va - Disk Musik


Ultra-obscure 1985 compilation LP from the ultra-ultra-obscure DD Records label. Featuring some of the mainstays of the label like T. Kamada, K. Usami, Mosque of Torment, Mask, Abnormal Sex, Tadaki Tsukimoto, Cat Dog and T. Isotani. Also includes tracks by singer/songwriter Kumio Kurachi (who had some tangential involvement with Fifth Column), T10, Yoshiki Tabata and Young Holmons.

va - Disk Musik


David Payne - Reel To Real

The nascent prelude.

Format. Length. Label. Year. Edition.



David Payne - Real Too Real

Amniotic field recordings.

Another C30 courtesy of MJC in 2011 that also came in an edition of 13 ... it's the magic number.



David Payne - Real 2 Real 2

Welcome to the genius sound of somebody overhearing Eugene Chadbourne playing backwards and repeatedly falling downstairs whilst chanelling Curly, Larry and Moe.

A C30 released on the exemplary Middle James Co. in 2011 in an edition of 13. You are not worthy and neither am I, but that's a separate issue.



Telepherique + Contagious Orgasm - Cyouwa

Our favourite German noise ramones collaborating with Hiroshi Hashimoto. Nothing not to love here.

CD released on SSSM in 2002.



va - Bhreus Kormo

A benefit compilation with funds going to Chicago-based Howard Brown Health Center's breast cancer research" released by Crippled Intellect Productions in 2001. Tracks by The Brutum Fulmen, Seafoam, John Wiese, Skin Crime, Bran ... Pos, Coeurl, Negative Entropy, irr. app. ext., Joshua Norton Cabal and Seam Pith.

va - Bhreus Kormo


Telepherique / Contagious Orgasm / MSBR - Contact #1

A track from each and a track where one collaborates with one of the others ... the only thing missing is all three of them together.

LP jointly released on their own Drahtfunk-Products, MSBR Records and SSSM labels in 1996.

Contact #1


Telepherique & MSBR - Geplünderte Leichen

So good it explains itself.

C44 released on Drahtfunk-Products in 1994.

Geplünderte Leichen


Dead Machines & Graveyards - Machine Yard In Sound World


One-sided 12" on Editions Brokenresearch circa 2008.

Dead Machines & Graveyards - Machine Yard In Sound World


Chris Dadge - I'd Drive Your Ass Across the World, If I Had To


CDR in a run of 100 copies from Editions Brokenresearch.

Chris Dadge - I'd Drive Your Ass Across the World, If I Had To


Hans Buetow & Ben Hall - The Accuracy of Coincidence


First release on Ben Hall's Editions Brokenresearch label, a CDR in a run of just 50 copies. Cello and drums from two-thirds of Graveyards and Melee. 

Hans Buetow & Ben Hall - The Accuracy of Coincidence


Boris - 見殺し塔からずっと

I love Boris. I really really love Boris.

Just to be clear, I don't mean the utter fucking charlatan fronting up the right wing coup in my country.

Now we are clear on that, there is no point in me describing them in a few words. They tick boxes I never knew I had. I've been lucky enough to see them a few times and it's always a revelation. This is the core trio and boy oh boy. If this doesn't work for you then turn around and accept the fact that there is no point anymore.

DVD released on the excellent Diwphalanx Records in 2003. It's in two parts so you need to extract to the same folder. If you can't figure that out, don't ask ... I'm already drunk!

Happy Happy

Blah Blah


Bill Dixon, Aaron Siegel & Ben Hall - Weight/Counterweight


Heavy double-LP by two drummers + legendary Bill Dixon on trumpet. Released by Hall's Editions Brokenresearch label in 2009.

Bill Dixon, Aaron Siegel & Ben Hall - Weight/Counterweight


Telepherique & Thirdorgan - Robotorsklaven

You know we don't do reviews. Sometimes we use random combinations of words if we think people might not know those involved (or we just feel like it). We are only here to post things that we really like. We like Telepherique and Akihiro Shimizu a lot and they collaborate on this great tape. End of message.

C46 released on Drahtfunk-Products in 1994.



Tusco Terror / Druids Of Huge - Terror Tapes Vol. 41

Two sides of effect pedal, knob twiddling and micro-fi noise rock noise collapse captured in front of some people who appreciate it for a bit and then have a bit of a chat.

C30 released on the brilliant Middle James Co in 2008 in an edition of 33. Irrelevantly un-MP3.

forty one


Telepherique & K2 - Wolkenphänomen

At their core, Telepherique are Klaus Jochim, Danijela Jochim & Rene Jochim although it evolved into a carousel of people dropping in and out as the projects required. This is a really great collaboration with our favourite cancer pathologist Kimihide Kusafuka.

CD released on Old Europa Cafe in 2000.



1%er - Satan's 1%ers

"Contains material previously issued as GR233: Satan's 1%ers single-sided C32 and Heavy Speed C45 (Hermitage Tapes), as well as unreleased live and rehearsal sessions."

C90 released on Green Records And Tapes in 2012 in an edition of 20.

Well son, a funny thing about regret is ...


Andrew Coltrane / Lidless Eye - Split

Brief warped electronics.

It's nearly a C10 and it was released on Green Records And Tapes in 2013 in an edition of 26. It's not MP3.

Andrew Coltrane / Lidless Eye


Telepherique & One Dark Eye - Body Shop

A lovely set of textured clatter that is apparently the "sound collaboration documenting the life cycle of an automobile". It's one of those recordings where if you are in the right frame of mind you can zone in and find some real headspace. This is Joe Roemer and Klaus Jochim. I have a lot of Klaus's work and have meant to post things for a long time ... maybe this is the point where I remember not to forget to remember.

A CDr released on Solipsism in 1997.

baby you can crash my car


1%er - Heldin Chambers

It's Andrew Coltrane and Knox Mitchell again and it's sublime. Again. Obviously. There are two versions of this, the other is a C90 that presumably has all of the things here (there is a caveat because I haven't heard that one).

A four C20 tapeset realeased on Green Records And Tapes in 2011 in an edition of seven.

Heldin Chambers


One Dark Eye - Transmissions Of Fistulae Auris

Originally released in those heady days of 1994, this is one of the many inordinately welcome MSNP reissues that you first heard of from those message boards.

C64 released on Mother Savage Noise Productions in 2008. It's not MP3.



One Dark Eye - Brave New World

In happier times, One Dark Eye was a side project of Macronympha but, then you know, they apparently had "differences". It's only my view from thousands of miles away without having any actual knowledge of it (yeah, it's never stopped me before ... I was just going to make that point ... thanks for getting there first. None taken) but when the MSNP reissues started hitting the message boards about 10 years ago (?) I took that to be Joe's doing and I'm pretty sure that the new Macro and related is the work of Joe. I also think that I know what I am talking about and that I am a handsome devil.

C48 released on Detachment Programs in 2019 in an edition of 69.

let me get my hands on your mammary glands


Lidless Eye - Septic Infection

Now and again, I find myself listening to Knox Mitchell's work a lot and it always makes me smile. So yeah, this tape goes like this and then it goes like that and then unexpectedly it does a bit of the other.

C42 released on Ayurvedic Tapes in 2015. It's not MP3.

I Spy With My Septic Eye ...


1%er - Heavy Speed

So, here's another beautiful thing. One-percenter are Andrew Coltrane and Knox Mitchell. If that isn't recommendation enough then there is nothing else I can do for you here. Seeing as that proportion has now lost interest ... if Knox is going to celebrate his label's 200th release, then fuck me this is the way to do it! It summerises a hell of a lot of my North American "noise" listening over the past 20 years in one lovely package.

Two C30s and a CDr released on Green Records And Tapes in 2012. It came in an edition of eighteen and it's not MP3.

got to hurry

i don't believe you worry

take it back


Lidless Eye - Escape The Split Screen

This was a one-sided LP released on Life Like in 2013 in a mammoth edition of 118. The following year Knox put it back out with an additional CDr containing the demo tracks for what eventually turned into the LP. It's a really wonderful set of works that just bounces along and plasters a smile on my head for the rest of the day.

Single-sided LP and ten track CDr released on Green Records And Tapes in 2014 in an edition of eighteen. It's not MP3.




Various - Fratricide

No idea if anyone is watching but this is another for the David Gilden noise archive if they want it. This is a stunningly good tape in it's own right that Mrs Inside shared five and a half years ago. But it also has a solo track, a collaboration with Richard Ramirez and a track from Black Leather Jesus and given the timeframe it seems pretty reasonable to assume that he is on there as well. It's also released on his own label.

Oh, and everything else about this tape makes it an exemplar.

C90 released on Get A Job Records in 1995.

it brings on many changes


AC / DP - Highway To Hell

I share a birthday with Andrew Coltrane. I fucked him off quite a lot about ten years ago by posting 26 tapes in one of those really dumb discogs link dumps that used to happen here. Those kind of things stopped immediately and I've steered clear since. However, he genuinely is brilliant and ran / runs the equally brilliant Hermitage Tapes label. To improve matters, this is a collaboration with the brilliant David Payne who ran / runs the equally brilliant Middle James Co. label.

Yeah. I'm a fanboy.

A box of four C30s released on Middle James Co. in 2008 in 2008. It came in an edition of 23 and it's not MP3.

livin' easy

lovin' free


Mikadoroid - Mikadoroid

Another one for the archive and another post from four years ago.

The back of the package says "mikadoroid is an anonymous killer project from japan. play at maximum volume to increase your madness". Well the second part is true. Killer project is bang on but this is David Gilden and Akihiro Shimizu and that is a great thing. Unfortunately this was a one off collaboration.

C60 released on Slaughter Productions in 1996.



David Gilden - Depress-Regress

I posted this four years ago and to be honest didn't have any plans to re-up. However, today mjy dropped a comment in the Crackhouse post to tell me about the existence of the David Gilden noise archive which does what it says in the title. I had no idea that such a great idea existed. So, we have a few things to contribute ... I'm going to re-up some other things verys soon as well. So, peeps ... if you have anything to add to the archive then let either or both of us now so we can get more of his work heard.

C64 released on Slaughter Productions in 1996.



Lidless Eye - Dedication Of Family

Obviously this sounds great ... but as a complete aside, the label is run by Simon D. Wilson who also records as The Blue Spectrum. He's the only person I know of that is more fanatical about American Tapes than were are. I mean John Olson made him a ten tape set of Live Frying and a personal edition of a tape by The Skulls that is different from the original release. John made me a couple of T-shirts on request but it never occured to me to ask for copies of micro editions I'd missed out on. I guess that makes me realise that Simon is a hell of a lot mnore intelligent than me. Mind you, it looks like Knox has his own edition of one with his own catalogue number. I know my place.

Four CDr set released on Blue Spectrum Tapes in 2013. It was released in an edition of ten and it's not MP3.

They fill you with the faults they had

and add some extra, just for you.


Lidless Eye - Gummed Enclosure

This is the prolific Knox Mitchell. The only person I know who has as many email addresses as he does aliases and "band" affiliations. I only have a few Lidless Eyes and there are so many tape sets that came out in an edition of minus 34 that I will never get to hear. That kind of stuff really upsets me. So here's the deal ... I am perfectly prepared to sell your grandmother if I could get to hear more, if I can share them here as well then I'll throw in your grandfather at no extra cost.

A set of gorgeously hypnotic "noise" contained on a self-released CDr from 2012 that came out in a mighty edition of seven.

baby take your teeth out


Pikacyu★Makoto - Angel & Demon

Live recordings from a 2016 European tour.

There is literally nothing that you can't adore about this. Utterly brilliant and funny and funky and charming and superlatives and expansive descriptors and stuff.

A CD released on Acid Mothers Temple in 2017 in an edition of 300. It's not MP3.



Crack Fierce - Illegal Collage & Feedback

Apparently, crack is a bit more-ish ... so here's Hideki Kato's perfectly focused harsh noise project.

A rare old C60 released on Robotomy Tapes in 1998.

just say no kids


Crackhouse - The Acid King

Crackhouse was a brief project from David Gilden and Erik Amlee emitting a raucous combination of tape manipulation, noise and random guitar abuse. Good enough in itself but any of Gilden's work is notoriously impossible to get hold of and seems to have just ceased to exist. Well it had seemed like that ... in the past year alone, there have been three reissues of his harsh noise releases from the brief window of 1995 to 1998. Hopefully there will be a lot more to come.

This is a CDr released on Mandragora Records in 2001. Never been for sale on Discogs apparently ... do we get a medal for that? Or a badge? Okay then, a "brave little soldier" sticker ... yeah, nothing then. Fuck you!



Broken Diode - Screaming on the Inside


Scorching noise by Daniel Burfoot aka Human Larvae, released as a limited CDR on Egan "Xiphoid Dementia" Budd's Existence Establishment label in 2007. The tetanus-tempting rusted-metal package is intense and perfectly suited to the sounds within. 

Broken Diode - Screaming on the Inside


Various - Untitled

File under: It would be rude not to.

This is the edition of 200. It also includes a side from Dan Burke & Mark Klein (Arcane Device by any other name) contributing for me the best track of the lot and two very fluxed up tracks from Dittel & Tüttel which is a collaboration between Ditterich von Euler-Donnersperg and Asmus Tietchens. This is a rip from a different source to the double 7 and required much less surgery to address any snap crackle and pop and is by far superior. If you're not happy with both versions being posted, let me know and there are refunds on request.

Triple 7" released on Die Stadt in 2001. Discogs says 2002. It's not. It's 2001.



Nobuo Yamada - Bicycle Running Eve

Under his own name, he manipulates field recordings of the offensive polluting indutrial world that chokes us into rather elegant noisescapes. None of it matters because the world is already fucked but this is the sound it makes in my head. You should, of course, also know him from the more "noise" focused ARTBREAKHOTEL ... apparently it's on lonely street ... tip the waitress on the way out and blame her. Yeah, I get it ... I just couldn't help myself.

C40 released on his own ABH in 2011.



Asmus Tietchens / Thomas Köner / Illusion Of Safety / Ditterich von Euler-Donnersperg - Untitled

There were 500 copies of this released. The first 200 is a three disc edition whilst the remaining 300 are this ...

Double 7" released on Die Stadt in 2001.



Der Eisenrost - Armored Weapon (Live Documents '93 - '94)

Warped guitars, drills and metal percussion courtesy of Chu Ishikawa, Shinichi Kawahara, Shinichi Seki, Joe Yabuki and Kouhei Chiba. They later provided the soundtrack for Shinya Tsukamoto's "Tokyo Fist". Industrial clubbers of the time will be familiar with some of the beats, there's even a bit of leatherclad EBM if that floats your boat. This steps far beyond those stereotypes though and as you would expect is much broader in scope and cinematic in tone.

A CD courtesy of Japan Overseas in 1995. It's not MP3.

Armored Weapon


Siglo XX - Antler Tracks II


Second compilation of early mopey/dopey post-punk nonsense with lyrics so dire they make Section 25 seem good. I enjoy this stuff anyway. It has a naive earnestness that I admire. Released as a CD by Antler Records in 1987. 

Siglo XX - Antler Tracks II


Pikacyu★Makoto - OM Sweet Home : We Are Shining Stars From Darkside

You already know who these people are.

This is a CD that was released on Riot Season in 2011. These are the 13 tracks from the CD. The release is still for sale (at a ridiculously cheap price) and when you buy the physical copy you get nearly an hour of live material in the accompanying download that I think is from the Hemlock Tavern in San Francisco when they toured the US on the back of this album in 2011.

I think I've said it before, but I love Riot Season but almost don't want people to know. I really don't need people ahead of me in the queue. Just about everything sells out immediately and there are no digital downloads that you can buy if you are too late. Today, there is a long awaited new release from Mainliner ... and it's a double LP. You can preorder from today and I promise this won't be around for long! Just for today, you can get the vinyl and the CD edition bundle for a cheaper price (which is what I've bought) and at the time of typing there are only nine of these left. You have been warned.

Shining Darkside


Siglo XX - Antler Tracks 1


Some saddos from Belgium heard Joy Division and thought, "How hard could that be?" Turns out, harder than it may have looked. Even so, farm-team JD clones of a certain era have their charm and this has charm aplenty (if not much else). "Antler Tracks 1" was the first collection of the group's early 80s vinyl, released as a CD by Antler Records in 1987. 

Siglo XX - Antler Tracks 1


Artificial Memory Trace / MSBR - Split

I could have sworn that I posted this about ten years ago. Apparently not. I'm sure, I'll get the hang of this remembering shit soon. Insert festive pantomime chorus "oh no you won't!". Erm, where was I? Oh yeah, I really should have posted this sooner and daily from then on. I can't think of a better contrast of styles on a split release. Slavek Kwi gives some typically wonderful slow motion ambient metal junk with a real feeling from SleepResearch_Facility's Nostromo ... empty spaces / potential threat / metal straining to contain the outside (but obviously no barking dogs and trumpet or Test Dept. drumming ... oh, fuck it, why do I bother?). If you're familiar with it you will hear what I mean. If you disagree, I won't be offended because I've already forgotten what I've said. The second track is the wonderful Koji Tano. Oh already there are you ... well ain't you clever?

A genuinely great CDr released on MSBR Records in 2001 in an edition of 100.

oh, yes i will


Asmus Tietchens / Arcane Device - DBL _ FDBK

Cavernous is the best single word.

CD released on Stille Andacht in 1993.



Various - The Throne Of Drones

You know, I really should have been quicker off the mark by just going with the Asphodel connection. I have so many of the label releases that I was buying a long time ago: Invisibl Skratch Piklz; The X-Ecutioners; Rob Swift; Mix Master Mike ... they were also releasing Otomo Yoshihide, Cristian Marclay, KK Null, Daniel Menche, Zbigniew Karkowski, Zeitkratzer and whatever lies behind the letter z.

Admittedly, I am thinking out loud but that's because I hadn't connected things up before. My relationship with the label was initially with the turntablist releases. I've spent a lot of time with the Drones compilations and the thread throughout the Asphodel catologue is something so obvious it's like finding something brand new ... but it was hidden in plain sight. Within the context of the label's aesthetic, these compilations make so much more sense to me.

So ... erm, yeah. It's a CD. It's not MP3.

The Throne Of Drones


Asmus Tietchens / Arcane Device - Speiseleitung

You can be forgiven for judging this book by it's cover and thinking that this is some neo-hippy trance nonsense. That's graphic design produced by mid-90s software packages for you. Luckily, this is Asmus Tietchens and David Lee Myers creating some seriously psychotic hypnosis.

CD released on Raum 312 in 1996.



Various - Swarm Of Drones

This is in a similar vein to the previous compilation. So, the likes of Maryanne Amacher, Robert Fripp, Robert Rich, Steve Roach, K.K. Null & James Plotkin, Lull, Vidna Obmana and more ...

A double CD released on Asphodel / Sombient in 1995.