Klinikal Skum - Paranoia Sekured


Released on the artist's Bandcamp page, which seems to no longer exist. 



Klinikal Skum - Kakkl/Vakuum


Released on the artist's Bandcamp page, which seems to no longer exist. 



Marble Sky - The Sad Return & Reflect Sawyers Look


First released as a cassette by Callow God in 2007, reissued on CD by Students of Decay in 2009. The first 100 copies came with a bonus 3"CDr which is included here.

sad tom sawyers


Marble Sky - No Matter How Close


Cassette made for a west coast tour in 2009, released by Callow God in an edition of 30 copies.



Klinikal Skum - Chosen Powerless


Dark atmospheric industrial slime by Ryan Opperman (Redrot, Xombie, Neuntoter der Plage) released as a CD by Expectorant Recordings in 2009.


Marble Sky - Some Laughing Afterwards


2009 cassette on Agents of Chaos.

laughing afternoon


Gate - Lounge


Live recordings of The Dead C.'s Michael Morley with David Merritt from 1993, released as a CD by Twisted Village. 

salmon rushdie


Kevin Drumm, Hong Chulki, Choi Joonyong - Normal


Anything from the Korean label Balloon & Needle is worth hearing, and this live trio recording from 2014 (released as a CD in 2015) is no exception. If you aren't already a fan of Hong Chulki and Choi Joonyong, I hope this makes you want to further explore their catalogs.



Hair Stylistics - Throbbing Grizzly

Lordy lordy, you get yourself a title and then you turn in a 36 and a half minute piece of genius that includes some really twisted up drum and bass samples ... you know the bit before the beat drops?

one jizz fukt grate


Hair Stylistics - No Titles

Self-released in 2010.

Titles, huh, yeah. What are they good for? Absolutely nothing. Say it again, y'all


Marble Sky - Low God/Lady


A double cassette (one C30 and one C10) by Jeff Witscher (Rene Hell, Abelar Scout, Impregnable, Secret Abuse and so on) released in 2008 by Callow God. "Lady" is a reissue of a very small-run private release (just 12 copies, presumably just given to friends) while "Low God" is exclusive to this release. The A-side of "Low God" features violin by Daren Ho of Driphouse.

Lay Lady Lay


Abelar Scout - Nep Quiz Contra


C20 by Jeff Witscher, also known as Rene Hell, Impregnable, Marble Sky and many other names. Released on cassette in 2009 by Witscher's Agents of Chaos label in an edition of just 35 copies.



Awkward Geisha - Death Metal

The other day, I was listening to Toxic Cock Syndrome and decided that I needed to check out Awkward Geisha. Never heard of them before and where the fuck have I been? They seem to have been a bunch of people diving in and out of proceedings creating what can only be called art. The only deadly metal on offer here is the axe on the cover. Think slo-mo and kinky post-hardcore, forgotten jazz records, slinky noodling that goes somewhere but where is none of your business, orchestral glitch and then put it in a blender ... what do I know? Well, I know it's quality!

Whilst claiming to be a triple CDr released in 2017, this is from a bandcamp site that doesn't appear to exist anymore.

careful with that metal eugene


Violent Onsen Geisha - Shocks! Shocks! Shocks! Remix '93

"Vanilla cassette CD reissue series Vol 1: VIOLENT ONSEN GEISHA's 91 debut. Super violent remix with an unreleased, 20 min.bonus track. This is the mega tape wich kicked open the gates of fame for VIOLENT ONSEN GEISHA." Bit dramatic. It's 22:52 by the way. Just saying.

Lossless rip of the CD released on Ring Music in 1993.



Hair Stylistics - CD-R04

I bet you'll never guess but ... this is just a total genius at work!



Hair Stylistics - CD-R03

Self-released CDr from 2010 featuring a single 55 minute track of raucous cetacean bewilderment.



MSBR - Collapseland


It's hard to choose a favorite MSBR album, but this 1995 CD is probably mine. Inspired by the tragic earthquake in Kobe in January of the same year, "Collapseland" is riveting and overpowering. It was released in a deluxe oversized package by a German label called Heel Stone, which only produced 3 CDs before closing up shop (one of which was the mediocre "Hole" by Merzbow, audibly not giving a shit, though the packaging on that album is better than the music). A strong album among loads of strong MSBR albums and one of the all-time classics of Japanese noise.  



Hair Stylistics - Untitled

I've always had this tagged as 2009, it might be January 2010. Ah well.



Hair Stylistics - Untitled

Self-released CDr from 2009.



The Gerogerigegege / Sedem Minút Strachu - Turn It Into Love / Rehabilit Dance

If you hear anything weirder this year then what sewers do you trawl? If only Japan was allowed into the Eurovision Song Contest so he could bestride the world with his manipulated filth.

The other side is in a different but equally genius place. Sedem Minút Strachu are a bunch of Slovakian noisecore arsekickers that I didn't know anything about until I heard this release. Very impressive.

7" released on K.A.Z. in 2020.

self-love dance


Hair Stylistics - CDR 2

It's probably not true, but I've been told that he would routinely turn up at the DiskUnion store in Tokyo with a bagful of that month's CDrs complete with his signature art as covers, be handed some cash and leave. And repeat. Maybe he still does. Apart from moving in with him, what chance did we ever have?

Another self-released CDr from 2009.



No More War Pigs

Apart from the music, there is a lot to love about Industrial Coast (if you avoid the fascination with Nicholas Cage):

"Last week's one off sale was a big one, & we raised around £900, split between Red Cross Ukraine & Ocalenie, to help in some small way the efforts to deal with the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. We are doing more stuff this weekend. Our noise comp will be out on cassette only late March/Early April. However, for today, its available digitally via Bandcamp. 16 tracks, including Like Weeds, Misery Engine, Miser, Stephen Shiell & Rush Falknor. Its available for 24hrs only. We dont do digital. 100% of of proceeds to World Central Kitchen & their refugee support work in Poland, Romania, Moldova & indeed Ukraine itself. There are also a bunch of new tees up."

Mine is in the metaphorical bag!


Eeyow Karoom - Aggro Sound

Mr Filthy Turd his good self engaged in fine centrifugal subterfuge.

C60 released in an edition of 33 on Anti-Everything in 2000.

come and have a go if you think you're hard enough


Hair Stylistics - CDR 1

All-encompassing, unfathomable genius that makes me smile more than is worthy of a simple human organism.

Self-released CDr from 2009.



Tea Gum Suck Dry - Paul And Candi Remix Tea Man With Tea Gum

The Paul in question is Paul Harrison (former member of Smell & Quim but much better known as Expose Your Eyes) and Candi Nook (aka The Shite Girls) remixing the work of Philipp Volokitin who ran Monopolka.

So, I was thinking can I link The Shite Girls up? The answer is yes but then I realised that this is also there digitally. It's there for the princely sum of fifty imperial pence or more. So, I'll break our rule of not posting available stuff by imploring you to go OVER HERE. There is so much great Northern noise on here it's not true (apart from the fact it's actually true ... Northern idioms probably don't travel that well). He's also on eBay as handybendyvendor where he sells his own music and art and some random shite. He'll happily print up the unavailable stuff as well if you want physical copies and he has the masters.

C40 released on Monopolka, Schmucks And Snicks and later as a CDr Fiend Recordings in two thousand and something. None of them could be bothered putting a year on it.

tea trollied


1%er ‎– Tomorrow Will Be Worse

So much persecution left to achieve but so little time remaining ...

C28 released on Green Records And Tapes. In 2012, there were 20 copies. Luckily reissused in an edition of 15 three years later.

tomorrow belongs to you


Hair Stylistics - Live!

We truly adore Nakahara Masaya. His creativity is unbounded and unique ... he is also redefining the word "prolific". I'm pretty sure that no one (not even him) will ever successfully catalogue his genius. His current output is largely via his whirlpool of a site. Oh My Fucking Christ On A Bike ... so so so so good! There is so little of his work out there that it's about time that I resurrected my posts from ten years ago ... with some others that I didn't get around to.

Triple disc released on his own Boid in 2009.



The Bongoloids - The Anaesthetic Revelation Of Ray Bong

Why are you asking me? I don't know why? I think refreshments might have been taken ...

Continue to decipher the hidden messages on ShanGORIL la Records

CD released on Bongo World Music in 2007.

pass the bucket on the left hand side


Tea Man With Tea Gum & Cementimental - Pockemon In My Database

Quality collaboration full of circuit bending noise and immolating Tribbles.

C72 released on Monopolka in 2004.

poke my base