Dan Warburton & Reynols - I Am Not Sitting In A Room With Reynols

CDr released on Absurd in 2003.

I Am Not Sitting In A Room With Reynols


Reynols - Live In Stavanger

CDr released on Humbug and Gold Soundz in 2003. Recorded on the 7th of February 2003, live at Tou Scene, Stavanger, Norway.

Live In Stavanger


Reynols - Live In Chicago

CD released on Carbon Records in 2000.

Live In Chicago


Pauline Oliveros & Reynols - Pauline Oliveros In The Arms Of Reynols

CD (re)released in 2000 on Creamgarden Records featuring Reynols reworking the live material of the American (s)avant composer Pauline Oliveros.

"This is a most curious release! A CD of remixes of Pauline Oliveros made by a band from Argentina named Reynols. Nowadays everybody gets a remix, so why not deep dronist Oliveros? The six pieces dwell to a great extent on the drone sounds of Oliveros. Beautiful, haunting drone music. Very nicely made remix/hommages." Frans de Waard

"This is a hard drift ambient psych-rock meisterwerk, all originating from massive solo accordion source tapes by Oliveros, reconstructed in Argentinian noise-rock circles." High Knee

In The Arms Of Reynols


Reynols - Barbatrulos

LP released on Freedom From in 2000.



Sewer Election & Treriksröset - Rågsved

C30 released on Thorax Harsh Cassettes in 2010.



Shitty Vibe Smasher - Untitled

C30 released on Cherried-Out Merch in 2007.



Shitty Vibe Smasher - Shitty Vibe Smasher

CDr released on Cherried-Out Merch in 2006. This release is also referred to as "Where Bats Go to Die".

Shitty Vibe Smasher


Rough Sex Quartet - Wet Corpse

Single-sided C90 released on Lee Stokoe's (aka Culver's) Matching Head label in 2006.

Wet Corpse


Rough Sex Quartet - Bound Slit

C72 released on Unrest Productions in 2008.

Part 1
Part 2


Wereju - Who And What We Are

Wereju is the dronescapes created by Cathal Rodgers.

This is a boxset of four tapes (three C40's and a C65) that was released on idrone park on 2010.

The more that I listen to this the more I am convinced that it is a work of utter genius!

Does anyone know how to get in touch with/keep track of Cathal/Wereju? All my efforts turn out to be dead ends...occasionally, I stumble across a new release...frankly, I want more!

Sides A & B
Side C
Side D
Sides E & F
Sides G & H


Haare - Sacred Mushroom Clouds

7" released in 2006. Co-released by Freak Animal Records and Kult Of Nihilow.

Sacred Mushroom Clouds


Haare - Skull Worship

CDr of psychnoise from 2007 on his own 26 Volts Of Danger Recordings label.

Skull Worship


Solmania - Evil Bed

Alchemy from 1996.

Evil Bed


Solmania - Trembling Tongues

Solmania is Masahiko Ohno.

1995 release on the immortal Alchemy Records.

Trembling Tongues


Filthy Turd - An Occult History Of The Midlands

CDr in an edition of 37 from 2010 on the great Fragment Factory label.

An Occult History Of The Midlands


Fecalove - Gommapiuma

Self-released in 2005 in an edition of ten!



Fecalove - A Priest Is Love

C40 released on No Lyrics Records in 2004. You know Fecalove right? The Italian half of Turgid Animal? Ahh...good...I like it when you pay attention!

A Priest Is Love


Reynols - Jaz Ronco Japi Javas

Argentinian experimental band that began in 1993 as the Burt Reynols Ensemble. Apparently, the bandit wasn't too keen on that so they changed their name to Reynols in 1996 following legal action. Since then the work of the band has been based around improvisation, drones and deep experimental research, incorporating diverse acoustic & electric instruments, tapes and electronics. The group is led by Miguel Tomasín, an amazing musician who has Down´s Syndrome. The band´s forays into musical experimentation are guided by the immense freedom of Tomasín´s mind, giving a challenging and unique character to the project. The line-up is completed by Christian Dergarabedian, Robeto Conlazo & Anla Courtis. Anla has since gone on to make some sublime music in his own right.

These three cdrs were released during 2002 on Valuba Mafiforo.

Requested from the shoutbox...more will follow!

Jaz Ronco Japi Javas, Vol. 1

Jaz Ronco Japi Javas, Vol. 2

Jaz Ronco Japi Javas, Vol. 3


Teeth Collection - Black Ghost Knife

C24 released on (Josh Lay and Morgan Rankin's) Husk Records in 2006. Teeth Collection is the work of Matthew Reis who also runs Factotum Tapes. Murky and menacing...like being to forced to wade through sewers in the dark, waiting for some psychotic freak to leap out and finish you off! That's a good thing by the way...

Black Ghost Knife


Demonologists & Teeth Collection

C60 from 2008 on Hung Like A Horse?! again. The "Industrial Blackened Noise" of Demonologists was (if i remember correctly) Cory Rowell on his own on this release but he has since been joined by Dustin Redington.

Part 1
Part 2


Demonologists & Wasteland Jazz Unit - Wasteland Werewolves

C62 released on the delightfully monikered Hung Like A Horse?! in 2008. Both sides are the same so it's really a C31. The label is run by by Cory Rowell from Demonologists. Wasteland Jazz Unit is Jon Lorenz on saxophone and John Rich on clarinet and skronk out some great free noise consisting of blasting horn squeals and contact mic fuckery.

Wasteland Werewolves


Eagle Nebula & Wasteland Jazz Unit - Untitled

C40 released on Celebrity Sex Tapes in 2009 featuring two Columbus, Ohio outfits. The four Eagle Nebula boys all use a Nebula surname à la The Ramones and I don't actually know much more.

Eagle Nebula & Wasteland Jazz Unit


Shit And Shine - Küss Mich, Meine Liebe

CD or 2LP released on Load Records in 2008.

Kuss Mich Mein Liebe


$hit & $hine - Cunts With Roses

12" released on Noisestar in 2007 in an edition of 300...long sold out!

Cunts With Roses


Shit And Shine - Ladybird

"4 drummers, 2 bassists and 1 toy keyboard = 1 riff, 41 minutes = evil fun"



Pharaoh Overlord

Pharaoh Overlord are Janne Westerlund, Jussi Lehtisalo and Tomi Leppänen (who more regularly play in Circle) and describe themselves as "hypno-improv-stoner-rock". Whilst this is minimalist stoner, there is a slow-motion psychedelia burning inside. In a week and a bit I get to see Circle and Pharaoh Overlord...I'm so happy, I could wet myself.

Pharaoh Overlord - # 1 [ektro records, 2001]

Pharaoh Overlord - # 2 [no quarter, 2003]

Pharaoh Overlord - # 3 [riot season, 2005]

Pharaoh Overlord - # 4 [ektro records, 2006]

...and this is the Overlord covering Spacemen 3's "Revolution"...feel free to wet yourself too!


Sir Richard Bishop - Graviton Polarity Generator

LP released at the end of 2010 in an edition of 350. It was mastered by the aforementioned Brian Pyle dontcha know.

It was available by subscription via the Social Music Record and Tape Club. There are 10 releases in the series on either vinyl or tape. Not sure if the full series is still available but give it a go.

Graviton Polarity Generator


Sick Buildings - Mains Frequency Flicker

3" cdr released on Chondritic Sound in 2007.

Mains Frequency Flicker


Sick Buildings - Consult / Manage

C30 released in 2006 on Trash Ritual.

Consult / Manage


Sick Buildings - Thoughtography Document

C20 released on rundownsun in 2005. Sick Buildings is the noise project of Josh Rose. He is also in BT.HN. with fellow Canadian Sam McKinlay.

Thoughtography Document


Haemorrhaging Fetus / Ferveur Noire / Sick Buildings - The Dense Gravel Of The Riverbed

CDr released in 2007 on Sam McKinlay's Militant Walls.

The Dense Gravel Of The Riverbed


Missing Banana Splits

For some reason, I missed these two in the previous MB post...duh!

1994 - Melt-Banana - Hedgehog 7'' [charnel music]

1995 - Melt-Banana - It's In The Pillcase 7'' [skin graft records, nux organization]


Caroliner Rainbow Brain Tool Imbued With Rust And Mold - Wine Can't Do It, Wife Won't Do!

Where do you start?

Well...first off, the Caroliner name changes with each release and its members are, for all public intents and purposes, anonymous, using such nonsensical Beefheartian soubriquets as Obsidian Skeleton, The Sickwood Adventure, and Cottypearile Weddingforke. The aliases are only used during interviews with the band and no credits appear on any of the Caroliner recordings.

Does it sound like this?

"Caroliner is the sound of atrophy, the noise of salvation and damnation's collision in a parallel dimension to purgatory, the random rumbling of the bowels of the universe turned inside out to become a semblance of music complete with lyrical vantage points so convolutedly arcane to make comprehending them impossible, save for the few gnostically inclined aspirants bent in similar psychic permutations. That is to say that Caroliner put a U.S. pioneer spirit (circa Louisiana Purchase) into art-damaged hex-all tales incorporating fractured strains of bluegrass, John Cage, NYC guitar skronk bands, the kind of melody I find myself singing in the shower to annoy/perplex roommates and the chaos of the mind of a god confused by the subsequent confusion of its creation to create a musical universe complete and unique as fellow San Franciscans the Residents. Caroliner frightens the crap out of me, makes me gag on laughter and lulls me with sheets of hoarse tonality. Just don't ask me what the heck they mean by it all...".

I don't know!

I do know that they make Hans Grüsel's Krankenkabinet look like they never took drugs after all. I also know that they are really quite brilliant!

This is a double lp released on their own BullsHit label in 2003.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


Ensemble Economique - Standing Still, Facing Forward

This LP was released in 2010 on Amish Records. Amish were completely unknown to me until this release but are obviousy putting out some quality material.

There is a review on Discogs which sums this one up very nicely: "Standing Still, Facing Forward – the Ensemble’s second release, part of Amish Records’ Required Wreckers outsider series – fuses found sounds, field recording and studio-created music and noise in the service of an imaginary Lynchian film – half dream, half nightmare, all suspense. It recalls (in ambience more than form) a more muscular version of the mid-1990s isolationism of Techno Animal, Labradford, Thomas Köner et al." Can't argue with that at all.

This is sold out at the label but you may still be able to grab this somewhere. I recommend that you do...after alll, mp3 can't compete with vinyl.

Standing Still, Facing Forward


Ensemble Economique - At The Foot Of Nameless Roads / No GPS

Ensemble Economique is the work of Brian Pyle (Starving Weirdos and RV Paintings). That should be all you need to know. Frankly.

At The Foot Of Nameless Roads was released on Digitalis Recordings in 2008.

At The Foot Of Nameless Roads

The first 100 copies of Nameless Roads came with the No GPS cdr.



Robert Turman - Chapter Eleven

Robert Turman was a founder member of NON before concentrating on his own experimental/noise compositions. He appeared to have disappeared until a couple of years ago when he began to release material on Aaron Dilloway's Hanson Records.

This is an 8xC32 boxset comprising material recorded between 1976 and 1987. It was originally self-released in 1988 in very limited numbers. Luckily, it was re-released in 2010 on Hanson. Again, numbers were very limited and it sold out quickly.

Chapter Eleven - Tape 1-2
Chapter Eleven - Tape 3-4
Chapter Eleven - Tape 5-6
Chapter Eleven - Tape 7-8


Silence Of Vacuum

These are two C10s and a C40 released in 2007 on Institute Of Paraphilia Studies (which is a sub-label of Freak Animal Records, a Finnish experimental/noise label operated by Mikko Aspa). IOPS is based upon the concept of sound inspired by various perversions / paraphilia / sexual behaviour. It's only aim is the study, research, worship and creation of material for personal satisfaction and for likeminded persons. The label has no commercial aims and does not have it's own website or promote its own product.

I used to have no idea who was responsible for Silence Of Vacuum until Tzomborgha helped me out. It is (of course) Mikko Aspa, who also records as Alchemy Of The 20th Century, Clinic Of Torture, Grunt, and Nicole 12 amongst others.

Silence Of Vacuum - 1

Silence Of Vacuum - 2

Silence Of Vacuum - 3