Die Like A Dog Quartet - From Valley To Valley

Peter Brötzmann on sax, William Parker on bass, Hamid Drake on drums and on this occasion Toshinori Kondo is replaced on brass by Roy Campbell, Jr.

Recorded live at the Bezanson Recital Hall, Amherst, MA on the 25th of July 1998, and released on Eremite Records in 1999.

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Last Exit – Last Exit

It was with a heavy heart that I learnt of the passing of Peter Brötzmann on Thursday aged 82. An absolute titan of free jazz, both radical and revolutionary, he took the form into areas previously unthought of.

His legendary Last Exit quartet remains the only outfit that could give Borbetomagus a run for their money ... and then some!

The CD version released in Japan on Enemy Records in 1986

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This recording of the band playing at Deutsches Jazzfestival in 1986 is just utterly wild and easily the best thing you will have seen for quite a while.


T.Mikawa - Bloody, innocent and Strategic

Sometimes Discogs isn't entirely accurate ... I know ... who knew? It's something else entirely when the artist feels the need to correct the addition. A tough one to swallow that makes everyone else smirk ... cue instant karma.

"All titles of this CD shown above are totally incorrectly spelled.
This album is dedicated to BiS (Brand-new idol Society), which disbanded on 8th, July, 2014. All titles of each piece were named to show BiS when abbreviated. Therefore, all titles shown above are wrong.
They should be
1. Bloody, innocent and Strategic
2. Beyond internal Split
3. Bring impossible Satisfaction
4. Breathless incubus Sophisticated
5. Burning, isolated and Spectacular
6. Barbarian introduces Sabotage
and also, of course, the title of this album must be spelled as Bloody, innocent and Strategic. That's all what I would like to say as the artist of this album.
Toshiji Mikawa"

CD released on Alchemy Records in 2004.

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Various - Tokyo Invasion Volume 1: Cosmic Kurushi Monsters

A cracking compilation featuring the likes of Musica Transonic, High Rise, Boredoms, Ground Zero, Vajra, Altered States, Keiji Haino, Ruins, Fushitsusha, Melt-Banana and a hell of a lot more. Yeah, there is nothing exclusive to the release but that doesn't stop it being a shitload of fun.

You also get artwork courtesy of Savage Pencil ... I'm pretty sure there was never a second volume so I guess this didn't sell too well at the time which prompts the age old question: "what's wrong with poeple?"

Double CD released by a wannabe spaceman in 1996.

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It's around 900MB so best to lean on this server first ..



Incapacitants / Macronympha - Split

I remember referencing this when I posted the 7" split a while ago and expressing astonishhment that it was still for sale and linking a place to buy it. Pretty sure that you can't buy this anymore. You know where you are ...

C56 released on Bizarre Audio Arts in 2018. There were 50 of these.

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The Gerogerigegege - As If It Had Always Been Determined Since This Day Was Born

I've been meaning to post this for a while but have been too busy playing it on repeat. Gero gets filed away into an unfair niche largely due to some people's most regular contact being those releases containing Tetsuya Endoh's (ahem) artistic flourishes. It does Juntaro / them a massive diservice that any time spent with the wider discography amply demonstrates. This contains of a bunch of remixes and remasters that frankly could be seen as entirely new pieces of work ... amongst the tastefully manicured noise, there are even aspects that would fit in nicely with the good end of the C89 UK Indie crew.

CD released on いぬん堂 / Inundow (a great label more associated with Japanese punk and new wave) in October 2022. It even has the bonus CDr that was only available if you bought directly from Disk Union.

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T. Mikawa - Cloud Carpet Bombing

Now here is an entire bathful of HOLY SHIT!

Obviously, it's Toshiji Mikawa and I'll assume that you know where you are. Even so, you won't have seen this coming. It's a set released in Japan consisting of a box containing one CD and two tapes. The tapes replicate what is on the disc. I don't actually own this yet so you will have to cope with only having the rip of the CD. When I get my hands on a physical copy, I'll rip the tapes and put them up as well. Nerdtastic aspirations right there just for you.

This has genuinely surprised and excited me more than I thought possible. I've played this on rotation for the past couple of weeks and still can't translate it into the usual bollocks that I spout on here. This is genuinely special!

Released on Takuya Sakaguchi's Neurec label in 2022. There is a CD only version that raises it's head infrequently but I'm pretty sure that is not "authentic".

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