Various - God Bless America

I hadn't listened to this for a while but then Randy Greif left a comment on the post. He'd just wandered past and saw how much love there is for him and his his early work in particular. Nice to know that the sub-undergrounders can surprise the very people that we admire so much. The better news is that he is still producing great new music and that Tribe Tapes have reissued Golden Joy Club with two more early releases scheduled. He also has some of the mid-period CDs in his possession (Shadowbug 4 etc). Hopefully, Randy will add a mersh tab on the BC page for those ... but if there is something that you really need then you can get him on the BC.

There were quite a lot of prominent pops and clicks that I have removed and levelled up the volume so you may find that this one sounds much improved. Or not.

Originally posted on here in 2016 by Mrs Inside and it's still a triple LP released on RRRecords in 1985.

As she said at the time: "One of the all-time classic compilations of US underground industrial noise and home-taper weirdness, this triple LP boxset from came out in 1985 on RRRecords, with 100 copies wrapped in an American flag. It features tracks by Borbetomagus, Controlled Bleeding, Dimthings, Smersh, Tom Recchion (of LAFMS), Un-Film, Psyclones, Data-Bank-A, Maybe Mental,Sleep Chamber, Master/Slave Relationship, PGR, Architects Office, Smegma, Blackhouse, F/i, Randy Grief / Screaming Dukduks, Eugene Chadbourne, Walls of Genius and more."

God Bless RRRon