokat Ihrer Hoheit, Drape Excrement and Lvnvs (which was largely the work of Devis Granziera who also collaborated with Marco Corbelli as Necrophonie / Necrofilia).

A C22 that was available for free for those who preorded the first tape and was of course released on Slaughter Productions in 1996.

Volume II


Sharon's Last Party - Blue Light and Blue Eyes


The only 7" by short-lived Swedish power-electronics supergroup, featuring Erik Jarl, Ochu and a few other folks from the Segerhuva orbit. Released in 2002.

helter skelter


Blod - Romantic and Deranged


A 7" single from 1999. Scumbag noise for deranged romantics.

true romance


Death Laid An Egg - Collection 2008-2010

A big old chunk of wall noise courtesy of Richard Ramirez and Trent Bingham.

Their first four releases gathered together in a double CDr retrospective on Room 2A in 2015 in an edition of 15.


The film from which they take their name isn't a traditional Giallo and the director (Giulio Questi) isn't one that I would normally associate with the genre but it's pretty good all the same.



Blod - My Beloved Daughters


Confusingly, there are two different Swedish noise acts called Blod. This is the much nastier Blod. 2004 CD released by Seguhuva. 

scumbag relationships


Leif Elggren - The Internationale


King Leif's 1996 7" single, a sort of cover version of an 1800's left-wing anthem. 

destroy the nations


Dead Body Love - Nechronology

This is a collection of generally unavailable releases (with a tape of previously unreleased work) from everybody's favourite corpse fiddler: Gabriele Giuliani. What? you have a top ten? Weirdo!

I posted this in September 2013. I've managed to learn a lot in the intervening period, not least patience. I've gone back to the rips and reduced the unwanted noise where I could, amplified where necessary and topped and tailed where the machine was allowed to run without adding anything of value. It took quite a while and it was worth it.

A genuinely great eight cassette retrospective released on Second Sleep in 2010.

opt in

opt ion


Leif Elggren - Pluralis Majestatis


A metal bed frame played with metal crowns by King Leif. Released as a CD in 1999.

king & crowns


Leif Elggren - In Sleep The Knives Are Sharpened


Sounds of knife sharpeners by the co-king of Elgaland-Vargaland, released in Iceland as a 10" record by Some Records in 1998.

look sharp!


Leif Elggren - Flown Over by an Old King


Going way back to 1988, this is the debut solo LP by the future king of Elgaland-Vargaland, released by his future co-king CM Von Hauswolff on his Radium 226.05 label. 

as the king flies


Ankh - st

A one-off collaboration by Jean-Marie Onni (Le Syndicat) and Pierre Jolivet (Pacific 231), released on CD in an oversized cardstock envelope by allegedly-bootleg Swedish label Art Directe in 1993.

beat the boots


Helicoid 0222MB - Helicoid 0222MB

So, have you ever been forced to stay at a party and ended up thinking "actually, this isn't as bad as I thought it was going to be". And when the music stops, you find that somebody has returned all of the doors and you're forced to leave? Me neither.

CD released on Ummo Records in 1999.

other people are hellish


Dr. P. Li Khan - Dropoutdrama

Have you ever turned up at a party and thought "this is weird and I don't think that this will end well for me". And when you turn to leave, you find that somebody has hidden all of the doors? Me neither.

CD released on Dragnet Records in 1993.

beauty school dropout


November Növelet - More Satanic Heroes

Mr and Mrs Haus Arafna creating some inpressively unsettling dark ambient noise that crawls on it's belly.

7" released on their own Galakthorrö in 1994.

and by the way, if you see your mom this weekend


One Dark Eye - Ritual Shortwave

A tour tape from 2015 and there were probably thirty of them.

C20. Mutter Wild. 2015.

Ritual Shortwave


Being - Cracking Whip Of A Cosmic String

Luke Tandy doing what he does extremely well, extremely well.

C16 released Mazurka Editions in 2013.

whip crack-a-way


Limbo - Early Works 1984-1987


Demos, home recordings and very early tracks of electro industrial by a young Gianluca Becuzzi. Released in 2008 as a double CD by Italian new wave/punk label Spittle

works for me


Barrikad - "Here We Come!"


An EP of anarchist agitation power electronics by Swedish band Barrikad, released as a CDR in 2001 by Freak Animal.

here comes everybody


Limbo - Vox Insana


Italian artist Gianluca Becuzzi is known nowadays for his dark ambient and electro-acoustic music, including a run of excellent collaborative albums with Fabio Orsi. Early in his career, though, he made goth/industrial dance music under the name Limbo and would later become a member of seminal Italian electro group Pankow. This is Limbo's 1992 album, released by a label called Dune, which was run by one of the Pankow guys. 

crazy voices


Titan Katzen - Frankie; Whiskey


From the twisted mind of Wendy Gondeln, aka Albert Oehlen. Hard to describe, so I won't bother trying.  Released as a CD in 1999 by Leiterwagen. 



Nuclear Pig Shit - Farm Noise

Megan Griffin (whoever she/he may have been at the time) in the only other releases I've ever heard let alone seen. Maybe there were others but I reckon I won't be knowing one way or the other.

C48 released on Hospital Productions in 1998.

whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy


Macronympha / Nuclear Pig Shit - A Fit Of Lust

This is a rare beast. Macronympha need no introduction and Nuclear Pig Shit is Megan Griffin who released a few tapes in the early life of HosProd and appears to have vanished into whatever hell awaits in real life. I've always taken this as a split where they get one disc each. Happy to be corrected on that, I'll blame somebody else.

A double 3" CDr released on Hospital Productions in 2000.

A Fistful Of Pig Shit


Dean Stockwell closes his eyes

Known for many roles but the relatively brief performance in my favourite film? In Blue Velvet you have David Lynch directing the deeply disturbing character Frank played by Dennis Hopper ... so Dean only gets approximately the twenty first weirdest scene.

Once seen, never forgotten.

Stars shining bright above you ... RIP.


OneDarkEye - Chronicle Of A Death Foretold

One Dark Eye was a Macronympha side-project so it's inviting to conclude that the title refers to the demise of the latter. No idea either way.

This is a rip of the double CD released on Non Mi Piace in 2000 but it has also seen the light of day as a C92 on Mother Savage Noise Productions. No idea which came first.

sometimes i just don't know stuff


Various - Creative Destruction

This is a fairly recent purchase and today is a fine time to rip it and post. I don't advocate laughing at the intellectually and physically challanged but when it comes to satan's midden swimmers I am more than happy to make an exception. I've spent most of the day laughing my cock off and just hope I find it before the cats do.

You get the following fans of the invisible man: Kazuma Kubota; Government Alpha; Incapacitants; Defektro; Thirdorgan; K2; Astro and Guilty Connector.

A double CD released on Hypnagogia in 2011.

Viva Bus Driver option

Funky City option.


Kylie Minoise - Abnormals Anonymous

Fizzy wallish noise with underlying distorted guitar and church bells? Maybe.

C18 released on 905 Tapes in 2008.



Junko and Kylie Minoise - Nature

Helmets Ready?


CD released on Dirter Productions in 2013.



Kylie Minoise - God Love Kylie

The brilliant Lea Cummings ...

CDr on Monopolka from 2005.

love to love you baby


Pleasure Bros. - The Pigs In The Cellar

It's more like the "the corpses in the sewer" ... but in a good way.

A double C20 set courtesy of Mazurka Editions from 2014 in an edition of thirteen.

there's a hole in his brain where his mind should have been


Skin Crime X Wilt - The Horror Of Fang Rock

If ever a recording could be described as malign then this is it.

Gorgeously creeping and impending darkness where for added ultra-nerd points, the title references the Tom Baker 1977 episode of Dr Who of the same name. C'mon, there's even a lighthouse on the cover ... the messages are out there.

Another wonderful release from Urashima in 2018. This time it's an LP and CD set and the CD doesn't just replicate the vinyl. Ignore any similarities in track times for some, maybe the same sources but different outputs. Everything is different.

The Horror Of Fang Rock

... but we all know Pertwee's the man.


va - Sonic City


CD compiled by the artist Hans-Ulrich Obrist, given away in a French magazine in 2000 and again with the catalog to an architecture exhibition. Tracks by Merzbow, CM von Hauswolff, Justin Bennett, Pommasl, Serge Comte, Mika Vainio and others.



va - Smorgasbird


This 3x7" has such a strange story that I'm just going to reprint the text from Discogs: 

"Pressed in edition of 400 copies sometime in the early 90's (probably around 1992). However, the records and their beautiful silkscreened envelope lay in storage in a basement in Seattle waiting for some as yet undecided element to finish them. Then in late 1996, they were finally unleashed, though only 100 copies, as it was decided that each batch of 100 would be a different variation on the set, and work on the each batch would seem to start only well after the last one had sold out. Through this long process, Mark Schomburg a.k.a. Abo of Yeast Culture varied the title of the collection as well as of the label, though essentially containing the same material. The artist on each side as well as the speed each side plays at (some are 33 and some are 45) can be figured out by listening to the spoken intros to each side recorded by Mark Andrew Schomburg and John Hubbard.

"Each record does have its own individual sleeve, and both are contained in a silkscreened envelope which is tied shut with string. For this edition, the original sleeves and labelled were supplemented with extra collage elements. Also, the title of the compilation was changed from the original "Circusirus" and the label changed from the original "Petri Supply", as well as giving different names for the artists [Birdturd instead of Strength Through Joy, and Yeast instead of Yeast Culture]. However, these are exactly the same two records contained in the earlier Circusirus on Petri Supply [from the same pressing in fact]." 

Released in 1996, 1997, 2000 and 2001 by Petri Supply, Incubator and Pseudosonic, which I think are all the same label. Tracks by Yeast Culture, Smegma, Strength Through Joy, Ultra, Dada Action Group and beyond that is anyone's guess.