The Rita - Retrospective II

09.07.16: The links on Metallic Imagery are dead ... so whilst I'm re-uploading some things, I thought I'd take the liberty of posting links here.

Tape One
Tape Two
Tape Three
Tape Four

I heard a rumour a few weeks ago that there was a second retrospective due to be released. It was partially accurate. It was released on Total Black on the 1st of June. By the time I got there all 100 had gone. Cue desperate pleas to the label to no avail and tears shed. This was something that I would never get to hear!

Quite randomly, I checked the referring sites stats for this blog and saw a name there that I didn't recognise.'re ahead of me already...

Metallic Imagery had already posted it here. It's also a fine blog.

When the label got back to me, they apologised for their tardiness in not keeping one copy just for me and informed me of the loveliness that was a deluxe tape reissue of the Nylons of Laura Antonelli set. The preorder came with a t-shirt, expanded artwork, photographic inserts, a poster and a dollop of love! The preorder has already sold fucking out. You'd better be sharp on the regular will be around for about five minutes.

There's some Dead Body Collection and Werewolf Jerusalem in the pipeline as well. Trust me, you had better be quick! Don't say I didn't warn you. Does it get any better? Well, yes. Total Black has a shopfront with some impressive distro links. You can't go wrong! For a young label, it's kicking arse big style.

Don't thank me ... thank Metallic Imagery.


Hal Hutchinson - Mr Slow Death

HH brings the noise on this CDr that was jointly released on the Netherlands' Kwark Records and Canada's Maggote Meat Shoppe in 2009 in limited numbers.

You might (should) also know Hal's work from other incarnations such as Pollutive Static, Controlled Property, Execution Support Act, Extreme Penetrations, The Killer Department, Meatgrinder and Threaten To Kill.

Mr Slow Death


Hal Hutchinson - Wrecked Sundays

Single-sided C90 released on the slyly named Derry Air Records in 2010 in an edition of 15.

It was co-released by Tomoaki Soma's Sodoma Record in similar quantities as a CDr. And, yes, that's the same man that records as Soma!

Wrecked Sundays


Hal Hutchinson - Amplifactions

3" CDr released in 2010 on Mr H's own Der Bünker Records.

Looks like the label activity ceased this time last year but Hal is still very active!



Gore Beyond Necropsy - Wild & Frantic! Rock 'N' Roll Special!!!

Probably my favourite GBN release. They do a full on harsh garage rock cover thing all over some brilliant songs.

And it's all crammed into a quality 7" from HG Fact from 2003.



Arsedestroyer & Gore Beyond Necropsy & Nikudorei - Tripple Shocks !!! Freak Noise Show

LP split between Sweden's magnificently monikered Arsedestroyer, GBN in grindnoise mood and a tantalising Nikudorei who feature Eri Isaka, Yukimasa Okada and Kenny Sanderson (aka Facialmess).

Split release on Meatbox Records and Harshit Records from 2003.

Freak Noise Show


Gore Beyond Necropsy‎ - Go! Filth Go!!!

Gore Beyond Necropsy‎ doing their Analdrillinggrind Harshit Core grenade blast thing on their own Harshit Records back in 1999.

Go! Filth Go!!!


Merzbow + Gore Beyond Necropsy‎ - Rectal Grinder EP

Mr Akita rips my favourite Japanese Coprophiliacs a new arsehole on this 7" released on Mangrove in 1995.

Rectal Grinder


The Dead Machines - Every Hour Of Every Day

This is a six-disc set released on American Tapes ‎(AM399) in 2005 in an edition of 30.

It's John and Tovah Olson. 'Nuff Said!

Disc 1

Disc 2

Disc 3

Disc 4

Disc 5

Disc 6


Various‎ - Hoisting The Black Flag

This is an LP released on United Dairies in 1980.

I'm pretty sure that the Lemon Kittens track didn't appear anywhere else. Amongst others you also get early Nurse With Wound and Whitehouse.

When I was a kid, labels like UD made me realise that there were other people like me out there and I wasn't quite the freak that the domestic violence suggested I was. The Fall's Live At The Witch Trials LP was the gateway...this was a close second...

Hoisting The Black Flag


Lemon Kittens‎ - Cake Beast

Somebody got in touch because they REALLY wanted this 12".

Anybody who wants to view the world via the splintered prism of Lemon Kittens is fine by me!

45rpm 12" released on United Dairies in 1980.

Cake Beast


Various‎ - The Trees Are All Blocking The Forest

Double CDr featuring Max Bellancourt (aka Allan Upton), Sindre Bjerga (who also runs the excellent Gold Soundz label), JR Moore (who also records as Black Mountain Transmitter and Cloudland Ballroom), Neil Campbell's post-Vibracathedral Orchestra Astral Social Club project, Wereju (aka Cathal Rodgers) and A Vibrant Struggle (who are Sindre Bjerga, Jan Morten Iversen and Steffan de Turck).

Released in 2011 on the magnificent Striate Cortex.

Part 1

Part 2


Cracksteel - Felucca

C46 on Cipher Productions from 2005.

Buckle up people...Kazuhiro Matsuyama's noise work is quality business!

If anybody is sitting on more Cracksteel...please, please, please, etc.



Cracksteel‎ - Blood Purge

CDr on Chi Omega Institute from 2008 again.

This is a reissue of a tape on Japanese label Workturm Ghetto from 1996.

Blood Purge


Cracksteel - Bitch Jap Run

Kazuhiro Matsuyama on CD on Chi Omega Institute from 2008.

Bitch Jap Run


Black Leather Jesus‎ - Crawl For Your Groom

You already know that I love the Black Leather Jesus‎ carousel.

This is a four times C60 set released by Dan "Churner"'s beautiful Violent Noise Atrocities label in 2009 in an edition of 50.

Dan has taken time out from creating and releasing. The chances are that the label will not come back. Dan has even disappeared from selling his wares on Discogs.

I fear that the mission is terminated.

Thanks Dan! I'll miss you a hell of a lot!!!

This set features previously released and long vanished recordings from Richard Ramirez's Deadline Recordings and unreleased sessions from 1995.

This was dedicated to the memory of three former members of Black Leather Jesus who are no longer with us: Randi Shrum-Houston, Kevin Ogg, and Donna Mikli.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


White Hospital‎ - Holocaust

White Hospital‎ were a short-lived project featuring Jun Konagaya and Tomasada Kuwahara. They released one album and a 7" before they broke up. Jun Konagaya went on to record as Grim whilst Tomasada Kuwahara went on to form Vasilisk. The split appears to have been amicable. Jun released the first two Vasilisk LPs on his own Eskimo Records and contributed vocals on occasion.

This is a 45rpm LP released on Eskimo Records in 1984.

It's only 22 minutes long which is a shame because this is genius.

Think early Psychic TV, '88/'89 Ministry and Sutcliffe Jügend all rolled into one. Or think something else.



Grim‎ - Vital 1983-89

Grim is the work of Jun Konagaya.

It's where industrial, power electronics and noise meets nursery rhymes and nightmares.

There is nobody like him at all.

It's Grim!

Triple LP reworking courtesy of the immortal Vinyl On Demand from 2011.

"Vital 1983 - 86"

"Amaterasu" & "Folk Music"

"Message" & Compilation Tracks


Unuseable Signal‎ - Skull Continents

CDr from Mr Olson on American Tapes ‎(AM321) in 2003.

Skull Continents


Unuseable Signal‎ - Universe In Terrors

CDr from John Olson on his own American Tapes (AM328) from 2004.

Universe In Terrors


Failing Lights & Unusable Signal‎ - Collaboration

LP on American Tapes (AM450) from 2005 featuring Mike Connelly and John Olson.

Failing Signal‎


Kengo Iuchi - 花狂いの夜

Also known as Hawagurui no Yonu.

C48 released on SMCA in 1994.

This release also features Yukio Fukumoto on guitar, Chie Mukai on percussion and vocals, Yoshimitsu Ichiraku on percussion and Minoru Kawabata on saxaphone.

A good friend once described Kengo Iuchi's work as "...imagine Tomokawa Kazuki as a grouchy 2-year-old, on a guitar that Jandek threw in the trash... or a particularly artless Dead Raven Choir without the metal... or tunes". It's strange and singular!

Hawagurui no Yonu


Kengo Iuchi - 邪鬼祭 '89ライブ

Also known as Jakisai Live '89.

This tape was re-released in 1995 on 四国満都 (can anybody help with a translation?) aka SMCA having been originally released in 1990 in a tiny edition of 50.

Jakisai Live '89


Kengo Iuchi - 犬神と家畜

Also known as Inugami To Kachiko.

LP released on Kubitsuri Tapes in 1995.

Inugami To Kachiko


Various‎ - Belgrade Is The World

C60 from earlier this year on Posh Isolation. 100 copies that disappeared immediately.

Belgrade Is The World


V.D. - Just As Pretty

Have you ever thought that you have too much music?

I've chased this for ages. I've been clearing out the "junk room" and lo and behold...a couple of boxes of cdrs and tapes...

Keith Brewer (Mania and Taint) & Chris Goudreau (Sickness).

It was released on Chris's Ninth Circle Music but I haven't been able to carbon date the cardboard box or remember my name so ... blah!

Just As Pretty


German Army - Tarsier

This is a C42 released on Nute Records in 2012. Nute is a sub-division of the glorious Irish label Trensmat

I'm utterly obsessed with German Army. For ages I imagined in my tiny mind that if Mark Stewart had left The Pop Group and had gone on to write the Butthole's best songs...then it would sound like German Army.

And then this tape has a 9 minute reworking by Whirling Hall Of Knives which is obviously a nod to the track on Rembrandt Pussyhorse.

See, it all makes sense...eventually.



German Army - Papua Mass

This is a C40 released on Night People in 2011.

Papua Mass


German Army - Turkish Bath

CDr released on Kill Shaman in 2011.

Information on these savants of the west coast of America is hard to find. However:

"German Army is a side project of Paul Kneejie (The Pope, Submissions, Bipolar Bear) and Greg Toumassian. German Army is an experiment in ambient and atmospheric jungle minimal music. It’s dark, rhythmic, druggy, and enchanting. Recommended if you like Factums, The Dreams, etc. Check out their video of “Pulling Lashes” on the home page. This is a split release with AM Discs."

Turkish Bath