Mutant Ape / Vomir‎ - Split

Things are going to slow down for a while. Things are happening again. Inevitably, things will become clear at some point.

I'll keep the odd post going when I'm able. Just like this:

George Proctor and Romain Perrot on a cdr on Turgid Animal from 2006 doing an admirable job of summing up what happens inside my head at the moment when I have to talk to people.

Life? Me Arse!


Kevin Drumm & Tom Smith - Blue Before Blackface

Two wonderful people bring you a 5 CDr and DVDr set from 2011.

This was released on Tom's Karl Schmidt Verlag in 2011. I missed the physical copy, so here comes the caveat: disc 1 is a dvda rip, it has the same tracklength as disc 6 but a different sound quality to 6 and all of the my puny ears, it's a recording of a live event. If you know different, let me know!

This was released in an edition of 50. KSV never release in editions above 50 and are usually much more scarce. I've never seen any reprinted so I recommend that you pay frequent visits and act quickly!

Kevin's releases are also extremely limited. However, if enough people miss the latest edition of 20 or whatever, and you get in touch very quickly, Kevin is good enough to put out an equally limited second press. He has two new CDrs out now, Phantom Jerk and Quiet Night (and they are great by the way). Go and get them! Check the soundcloud link for the collab with Jason Lescalleet whilst you're there. Damn fine!

I saw Kevin last year at Supersonic. Even though they usually make a bollocks of the sound in the Old Library, it was great. The room was full and the applause at the end was from everyone. The look on KD's face was "why are you clapping that?" and seemed slightly puzzled and apologetic. Probably because we may never see him again...and because it was great.








Runzelstirn & Gurgelstøck‎ - d) Würm? …Und Innen Sind Sie Wurmstichig (Recordings 1988 - 1990)

C50 released on Paul Coates' Hypnagogia label in 1991.

As you will have gathered, Runzelstirn & Gurgelstøck is an alternate persona of Rudolf He is the (hypothetical) godfather of the Swiss Illuminati who's raison d'être is to teach us that we hear everything in a wrong fashion. Words completely defy me...abstract and concrète, dada and blah blah. I would not be at all surprised to learn that Rudolv is actually an alien being left amongst us to educate us on where we went wrong as a species...

Although this Runzelstirn & Gurgelstøck‎ work is getting on for a quarter of a century old (which is a scary thought) he is still extremely active and more recent works are available on his bandcamp page. I also utterly recommend that you attend to Daniel Löwenbrück's Tochnit Aleph label/shopfront, where you will always find Mr's physical work first as well as a thousand other delights!

In passing, Paul Coates is also a member of The New Blockaders on occasion. He hand-delivered my Viva Negativa vinyl boxsets years ago before he took a journey to India. He totally didn't need to do that. He just wanted to make sure they got to me in perfect condition and save me a few quid in postage. He stood at my front door with the boxsets in Tesco shopping bags and left me with a complete "fuck me, did that really just happen?" moment. I used to speak with him on a fairly frequent basis and he is a thoroughly decent human.



Runzelstirn & Gurgelstøck‎ - Stuhlgangblockade N!

The culmination of the Stuhlgangblockade project. This LP was released on Schimpfluch in 1990.

Artists that returned the re-treated source material were AMK, Guhl, Architects Office, Audiosyncracy, Bräker, Carsten Schulz, Drängende Hebelkraft, Due Process, G*Park, The Gfreeze, Grandbrother, The Haters, Hirsch Quadrat, Illusion Of Safety, Inzekt, John Wiggins, Jörg Thomasius, Kapotte Muziek, Lieutenant Caramel, Maeror Tri, Merzbow, New Carrollton, Möslang, Not ½, PGR, Renkel Und Beins, Sudden Infant, Vehikel + Gefäss (+ Ventilator), Vehikel + Gefäss (aka Joke Lanz and Rudolf and factor X. This was them reassembled and reworked by Rudolf

Mail-art collabration Swiss-style.

Stuhlgangblockade N!


Runzelstirn & Gurgelstøck‎ - Bei Abwesenheit Jeglicher Genussempfindungen

Single sided LP released on Schimpfluch in 1989. The B side is covered in sandpaper.



Runzelstirn & Gurgelstøck - re shr1 r&g/'89

The first release to use some of the reworked source material from the Stuhlgangblockade tape was this C30 released on Old Europa Cafe in 1989.

re shr1 r&g/'89


Runzelstirn & Gurgelstøck‎ - Stuhlgangblockade

C60 on Schimpfluch in 1989. Side A contained raw material designed to be deconstructed and transformed by other artists and returned to Rudolf The results formed the basis of subsequent releases.



Runzelstirn & Gurgelstøck & Merzbow & Due Process RRRadio - Je Rumpelsturz Desto Burzelblock

LP jointly released on Rudolf's Schimpfluch ‎and Ron Lessard's RRRecords in 1989.

Side A contains rawmaterial submitted by Merzbow and transformed by Runzelstirn & Gurgelstøck.

Side B contains rawmaterial submitted by Runzelstirn & Gurgelstøck and transformed by Due Process and recorded live.



Dead Machines‎ - Mystery Of The Fall-Off Islands Pt. 1

CDr released on American Tapes ‎(AM344) in 2004.

Mystery One


The Dead Machines - Mystery Of The Fall Off Islands Part Two

CDr released on Carbon Records in 2004.

Mystery Two


Dead Machines‎ - Mystery Of The Fall-Off Islands Part 3

C30 released on Fuck It Tapes in 2005.

Third Mystery


Mo*Te - Life In A Peaceful New World

C52 released on Tim Oliveira's (aka Stimbox's) Hebi Like A Snake label in 1996.

Life In A Peaceful New World


T.A.D.M. / Mo.Te - T.A.D.M.O.T.E.

Two C30 tapes featuring Jason Kushnir's Two Assistant Deputy Ministers project alongside Fumiyuki Nagura's Mo*Te. Released on the latter's Uncut label in 1998.



Various‎ - New Catastrophic Forces

Excellent C90 / C60 compilation from Hideki Kato's (aka Crack Fierce's) United Syndicate label in 1997 featuring some of the finest Japanese and western noise explorers.

Part 1

Part 2


Dead Body Collection / Å - Pus

Four CDr set from 2010 released in an edition of 20 on the AnarchoFreaksProduction label (which also has a great bandcamp page).

Dead Body Collection is the work of Aleksandar Nenad who also has a huge DBC bandcamp page where you can stream loads of his HNW work. He also runs the great land of HNW: Victimology Rec. (although he's recently been joined in the (ad)venture by Thomas Martin aka Death Frees Every Soul).

Å is the work of Grégory Henrion who I think is very closely associated with AnarchoFreaksProduction.

And... don't forget, there is a brand spanking new Dead Body Collection tape set available now on Total Black right now!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


The New Blockaders with The Haters and Vomir‎ - Nichts Fur Niemand

This was supposed to have been released by Richard Rupenus in an edition of 100 sometime in 2012.

It was due to be a 3"cdr with an "anti-art" (unplayable) 3"cdr in a nice little box set etc.

I was one of the many people who stumped up £20 for the preorder. Then nothing at all happened. Nothing!

I have seen a few go for sale at outrageous prices so at least some copies managed to get out. However, the people who "bought" them at the time didn't get anything at all!.

Somebody has given me a rip so at least it can be heard.

Nichts Fur Niemand = Nothing For Nobody.


Nothing For Nobody


The Rita - Retrospective

This was originally released as an 8 tape revisit on Dan Johansson's Harsh Head Rituals in 2006.

Thankfully it was rereleased in a DVD-Data format on Jake Vida's Pointless Blank Rec in 2010. I think that I actually bought it from Sam's Lake Shark Harsh Noise label site for $12.

It contains 320 and Wave format versions...if you want it lossless you might still be able to find this at a very convenient price.

Retrospective 1-3

Retrospective 4-5

Retrospective 6-7

Retrospective 8-9