Pain Jerk - Selected Works 2013-2014

Apologies to Lawren whose head must be falling off by now. I've been promising a series of Kohei Gomi posts for a while now.

This is a CDr that was for sale when he toured over here in 2014. It's mental. In the sense of ... if you are prone to mental illness, avoid it.

Steinski vs C3PO? Yep. Glorious!

Selected Works 2013-2014


Bloody Letter - Past

Understandably, you already realise that City fans do it better ... but then our exiled Blue gives us this!

An impossible to find collection of impossible to find tracks from Kazuma Kubota's Bloody Letter alter ego. WOW.

CDr released on Dotsmark in 2011.

You buy Phil Jones ... ?



Cracksteel - Look Homeward, Angel - Cracksteel Chronicle 1994-2008 Volume 2

At the same time as one reader gave us beautiful noise, a second person contacted us out of the blue. The fact that he is a City fan made the smile very broad ... and it's Cracksteel? It took hours for the surgeon to sew both halves of my head back together.

This is a collection of mid '90s impossible to find extracts from releases on Kazuhiro Matsuyama's own Workturm Ghetto label and otherwise unreleased material.

CDr released on Chi Omega Institute in 2008.

Just in case you were late, I've re-upped Bitch Jap Run, Blood Purge, Felucca, Official Channels and the Highly Recommended For Otologists compilation.

... we are not, we're not really here ...

Look Homeward, Angel


Schreckwürmer - Destroy Disgusting System.... Kill 'Em All.

Imagine Extreme Noise Terror style drums, distorted overloaded bass guitar and filthy electronics. Now listen to (the gloriously named) Ironfist Tatsushima, Yoshinori Mochizuki and Kazuhiro Matsuyama (aka Cracksteel) recorded live at Urga in Shinjuku on the 11th of March, 2012.

CDr released on Kazuhiro Matsuyama's Workturm Ghetto in 2012.

Destroy Disgusting System


Astro - Devils Come True

You know where you are by now ...

C54 released on Unlimited Drift Recordings in 2012.

Devils Come True


Astro - The Depth Of A Death

Hypnotic synth-noise that climbs into the harsh end of Hiroshi Hasegawa's enviable spectrum.

C62 released on obsedante! in 2012 in an edition of 37.

The Depth Of A Death


va - Hoisting The Black Flag

"Hoisting the Black Flag", released by United Dairies in 1980, is one of the cornerstone documents of early industrial music. Nurse With Wound is on it, of course (I believe that for the first part of the decade, anyone releasing an experimental music compilation was legally obligated to include a piece by either Nurse With Wound, Bene Gessirit or Smersh). There are also two early songs by Whitehouse, one by the indescribable Lemon Kittens, David Cross (not the guy from Mr. Show), Truth Club (an early band featuring Robert Haigh, who would later make records as Sema and Omni Trio), Mental Aardvarks, and the duo of Paul Hamilton and Joseph Duarte (who recorded one LP and a 7" as Bombay Ducks).

va - Hoisting The Black Flag


Astro / Animal Machine - The Boundaries Between Acid and Matter

Hiroshi Hasegawa next to the live harsh blowtorch of Ernesto Bohorquez's Animal Machine.

C28 released on Kifrecording in 2011 in an edition of 15.

The Boundaries Between Acid and Matter


va - In Fractured Silence

From 1984, the "In Fractured Silence" LP focused on just four artists, with one side each representing France and England. On the French side, you get Un Drame Musical Instantané and vocalist Hélène Sage. On the English side, you get Robert Haigh/Sema and Nurse With Wound. The music leans toward avant-classical and jazz-lineage free improvisation. Released by NWW's own United Dairies label. 

va - In Fractured Silence


Astro / Creation Through Destruction - Split

Wonderful live set from Hiroshi Hasegawa. Given that it's a live recording, it carries an extra harsh edge to the (nearly techno) cosmic-synth-noise. It makes me smile. A lot. Creation Through Destruction is Aleksandryuki Nenawasetsu (aka the brilliant Dead Body Collection) and his side is a spectacular example of what can be done with a Harsh Noise Wall aesthetic. A million miles away from the "turn on the machine and come back in an hour" merchants. A truly great tape.

C58 released on the always quality Phage Tapes in 2012.

Astro / Creation Through Destruction


va - Earthly Delights (A Sterile Sample)

Continuing the run of classic mid-80's industrial compilation LPs, today we get a 1986 label sampler from Nigel Ayers' Sterile Records label. Nigel's own group Nocturnal Emissions makes an appearance, as does the dour industrial-ish Pornosect and Konstruktivists. The rest of the acts are Eversione, D-Box, Whores of Babylon, Fear of Thought (aka the compiler's brother, Danny Ayers), Despair Chorus, Reg Sailyne (aka Nigel Ayers in disguise), R&D 28, and others that you haven't heard of either.

va - Earthly Delights (A Sterile Sample)



Astro / Pulse Emitter / Acre / Monsturo - Cold Fire

Four way split LP released on Anarchymoon Recordings in 2010.

Cold Fire


va - The Fight Is On

Another genre-defining compilation from that magical year of 1985, this one came out on the Belgian label L.A.Y.L.A.H. Antirecords and, like "Devastate to Liberate" (posted yesterday), it features nifty cover art by Steven "Babs Santini" Stapleton. Some repeat artists from yesterday's posted LP include Robert Haigh/Sema, Current 93, Coil, and Nurse With Wound, and also Organum, Lustmord and more.

va - The Fight Is On


Astro & Cornucopia - Deep Wind

Another gift from one of our brilliant readers (?listeners).

Claudio Chea and Jorge Castro using source material from Hiroshi Hasegawa with the latter then remixing the result to create an entirely different sound.

CD released on Quasi Pop Records in 2010.

Deep Wind


va - Devastate To Liberate

Want a snapshot of the industrial/punk underground circa 1985? This LP is a damn good one. It features music by some adventurous weirdos like Shock-Headed Peters, D&V, Crass, The Legendary Pink Dots, Coil, P16.D4, Nurse With Wound, Current 93 and Sema. Released by a short-lived label called Yangki as a benefit for The Animal Liberation Front.

va - Devastate To Liberate


Astro & Fear Konstruktor - Dawn Mission

Another gift from one of our brilliant readers (?listeners).

Cosmic synth noise and hovering oppressive brooding on this great collaboration between Hiroshi Hasegawa and Nikita Evsuk.

CDr released on Quagga Curious Sounds in 2011. Whilst your here: Mike also sells his wares and a plethora of underground noise via Discogs (and always at extremely reasonable prices).

Dawn Mission


va - The Philosophy of Sound and Machine

If you know what this is, you have already spit out your coffee and felt your heart begin to race. Yes indeed. This is one of the holy grails of the sort of music that this is, with tracks by people whose names might not mean much to you unless they really do. There's music by Cmetric, Future/Past, Neuropolitique, Soit-PP, Blue Calx, Q-Chastic, Kosmik Kommando and others... if a few of those names sound familiar, then this post is for you. Released as a CD in 1992 by Applied Rhythmic Technology.

va - The Philosophy of Sound and Machine


K2 - 311-365+1

Another gift from one of our brilliant readers (?listeners).

Kimihide Kusafuka dedicated this to the victims of the Tohoku earthquake and consequent devastation of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant. The blistering attack appears to sum up the chaos really well.

CDr released on Mike Ridge's splendid Quagga Curious Sounds in 2013.



Kazumoto Endo & Kazuma Kobota - Gyoen Bedieningshendel

Sometimes wonderful things happen out of a clear blue sky.

Somebody who appreciates what we do here decided to just send us some glorious noise to post. Completely unsolicited, "just giving a little back". All three singles posted today are gifts and there is more to come. Remarkable!

7" released on Dead Mind Records in 2013 and you already know that you need it.

The label's releases have slowed right down recently but you might still be able to buy this if you're lucky.

Gyoen Bedieningshendel


Kazumoto Endo / Encephalophonic - Quattro Pulsanti Bomba / 終身性的虐待

Kazumoto Endo and Emanuele Bonini's Encephalophonic on a 7" released on Emanuele's Audio Dissection in 2013.

Quattro Pulsanti Bomba / 終身性的虐待


Venta Protesix / Kazumoto Endo - 寝取られ同人誌一覧 / L'Otto Gennaio Duemilasei

Italo Belladonna's Venta Protesix and Kazumoto Endo on an 8" lathe cut (with all of the crackles you would expect from the medium) released in an edition of 23 copies on Lips Infection in 2012.

寝取られ同人誌一覧 / L'Otto Gennaio Duemilasei


K2 and Kazumoto Endo - Yomishura

... and now a word from our sponsor. Kimihide Kusafuka and Kazumoto Endo? Of course you do.

CD released on Japan's 16 Shots Per Second Records in 2016. I emailed them ages ago to try to buy some of the things on their website. They never responded so maybe they don't exist any more ...



Polygon Window - Quoth

... and in 1993, I bought this magnificent clear vinyl 12". Things still don't get much better that this (especially the Wooden Thump Mix).

btw, Polygon Window is Richard David James (yeah, the Aphex Twin bloke).

Whilst the vinyl was originally released over here on the mighty Warp Records, in the land of the trump it was released on CD with an extra "hidden" version and this is what you have here.



Plastikman - Spastik

There used to be an old Irish club in Manchester. In the middle of a big patch of wasteland behind the Uni. No doubt it was a thriving place when the old Hulme deck access flats were there. Don't even get me started on The Kitchen and the other flats that were knocked through into one ... and the squat parties.

Anyway, when it was all demolished The New Ardri Ballroom stood lonely and proud... I saw Sonic Youth there on the Sister tour, Fugazi the first time they came over and blah blah. In the early 90's, Megadog took it over for regular techno happenings ... just about everybody played there and the only people who turned up and "paid on the door" were fuck ups like me. Great times indeed. The students eventually found out it was "an event". The venue changed. It all died. The Ballroom is long gone and ironically it's been replaced by student accommodation.

The bitter reminiscence of an old fart? You read me well. But given we are diverted into pant-swinging territory ...

Classic 12" from Richie Hawtin's Plastikman released on NovaMute in 1993.


... and this is the rare (probably remastered) 12" re-released on Plus 8 Records in 2002 that replaces Helicopter with Slak/Kriket (Live).

Spastik again



Only album produced by 1/2 of the Justified Ancients, self-released as an LP in 1990 and subsequently given multiple less-official reissues in other formats. This is one of the records that kick-started the "ambient techno" scene, if you're old enough to remember that. It also holds up a whole lot better than most of the new age bullshit that rose in its wake.



Various - The Ultimate Lessons

... and finally we get to the point! Or perhaps, the joint.

Life is way too short for me to tell you all about Double Dee & Steinski's Lessons (particularly if you already know). With all due respect to the Bronx/Queens early days, these people had a truly massive impact on every single thing that followed. They didn't really release anything. They just changed everything.

You get the original three Lessons and you get DJ Shadow, Cut Chemist, Cut Chemist & Shortkut and Cut Chemist, DJ Shadow and Steinski.

Starchild Recordings. 2002.

The Ultimate Lessons


The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu - It's Grim Up North

A heavy techno stomper, the lyrics of which you can probably guess. This is from the CD version, which has extra tracks on it.

The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu - It's Grim Up North


Various - The Ultimate Lessons 2

.... and now we're getting close ...

Coldcut, Cut Chemist, Ser & Duff, (Oh My Lord ... it's) Double Dee + Steinski and a genius 12 and a half minute live lesson from DJ Shadow, Cut Chemist and Nu Mark.

Another gift from Starchild Recordings, this time from 2002.

The Ultimate Lessons 2


The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu - Who Killed The JAMs?

A fair question. The duo's 2nd LP, released in 1988, when they still didn't know what the fuck was going on.

The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu - Who Killed The JAMs?


Various - The Ultimate Lessons 3

... and to continue the what the fuck is going on theme ... look away now!

Let's face it, the corporate bastards killed sample based music. What you end up with is fuckwits using the likes of Police samples and Annie soundtracks. Yeah. It makes ultra-millions. It's the literal death of creativity and it can kiss my ringpiece. When the impeccable Rawkus was sold to the corporates I just gave up. I tend not to bother posting this kind of thing ... I mean, really, who needs an ass popped in their cap? However ...

This isn't the best of the three but it's pretty great. DJ Format (go and get the free downloads with Mr Thing aka Marc Bowles who was also in the impeccable Scratch Perverts), Kid Koala (aka Eric San who is also a very talented graphic artist ... check out Nufonia Must Fall if you don't believe me), Coldcut and many others ...

"Unofficial" release on Starchild Recordings from 2003.

The Ultimate Lessons 3


The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu - 1987 What the Fuck's Going On?

The story behind this album is legendary, so I'm not going to retell it here. Use Google. Suffice it to say that if you are aware of the duo that rose from behind the indie-rock scene in order to confuse and thrill millions of unsuspecting normals, then you already know about this hilarious proto-plunderphonic hip-hop art provocation. Maybe you've even had a chance to hear the thing. I assure you that "1987" shall live both up and down to your expectations. "1987" is ludicrous, brilliant, excruciating, obnoxious, addictive and a lot of fun. It's a shame that the band was forced to set all the copies on fire. It's 2017: what the fuck is going on??

The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu - 1987 What the Fuck's Going On?


Richard Ramirez / MSBR - Negative / Offensive

Dedicated to The New Blockaders. You know exactly where you are with this one!

LP released on Ecstatic Peace! ‎in 2009 with cover art by Stan Reed (aka Dried Up Corpse and a member of Blue Sabbath Black Cheer).

Negative / Offensive


M.S.B.R. / Die Lebensmittelvergiftung - Collaboration

Harsh noise drum 'n bass from Koji Tano and Noboru Tsuzuku? Sounds ridiculous but it's basically true. There are parts of the sampling that remind me of mid-90's UK dnb ( ... Ed Rush and Optical for track one and I wouldn't be surprised if there was a lift from Dillinja's Violent Killa on track 2 ... ). It probably shouldn't work but it's brilliant.

12" jointly released on Duebel and Flenix in 1999.

M.S.B.R. / Die Lebensmittelvergiftung


MSBR & Blazen Y Sharp - Dirty Knobby

Four minutes of unexpected dungeon clatter from Koji Tano, Chris Blazen and John Sharp.

Single-sided 7" released on Gender-Less Kibbutz in 2000.

Dirty Knobby


Molten Salt Breeder Reactor & Speculum Fight - Collaboration

"Originally raw material supplied by Koji Tano. Mixed, processed, and added to by Damion Romero."

LP released on P-Tapes in 1994.



Romero & The Incapacitants - Wreck (In 2 Parts)

Damion Romero & Incapacitants on a 7" released on P-Tapes in 2005.

Wreck (In 2 Parts)


Incapacitants / Grassa Dato - Orujo & Sake

Grassa Dato is a prolific Madrid based noisician that I'm somewhat ashamed to say that I know little about. I need to address that deficit!

Three tracks ... one from each and a collaboration called "Orujo & Sake: Tremendous Drunkenness". I'll drink to that.

CDr released on Mattoid Records in 2013.

Orujo & Sake


Incapacitants - Tight

One side of spiraling and gurgling crunch and the second side of live high-end torment.

LP released on Dogma Chase ‎in 2009.



Incapacitants - Eat! Meat!! Manifesto!!!

One word: Incapacitants.

CD released on the Ecuadorian Rape Art Productions in 2012.

Eat! Vegetables!! Instead!!!


Pain Jerk - The Worst Form Of Musick

This is literally for Badger. Play it really fucking loud.

CDr by Kohei Gomi on his own AMP label from 2010.

The Worst Form Of Day


Incapacitants - Operorue

You're never alone with the warm comforting glow of Fumio Kosakai and Toshiji Mikawa.

CD released on Kubitsuri Tapes in 1995.



Kazuma Kubota - Utsuroi

You probably don't know it yet, but you need everything that Kazuma Kubota creates.

Just in case you don't believe me ... how about Toshiji Mikawa: "This man is going to stand on the Japanese noise scene that have been dominated by old guys for a long age. Why? The reason? Just checking this album. Nevertheless, if this still shit for you, you should abandon yourself."

C30 released on Amethyst Sunset in 2015.



Kazuma Kubota - Sameta Ryouri

Short and very sweet.

C10 released on the always reliable New Forces in 2014.

Sameta Ryouri


Kazuma Kubota - Live Recordings

Three live recordings from three venues in Tokyo in 2008 and 2009.

CDr released on his own Noise Ninja Records in 2009.

Live Recordings


Kazumoto Endo & Kazuma Kubota - Switches And Knobs

Kazumoto Endo & Kazuma Kubota (aka The Cracked Mirror, Cecilia and Bloody Letter) twiddling knobs and flicking switches to create staccato harsh noise ... one in the studio and then recreated live.

CD released on Phage Tapes in 2011.

Switches And Knobs


Kazumoto Endo - Brick And Mortar

Sit yourself down and listen in reverence for you are in the presence of godhead.

CD released on Rhystop in 2003.

Brick And Mortar


Kazumoto Endo - Never Gonna Make You Cry

Great 3" CDr bolted to plexiglass and released on Kling Film-Records in 2000 (or maybe 2001).

Never Gonna Make You Cry


Kazumoto Endo - Evergreen

Here's a candidate for the finest ever use of a 7" piece of vinyl.

Released on the brilliant Pinch A Loaf Productions in 1997.