Hermann Kopp - Pop

Not sure I understand the title of this record. Hermann Kopp's name might be familiar to you for one of two reasons: He was a member of German synth-pop trio Keine Anung, whose self-released 1980 LP was recently reissued by Dark Entries... or else you might know him as the sicko who recorded the soundtrack for gross-out horror movie Nekromantik. Less known is Kopp's solo music, some of which is dungeons-and-dragons kitschy goth ambience and some is... whatever this is. Out of step with the German synth-wave and post-punk happening around him at the time and certainly not as "pop" as his previous band was, Kopp self-released "Pop" as an LP on his Passiv label in 1983. It's hard to say what exactly he was going for, which for me is part of its charm. Imagine Tunes of Two Cities-era Residents crossed with Brighter Death Now, maybe?

Hermann Kopp - Pop


p.shrivelclub 15 August 2018 at 14:04  

just the basic ndw-style synth wave to this listener here tho perhaps a bit more glum and talkative... any "noise" influence must be due to its rather lo-fi nature and i don't hear any residents-styled ethno-minimal emulations at all. like a poor man's atatak-artist, but worse. deleted.

Mrs. Inside 16 August 2018 at 01:33  

you get what you pay for.

p.shrivelclub 16 August 2018 at 15:53  

i think you're right - if i'd paid for this, i'd probably have given it a second or third chance, eventually persuading myself to "like", or at least found some aspect of it i liked, just in order to get a return on my dollar. this way, with blogs, you can judge music more freely, be it for better or worse. so i'll at least pay my respect by saying "thanks" for this and your many other musical lessons in "pop" and other genres!