Slugbait - Medium To Heavy Flow


1995 CD by the people behind Splintered, Intervene, Husk and more UK noise acts. Released by Dirtier Promotions.

can't wait


White Heaven - Strange Bedfellow


Ultra-rare second White Heaven album released only on vinyl by PSF in 1993. 


White Heaven - Next To Nothing


Fourth album by the best 1970s California psychedelic rock band to ever come out of Tokyo in the 1990s. White Heaven's studio debut, "Out", was an instant classic when it came out on the legendary PSF label. More recently, Black Editions reissued it in an expanded and great-sounding vinyl remaster. This record, however, remains ultra-rare and very expensive on the second-hand market. Now you can enjoy it for (next to) nothing.

free for all


Giuseppe Ielasi & EKG - Group


Trio recordings from 2005 by Giuseppe Ielasi and American electronics & horns duo EKG (Kyle Bruckman and Ernst Karel). Released on the short-lived Formed label in 2006.

the groop


Ascites / Blood Oath 88 - American Force

Here's a split between the Texan harsh noise outfit Ascites and Thomas Mortigan's one-off Blood Oath 88 but you would know him better as RU-486 and the man who ran the great Destructive Industries label.

A C60 released on Human Ignorance in 2011.

to stupidity and beyond!


Bast - Bast

It's Vanessa again ...

CDr released on the post-Ignorance Vulnavia Editions in 2013.

for the devil sends the bast with wrath


L'Exorcisme – L'Exorcisme

It's them again, but this time with a run of industrial black noise.

Originally a C34 released on Human Ignorance in 2010 in vanishingly small numbers. Luckily it was reissued as a CDr on Violent Revolution International later that year.

... but he will also mix lies with the truth to attack us


Reptilian Sexual Predator - Death Camp U.S.A.

I'm not going to go back to the rage days but given the frantic attempts of douche a l'orange to avoid accountability / responsibility / bancruptcy / jail / truth ... this seems kind of appropriate.

RSP are one of my favourite Joseph Gates / Vanessa Gates outfits. Until very recently, I didn't have this but a friend recently stepped in to solve that issue. So, here it is, a C60 released on Human Ignorance in 2012.

Yo' babies see me kill a fool on TV


Trapezoid Electronics - 5748

There was one other Trapezoid Electronics release that I had resigned myself to never hearing. Until you get Delia's inevitable transition into harsh tribal noise ... yeah, yeah ... industrial estate.

You could split this into seperate tracks but there is no point. A truly majestic C58 released on Human Ignorance in 2012.

... because we're worth it


Fun In Latex - Crybaby

I was going to get on a real roll here but a great friend of ours sent me a stash of impossibles. This is one of them. I have always wanted to hear Fun In Latex and until two days ago, I'd never even had a sniff. So, you lucky bastards ... smell this!

A CDr released on Vulnavia Editions in 2013. It feels like it was intended to be a tape ... it was Joseph and Vanessa Gates' post-Human Ignorance label after all but maybe it's just me.

you told me love was too plebeian


Tissa Mawartyassari – The Box

Until corrected, this is the work of Monica Isabel Sanchez who apart from her singular abilities, also recorded as part of An Innocent Young Throat Cutter (and just like Vanessa), Are The Volcanoes Still Active? and Black Leather Jesus. That is more than enough in itself but she is in the room for these recordings and you can feel it ... there is a lot of NHW that is press play, leave the room whilst recording it and release it as a brickwalled, check my dick non event. Balance is hereby restored.

A double C30 released on Richard's H Series HNW in 2011.

we all fall down


Bast - Illusions

This time it's Vanessa providing tickly Wall kicking and harsh static trickle.

A double C62 released on Human Ignorance in 2012.

woman is the bast


Trapezoid Electronics - II

There are a catalogue of names associated with this short-lived project but all of them lead back to Joseph Gates. This set just doesn't sit still so you'll just have to create your own hyperbole.

A double C60 released on Human Ignorance in 2012.

the hills are alive with the sound of convex quadrilaterals