Archipelago Brewing Co. with Four Goddamn Girl Drummers - Drill Ye Tarriers Drill

This is kind of back to front but it really helps. This combines two separate releases. The first 10 tracks does what it says on the tin. The second 10 is the "Open Your Foot" tape released on Nuf Sed Fiery Chariot in 1987. Presumably it's added as a bonus or for pre-death posterity. It doesn't have the girl drummers (but does have Jay Paget of Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 which is a bonus in any right thinking world).

Anyway, down to business. It would appear that the head honcho of Archipelago Brewing Company is Brandan Kearney aka Jigsaw Puzzle Head and a fine upstanding member of Caroliner! The GDDs are Carrie Garrison, Janna Luther, Jessica Luther and Kris Schell. Now I love it when they give the drummer some so four makes me smile a lot.

So where to begin? Well, "Drill" is wonderful. Yeah, I know ... I say things are great all of the time but why would I post things that are bang average or just popular? It sounds like it's core is in the New Zealand underground and made by devotees of English post punk who added the rhythm, chaos and inflection of The Fall then viewed the results through the kaleidoscope of UT, Live Skull and Bongwater. Then it opens the door to your foot.

CD released on Brinkman Records in 1989.

Drill Ye Tarriers Drill


cool breeze 25 August 2018 at 00:26  

loving all this bay area underground stuff--thank you

Anonymous,  26 August 2018 at 12:25  

i wanna fresh fish!