God Willing - Inner Carpet

And we finish June just as we started it ... in the company of Ren Schofield.

LP released on I Just Live Here in 2007.

Inner Carpet


God Willing ‎- Cleansing Hours

Two tape set coming in at about half an hour released on Arbor in 2007.

Cleansing Hours


God Willing ‎- Different And Worse

C14 released on Monorail Trespassing in 2007.

Different And Worse


God Willing - Emergency Texture

C30 released on I Just Live Here in 2009.

Emergency Texture


God Willing / Privy Seals - Bob Blobs / The Sword And The Stone

Ren Schofield and Matthew Sullivan on a split LP released on Arbor in 2008.



LEAK - Redemption

The Anonymous Donator strikes again!

Lustige Elektro Akustische Klänge on Stateart in 2005.



L.E.A.K. / Kosmophon - Duochromatic

Thanks to an anonymous donator, I now have another work by Lustige Elektro Akustische Klänge.

Split CD released on Fin De Siècle Media in 2004.



Various - Bruitiste

Étant Donnés, Esplendor Geométrico, Vivenza and P16.D4 spread across a double LP and two C60s.

Released on RRRecords in 1998.

Some Vinyl

A Tape

Another Tape


Various - 0607131089

C60 and C90 set released on Sounds For Consciousness Rape in 1990. This documents live performances from the Divergences/Divisions festival in Bordeaux in October, 1989.

The first tape gives us Con-Dom and THU20. The latter are Frans de Waard, Peter Duimelinks and Roel Meelkop (aka Kapotte Muziek) with Guido Doesborg and Jac Van Bussel.

The second tape gives us Merzbow. In this incarnation, they are Masami Akita, Kiyoshi Mizutani and Reiko Azuma. As if that isn't enough, there is a collaboration between Masami Akita & GX Jupitter-Larsen before Gerald finishes off with a set as The Haters.

First Tape

Second Tape


Various - Neuengamme

LP released on Broken Flag in 1982.

Sutcliffe Jügend, Whitehouse, Kleistwahr, Esplendor Geométrico, Consumer Electronics, Ramleh, Maurizio Bianchi, P16.D4 and Kraang.

If you don't already have this...you might just need it.



Various ‎- Collaboration

Broken Flag C60 released in 1984 which includes (amongst others) Ramleh, Pacific 231 and Controlled Bleeding.



Various ‎- Statement

Classic LP released on Broken Flag in 1984.

This features Ramleh, Un-Kommuniti, Pure (who contain a pre-Total, pre-Skullflower Matthew Bower) and Consumer Electronics.

["Because of contractual obligations to Come Organisation, Consumer Electronics is not listed on the cover or labels of this record. On these tracks he collaborated with Gary Mundy, Matthew Bower and Alex Binnie, among others."]



Aburadako - ADK Years 1983-1985

Legendary Japanese outfit displaying their punk roots, taking the best of British Anarcho and early Eighties U.S. "hardcore" and turning into something else entirely.

This was released on P-Vine Records in 2008 and is pretty much the same as the compilation released on OK Records in 1999 with the addition of some extra live tracks.

ADK Years 1983-1985


Ravi Shankar and Ali Akbar Khan - Ragas

A double LP released on the Fantasy label in 1973 which combine 2 LPs originally released in 1964 and 1965 respectively.



Ustad Ali Akbar Khan - Morning And Evening Ragas

Ali Akbar Khan on the 25-stringed Sarode with Mahapurush Misra on tabla. It truly is a work of art with rhythm cycles that defy belief.

This is an LP released on the Connoisseur Society label in 1966.

Morning And Evening Ragas


Pandit Pran Nath ‎- Raga Cycle • Palace Theatre • Paris 1972

Pandit Pran Nath was a Hindustani artist that was more influential than you may be realise. As an indication, this live performance also features Terry Riley on tabla and La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela on tambura.

This was excavated and released on Terry Riley's Sri Moonshine Music in 2006.

Paris 1972


Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - Mustt Mustt

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan was a legendary singer of Qawwali, the devotional music of the Sufi tradition within Islam. His voice is instantly recognisable and he was one of a long line of ancestral Qawwali singers going back more than half of a millennium.

This was released on Real World Records in 1990. Accordingly, for the label and the times, his voice is framed by Western arrangements. This is only a primer for some of his live performances which will appear at some point in the future.

Mustt Mustt


Violent Pink - Propaganda Of The Deed

Violent Pink was the work of Tyler Keen. He arrived and then buggered off! I don't know why or where he went but I really like VP!

CDr released on Ilse in 2011.

Propaganda Of The Deed


Violent Pink - Finality and Reports

C20 released on Crimes Against Skin in 2011.

Finality and Reports


Violent Pink - In Currents

Where does power electronics begin and noise end? Or vice versa? Don't know why I'm asking. I'm not really arsed.

This is a C20 and C10 combo on Waterpower (come back Waterpower, we need you!) in 2011.

In Currents


Kites - Vol. 3 The Miracle of Thought

C20 on Unskilled Labor from 2003.

Kites - Vol 3 The Miracle of Thought


Kites - Vol. 10 Transformation Day

More Kites, this cassette of synth blorp came out on Unskilled Labor in 2006.

Kites - Vol. 10 Transformation Day


Kites - Vol. 9 Decorations of Pan

Ninth volume, from 2006.

Kites - Vol.9 Decorations of Pan


Kites - Vol. 7 Take-Over

7th volume of Kites' cassette series on his Unskilled Labor label, from 2005. 

Kites - Vol.7 Take-Over


Blanco Niño - st

Blanco Niño was a band comprised of Mike Shiflet and Brent Gutzeit. As far as I'm aware, they only made this one CDR in a numbered edition of 150 copies, though it's not clear what label it's on (of any) or when it came out. For those who like their late 90's computer music with extra sizzle, this one will make your tinnitus all tingly. 


Lustige Elektro Akustische Klange - The Old Teahouse

Wishes really do come true! Mr. Stump, your Canadian fairy godmothernoiseblogger has heard your prayers, and by golly I think today is your lucky day.

Lustige Elektro Akustische Klange - The Old Teahouse


Heid ‎- Beneath The Wing Of Shadows

Single-sided C60 self-released on Heid Tapes in 1997 that crawls at glacial pace.

Heid were Kristian Olsson, Peter Lindahl, Stefan Östlund and Tolufim (aka Daniel Eideholm). I know that Peter and Daniel recorded as L.E.A.K. (Lustige Elektro Akustische Klänge) but have never heard any of their work under that name. Kristian Olsson has since recorded under his own name, ran the Styggelse and Bolvärk labels and was a member of such outfits as Alfarmania, Blood Ov Thee Christ and Survival Unit .

Beneath The Wing Of Shadows


Heid ‎- Submitting To The Uprush Of The Unconscious

Cavernous dark industrial with martial undertones released as a CDr on Bastet Recordings in 1997.

Submitting To The Uprush Of The Unconscious


Heid ‎- Arktogäa

Classy cinematic and spacious release on Malignant Records in 2000.



Heid ‎- Pilgrim Of The Sublunary World

Clumsily titled but nice piece of dark ambient / industrial released on Cold Meat Industry in 2002.

Pilgrim Of The Sublunary World


Kites ‎- Hallucination Guillotine // Final Worship

Christopher Forgues in fine form on this CD / LP released on Load Records in 2007.

Hallucination Guillotine // Final Worship


Kites - Deny 1

C40 released on IDES Recordings in 2007.

Deny 1


Kites ‎- Vol. 11: Drogue Chute

C20 released on his own Unskilled Labor in 2007. The "Volume series" had at least 12 releases ... we only have 3, 4, 8 and 11 ... any help in getting closer from you lovely people?

Vol. 11: Drogue Chute


Altered States - Altered States

Altered States were Uchihashi Kazuhisa (of Ground Zero amongst others) on guitar, Mitsuru Nasuno (of Ground Zero, Korekyojinn, Sanhedrin and played in Fushitsusha and Seijaku) on bass and Yasuhiro Yoshigaki (yep, Ground Zero and any number of Otomo Otomo Yoshihide projects) on drums.

This was their first release and came out on Zenbei in 1992. This is the initial glimpse of what may be the most appropriately named band ever.

Altered States


Altered States featuring Otomo Yoshihide ‎- Lithuania And Estonia Live

With Otomo Yoshihide on Guitar and Turntables (and in a live context) Altered States turn into a different beast altogether.

Released on Trigram in 1994.

Lithuania And Estonia Live


Altered States - Mosaic

CD released on God Mountain in 1995.

This is a more conventionally structured release until you get to the final track: Suite "Circle". From that point my friend, all bets are off! Half an hour of absolutely epic (structured) chaos that will unhinge you and make you play it on rotation!



Altered States - 4

CD released on Zenbei in 1995. It's a 3 track affair with two sprawling 20+ minute juggernauts either side of a six minute work of art that comes across like a punch-drunk South Park theme song from another dimension!



John Olson & Witcyst - Foes Like Gentle Talk

An ugly beauty from the very early days of American Tapes, when Wolf Eyes was still years away and the compulsively prolific teenage John Olson was already taxing the motors of his Tascam, issuing a staggering number of small-run cassettes from suburban Ferndale (Tonight!) Michigan. This was pre-No Fun, pre-Hospital, pre-eBay, pre- that fleeting moment when noise was cool.

"Foes Like Gentle Talk" came out in a numbered edition of 30 copies on Am Tapes' Grave Prog imprint on 17 August 1999. It's a postal collaboration of fuzzy drone, backwards tape scramble, and woozy "free-improv"-lineage clarinet squawk perpetrated by Olson and his Southern Hemisphere equal, New Zealand's mighty (and, for reasons I cannot fathom, relatively unsung) Witcyst, whose own endless discography of defiantly homemade spliced-tape trash is as impressive as it is obscure (but you may as well start here). It seems likely that Witcyst's prodigious output influenced a young Olson from the other side of the planet, hence the evident empathy between the two on this tape. "Foes" contains no-fidelty, couldn't-be-arsed open-reel fuckery pressed right up against extended passages of delicate improvisation and single-minded static hush. It's a solid album of purposeful nonsense, as deep and evocative as it is gloriously unpolished.

As with all early Olson transmissions, "Foes" came out to zero fanfare and was probably mostly mailed out for free to friends and fanatics within the worldwide network of tape-traders and weirdos. Clearly, though, it deserves a wider audience. Soak it in, sports fans.

John Olson & Witcyst - Foes Like Gentle Talk


Ruins + Kazuhisa Uchihashi - Ruins + Kazuhisa Uchihashi

Around the time of this release Ruins were Yoshida Tatsuya on drums and vocals alongside Sasaki Hisashi on bass. I'm assuming that this is also the case here. They are joined by Uchihashi Kazuhisa (former member of such bands as Ground Zero and Altered States) on guitar to create some great imploding angular chaos. A jazzed up Truman's Water falling down a flight of stairs.

Released on F.M.N Sound Factory in 2002.

Ruins + Kazuhisa Uchihashi


Dislocation - Instill / On The Move

C42 released on G.R.O.S.S. in 1992.

The audience doesn't even have the chance to get in the way. Make a jazz noise here ...

Instill / On The Move


Shida ‎- File 1: Mr. Chinhatto & Dedomen

This is one of the early tapes released on Akifumi Nakajima's seminal G.R.O.S.S. label. It's a C42 from 1993.

Shida at this point is Toyohiro Okazaki (who was also a member of Dislocation, Minotaure and Sandmachine). This is a strange peek into the Japanese noise underground of the early '90s. At first this confused me ... it's a low level recording with a lot of chatter. It is at about 10 minutes of Side 1 when somebody coughs straight into the recording device that gives it away. To my Occidental perspective, this is a live recording of a moment that would have otherwise been lost had it not been for Aube's documentary dedication. Once you figure it out and move past, the talk just becomes part of the event.

File 1: Mr. Chinhatto & Dedomen


Hado-Ho, Tamaru, Kazunao Nagata‎ - Feedbackpsychedelica

Essentially this is a Dub Sonic release featuring collaborations with Shuichi Tamaru and Kazunao Nagata respectively. Judging by the title, you would expect walls of screaming guitars but that is far from what you get here.

The first track is Hado-Ho (aka Takehito Nakazato aka Dub Sonic) using a mixing desk to create long pitch-shifting drones. The second track with Shuichi Tamaru adds more layers of depth to create an (almost) intergalactic dark ambient feel akin to Sleep Research Facility. The third track with Kazunao Nagata creates a dystopian future that slips through your fingers.

When all is said and done, this is magnificent!

Released on Far East Experimental Sounds in 1999.



Dub Sonic Roots Meets Nerve Net Noise - Live at Uplink Factory November 3, 1996

This is a truly great piece of work that just evolves in front of you. NNN live with upright bass, keyboards, tenor sax and an off-kilter tribal rhythm section supplied by Dub Sonic Roots (Takehito Nakazato, Masaaki Kikuchi, Masahiko Okura and Tomohide Midori).

The final half hour long piece even riffs on Sun Ra's "Space Is The Place". There are places that get a really psychedelic groove going and turn into a jazz infused Sunburned Hand Of The Man mutation. This CD should be played on repeat!

Again released on Zero Gravity in 1997.

Live at Uplink Factory November 3, 1996


Nerve Net Noise - This Island Earth

This is probably one of Hiroshi Kumakiri and Tsuyoshi Nakamaru's more accessible works. Although all things are relative of course. Amongst the repetitive glitch, there are long passages of droning noise. The final track "Gagaku" is a shimmering warped masterpiece.

Released on the great Zero Gravity in 1997.

This Island Earth


Nerve Net Noise - Chamber Music For Factory

Imagine that you're sitting in a room that's relatively quiet, apart from two things: a fax machine that gets an incoming fax once in a while and a synthesizer in the corner that someone left on, then walked away. That's this CD. I cannot think of any explanation for it, or purpose for it to exist, and yet here it is. No chamber music and no factory. Released on Pearl Records in 1998. Good luck out there. 

Chamber Music For Factory


Vomir ‎- Le Glas (Cilice 1)

Romain Perrot is the finest exponent of the Harsh Noise Wall. Period.

This is another self-released CDr sold on his former blog in 2008.

Le Glas (Cilice 1)


Vomir ‎- Le Glas (Cilice 2)

Self-released CDr from 2008.

Le Glas (Cilice 2)


Vomir ‎- Le Glas (Private Cdr Serie)

Self-released CDr from 2008.

Le Glas (Private Cdr Serie)


Richard Youngs & Alexander Neilson - Beating Stars

Great LP released on HP Cycle Records in 2005.

Beating Stars


Richard Youngs & Alexander Neilson - Partick Rain Dance

CD released on VHF Records in 2005.

Partick Rain Dance