Lasse Marhaug & Government Alpha - Headache Chocolate

C60 from two legends on Yasutoshi Yoshida's Xerxes label from 1997.

Headache Chocolate


Marhaug & Courtis – Jordslev Hojaldre

C52 ish released on Quasi Pop Records in 2007.

Lasse Marhaug and Anla Courtis (formerly of Reynols).

Jordslev Hojaldre


MCMS – The Great Golden Hive Of The Invisible

Double lathe-cut LP released on the excellent and forward thinking label/distro Eclipse Records in 2002.

MCMS were Chris Moon who runs the Last Visible Dog label and Matt Silcock. Here they offer us some great guitar driven avant-psych drone freekfolk kinda thing.

The Great Golden Hive Of The Invisible


Maria Zerfall – Kopfkrieg 1985-1995

Double CD or LP retrospective on Membrum Debile Propaganda from 2000.

Disc 1

Disc 2


Stabat Mors & Maria Zerfall / Netzach – Inferno Und Dem Garten

LP and 7 inch single on abRECt in 1997.

Maria Zerfall is actually the industrial/experimental project of Christine Weyrether.

"The meaning of name MARIA ZERFALL: it is like a little philosophy. MARIA means innocence and ZERFALL is decay of all material things (physical)."

Inferno Und Dem Garten


Various - Festival Beyond Innocence: A Brief History In 67 Chapters

Four discs featuring live recordings from the Festival Beyond Innocence, Xebec Hall, Kobe between 1996 and 2000.

This was released on Japanese label FBI Disc (ohhh, the irony!) in 2002 and as far as I can tell is thoroughly out of print.

There's far too much to say about this one ... so go here to find out who's playing.

Disc 1

Disc 2

Disc 3

Disc 4


Mason Jones - International Incident

Live recordings released on Mason's own Charnel Music in 1998 covering music from tours to Japan between 1995 and 1997.

This features contributions from Kazuyuki Kishino, Atsushi Tsuyama, Hajime Koizumi, Makoto Kawabata, Jojo Hiroshige, Seiichi Yamamoto and Akifumi Nakajima.


If you need any more convincing (and if you do...what the hell are you doing here?), there are more words here.

International Incident


Josh Lay - Blood In The Dark I & II

Two C20 tapes released on Nurse Etiquette in 2007. The label packed it in last year after their 99th release. Great label that made a big impact!

I was going to drop Hater Of Life but Static (just) beat me to it...

Blood In The Dark I & II


Josh Lay - Abandoned By Christ

C24 on Long Long Chaney.

Abandoned By Christ


Optrum - Recorded

Optrum are Atsuhiro Ito and Yoichiro Shin. The former featured on a Hair Stylistics live thing I posted recently.

"Optrum is the fusion of Atsuhiro Ito's guitar-like playing of a modified fluorescent tube (the Optron) and Yoichiro Shin's years of experience as a highly technical drummer; they fittingly call their sound "optical noise core"."

This is brilliant! Hold on tight!



Coffee - Artifact / Artifact Shadow

Double CD on The Lotus Sound from 1997. Core members are John Olson, Dave Cross and Tim Poland. The latter two are also members of the Arthur Doyle Electro-Acoustic Ensemble. Here they are joined by a host of others in full on Free Improv Jazz Ensemble mode. Kinda like being inside the head of a very drunk Tom Waits (well, probably not...but...).


Artifact Shadow


Mason Jones & Makoto Kawabata - Within A Golden Moment


"Avant-garde ambient noise, with San Francisco's Mason Jones on guitar drone and Makoto Kawabata on violin."

Within A Golden Moment

Mason is a legend...quite possibly AMT's gateway drug that got them across to America in the first place. If you are in any doubt as to the respect he is held in by AMT...check the number of "thanks to Mason Jones" comments in the small print of your AMT releases!'s a little live thing with Mason and Kawabata:

Kawabata Makoto & Mason Jones & Magnetic Lucifer - Live at Kimo's, San Francisco, 29.10.2001


Floating Flower - 1st


"First release in a new series of acid folk from Acid Mothers Temple. New shamanic trip folk stars on a quest for the ultimate looseness and acidness!"



Zoffy - Zo Zo Zo Zo Zoffy!!!


"Second album by the psychedelic trip trad duo of Atsushi Tsuyama (Omoide Hatoba) and Makoto Kawabata (Musica Transonic). Chosen as the best album of 1998 by Hoppy Kamiyama (God Mountain) in Indies Magazine. Bizarre work overflowing with B-grade humor."

Zo Zo Zo Zo Zoffy!!!


Kawabata Makoto - Mitsuha / Kawabata Makoto Guitar Solo 2


"Volume two of Kawabata's solo guitar work. Enlightened acoustic improvisations that transcend the limitations of the guitar."

Mitsuha / Kawabata Makoto Guitar Solo 2


Father Moo & The Black Sheep - Father Moo & The Black Sheep


"Cult trip document by Father Moo and his handmaidens. Demonic scriptures of dubious eroticism and cultism, performed by the heretical guru Father Moo and his female disciples. Minimal acoustic works using just female chanting and drones."

Father Moo & The Black Sheep


Tsurubami - Tenkyo No To


"The return of the mysterious group that Makoto Kawabata led at the same time as his involvement with Toho Sara. The group were known for their unique practice of the Chinese concepts of yin/yang and the Five Elements in order to discover the shugen-on-a-sound that travel back to the universal source of all things. Is the enlightened rapture found in the depths of the ruins the ultimate psychedelia?"

Tenkyo No To


Zoffy - Zet


"Dark, occult, psychedelic trad group by Tsuyama Atsushi (Omoide hatoba) and Kawabata Makoto. A mysterious world of swirling black humour."



Kawabata Makoto - Gesseki NoSho / Kawabata Makoto Sarangi Solo


"Improvisation on the sarangi, a bowed Indian instrument. Esoteric acoustic works that conceal a sense of magic and chaos akin to that of Toho Sara."

Gesseki NoSho / Kawabata Makoto Sarangi Solo


Uchu - Uchu


"Extreme virtual trip psychedelic guitar unit. First in a series of Universal Revelations from the soul community Acid Mothers Temple."



Kawabata Makoto - Mizu Naranu Ao Ni Sae / Kawabata Makoto guitar solo 1

First cdr released on the Acid Mothers Temple label as part of their "Gold Disc Series" editions.

"When we set up the Acid Mothers Temple label in January 1998, cdrs were still an unusual format. We didn't have the money to do conventional pressings of our music at the time, but this new format allowed us to set up the label and release whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted. We thought that at most there would be only a hundred people in the world who would want to hear our music, which was why we decided to do releases in editions of 100. Recently we have started the NEW GOLD DISC SERIES, and the original GOLD DISC SERIES is now defunct." Little did the world (or AMT) realise what would be unleased upon the world!

"First collection of solo guitar works by Kawabata Makoto. Dazzling music for the temporal world, overflowing with a sense of pellucidity totally different from his work with Musica Transonic."

Mizu Naranu Ao Ni Sae / Guitar Solo 1


Kay Lawrence - Gills Cut Into Women

Kay Lawrence is the collaborative work of Cristiano Renzoni and Sam McKinlay. Again this is an LP released on edition of 99 from 2011.

Cristiano (aka Alo Girl) also runs Urashima. I can't think of a label that releases so much high quality noisework so consistently. The commitment is to vinyl. The commitment is to quality. Art and artifact! The rips of the vinyl do not do the label's work justice. Trust me ... I own a lot of it ...

The future is black...The future is (black) vinyl!

Gills Cut Into Women


Fouke / Is / The Rita / Vomir - HNW

LP released in an edition of 100 on Urashima in 2010.



Vice Wears Black Hose - Part 5

You should already know that VWBH are Richard Ramirez and Sam McKinlay.

This is a 7" released as part of an ultra expensive subscription series from the stunningly effective Urashima label. There were only 20 copies of this for sale...weep at the limited opportunity to hold this.

Tzomborgha has already posted Parts 3 and 4.

Part 5


Stabat Mors - Struktur Mit Dominante - Soniche Kritik Funktionalistischer Vernunft

Stabat Mors is the noise work of Christian Koehler. There are reasons why I don't want to comment so much. I don't want to colour your opinion if this is your first encounter. See what you think.

Cdr on Recordings For The Summer from 2004.

Struktur Mit Dominante


Rodger Stella / Leslie Keffer - Remixes Brine & Devastates

Double CDR released on Action Claw Records in 2006.

Rodger Stella is one half of Macronympha whilst Leslie Keffer just IS!

In a weird piece of synchronicity, I uploaded this last night to post today only to find that Static Fanatic has posted Brine today. Great minds and all that...

Disc 1
Disc 2


Kaneko Jutok - 終わり無き廃墟 [Endless Ruins]

CD or LP release from P.S.F. Records in 2001.

This was the first solo album by the leader of the mighty Kousokuya. Yeah, that's why his name rang a bell!

Endless Ruins


Jutok Kaneko & Koji Shimura - Live 05.28.04

CDR sold on the duo's 2004 American tour. There were thirty copies!

Koji Shimura has drummed with various incarnations of Acid Mothers Temple as well as High Rise and Mainliner amongst other great Japanese outfits.

Live 05.28.04


Kaneko Jutok & Kikukawa Takahisa - Wedged Night

LP released on Siwa in 2005 in an edition of 500.

Takahisa Kikukawa is the drummer with the wonderful Suishou No Fune.

Wedged Night


Kaneko Jutok - Live At Jerry Jeff

CDR released in 2006 in an impossibly small edition of 100 copies. Released on Kazuhiro Okuno's There label.

Live At Jerry Jeff


Pop Culture Rape Victim - Various Attempts At Redemption

Pop Culture Rape Victim (or you will find recordings as PCRV) is the work of Matt Taggart. During the intermission, I started pulling things off the shelves that I hadn't heard for a while. Time well spent.

Matt always throws out varied noise offerings...this is no exception, from the vaguely psych veering towards HNW territory.

Double cdr on dollfullofrivets from 2007. The label was run by Erik Arteaga aka Nkondi. Eric and label appear to have ceased...unless you know otherwise...?

Redemption - Disc 1
Redemption - Disc 2


Drowner Yellow Swans - Drowner Yellow Swans

Yellow Swans were Gabriel Mindel Saloman and Pete Swanson. More often than not, the band name was preceded by a "D" word...this time around it's "Drowner".

This was released as a C60 tape on Tape Room in 2007...and later released on the same label the following year as a cdr. This is the you care!

Somebody dropped a comment in the YS post from waaaaay back asking for this one. I had it ready for posting prior to the "death". Well, I hadn't forgotten and now it's here.

Drowner Yellow Swans


The Rita - The Nylons Of Laura Antonelli

Sam McKinley presents his fascination with stockings and Italian actress Laura Antonelli. A proclivity that I have some sympathy with.

"Recorded live using various mic'd styles of women's nylon stockings. Methodical dwelling on the different densities of the nylons via classic harsh noise instrumentation. Stockings, eye liner, eye shadow, and mascara - the abstraction and deconstruction of the female form."

Eight C30 tapes released in 2009 in a tiny edition of 49 copies on the (very recently deceased) Utmarken label.

Thank you Utmarken!!!

Tapes 1-2
Tapes 3-4
Tapes 5-6
Tapes 7-8