Daniel Menche

Daniel Menche has established himself as a musician with a sense of focus and determination uncharacteristic in a genre known for its randomness and chaotic structure. Rather than creating "noise," he strives for order and cohesiveness. His presentation of sonic structures is similar to the way a writer depicts a story, an allegory seems to arise, which uses confusion as a symbol for the imaginative process of total sound purity; aural intensity is not a representation of confusion or the chaotic, but a concerted effort to provoke and stimulate the listeners imagination by generating intensely powerful sounds and music.

Subtle and patient compositions rely on long, dense layers of droning sounds, while abrasive pieces rely on sounds amplified and processed to extreme levels, pushing the full spectrum of frequencies to the most threshold of limits. Other explorations are intense percussion work that resonates primal chaos displayed gracefully without ever being just "noise".

The video is the Dissonanze 2006 Live Set music by Zbigniew Karkowski & Daniel Menche with live visual art by Philipp Geist.

MEA CULPA! Hands up...I fucked up!!! Really should have done my research. I've removed a load of links that are available on the label sites or are available here or here. Go and buy them!

1994 - Daniel Menche - Dark Velocity (C40) [banned production]
1994 - MSBR & Daniel Menche - Multi Layering Termination (7'') [msbr records]
1995 - Daniel Menche - Vulgar Scratch (7'') [gender-less kibbutz]
1996 - Daniel Menche & Small Cruel Party - Split (7'') [msbr records]
1996 - John Hudak & Daniel Menche - Husher (10'') [flenix]
2002 - Daniel Menche - White Wing [poweracoustics.org]
2004 - Daniel Menche - one hour as The Sky's painted red: the Earth's painted black and She's painted white


Black Boned Angel

Black Boned Angel are Campbell Kneale (Birchville Cat Motel, Our Love Will Destroy The World, Ming, With Throats As Fine As Needles, etc) and Antony Milton (Mrtyu, With Throats As Fine As Needles, The Stumps, etc) and James Kirk (Sandoz Lab Technicians and The Stumps). To say this is doom metal or black metal is lazy lazy lazy...it's all about the drone. Ecstatic!

I've included "You Should Have Slain Me" because it appears all over the place as BBA. It's not. It is Campbell Kneale tho'. Taken from the name of a Hammers Of Misfortune track...it takes the riff on a wild loop ride...drops in the drums and leaves...brilliant!

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2003 - Black Boned Angel - Supereclipse [celebrate psi phenomenon]
2004 - Black Boned Angel - Eternal Love [battlecruiser]
2005 - Black Boned Angel - Heavens Blaze Forth The Death Of Princes [battlecruiser]
2005 - Black Boned Angel - Live at Instal, Glasgow, 2005
2006 - Black Boned Angel - Ashes (3xcdr) [celebrate psi phenomenon]
part 1 part 2
2006 - Black Boned Angel - Eternal Hunger [battlecruiser]
2007 - Black Boned Angel - Dashed Upon Stones [celebrate psi phenomenon]
2008 - Black Boned Angel - The Endless Coming Into Life [20 buck spin]
2008 - Black Boned Angel & Nadja - Christ Send Light [battlecruiser]
2009 - Black Boned Angel - Verdun (cd version) [riot season]
2009 - Nadja & Black Boned Angel - Self Titled [20 buck spin]
2010 - Black Boned Angel - The Witch Must Be Killed (lp) [conspiracy records]

2004 - You Should Have Slain Me - You Should Have Slain Me (3''cdr) [battlecruiser]


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Crank Sturgeon

"Crank Sturgeon, ordained minister and usurper of plateau monoculture; Husolandija progenitor, dada-mainliner/international trianglewear peddler for the prototype alpha new millenial dirigible-parable concrete discourse found-object assembly (with pants)."

Yeah, that's what i was just gonna say! Imagine if The Resident's had injected drugs into their eyeballs instead of just wearing them. Crank is normal...it's us that haven't got a handle on it! I think you should touch the inflatable man; he can be your guide...

1994 - Negro & Crank Sturgeon - Split (C60) [fusetron]
1998 - Suppression With Crank Sturgeon & Misopsychia - Bloated To Full Capacity Bloodsucker/DNA Programed To Unlimited Violence (7'') [nat records]
2002 - Crank Sturgeon - Motion Pictsaur [xv parówek]
2003 - Crank Sturgeon - Hubris Huso Whoso Antebellum
2003 - Crank Sturgeon - Upon My Discovery Of The Huso Dead Pan Lair (lp) [rrrecords]
2003 - Crank Sturgeon & Tote Stadt - Split [scrotum records]
2004 - Crank Sturgeon - Barely Parable (C30)
2004 - Crank Sturgeon - Crank Sturgeon Builds Dream Home Inside The Hogan Molar-Ray (A Vestibule Build For Tube)
2004 - Crank Sturgeon - Crank Sturgeon Has A Combover Landscape Tapir
2004 - Crankst Urge On - E-Z Voice Over Box-Top Living Solutions (7'') [humbug]
2004 - Crank Sturgeon - Miss Latimer's Gift (C30) [gameboy records]
2004 - Crank Sturgeon - Old Cholk Codger Hereparts [audiobot]
2004 - Crank Sturgeon & XV Parówek - Dixieland [xv parówek]
2005 - Crank Sturgeon - Explanation Bias [obscurica]
2005 - Crank Sturgeon - Ottoman Empirical Raga & Other (Almost) Lost Stories [tochnit aleph]
2005 - Crank Sturgeon - These Middling Men FishWill Be Salve For The Neverolution_Seisureoverseasyore
2005 - Pop Culture Rape Victim & Crank Sturgeon - Abe Lincoln Towncar (C90)
2006 - Crank Sturgeon - Codger Balks for No Eel (C30) [deal]
2006 - Crank Sturgeon - Glory Tape And Trough Of Beslubbering Fish (C47) [spacelessjam]
2006 - Crank Sturgeon - Mollify & Roger, The Matter Of Course For Baptists (Worn As Pants) (C50) [scrotum records]
2006 - Crank Sturgeon - My Endangered Expressive Soil
2006 - Crank Sturgeon & Eric Boros - 20.08.2006 On Boat Deck At MS Weltfrieden
2006 - Crank Sturgeon & Gastric Female Reflex - Live At Radio Centraal [beniffer editions]
2006 - Noggin & Eric Boros & Crank Sturgeon & Id M Theft Able - Split [manufracture]
2007 - Crank Sturgeon - Bark King Haggard (C16) [barfing dagger recordings]
2007 - Crank Sturgeon - Fuchs-Octubre (C20) [psycheform records]
2008 - Crank Sturgeon - Matters Of The (Military) Heart
2008 - Rubbish & Crank Sturgeon - Ship Of Fools [roil noise offensive]

Crank Sturgeon - FS #42 (C62)