Cicadashrine - Crumpled Multiple Agonies

Crawling doom noise from the genius hand of Campbell Kneale. 3"CDr released on Battlecruiser in 2004.

Crumpled Multiple Agonies


You Should Have Slain Me - You Should Have Slain Me

When this came out, the Celebrate Psi Phenomenon website described YSHSM as a "transcendental speedcore duo". I think it's Campbell Kneale taking a looped Metal guitar riff before adding a looped Metal drum section whilst his tongue is planted firmly in his cheek. "Less is more...none is even better."

3"CDr released on Campbell's Battlecruiser label in 2004.

You Should Have Slain Me


Behemothaur - Necroglacial Enema

Clayton Noone (aka CJA), Duncan Bruce (aka Rahmane), Lee Noyes and (somebody called) Rachel on a CDr released on Faunasabbatha ‎in 2007. Very pleasing Fushitsusha-styled doom noise!

Necroglacial Enema


K. Rahmane - Dantor

Rahmane is the crazed alter ego of Duncan Bruce. This starts with 14 tracks that all come in at one minute and two seconds each. They could be the inexplicably triumphant result of putting The Mothers Of Invention and John Olson in a blender. The final three tracks (coming in at just short of half an hour) take you to the event horizon where all reference points break down. A singularity where musical relativity ceases to exist! You probably haven't heard anything quite like this. Probably because there isn't anything quite like this.

CDr released on Veglia in 2006.



Armpit - Unloved &/Or Used

CDr released on Foxglove in 2006.

I really can't improve on the label's press release: "The mighty Armpit return to America to make their Foxglove debut. Joining CJA and Sugar Jon on this full-on thwack are cyber-terrorist Rahmane and the inimitable Campbell Kneale. This is damaged punk scuzz like you used to scare your Ma with. Armpit's full-on aural blitzkrieg is something to behold, before you toss it through the window like a molotov cocktail. And hey, with Rahmane-created song titles like "Hey You Shithead With Rahmane" and "I Read The Bible Every Fucking Day," how can you go wrong? All hail the mighty fuckin' Armpit!"

Yeah, that just about covers it ...

Unloved &/Or Used


Armpit & Pumice - Society Of Dogs

The good lady has sent me a timely reminder of how much I love Armpit! This is a cracked split CDr released on Pink Skulls that hasn't made it onto Discogs for some strange reason. It's a split between Armpit and Pumice (aka Stefan Neville) who have also collaborated as Sundowner.

To save me thinking too much, here's the review on the Aquarius Records site: "Another missive from Pink Skulls, the label started by Glenn Donaldson of Jewelled Antler /Thuja / Skygreen Leopards / etc. for stuff that was too punk or weird for JA. And boy does this certainly qualify, a New Zealand noiserock tag team of unprecedented proportions. First up is Pumice, whose recordings sound like they were played through a tin can in a cave and recorded on a microcassette recorder. And that's a good thing! The first track finds Pumice turning G.G. Allin's "I Want To Fuck Women" into Pumice gold, fitting perfectly with his other two tracks, hyper distorted ballads, guitars so distorted they threaten to stop being guitars, while melodies waver and wobble under a wild wash of delay and hiss. Good stuff. We raved about Thee Armpit a few lists back, and even though they've dropped the Thee from their name, they still whip up some serious treble (like trouble, get it? Oh forget it.) Deliberately strummed guitars amidst clouds of angrily hissing shortwave, songs rendered completely unrecognisable by the thick patina of buzz and skree and battered equipment-malfunction glitch. Seriously speaker shredding. And great."

Society Of Dogs


Armpit - Reaches Out

Armpit, the duo of CJA and Sugar Jon, have been banging their heads against the extremes of New Zealand underground for many, many years, and have not yet made the cover of any glossy magazines. It shouldn't be a surprise that the same people who cherish the scuzz of the The Dead C. get scared off by these lunatics, but it is a shame, because Armpit make a thrilling (if frequently frustrating) howl that takes the Xpressway DIY aesthetic down several clarity pegs but still scorches and drifts in its own stubborn way. There are folk/rock song-like moves buried beneath a fog of hiss, poor microphone placement and inebriated (or otherwise chemically affected) sloppiness. There are also passages of searing free improvisation, harsh feedback noise abandon, and jarringly gorgeous drone epiphanies. If wading through what-the-fug taxes your patience, though, then you're better off sticking with something friendlier, like Birchville Cat Motel or Gate. Armpit is not for beginners, and this 5xCDr set is for an even smaller subset of the already-converted. Tracks end abruptly. Edits are made seemingly at random. Recording quality shifts with the drunken violence of a band that truly doesn't give one hoot about pleasing anybody, a trait that I find endlessly, perversely, pleasing.

disc 1
disc 2
disc 3
disc 4
disc 5


Contagious Orgasm - Defective Merchandise

Thirty minutes of hypnotically rhythmic noise released in 1996 on Slaughter Productions with all of the titles riffing on the SSSM theme.

Defective Merchandise


Contagious Orgasm - Impregnate

Alongside shamanic percussion and disturbingly serene choral voices, there is a disarming film score quality to this tape that serves to carry the threat very effectively. C46 released on SSSM in 1987.



Contagious Orgasm - Confession Of Mannequin

Great martial dungeon noise on a C44 released on Hiroshi Hashimoto's own SSSM [Seeking Sensation Scale Music] label in 1988.

Confession Of Mannequin


Fine AutomatiC & Die Form - Untitled (Reissue & News)

Can you do a split/collaborative cassette with yourself? Two's company for Die Form's Phillipe Fichot, who works with himself on the first track, finishes off a side while wearing a Fine AutoamtiC mask, then pops back up unadorned for side two. Don't ask me, I don't get it either. This came out as a cassette on Bain Total in 1981, and was reissued with extra tracks in 1982.

Fine AutomatiC & Die Form - Untitled (Reissue & News)


Fine AutomatiC - ORGASMechanism

Icky synth perversion from one of Die Form's alter egos, issued as a cassette on Bain Total in 1985. Imagine a very creepy, leering Residents lurking in the shadows of a French porn theater... if that mental picture bothers you, so will this tape.

Fine AutomatiC - ORGASMechanism


Contagious Orgasm - Impregnate Mannequin

A harsher sound from Hiroshi Hashimoto that carries some early Wall aesthetics. Damn fine LP released on Steve Underwood's trailblazing Harbinger Sound in 1997.

Impregnate Mannequin


Contagious Orgasm - Seeking Sensation Scale Music

Electronic ghosts from the Schimpluch dungeons? Hiroshi Hashimoto on an LP released on Praxis Dr. Bearmann in 1996.



Spykes - The Secret People

This was a very expensive John Olson designed t-shirt that was put up for sale by The Trilogy Tapes in 2008. It features the flyer for the The Secret People / American Tapes Shit Noise Fest in Lansing on January the 26th, 2008.

Oh, and it also came with a triple CDr set as a little bonus item.

I'm still working on uploading the t-shirt.





The Rita - Blood Into The Dirt Reptile

Initially, this was released as the CDr companion to the Graveyard Of Whorer tape released on Toe Products in 2006. It next saw the light of day as part of the Reptilian Corpse And Dirt tape jointly released on Breathing Problem Productions and Drug Money Records ‎in 2008. I've never been able to get even close to either of those tapes. Luckily for me, Urashima released this track as an extravagantly packaged business card CDr in 2013 in an edition of 20. It's short and sweet and was worth the wait.

Blood Into The Dirt Reptile


The Rita / Lap Dancer - Darkness Off The Coast Of Vancouver, Off The Coast Of Japan

Lap Dancer prefers to maintain anonymity as far as I can figure out. Obviously, The Rita is Sam McKinlay. You should need no convincing. C40 released on Swampland in 2005.

Darkness Off The Coast Of Vancouver, Off The Coast Of Japan


BT.HN. - Ritual Totemic Stone

Originally, this tape was released on Trash Ritual in 2005 under the pseudonym of Ba. Ku. which signified the militant noise skateboarders Barrier Kult. The following year, the same label released this C40 under the pseudonym BT.HN. This also received a great vinyl reissue from Urashima in 2013 and if Urashima are re-releasing something then you know that it is special.

This is ripped directly from the 2006 tape. It's Josh Rose and Sam McKinlay and the B Side also features Keith Brewer as Taint.

Ritual Totemic Stone


False Creak - Dark Water Otter Whores

False Creak were a one hit wonder featuring Josh Rose, Sam McKinlay and Taskmaster. If you are only going to release one thing then you may as well make it as astonishing as this!

Single-sided C40 released on Abhorrent A.D. in 2007.

Dark Water Otter Whores


Aube - Hydrophobia

Single-sided C60 released on Vanilla Records in 1991 using only water as the source material.

As far as our meagre research takes us, alongside the E-Power tape that the Mrs posted these four are the only Aube tapes that weren't included in the Tapes set I posted at the start of the year.



Aube - Luminous

From the liner notes: "LUMINOUS" is the title of the contemporary art exhibition series by ARICHI+SASAOKA from Osaka Japan. Their installation is expressing the planned accidents by flickering lights on the environment use flourescent lamps and the variable-voltage transformer. This "LUMINOUS" tape is consist with their installation.

C46 released on G.R.O.S.S. in 1993.



Aube - Submerged Tension Remix

C46 released on G.R.O.S.S. in 1993 using water as the source material and remixing the tape released on Steeple & Globe earlier that year.

Submerged Tension Remix


Aube - Entangle Spirant

Akifumi Nakajima using steel wire as the source material for this C46 released on Drahtfunk-Products in 1995.

Entangle Spirant


Birchville Cat Motel & 010010 - Split

A rare early tape on Celebrate Psi Phenomenon, this time split between Birchville (who on one track is joined by Stefan Neville/Pumice!) and short-lived BCM alter ego 010010. Probably released in the mid/late-1990's. 


Mama Bär & Rudolf - Il Portale Delle Indipendenti

This was initially released on Der Schöne Hjuler-Memorial-Fond as an acetate LP in 2006 in an edition of 27. It was then re-released as a CDr on Rudolf's (apparently) Japanese only Hate Operation imprint. The following year it was released on Blossoming Noise as a CD with an additional 20 minutes of Runzelstirn & Gurgelstøck material that appears to still be availalble. This is a rip of the Hate Operation CDr.

How on earth do you expect me to describe this? It's the other half of Kommissar Hjuler mixing it up with Runzelstirn & Gurgelstøck. It is profound and deliriously majestic. That's the best I can do.

True Genius


Ochu - Bonds Of Boredom

Ever felt an unaccountable sense of fear and futility? Turns out you should have been even more terrified than you were. C20 released on Vemod Records ‎in 2003.

Bonds Of Boredom


Ochu - Dryparn

Broken tones, shearing gears and scribbled noise on a C20 released on Gothenburg Blood Cult in 2008.



Treriksröset / Ochu - Pro-WM / Uppbrott

Tommy Carlsson gets caught up in an alien firefight, wins hands down and is welcomed home by Love Rosenström's therapeutic loops. 7" released on Love's Segerhuva label in 2004.

Pro-WM / Uppbrott


Regim / Treriksröset - Full Kill Mode

Lirim Cajani and Tommy Carlsson producing 20 minutes of excellent Swedish mayhem on a split released on Vigilante Tapes in 2006.

Full Kill Mode


Regim - Round 'em Up

Another typically diverse offering from Lirim Cajani even featuring some trapped and broken beats within the organised chaos. C20 released on Vemod Records in 2003.

Round 'em Up


Regim - Hostile Takeover

Great tape from Lirim Cajani full of rocket exhaust noise, crumbling walls, subsumed radio, plundered dialogue and looped industrial machinery. C50 released on Vigilante Tapes in 2005.

Hostile Takeover


Regim - Covered In Shit

C30 released on Vigilante Tapes in 2006 that leans more towards the Wall. Side A is full of rolling static crackle whilst Side B steps it up a gear and appears to have children singing buried deep inside it, adding a very disconcerting twist to the proceedings.

Covered In Shit


Regim - Stabbed By The Blind

LP full of blistering power electronics released on Segerhuva in 2009.

Stabbed By The Blind


Ophibre & Jarrod Fowler - Baggie/36 Letters

Here's a genuinely puzzling split cassette by Ophibre and Jarrod Fowler, released by Oph Sound in 2007 in an edition of 50 copies. Ophibre's track is a gauzy, steadily (though not unpleasantly) ambivalent texture that sounds as if it's being played by your upstairs neighbor and you can only hear some of it drifting down through the ceiling. Fowler's side appears to consist of a lot of jazz records being played at the same time. Not all the records are the same length, though, so the first section of the piece ends with a long stretch of a single, unaltered jazz album. It's followed by simultaneous R&B and dance music, again multiple recordings one on top of one another with no further manipulation of the source material. The tape comes with two little plastic bags, the contents of which are accurately described by the title.

Ophibre & Jarrod Fowler - Baggie/36 Letters