Happy Birthday Pauline!

The 30th of March is an important day, marking the 80th birthday of Pauline Oliveros!

The birthday of a deeply inspirational person who has made unique music aross seven decades. Boundaries seem to have been irrelevant to Pauline. However, this is easy for me to say. To have followed your own vision so consistently is astonishing. I can only hope that I will be as true to myself as Pauline appears to have been to herself.

There are many eloquent tributes out there. I am not grandious enough to compete or repeat. All I will say is, that when the world comes crashing down on me, Pauline creates that space in my head where all of that external nonsense becomes irrelavent. Pauline creates that space where I remember (or realise) where my priorities lie.

These are (as the song goes) a few of my favourite things:

Pauline Oliveros - Four Electronic Pieces 1959-1966

2008 release on Sub Rosa which brings together compositions from between 1959 and 1966.

Four Electronic Pieces

Pauline Oliveros - Alien Bog / Beautiful Soop

Pogus Productions release from 1997 bringing together two compositions from 1996 and 1967.

Alien Soop

Pauline Oliveros - Electronic Works

1997 disc released on Paradigm Discs bringing together three compositions from '65 and '66 including the marvellous "Big Mother Is Watching You".

Electronic Works

Pauline Oliveros / Miya Masaoka - Accordion Koto

Collaboration released on Deep Listening in 2007.

Accordion Koto

Eleh / Pauline Oliveros - The Beauty Of The Steel Skeleton / Drifting Depths

LP released on Important Records in 2008.

Skeleton Depths

Pauline Oliveros, Roscoe Mitchell, John Tilbury, Wadada Leo Smith - Living It Up (Live In Bologna, 2011)

Live performance from the ANGELICA 21 Festival Internazionale di Musica.

Living It Up


Astromason / Blue Sabbath Black Cheer

The good news is that this is a C75 tape released on the mighty Gnarled Forest last year.

The even better news is that Astromason is Hiroshi Hasegawa (who obviously gives you the Astro) and BSBC collaborator and all round nice guy Mason Jones (who obviously gives you the...ahh, you're ahead of me). BSBC also have the additional power of Crystal Perez as if Stan and Wm. weren't enough for you.

The bad news is that this was the 45th and final release on GF. Stan is hard at work (a likely story) and Mr Rage has recently become a father so there are plenty of other things to concentrate on! Although I mourn the death of a great label, BSBC are still active and there will be more to come...and I'll keep you posted...


And you can file this one under "because I can..." ...

Ptôse - Hand-made Electronics

Ptôse were/are a very influential French outfit that floated somewhere between The Normal and The Residents. Since I found out that there is a new addition to the Rage household, I can't get the first track of this 1983 tape out of my head!

Mr Rage used to stop by here ... if you still do, the first track is for you!

baby rage


Runzelstirn & Gurgelstøck & Sudden Infant - Prozession 000092er (M.arsch) / Radio-Aktion 920518

I did say that entertaining rather than desperate requests for re-ups stood a better chance.

Today(ish) Cheese Grater requested this!

Only a man (and it could only be male) would have the sheer subservience to bow down before the great and versatile god of dairy related products! Unless the grater relates to the destroyer of cheese...

I need a lie down in a dark room.........

Say Cheese!


Here we go again...

The day ends with a Y...therefore it's change of filehost day!

Mediafart appears to have become pretty unreliable from an upload perspective. In the past two weeks, both Static Fanatic and Enochian Tapestries have thought that their MF accounts have been suspended...but in speaking to the former, it wasn't the case and the downloads continued.

My suspicion is that there is either a concerted "legal" DNS attack on MF or they are getting twichy and making things difficult hoping people will leave or, well, shit happens and it's one of those temporary things.

Nevertheless, I can't upload shit! (Mind you, some will think that most of what I've posted is shit. Don't worry about it, tip me on the way out!)

I need to keep my enthusiasm going ... so... have been trying out the host that Tzomborgha has been using on Corrupted Delights. Downloading from there has always been hassle free (although upping is a bit weird). MF has always been excellent so I'm hoping this is a short term glitch...but it may actually be better not to have all of your eggs in one basket given these paranoid and oppressive times. It will be a bit mix and match for at least a while.

Please, no bleating about whether new filehosts are inconvenient for you as an individual. It activates my raging sarcasm gene ... and that makes my head hurt ... and then my cats tell me off for not talking to them in stupid made up voices ... and that makes me sad!


Null - Sonicfuck U.S.A.

Kazuyuki Kishino as Null before the K.K. prefix arrived. Obviously, you also know him from his work with YBO², Absolut Null Punkt and Zeni Geva.

Nux Organization release from 1991, consisting of one 68 minute and 20 second track divided into four different pieces, comprising live elements from his tour of the U.S. in 1990.

Sonicfuck U.S.A.


Null / A.N.P. - Ultima Hyper Drugs

LP released on Nux Organization in 1986.

Side A features Kazuyuki Kishino on solo vocal, guitar and metallic noise duty.

Side B features a live performance from Kazuyuki Kishino with Asami Hayashi and Seijiro Murayama as Absolut Null Punkt.

Ultima Hyper Drugs


Null - Saishiyu Bushitsu

LP released on Kazuyuki Kishino's own Nux Organization label in 1985. Initially, there were 200 copies with a metal sleeve. Imagine the cost of shipping that from Japan!

Thankfully, Forced Exposure re-released this in 1990 as an LP with a more traditional sleeve. As far as I know it was never re-re-released after that...

Saishiyu Bushitsu


Usurper And Sticky Foster - Usurper Sticky Foster

Cdr released on Dylan Nyoukis' (Prick Decay/Decaer Pinga) brilliant Chocolate Monk label in 2009.

Sticky Foster has long been associated with the magicians that revolve around the Neil Campbell axis.

Usurper Sticky Foster


Usurper & Green Mist - Untitled

C60 released on Sick Head in 2007. The label is run by Ruaraidh Sanachan (aka Nackt Insecten) and Tuukka Asplund (who features in Pyramidion).

Green Mist is excellent and have loved the work for ages. I've only just realised that I have no idea who is behind the controls. Dumbass!



Usurper - Quit While You're Ahead

Cdr released on Lea Cummings' Kovorox Sound in 2005.

Usurper is the Scottish noise project of Alasdair Robertson and Malcy Duff.

Quit While You're Ahead


Howard Stelzer - Mincing Perfect Words

And here is a 3" cdr on Chondritic Sound from 2007.

Mincing Perfect Words


Howard Stelzer / Frans de Waard - Torn Tongue

CDr on Absurd from 2002.

Apart from an excellent body of solo and collaborative work, Howard is also responsible for the Intransitive Recordings label which celebrated its 15th anniversary yesterday. Happy Birthday Howard!

Frans de Waard is part of Kapotte Muziek and latterly Beequeen (amongst many other activities).

Yeah, how does this not make sense?

Torn Tongue


Howard Stelzer & Frans De Waard - Torn Tongue Volume 2

Business card cdr on My Own Little Label from 2007.

MOLL is a sudivision of Frans' own legendary Korm Plastics.

Torn Tongue Volume 2


Mossy Throats - An Interior Of Liquid Metallic Hydrogen

C30 Excite Bike from 2009 in an edition of 9. That's NINE!

An Interior Of Liquid Metallic Hydrogen


Throat Boggle - Double Brain Scan

C60 on the brilliant Excite Bike label from 2009. As far as I know, the label packed in last year after 7 subversive years of quality.

Throat Boggle are Derek Gedalecia and (exbx proprieter) Daniel Dlugosielski. Daniel is responsible for a host of solo releases under monikers like Body Morph and The Mossy Throats (amongst many others) and has recorded with outfits as diverse as Pink Chunk Jazz Band, Uneven Universe, White Boss and Winter Ruby.

Link Removed


Head Boggle - Lead Bottle Synthi Demo And Aural Heists Live

CDr from 2008 on Dolor Del Estamago.

Head Boggle (and the many variations of the name) is the work of Derek Gedalecia. You can also find a couple of live things for download on his soundcloud page.

Link Removed


Kevom Druth & Tin Smimm - Three Atrophies, One Plague-Bearer

Same peeps...same label...same format...one year later!

Three Atrophies, One Plague-Bearer


Kevin Drumm & Tom Smith - Mud Keeps Lifting Me Higher

CDr released on Karl Schmidt Verlag in 2010. KSV cdrs are never released in editions over 50 so are always very limited and difficult to find if you sleep.

There are 15 new KSV releases from the start of this month that you can find via the blog!

Mud Keeps Lifting Me Higher


Miminokoto - Live

CD released on Last Visible Dog in 2003.

On these recordings Miminokoto are Masami Kawaguchi, Shimura Koji and Takuya Nishimura. Since these times Masami Kawaguchi has (apparently) been replaced by Junzo Suzuki.

You already know all of these people even if you don't immediately register their names.

From where I'm sitting, little known and consequently under appreciated. Hopefully these posts will do something about that.

Miminokoto are still very active and you can keep track here.



Miminokoto - Live '04

Self released tour cdr from 2004.

"over 50 minutes complete show in Tokyo"

Live '04


Miminokoto - Miminokoto 3

LP released on the mighty Siwa label from 2004.



Miminokoto - US Tour 2005

Self released tour cdr from 2005.

US Tour 2005


Miminokoto - Orange Garage

CD released on Last Visible Dog in 2005.

Orange Garage


Hair Stylistics - CDR 1

Boid CDr from 2009.



Hair Stylistics - CDR 2

Boid CDr from 2009.



Hair Stylistics - CD-R04

Another CDr from 2010 again on Boid.



Hair Stylistics - CD-R03

CDr from 2010 on Masaya Nakahara's own Boid label.



Hair Stylistics - Untitled

Another self released CDr from 2009 (or January 2010, depending on who you believe). Two tracks this time round...



Hair Stylistics - Untitled

3 track self released CDr from 2009.



LSD March - Totsuzen Honô No Gotoku

LP released on White Elephant Records in 2003.

Totsuzen Honô No Gotoku


LSD-march - 1997-2001 At Mushroom

CD on Gyuune Cassette from 2001.

1997-2001 At Mushroom


LSD-march - Untitled

Self-released CDR from 2000.

Also known as "Republic Of Iraq" or "March 16, 1999".



Charlie Draheim - Possession

LP released on Tone Filth in 2006.



Charlie Draheim - March Of Slimes

Self-released C60 from 2003.

March Of Slimes


Junko, Michel Henritzi & Mattin - Je T'aime!

Recording of a set from Festival Densité released on absurd in 2008.

This starts with six and a half minutes of near silence before you get the shimmer of the start of Purple Haze and then Junko expels her lungs over the remaining 23 minutes of guitar scree. Yeah, I know...sounds great...

Je T'aime!


Junko & Mattin - Pinknoise

CD on Mattin's W.M.O./r label from 2004.



Kevin Drumm - The Obstacles Of Romantic Exaggeration

Double CDR released in 2010 on Karl Schmidt Verlag in an edition of 19 copies.

KSV is run by Tom Smith of To Live and Shave in L.A. Check the label blog for new releases and downloads of older TLASILA material!

Disc 1

Disc 2


Dead Tech - No Wave From Japan

LP released on Dossier in 1986.


No Wave From Japan


Dead Tech Vol. II

LP released on Dossier in 1998.


Dead Tech Vol. II


Dead Tech 3: New Japanese Music

CD released on Charnel Music from 1995


Dead Tech 3: New Japanese Music


P16.D4 & Swimming Behavior Of The Human Infant - Nichts Niemand Nirgends

Double LP released on Selektion from 1986.

The label is run by Achim Wollscheid and Ralf Wehowsky.

The latter was a member of P16.D4 and is perhaps better known for his recordings as RLW.

S.B.O.T.H.I. is the work of Achim Wollscheid.

Totally recommended!

Nichts Niemand Nirgends


Nackt Insecten / Abyss Whispers - Split

Nackt Insecten is the work of Ruaraidh Sanachan, here locking horns with Abyss Whispers on a CDR from Sound Holes in 2007.

Nackt Whispers


Mourmansk 150 - Prologue To A Civil War

CDR on Smell The Stench from 2006.

"Mourmansk 150 is an honest, uncensored & unrestrained expression of my deep hostility towards the inequities, corruption, abuse, ignorance & perversion of our civilizations, our species & the machinations of mans predominantly revolting existence.

Trying to understand, trying to overcome & reform from the debilitating social gulag that I was conceived in.


The complete annihilation, extermination, destruction, ruination, violent collapse & permanent extinction of ALL oppressive forces & political tyranny through


the purgation, irreversible removal, immolation of Social Abuse, Civil Ignorance, Ecological Dissoluteness, Gluttony"

A refreshing kick in the face to the overtly fascist, rascist and homophobic arsehole noise artists out there and the morons who run the blogs that post that shit!

Prologue To A Civil War