Caroliner Rainbow Gems You Poop Out - Ardelli Horse Haven

"DECLARATION: This seven inch is not in its entirety a Caroliner record as much as a paid documentation of a Caroliner associate Musclenuts soloing on a paid recording financed by a Japanese guitarist who was killed shortly after the recording leaving the band with the bill for the pressing. To sell this turkey an elaborate cover was put together to enhance the triviality of the vinyl enclosed. Musclenuts was aced out of the 10th lp live recording solos because of space problems. This is a listenable recording regardless of its questionable guitar modern-heavy overtones. May Rogette plays bass from the band 'Missouri Diary' which is another 1800's devotion musical ensemble."

Enjoy the obfuscation whilst your gemming your poop out.

7" released on La Brea in 1997.

Ardelli Horse Haven