Sun City Girls - Superpower

Eclipse Records put out some brilliant double LP SCG releases that were as close as it gets to the Cloaven's seeing a reissue. I bought all of that vinyl and then they went bankrupt so that mission was unexpectedly terminated so not all of it escaped.

However, there is the common reissue misconception ... as beautiful as they are, they are edits. The first two tapes come in at around 140 minutes and that doesn't fit on four sides of vinyl. If anyone wants it, I'll post the corresponding Eclipse vinyl so you can compare and contrast.

Anyway ... "An equatorial collective improvisation recorded live in 1982 and informative disinformation financed by short-wave overload with text excerpts from Myron Fagen circa 1967. Recorded August 1982 live at Merlin's."

The second of the Cloaven Cassettes released in 1987.

solar power


Various - Fortune Tellers

A sparkling compilation featuring Ludo Mich & W. Ravenveer, Jazzfinger, Barf Thoth, The Haters, Jeph Jerman, Darksmith, Id M Theft Able, Leslie Keffer, Andrew Coltrane and Dylan Nyoukis.

A six C20 tape set released on AC's Hermitage Tapes in 2011.

stare into my crystal balls and tell me what you smell


Sun City Girls - God Is My Solar System

Shall we go in this direction for a while?

"A collection of early Sun City Girls recordings, mostly improv-diverse.... a sign of things to follow although unique in comparison to later works."

The first of the Cloaven Cassettes ... a C60 released in 1987.

solar city systems


Brume - Erzatz #0 / Tout

Paraphrasing Mrs Inside from when she posted this here in late 2013: notionally, this is a continuation of the Anthology Box that reissues material from 1994, 1995 and 1998. Disc 1 features tracks from cassette tapes, disc 2 reissues an album that initially appeared as a very small-run CDr in an oversized hand-painted sleeve.

2xCD released in 2008 by the Russian label Waystyx in an edition of 212. It's another lossless upgrade if you like that kind of thing.

Erzatz #0 / Tout


Kevin Blechdom / Eugene Chadbourne - The Chaddom Blechbourne Experience

A very long time ago, I was much younger than I am now. I was lucky enough to have been so fucked up by the "adults in the room" that I was elevated into the orbits of others who had no other option but to celebrate the dys in function. The Fall's Witch Trials at 13, Motorhead's Ace tour at the Apollo at 14 ... and then the Iron Fist tour fuelled on cider and mushrooms. Not forgetting trying to get your head around Trout Mask and Freak Out (by choice) when you are fifteen. On reflection, not a bad call for escape-route and it set me in good stead during the fuck you wars.

However, nothing really compares to the first time the needle hits the opening groove of a Shockabilly LP when you didn't even know that they existed! The brain recalibration takes years to recover from because nothing could possibly remain the same. It's like some poor fucker who has spent his time with his family endorsing him being touched up by the hand of god realising that Day Tripper was the only way to the truth. Well it is. Plain and simple! Well that truth anyway.

Here, Kevin is actually Kristin Erickson who records different work in her own right. This live recording is full on duelling banjos ahoy with covers of The Beach Boys and Pink Floyd that need to be heard to be believed ... in a good way.

For no particular reason, I'm feeling reflective. I spent nearly all of my formative years being smacked around the place and sleeping rough. Now, through life choices, I'm sitting here in a house that serves as a sanctuary for stray and "rescued" cats. I also get to sit here saying to whoever is out there "you really need to hear Eugene and Kristen covering Astronomy Domine" as a way to get the entire thing heard ... there is so much genius here!

Life sometimes turns out to be quite good and most often it's better than the alternative.

A CD released on Les Disques Victo in 2008 "recorded live at the 2007 24e Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville. Includes traditional and contemporary medleys with banjo, piano and voice."

hate from the hills


Brume - Anthology Box

A friend of ours was looking for a way to start exploring the cavernous Brume archive. Well, this is as good a place to start as any.

Mrs Inside posted this here over nine years ago: "A massive, 13-CD boxset of outsider musique concrete by autodidact Christian Renou, compiling his earliest unreleased bloops from 1979, plus a few out-of-print cassettes and CDRs dusted off and brought back to life. This hefty thing was released in an edition of just 100 copies by the Russian label Waystyx, which specialized in creative handmade and odd-size packaging".

This is a lossless version if you fancy an upgrade.


... lean here initially to keep the bytes flowing:



非常階段 - Legendary Live Collection Of Hijokaidan Vol.6 - 極悪ライブ’81

This just crashes straight into the carnage. Not sure that if it is as intented or the original VHS source didn't stand muster. Who cares?

Originally a VHS released on Unbalance Video in 1981, this is the DVDr reissue on Alchemy Music Store from 2008.

1981.8.28 At Shinjuku Loft, Tokyo "Flight 7days - Unbalance Day"


Eugene Chadbourne / John Zorn - School

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away there was a seperatist pod of aesthetes clicking their tentacles whilst imagining "these earth bound unsyncopated jazz cats are way hap". Prove me wrong.

A double LP released on Eugene's Parachute in 1978.

EC phone home


Musique Concret - Bringing Up Baby

Musique Concret were Jim Friedman and Michael Mullen who made one seminal piece of industrial electronic history and buggered off. It was released on Steven Stapleton’s label United Dairies and a convenient signifier would be early NWW with a fair chunck of what is on his list. Apparently, once they made and released the art they destroyed the master tapes and faded away into the so-called real world. Initially released as an LP in 1981 with a short tape reissue in 1987 and that appeared to be that ...

Then the lovely people behing Fractal Records sourced a mint vinyl copy of a holy relic (presumably courtesy of Matron Stapleton) and reissued it as a CD in 2004. It rapidly disappeared again and presumably would never get another formal release ... so, drumroll please:

if children are the future then why are we totally fucked as a species?


Eugene Chadbourne - Country Music In The World Of Islam Volume XV

Plain and simple: I adore Eugene Chadbourne.

I've only been lucky enough to see him play once ... thirty plus years ago alongside Jimmy Carl Black (but it wasn't billed as a Jack and Jim Show). I actually got to see the only Indian in the group one more time as part of The Muffin Men (very enjoyable it was too). Anyway ... Eugene has some friends on board this time as well.

LP released on Fundamental in 1989.

there is still no god ... it was just the devil giving you hope


The Gerogerigegege - Piss Shower Girlfriend

A lovely picture disc LP from Juntaro and, as usual, the version that he handed out to Japanese shops came with a bonus CDr ... not seen that yet. I tried splitting the tracks but there was more than a degree of guesswork involved and it interfered with the urinary flow so I've left it as a two track wav rip.

A classy LP released on F.O.A.D. Records in 2020

drip, drip, drop, little golden showers


Various - Do Less Or

Andrew Coltrane, Dylan Nyoukis, AMK, Id M Theft Able, Usurper, The Gerogerigegege, Jeph Jerman, Otomo Yoshihide and such and such forth etc ...

C56 released on 777 Was 666 in 2009.

idle is as idol does


Sun City Girls - Grotto Of Miracles

Another vinyl slice of unreissued genius from Pheonix's finest!

LP released on Placebo Records in 1986.

i believe in grottos

... another big file so lean here first:

where you from?


Jojo Hiroshige with Masonna - The Last Destruction Noise

You could be forgiven for thinking that Jojo starts off as an SCG tribute act (well not really). Then everything gets turned up to eleventy and it goes off. This time the audience don't run away and are rewarded by leaving with bits of the proceedings once it's been smashed up by a singing baseball bat and a breezeblock. Happy Sunday everyone!

DVDr released on Alchemy Music Store in 2008.

at Namba Bears, Osaka, 2007.12.29


Tsurubami - Nubatama

Dark Psychedelic jazz from Hiroshi Higashi, Makoto Kawabata and Nobuko Emi recorded in 1994.

A C36 released on La Musica Records in 1996.



Various - The "You'll Hate This Record" Record

To paraphrase The Mothers Of Invention ... rev. b's brown shorts do make it.

LP released on The Only Label In The World in 1983.

life's a ball ... TV tonight


Various - Amuck

Presumably, the first Pheonix undergound in the series ...

LP released on Placebo Records in 1982.

you get your truth from the lies you were learned


非常階段 - Legendary Live Collection Of Hijokaidan Vol.7 - 聖水ライブ’89

As is always the case, when the night begins with you having to lay down waterproof floor covering you know that you are in for a fine time! If I'm not mistaken, you also have Fumio Kosakai on electronic punishment box and surely that's Mayuko Hino on filth? A joyous experience only made more perfect by the looks on the audience's faces as they run from the room at the end.

An astonishing performance at Eggplant in Osaka from August 1989 on a DVDr released on Alchemy Music Store in 2008.

the soiled and the glorious long to reign over us


Various - Anti Music For Snobism

John Hudak, The Haters, Hanatarash, Null, Pacific 231, Le Syndicat, Vox Populi!, Merzbow, Hijokaidan and others? Don't mind if I do!

C90 released on Beast 666 Tapes in 1985.

I never said that you’re not good at what you do. It’s just that what you do is not worth doing.


Sun City Girls - Sun City Girls

A stone cold classic that's never been reissued due to some inevitably nefarious legal bollockery and now rightly goes for large prices.

A quality 16/44 rip of the LP released on Placebo Records in 1984.

too busy sucking on a ding dong ... just like Unkle Jim says


Various - This Is Phoenix, Not The Circle Jerks

Whilst not designated as such, this is the second Phoenix Undergroud LP?

LP released on Placebo Records in 1984.

jerk off


WE LOVE Hair Stylistics!

I've just found out that Masaya Nakahara has not been well for a while and has needed continued hospital treatment since January. Bills are going to be racking up for him so a group of friends have put together a compilation so you can show your love in monetary terms ... so please do!

His hyper-prolific bandcamp page has (now understandably) been quiet since December last year. However, on Wednesday he posted five new releases so hopefully things are on a more positive path. Help him out by picking those up as well!


Sun City Girls - Horse Cock Phepner

There is so much to be said about Sun City Girls that there should be bona fide University programmes dedicated to them. If you have been living under a rock, think of them as staggering from the same peyote barn as Eugene Chabourne, Kramer, the entire Shimmy Disc troupe, Caroliner and Sunburned Hand Of The Man whilst remaining utterly unique.

Sir Richard Bishop described this as being "... a chance to catch up with our obscenity quota. I don't think we had any intention of doing anything that resembled a political album. I think it was more of a documentation of the American nightmare in all its incestuous beauty." Some of their extensive output has been made avaialble digitally but not this one ... so here it is in all its absurdist beauty!

24/96 rip of the LP released on Placebo Records in 1987.

because you are my friend I will kill you for nothing

It's a big file so lean here first:

mega option


Various - More Coffee For The Politicians (Phoenix Underground Music Compilation #3)

Just in case you forgot just how great Sun City Girl's "Caravan" is.

24/96 rip of the LP released on Placebo Records in 1985.

... but its all in my mind, mind, mind, mind

... and lean here first:

mega option


The Spykes - Fabled Recollections 3

Professionally, I'm all about relieving distress and problem-solving ... solution focussed and all of that shit. However, I'm not getting paid for any of this and you can all share my pain or go fuck yourself.

Have any of you been checking out John's "post"-AmTapes output? Spiritually liberating because I'm reassured he is still out there doing his thang thing, but fuck me, once you realise it was there it no longer exists. It's like stalking a cheeky poltergeist that already knows how to induce joy and frustration ... yeah, he's sat behind me watching me type this isn't he?

Anyone got any Olson wing mirrors?

Another post American Tapes "American Tapes" release. This time it's a CDr released in May 2020 in an edition of three (RIP Plug 1 btw).

never enough


Various - Morality

Some amazing work from Controlled Bleeding, Un-Kommuniti, Le Syndicat, Pacific 231 and a load more all laced through with John Duncan's "Prostitute Tapes" and there's no Sotos in sight ... always a bonus!

C90 from Broken Flag in 1985.



The Spyked - Stabled Recollections Volume 2

Mr Olson doing his Spykes thing for as long as the idea needs to take flesh and walk out the door.

A "no-label" nine tape set, ripped to 16/44, released in an edition of minus something or other in January 2021. It comes in at nearly 3GB so you'll have to extract the two parts into a single folder etc and so forth.


Lean on this option first ...



Decaer Pinga - Get Big Husky

Dylan and Lisa Nyoukis all aboard the early version of the ineffable choco monko love train. It covers a lot of ground in around ten minutes, ably abetted by keyboards played with forearms. Bloody marvelous!

An edition of thirty C10s released on Hanson Records in 1999.



Tom Verlaine 1949-2023

... and now we lose Tom.

pick it up there, put it over there. great job


Various - A Farewell To Arms

I was listening to this yesterday and reminded myself how good it is ... Lip Cream, Outo, Gastunk, Gauze, Ghoul and The Execute.

LP released on Selfish Records in 1986.



Various - 1974 Hobo's Concerts VII "虹の橋をわたる"

So, eventually it happens ... the final edition in the 1974 Bellwood Records series that I keep forgetting to complete. Quite possibly featuring Galaxy Express, Ryoichi Kuniyoshi, Hitoshi Komuro and Kenji Endo

CD reissue courtesy of Super Fuji Discs in 2007.

weird scenes inside the gold mine


Gabi Losoncy - 2015

A gorgeous collection of field recording / manipulated sound as art / what do I know any way, spread across four CDrs.

A self-released (edition of 50) collection from 2016.

one-six, party over, oops, out of time


Various - Music Made With Balloon And/Or Needle

I hate the concept of donate buttons in a blogging context, but the donation of organs is a different thing. Of course, once the sacrifice is made, it's likely that I will instantly forget.

I posted this about seven years ago and spurted a few words. It remains a ridiculous and ridiculously good collection of ideas.

Still a double CD from Balloon & Needle in 2014.

offally good


Gabrielle Losoncy - Judged For Buying Insulin

Given this was released on Sam's label, you would probably not predict "pattern and texture building using scraping percussive technique on a plastic object with pure physicality and endurance".

Expect a journey that fits snugly into the Ftarri / Balloon & Needle universe ... and that's a good thing.

Single-sided C60 released on Lake Shark Harsh Noise in 2022.

she is your superior officer. you will address her correctly at all times.


Taint - Sex Sick

High quality dirtbag noise.

CD released on The Ajna Offensive in 2007.



Various - Salvage Job

The adorable Simon Wilson has done all of the heavy lifting in a Discogs review:

"If its broken, don't fix it. Further recordings made during the mess of the past year which you may hear as a shining pathway out of the shit, or a "Back to the egg!" warning cry. Pour yrself a drink, put on those headphones and let the gamble commence.

Featuring tracks from Hobo Sonn, Muyassar Kurdi & Ka Baird, Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson, A.S, Raymond Cummings, Hardworking Families, Stone Cornelius, Dora Doll, Duncan Harrison, LDSN, Angela Sawyer & Ethan Marsh, Glands Of External Secretion, Tania Caroline Chen, Mark Groves, Staubitz & Waterhouse, Kraus, Kate Armitage, Constance/Nyoukis and RRS. Artwork from Mr Bill Nace."

A CDr released on Chocolate Monk in 2021.



Harappian Night Recordings - The Glorious Gongs of Hainuwele

The aforementioned Sayed Kamran Ali "recorded in the centre of the Kadamba Forest, green and red, with a crescent moon as a diadem".

A CD released on Bo'Weavil Recordings in 2009.

you've got the blues in your shoes and your stockings


Taint - Whoredom

Never been a fan of the Sotos end of transgression but, yeah whatever, who cares what I think? This is one of Keith's finest works ... a 55 minute track that lets you just settle into the mire. A classic example of what the finest American noise has to offer the world.

CD released on Praxis Dr. Bearmann in 1996.

thy will be done


The Hunter Gracchus - Companions Of The Porch

This is the psychedelic folk offerings from Fiona and Jon alongside Syed Kamran Ali (aka Harappian Night Recordings, who floated within the Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides collective).

On this recording, you also get the total bonus of Charlie Collins and John Jasnoch who are stone cold long-standing legends wihin the (UK ... what is it good for? fuck all mate, say it again HUH good god y'all) improv savant camp.

CDr released on Golden Lab Records in 2009.

folky porchini


Papal Bull - In Ceres A Pig With Human Hands And Feet Was Born

Joe Murray (aka Posset) and Jon Marshall (who co-founded the Singing Knives label with Fiona Kennedy when they were both in The Hunter Gracchus). An unsurprisingly brilliant sten hansontastic extravaganza awaits.

CDr released on Chocolate Monk in 2013.

drunk on the pope's bull


Madness - Used For Support One

The song remains the same other than this being AM822 btw.

baggy blouses


Madness - Used For Support Two

Another blank and you missed it pseudonym used by Mr Olson.

A C10 released on American Tapes in an edition of 30 in 2009.

It's AM825 btw.

welcome to the house of AM


How People Speak - I Was Tempted To Tell Him That I Had No Idea What I Really Wanted But Decided To Keep It To Myself

A lovely person sent me a big chunk of live Wolf / AM stuff just because he felt like it. Choices like that warm a frozen brain. Just saying ... but that kind of thing keeps a person going.

A C54 released in a massive edition of fifty on American Tapes in 2009.

It's AM829 btw.

talk about the moon floating in the sky


Usurper - Fishing For Tripe

!Rejected by THREE labels since 2011, this album finally reaches you dear potential listener thanks to yr pals in the gutter here at CM."

"In 2011 when the Brothers Usurper assembled these recordings we envisioned them as our most wholesome effort to date. A real charming affair featuring two men, a wife, a pregnant partner and the Duff family plughole. So why would it be the one dose of Usurper bumf which various avant-hands got burned by and was deemed too hot to hump or handle? Maybe it'll do right by you, seeing as you're such a family-oriented advertisement for wholesome hetero-nuptials, but... i dunno, Dylan... maybe it's cursed?" - Ali Robertson

"Each usurper recording makes me think of a great day I’ve had with my friend Ali. The great day got better this day when it also included Louise (the love of my life), Collette (the love of Ali’s life) and my unborn son Linus (the lover of life). The recording features my favourite usurper moment to this point. It was recorded in my kitchen. Louise was doing her upholstery next door, and she was hammering on a chair. As she hammered the sink started to glug. Ali had been wandering with the microphone and got it right near the plughole. Louise and the plug jammed blindly together, not knowing the other was singing the same song. It was just one of those moments, you know, Jaques Tati’s paint pot in the sea. I told Ali recently that this was my favourite usurper moment. He looked at me and said “your favourite usurper moment has neither of us playing on it!”" - Malcy Duff

Me grandad used to eat tripe in vinegar (the stomach lining of ruminants but cows and sheep was the bag in North Manchester). Sat in his armchair in front of the telly, he'd take his teeth out, put them on the arm of the chair and chomp and slurp his way through it. Fucking disgusting! He doesn't do it anymore, he's dead.

CDr released on Chocolate Monk in 2013.

another way of talking complete crap


Tape Salad - Each Banana Is Unique

A bold claim but I haven't checked all of them yet. I'll let you know once I can verify or otherwise ... the truth is out there somewhere! Anyway, what the fuck was Anders Arentoft thinking of and can I have some?

Another massive missive from el choco monko on this CDr from 2006.

yes we have no salad