Heel In Mouth + Ulula - Untitled

... and then you add Vanessa Gates?

C60 released on Human Ignorance in 2012.



Heel In Mouth - Boot Licking Fetish

Richard Ramirez and Sean Matzus with Joseph Gates reprising the most poignant works of Penguin Cafe Orchestra.

Yeah right.

Double C60 released on Joseph and Vanessa Gates's Human Ignorance in 2012.

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Peach of Immortality - The Best MUX!


1986 cassette recorded live on tour with Pussy Galore. 

peaches galore


Peach of Immortality - Talking Heads '77

 First released by the band as an LP in 1985, reissued with a much worse cover in 1996.

artists only 


Peach of Immortality - Need "Thee"


The first known cassette by PoI, self released in 1984.

want thou


Peach of Immortality - "Jehova" My Black Ass - REM = Air Supply!


Obscure 1986 LP of rough tape mangling noise by a trio from Georgia featuring Tom Smith (later of To Live and Shave in LA) and Jared Hendirckson (of dire "industrial" rock band Chem Lab).



Crawl Unit - Terminal Absolution

Rude not to really ...

C44 released on G.R.O.S.S. in 1995.

terminal cheesecake


Crawl Unit - Everyone Gets What They Deserve

Joe Colley delivering a set of glorious noise / drones. The final track ends with ten mintues of a recording device on a window sill at midnight capturing the very little that happens outside. The antithesis of Territorial Pissings.

CD released on Blake Edwards' (aka Vertonen's) Crippled Intellect Productions in 1999.

because we're worth it


The Gerogerigegege - 燃えない灰 (Moenai Hai) / Voracious

If you think that the Gero project is all about the sound of one hand happy clapping the old chap, then shame on you! Although sometimes it actually is ... anyway ... an extra portion of Cornflakes per day is recommended to expurgate that pre-conception.

Anyway again. Make no mistake, this is high level (top shelf?) sinister drone and noise rock-out. I'm pretty sure that the cover's allusion to The Exorcist is stood up by the piano stabs on the first track. With Gero releases, there are always those pesky little extras that get away. You'll probably be happy to know that this includes the extra disc that was a "not for sale" extra given as a bonus when you bought it from Disk Union stores in Japan.

A CD and bonus CDr released in Japan on Eskimo Records in 2016.

your mother sucks a glass eyeball with a fish in it in hell


Night Of Desired Objects - Nighttime Schedule

Harsh vibes sprayed across a bed of wall noise? Chopped sliced and diced contact mic music hall skronk? It's another John Olson oufit that released one tape under that name and it's quality!

C92 released on American Tapes in 2009. It's AM843 btw.

and a thousand eyes will see me too

For traffic control reasons ...

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Wolf Eyes - Log Jam

"A collection of Wolf Eyes tracks from different albums / eras played live."

A triple CDr set released on American Tapes in 2012 in an edition of 12.

It's AM941 btw.

flume on!


Incapacitants - Live In Cabaret Freak Out

What Bill said ...

DVDr released on Jojo's Alchemy Music Store in 2008.

dollar, dollar Bill y'all