Kawabata Makoto & Miyamoto Naoaki - Electric Guitars

This was originally released in an edition of 100 as part of the Acid Mothers Temple Gold Disc Series (AMCD-021) in 2001.

This is a rip of the CDr reissue on Last Visible Dog from the following year. If you care about such ephemera. Which you don't. Naturally.

Electric Guitars


Sir Richard Bishop - Spontaneous Collaborations

I've been lucky enough to be able to sit in the same room as Sir Rick whilst he plays guitar. Sitting on a chair in the middle of an empty stage playing an amplified acoustic guitar. Utterly mesmeric. I end up expecting some wizard of oz style reveal where the curtain comes back and there is actually another 20 guitarists helping generate those sounds.

Obviously, there never is...it is just the singular sound of a stone cold genius!

The second best thing about seeing SRB live is that you can pick up the self-released cdrs...this one is from last year.

And it is an absolutely brilliant thing! SRB with Tatsuya Yoshida or Eugene Chadbourne [I've also been lucky enough to see Eugene on banjo with Jimmy Carl Black on drums as a duo..that's a different tale].



Das Synthetische Mischgewebe - The Escape Of The Electrified Dermatologist

Or to give it it's full title: "The Escape Of The Electrified Dermatologist Epitomises His Dissent With The Compromising Juxtaposition Of The Smell And The Sound Of A Pair Of Wings Injured In Subdued Romance."

DSM are Isabelle Chemin and Guido Hübner and their avant-garde industrial electronics demand your immediate attention.

This double CD was released on Russian label Monochrome Vision at the tail end of 2006.




Pelt / Keenan Lawler / Eric Clark - Keyhole II

On May 13, 2001, the Louisville Visual Arts Association's gallery at the Water Tower was host to the Keyhole ensemble.

Most of this album was recorded by Mikel Dimmick with a single stereo microphone, though a portion is drawn from Steve Good's recording, which employed several more microphones.

Double LP released on Eclipse Records in 2003.



Pelt / Keenan Lawler / Eric Clark - Keyhole

LP released on the mighty Eclipse Records in 2000.

According to the back of the LP, 75% of Pelt (Patrick Best, Mike Gangloff and Jack Rose) had played a gig in Louisville with Keenan Lawler. Later that night, they were joined by Eric Clark and partied on. The session was recorded by the other 25% of Pelt (Mikal Dimmick) so presumably he is here too! Basically, this is a late night acoustic improvisational session...and we have Ed at Eclipse to thank for allowing us to listen in! Cheers, Ed!

"This album is drawn from a pre-dawn session in a stone silo at Mount Saint Francis, a Franciscan friary just north of the Kentucky-Indiana State Line."



Hair Stylistics - Monthly Hair Stylistics Mystery Disc

The 13th release in the Monthly Hair Stylistics series that started in 2008.

Mystery Disc


Omit - Ionospheres

Two C66 tapes released on Clinton William's own Deepskin Conceptual Mindmusic label in 1992.



Muslimgauze - Tandoori Dog

Four LP boxset released as part of a subscription series on Staalplaat in 1998.

Nicked fron discogs: "Bryn Jones was not a practicing Muslim and never traveled to the Middle East. His recordings as Muslimgauze, however, qualified him as one of the Western artists most explicitly slanted in favor of the Palestinian liberation movement. Since the Manchester native’s works were instrumental, most of the political statement was inherent in the packaging: witness titles such as Fatah Guerrilla, Return of Black September, Hebron Massacre, Vote Hezbollah, United States of Islam, and The Rape of Palestine. Jones’s output was so idiosyncratic and prolific that he would remix anything he was given to suit his purposes and recorded an album almost every week.

Jones could have been a potentially controversial figure if his releases were available in anything except extremely limited editions—usually less than one thousand copies of each title. Despite their lack of prominence, Jones’s blend of found-sound Middle Eastern and South Asian atmospheres with heavily phased drones and colliding rhythm programs were among the most startling and unique in the noise and electronica underground. The Muslimgauze project ended tragically in 1999 when Jones died suddenly of a rare blood disease. A number of posthumous releases including Lo-Fi India Abuse (partially a collaboration with the dub collective Systemwide) and the 9-disc Box Of Silk And Dogs soon followed."

His discography (96 titles at the time of his death) has nearly doubled since 1999, although this counts reissued titles as well as brand-new titles.

LP 1 - Tandoori Dog
LP 2 - Jaagheed Zarb
LP 3 - Libya Tour Guide
LP 4 - Jerusalaam


P16.D4 - V.R.N.L.

V.R.N.L. (or Von Rechts Nach Lichts) reissued as an LP on Was Soll Das? Schallplatten in 2005. Originally the outfit's second release on cassette in 1982. This is where they really started to shape their particular take on musique concrete shaped by industrial electronics.



P16.D4 - Distruct

LP on Selektion from 1984.



Seht - Dronemusic

Seht is the work of Stephen Clover. His (probably hibernating) myspace page contains the quote "Seht will play the same note so quietly, for so long and with such slight decoration you'll think your heart has stopped and your brain has melted." That only tells half the story, but it is a pigeonhole that makes me smile.

This earlyish release on Campbell Kneale's Celebrate Psi Phenomenon stands as one of the finest pieces of music to come out of New Zealand. And, when you think of the creativity that has poured out of New Zealand in the past 20 years...



Seht - Goodbye, America, And Have A Nice Day

2002 cdr co-released on Palindrone and Antony Milton's PseudoArcana.

This was originally commissioned and created for the 'Connected' exhibition in Wellington NZ and uses 'Dronemusic' as a point of departure.

"This is very minimal with lots of incidental clatter and totally random noise. Sounds a bit like some guy cleaning/re-arranging his kitchen, with lots of thumps and bumps and clicks and even some bird calls(!). After about 10 minutes, the drones finally make their presence known. Joined gradually by warbly guitars and wisps of melodies. But almost as soon as they're there, they disappear again. Then it's back to the ambient clatter, discussions, room sound. A reverby piano or buzzing harpsichord surface occasionally, but it always seems to return to our house cleaning, room tidying protagonist. Very strange..." [Aquarius Records]

Very excellent!

Have A Nice Day


Seht - HRRY

LP and 3" cdr released on Digitalis Recordings in 2009 in an edition of 150.



Pardons - Pardon!

2001 release ... as part of the Acid Mothers Temple Platinum Disc Series [AMTCD-002].

"Cotton Casino and Higashi Hiroshi, the synth-playing frontline dance brigade of AMT, have formed a cosmic duo called Pardons!"



Pardons - Charlie's Pardons

2003 release ... part of the Acid Mothers Temple Platinum Disc Series [AMTCD-009].

Charlie's Pardons


Hair Stylistics - No Pony

Two ten boid action.

No Pony


Hair Stylistics - Final Violent Shit

Same year, definately Boid.

Final Violent Shit


Hair Stylistics - I Hate Your Dream

Same year, still probably on Boid.

I Hate Your Dream


Hair Stylistics - No Titles

2010 no label cdr (although it is probably on Boid) from the prolific master of spontaneously created noise.

Just in case you missed Throbbing Grizzly wakey wakey!

No Titles


Sightings / Tom Smith – Gardens Of War

CD released on The Smack Shire in 2004.

Surely no explanation needed!

gardens...what is it good for?



CD released on Nebula M78 Records in 2010. The title is in the comments to spare it being dragged into some shameful reference to english prog and taken down!



Thoughts On Air - Vent

CDr from the early history of David Payne's Middle James Co label (2007 actually).

Thoughts On Air is the work of Scott Johnson who you should also know from his work as (amongst others) Hunting Rituals.



Mossy Throats – Microbe Shower

Excellent piece of work from Daniel Dlugosielski on his own Excite Bike label. This is the 3xc30 set that was released in an edition of 4 in 2009 and re-self-released a year later as a c90. As far as I know, that was because people contacted Daniel asking if he would rip them a copy. Being a very decent human, he did this very affordably as a c90 tape (the jpeg is this version). The c90 shows on discogs as an edition of 1. It wasn't...

Excited Microbes


Moth Drakula - Tree Of Sores

It looks like there is a lot of money to be made on the internet! Major label copyright holders are now subcontracting their DMCA takedowns. Everything is now liable to be taken down and filehost accounts suspended based upon a single random word that appears in their blanket approach. The World Wide Web...Land Of The Free! No...the land of corporate exploitation!

This 7" on Static Aktion from 2006 is the sound I would love them to be subjected to in a 24/7 tinnitus response. If only...



Sky Burial - IV: Of Dharma And Drowning

3" CDr on silken tofu from 2007.

Sky Burial is the work of Michael Page of Fire In The Head.



Sky Burial - Spectrehorse

CD released on Audio Immolation Industries in 2006.



Sky Burial - Sky Burial

Self-titled CDr from 2006 on Housepig.

sky burial


Alo Girl / Last Rape - Split

LP released on Urashima in 2009.

Last Girl


Magic Aum Gigi - Starring Keiko

LP released on Fractal Records in 2007. Here MAG is joined by Keiko on "cosmic vibrations".

Starring Keiko


Magic Aum Gigi - MMMM

MMMM (My Metal Machine Music).

LP from the Acid Mothers Temple collective contributor. Released on Sparkling Spare Wheel in 2004.



Neokarma Jooklo Octet - Infinity

Double LP on Qbico from 2007 with the Jooklo collective being joined by Makoto Kawabata.