Sky Juice - Hard To Kill

LP on Olde English Spelling Bee from 2008.

Sky Juice is the work of Zac Davis-Kelly who used to be a member of the brilliant Lambsbread and has latterly recorded alongside Demons.

Hard To Kill


Sky Juice - Electric Mainline

CDr on Maim & Disfigure from 2006.

Electric Mainline


Werewolf Jerusalem‎ - Static Studies


Whilst wandering through my boxes of neglected music, I found this. I'd nearly forgotten that I had it! It's a double cdr released on Italian label Second Sleep in 2007.

I travelled most of the length of the country and spent a load of money just to see Richard Ramirez perform a half hour WJ set. Well worth it!

This does exactly what it says on the tin!!!

Static 1

Static 2



Check this out for a prime example of the kind of shit you have to put up with when you try to do the right thing:

"hey man please both you and static fanatic change filehoster because this new modality in free mode, two download every two hours, is really unberable. anyway go on, those blogs are great"

This kind of crap is always from "anonymous".

What world do people live in?

...Excuse me but I'm not happy. I am slightly inconvenienced by your method of introducing me to music I would never have heard before and actually can't access anywhere else...

I know I shouldn't bite, but...for fucks sake...I'm on the 4th filehost...Static has just re-uploaded about four years of work...the political climate suggests that our easiest way of spreading the sub-underground is going to disappear in a blaze of lawsuits...

...and what do you get...whinging bastard wankers!!!

I haven't posted for a while because I've been breaking in the new tape ripper and have started to wade through about 500 tapes that I haven't been able to pay due attention to (never mind the time I've lost with my partner and my cats) because I've been doing this blog...

...and these freeloading entitled fuckwits think they can influence me (or godheads like Static) because it is not convenient for them...

How degenerate. Are we not better than this? Is this the best that we can do?


Kylie Minoise - The Deliciouness Of Fire

It's Kylie Minoise. It's Lea Cummings. Yeah, I know!

What do you mean, is it any good? Don't talk daft!

C20 released on Beartown Records last year. Seriously, you need to check them out! You may well be drawn to the names that you recognise (Blood Stereo, Knox Mitchell, Fossils, BBBLOOD, Andrew Coltrane, Astral Social Club, Oubliette, Vomir or Torturing Nurse) but take a punt on the names that are new to you. The quality is controlled and at £4 per tape they aren't in this to make a fortune. They are in this to introduce you to your new favourite thing. And they will!!!

Word: "Side A of THE DELICIOUSNESS OF FIRE sees the superimposition of stuttering sirens, guttural feedback, and spiralling walls of deep static. Each layer of racket consuming and devouring the other – cannibal-jazz! Solid boulders of sound are drilled, extracted, refined and polished, before being cast back into the roaring furnace of futility.

On the flip side, a deafening toxic gale blows long and hard. Swirling columns of sonic detritus rise up and disintegrate, tumbling down in a series of echoing, slow-motion crash landings. A rusted, collapsing, corrugated iron shed of a release."

Nuff Said.

The Deliciouness Of Fire


Culver - Fall For The Severed Hand

Culver is a long-standing favourite of the blog. It is, of course, the harsh drone noisework of Lee Stokoe who also runs the Matching Head label.

The second of the two tracks is majestic. It begins with a mesmeric looped (?backwards guitar) refrain that holds a central position as the drones sweep and build overhead. Over the 20+ minutes it gradually fades into memory as the stormclouds build and we descend into low-end rumble. Highly recommended!

This cdr was released on the extremely impressive Beartown Records three months ago:

"Track one is a brief, subtle underwater foghorn; a "creature beneath the bed" affair, basking in acidic, aural bass discharge. Track two, "broken-dead-child's-first-keyboard-vibe" - twisting, folding in beyond itself and misbehaving - turning the noise tummy right bad.

Drone innocence abandons shattered tired torso. An absolute gem."

Quite right!

Fall For The Severed Hand


Cheapmachines & Pollutive Static - Split

Now here is a split made in noise heaven.

On Side A you get longstanding antagonist Cheapmachines which is the work of Philip Julian. Apart from his excellent solo work, Julian has collaborated with Maurizio Bianchi, A Band, Birchville Cat Motel, Nihilist Assault Group, The New Blockaders and GX Jupitter-Larsen as well as being a member of the improvised drone outfit Signals. Obviously, this is quality.

On Side B you get Hal Hutchinson's Pollutive Static. Just when you get to appreciate how good Phil's side is...Hal smashes your back doors in! There are genuine beats in here that guide you through the trance maelstrom. It's the best side of a "harsh noise" tape that I've heard for years.

I ripped this in various mic input levels because the first was at 10. I thought the ferocity of this tape was was inluenced by my rip. Then I realised that this tape really hits you get it in 10.

This c40 was released on Beartown Records in 2011 in an edition of 45. It's sold out at the label but Phil has one copy for sale on Discogs. It's £4...snap it up!

"Definitely one for reaching those states of consciousness that other noise tapes just can't get to! Pop this on the walkman and see a cityscape or countryside vista transformed into a collage of forms and shapes, shifting on imperceptibely subtle trajectories. Welcome to the interzone, leave your shoes by the door." Burroughs would have been appalled and proud.

Cheapmachines & Pollutive Static


Aqua Dentata - March Hare, Kraken Mare

Aqua Dentata is the work of Eddie Nuttall who also participates in the excellent Baraclough.

This is a really quite wonderful cdr released on Beartown Records earlier this year. Beartown is a stone cold inspired UK based label that has already managed to release some of the greatest current subundergrounders...from Astral Social Club to Vomir. Pay attention! Spend money! Pay Homage!

The Beartown boys also have a lovely turn of phrase: "Nuttall has developed his AQUA DENTATA project further, utilizing synthesizers, tapes, microphones and bowed miscellany creating a meditative and hypnotic vibe. The result is a sparse, desolate and quite frankly, downright eery affair - think majestic, gushing waves collapsing in on themselves, distilling into vacuumed interzone voids and seemingly sourceless, spectral whispers that may never even have existed. This is a recording that will leave your senses/sensors rendered irrelevant."

If I was ever lucky enough to be riddled with psilocybin in a Cambodian temple at midnight...this would be my internal dialogue. Think Master Musicians Of Bukkake stripped right back to it's essentials. Wonderful!

March Hare, Kraken Mare


Coum Transmissions‎ - The Sound Of Porridge Bubbling

LP released on Dais Records in 2009.

You should know all about Coum Transmissions.

If you don't, I'll leave it to professional mouthpiece Tory MP Sir Nicholas Fairbairn: [they are] "a sickening outrage. Obscene. Evil. Public money is being wasted here to destroy the morality of our society. These people are the wreckers of civilization!" . His only positive contribution to the culture of a nation!

I completely recommend the book by Simon Ford "The Wreckers of Civilization: The Story of Coum Transmissions & Throbbing Gristle". Track it really is an excellent account of the COUM/TG birth and death!

The Sound Of Porridge Bubbling


Dried Up Corpse‎ - Nothing From Nothing

C30 on Fragment Factory from 2010.

There's a new Broken Penis Orchestra tape from the label...which you well as a lot of other, dive in!


...and here is some live material that Stan gave me a while ago...

Live @ Chickenhed Church 04-12-09

Live @ The Josephine 05-15-09

Live @ The Josephine 08-24-09 (wav)

Live @ Harshfest 11-11-09 (wav)

Live @ The Josephine 12-19-09


The Cherry Point / Dried Up Corpse‎ - Split

C26 on Gnarled Forest from 2009.

Both sides feature live recordings. Obviously, The Cherry Point is Phil Blankenship. On Phil's side, he is playing live with Sam McKinlay...which is obviously very good news.

God, I miss Gnarled Forest!

Dried Cherry


Dried Up Corpse / Numb Erone‎ - Split

C30 on Gnarled Forest from 2009.

Numb Corpse


Dried Up Corpse‎ - Dried Up Corpse

C15 on Gnarled Forest from 2009.

Dried Up Corpse


Dried Up Corpse‎ - Dried Blood / Rusted Knife

Dried Up Corpse‎ is the work of Stan Reed who you know as one half of Blue Sabbath Black Cheer.

This is the first DUC outing which uses BSBC's "Scum" as source material.

C20 on Kevin McEleney's (aka Droughter) Heavy Psych label in 2008.

Dried Blood / Rusted Knife


Alvarius B.‎ - Alvarius B.

This is the second Alvarius B. release.

A double LP on Abduction from 1997. As far as I am aware, this was never rereleased either on CD or any other format. I can't imagine why!

Link Removed By Request: see comments


Alvarius B.‎ - Alvarius B.

Alvarius B. is/are one of the Sun City Girls splinter cells consisting of Alan Bishop, Hitman Kong Thep and Uncle Jim. Or...Alan Bishop, Alan Bishop and erm Alan Bishop.

This was initially released as an LP in 1994 on the SCG's Abduction label and then rereleased as a CD with four bonus tracks in 2006. Naturally, we hoovered these up and they are long gone!

This is the CD version.

Link Removed By Request: see comments


Ryan Bloomer - Bully Hiss

C30 released on the sublime Phage Tapes in 2009.

You should also know Ryan from his works as Piss Horn or Flatline Construct as well as his input to The Endless Blockade.

Bully Hiss


Ryan Bloomer - Ten Elbow Strikes

C20 released on Abhorrent A.D. in 2007.

Ten Elbow Strikes


Stegm - Sugar Shower

Stegm is the work of Ryan Bloomer.

This CDr was released on his own Trauma Tone Recordings in 2005 before getting the vinyl treatment on Freak Animal Records a year later.

Sugar Shower


Stegm‎ - Grim Housekeeper

Double C20 released on rundownsun in 2006.

Grim Housekeeper


Iron Fist Of The Sun‎ - Danny La Rue Died In His Sleep

C50 released on Unrest Productions in 2010.

IFOTS is the brilliant power electronics work of Birmingham's Lee Howard.

I also have the Behavioural Decline CD and the split LP with Burial Hex on Cold Spring and the new Tears Royal LP on Unrest Productions. I won't be posting these as they are still avaailble...I totally recommend you buy them!

However...if any of you are sitting on some of the other OOPs that you wouldn't mind sending my way, I will love you for quite a while...

btw...Danny La Rue was a "female impersonator" who was famous for a while and had a basement club in Manchester where he entertained the heterosexual scampi in a basket brigade...the antithesis to Bernard Manning ... perhaps.

Danny La Rue Died In His Sleep


Jojo Hiroshige - The Very Best Of Jojo Hiroshige

2002 Alchemy Records release celebrating the work of the legendary founder of Hijokaidan.

The Very Best Of Jojo Hiroshige


Jojo Hiroshige - Konomama Shinde Shimaitai

CD released on his own Alchemy Records in 2000.

Konomama Shinde Shimaitai