Jojo Hiroshige - 生きている価値なしBox

If your reaction is "who's he?" then you are definitely here by mistake. Goodbye. This is a set of his (more or less) solo work from between 1997 and 2004 with the glorious additions of a remastering of a very rare 5th Column tape (5C-11 btw) and a 40+ minute live gig from 2012. Right, so yeah, a bunch of regretful ballads and reminiscences? What do you think? This is the man who has been the central pillar of Hijokaidan for 40 years ... he builds castles out of carnage and is a complete legend.

This was a ten disc release but this doesn't have the two DVDs that came with the set. Yeah, I know. You'll just have to make do with a flac rip of the eight CDs that were jointly released on Youth Inc. and Alchemy Records in 2013. As far as I can tell it is out of print and sits firmly in the scalper marketplace.

Jojo was a man

who leaned against a woman

but he knew it couldn't last.

Get Back Jojo!


Violent Onsen Geisha - Shocking Early Works 83-85 vol. 1

The progression towards Hair Stylistics some twenty years later was inevitable.

A C46 released on My Fiance's Lifework Productions in the late 80's/early 90's.

Shocking Early Works


Forced Orgasm - What About Us?

More dismantled sound for conspiracy theorists.

C30 released on NCFO in 1994.

What About Us?


Various - Nightside Terror

Harsh Noise Wall can be polarising ... love it or hate it? I'm in both camps. It isn't usually something that I have on heavy rotation and it's not something I would play whilst somebody else was there. For me, it's a deeply personal thing and when it is the right time it is perfect! The extreme monolithic quality of the noise cancels out all of the external bullshit and leaves me with my own genuinely unadulterated thoughts. Trance music for weird fuckers that spend far too much of their own personal time thinking about such things if you will / won't. Chances are that the words Harsh, Noise and Wall will have already made your mind up for you so whatever.

This is a great set of Richard Ramirez related work where Last Rape, Non Ho Sonno, The Wheel, House Of The Black Death and Forced Orgasm get two discs each.

This is a ten CDr set released on the Deadline Recordings sub-label H Series HNW ‎in 2014 in an edition of thirteen.

Sweet Dreams

Are Made Of This


Forced Orgasm - Are You Home Yet? (1994-2008)

Forced Orgasm are apparently Hageshiseto Ohno and Naoki Chisato who were originally based in Kobe but moved to the US and appear to have fitted straight into the Texan harsh noise scene. The vast majority of their work was impossible to find. That is until Richard Ramirez started to reissue some of their tapes as CDrs in tiny numbers and it remained only slightly less impossible to find.

Or was Forced Orgasm always RR in the first place? It's the kind of textured occasionally crumbling wall noise I associate with a lot of his projects ... only somebody else knows ...

Whatever the truth is, this is a (purportedly) retrospective seven CDr edition released on Room 2A (one of Richard Ramirez's many Deadline Recordings sub-labels) in 2014 and it came in an edition of ten.

Shoobie Doobie Do Wop

Pop Pop Shoo Wop


Hair Stylistics - The Maximam No Respect

We would hope that you are familiar with the work of Masaya Nakahara. If you are, then you will understand why I really can't even begin to describe where this begins and ends. If you are not familiar with his work, then sorry I still can't help you.

CDr on Boid in 2010.

Maximum Respect


Harry Pussy + Cock ESP - Wreck Small Cocks On Expensive Pussies

I really really like Harry Pussy ... so perversely, I thought I would start at the awkward end first. First off, the title is beautiful (and will have brought a broad smile to the contemporary hipsters). This entire thing doesn't even add up to two and a half minutes. It's a small grab of a HP gig in Minneapolis in April 1997, reworked by telepathic Cocks and sent to the legendary New Zealand lathe maker Peter King for him to work his majesty on a virtually unplayable format. It is genius psychedelic noise. If I loop this then I could listen to this all day long. As you already know, everything I say is nearly true.

An 8" lathe released on Freedom From in 1998.

Wreck Small Cocks


va - Activating the Medium XIV - Radio Transmissions Chapter Three

Third volume of the compilation CDRs given to audience members at the Activating the Medium event in 2011. Music from John Duncan, Camilla Hannan, Yan Jun, Adrian Dziewanski, John Davis, Rajar, Jorge Bachmann, Colin Andrew Sheffield, Adam Pacione.

va - Activating the Medium XIV - Radio Transmissions Chapter Three


Hair Stylistics - Fuck Decaro

I don't know who Decaro was but the image is more late 70's Jimmy Hill (there's an unrelated one for UK football grandads). Whoever it is, he gets his arse handed to him in a way that we can all applaud!

CDr released on Boid in 2010.

Fuck Decaro


Harry Pussy - Let's Build A Pussy

Harry Pussy were a genius noise-rock wtf crew where the drummer hits her sticks 1-2-3 and everybody piles in on the 4. You can literally hear property prices plunging everywhere they are played. Magnificent chaos all around frankly. So I was checking the tags on a few ideas and saw a review of this on Discogs: "Stupidest album of all-time. Totally unlistenable and not in a fun way."

So erm, yeah! Obviously!

From a review: "Consisting of an hour long piece of Bill Orcutt time-stretching a second of Adris Hoyos’ voice into a slow shifting drone. A piece of music you will love or hate, with not much for anything in between."

Originally released as a double LP on Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club (an admirable purveyor of weird shit), it was released after they split up and didn't exist as a collective. It's more we are all dead and this is what happens when the lights start to dim. It's fun for all of the family. It must have massively disappointed the prior devotees because this was not what they expected.

This is a flac rip of the double LP reissue on Editions Mego from 2012.




va - Activating the Medium XIV - Radio Transmissions Chapter Two

Second (duh) volume of a CDR given to audience members at the "Activating the Medium XIV" event in 2011, curated by the 23five organization. The festival was based on the theme of radio transmission, so all sound work on the souvenir CDrs were intended for radio broadcast. Includes Letitia Casteneda, Keith Fullerton Whitman, the late Jim Kaiser, Rale, Jim Haynes, Ben Owen, Leif Elggren, Jason Khan and Antimatter.

va - Activating the Medium XIV - Radio Transmissions Chapter Two


Violent Onsen Geisha - Violent Onsen Geisha

There are many things that Mrs Inside and I agree upon but first and foremost is the preeminence of Masaya Nakahara. He's been releasing music on a weekly basis for years and years ... a new Masaya Nakahara release that we haven't heard before is a thing of wonder and a great excuse for a party! You seriously have no idea how true that is!

Anyway, the main body of this release is a reworking / reissue of the Cry Baby Killer, Wagamama Na Ofukuro and Tenderley tapes from around 1989 to 1993 ... but there are edits and some tracks are apparently not included at all but it seems there is no possible way to get closer than this.

The 3" is supposed to be a split with Dynamite Masters Blues Quartet (who do exist and are great) but they get well and truly sliced and diced in the best possible way obviously.

This is a flac rip of the triple CDr and 3" CDr released on Bloody Butterfly in 1997.





Violent Onsen Geisha - Black Lovers (Early Lost Tapes 1988)

When I posted some new Hair Stylistics a month or so ago, it made me go back and listen to VOG again for the first time in ages. Generally speaking, we don't have time for re-upping because there are still a million things that we haven't been posted that should take priority. However. It was nearly ten years ago when I originally posted most of what I have. I've been thinking for a while about what should come first ...

Early Lost Tapes is either true or not or both ... archive material recently unearthed or material from tapes that had been previously released or a bit of both? I have no idea and it doesn't matter. These are ten compositions functioning as a single track and it is spellbinding ... the choice of samples and their juxtaposition with brief blurts of harsh noise and cut-up is enough to make your head split with the width of the smile generated. Chin Straps Advised!

Flac rip of the CD released on his own My Fiance's Lifework Productions in 1995.

Black Lovers


Hair Stylistics - Am5:00+

I've been holding off posting this for longer than I can remember because there was a version that came with an additional CDr with nearly half an hour of undoubted extra quality. I saw it for sale once and just missed it ... pissed me off for a year, only made worse by the fact that it sold for a really low price. Avoiding my true character, I decided to be optimistic and it was only a matter of time before I could post the three disc version. I should have known better. So here's the other version. It's Masaya Nakahara which obviously means that it is the work of a certifiable genius.

Double CD self-released on Boid in 2007.



Splintered - Turned Inside Out

You will have noticed a bit of a slowdown recently ... usually we cover each other when one of us have something to do (sorry to let light in on magic but it was never the google elves). This time around, both of us have had good things happen simultaneously and frankly, given the state of just about everything, it's about fucking time. So we are simply happy and don't start worrying that we are losing interest because frankly nothing could be further from the truth.

Anyway, this is a gorgeous compilation of unreleased tracks demos and fanzine rare stuff. It's totally brilliant ... the Landfall demo is pure Joy Division percussion and the bassline is surely what RDJ used for Come To Daddy. I have their split with Headbutt but none of the other singles ... if you have them ripped and can be arsed sharing then that would make people happy. If you have them but can't be arsed sharing them then unless you tell us nobody knows and it's a win/don't lose situation.

Flac rip of a double CD released on Totuuden Sarvi Levyt in 2013 that I can't find available first hand.




Splintered / RLW - Splintered / RLW

Apologies if I'm about to tell you that water runs downhill but RLW is Ralf Wehowsky of P16.D4 and so forth and all around genius (well maybe not all around, he's not solved poverty but we all have our limits I suppose). This is a collaboration and a split if you will. There are two shorter Ralf reworkings of the Moraine tracks from that album and he contributes material for the Splintered tracks. It's great but you've already skipped this bit ...

Released on Black Rose Recordings in 1996.

Splintered / RLW


Violent Onsen Geisha / Masonna - Split

To quote d.boon's share of the proceedings "this ain't no picnic".

LP released on RRRecords in 1989.

Violent Onsen Geisha / Masonna


Splintered - Moraine

Until I heard this, I never considered that you could combine Godflesh and Hawkwind. Someone could have told me, I wouldn't have spent all of that money on drugs! Well, actually that's not true, but someone could have told me!

LP jointly released on Suggestion Records and No Risk No Fun Records in 1996.



Sleaford Mods - Wank

"I get the feelin' sometimes I'd better watch how I speak my mind. There's plenty people outside ... kissing behinds."

CDr on Deadly Beefburger Records in 2012.

We Punch Above Our Weight Because The World Won't Take Us All!


King Missile - Mystical Shit / Fluting On The Hump

Clearly there are people who frequent this space who prefer NORSE GODS. Apparently you feel important then and can justify killing a few people so you can try to deal with the fact that nobody in the real world wants to know you ... seriously, sex with cousins does not count as an endorsement in anybody else's gene pool.

I have little say over who comes here to get free music that they can't be arsed to find somewhere else. They fail to see that Jesus was way cool, had a detachable penis and trying to deal with the fact that somebody took a doody in his sandbox whilst dreaming of driving cheesecake trucks. Education is futile with some of the ground that the free world has left to work with ... but who knows, sometimes mystical shit happens and people can change.

Did I mention that Nazi Punks can rim me?

Sorry if that wasn't clear ... if you feel you expect compliance then you can choke on my shit rather than what you appear to expect from the rest of the world. Whilst you have been building bunkers, the rest of the world has been reading books and thinking for themselves. Ask your slave to open the curtains and find out what century it is.

Apart from that ... King Missile are wonderful and this is a compilation of two early vinyls on the marvelous Shimmy Disc. This CD is from 1990.

Nazi Punks Can Rim My Mystical Hump!


Napalm Death - Nazi Punks Fuck Off!

Just to clarify ... and the day after ... and next year and the year after ... see where I am going with this?

Nazi Punks Can Wear My Nuts On Their Nazi Chins!


Dead Kennedys - Nazi Punks Fuck Off!

Not angry ... just disappointed.

As true as it was 39 years ago. As true the as it is now. As true then as it will be tomorrow.

Nazi Punks Fuck Off!


Spacemen 3 - Transparent Radiation

I just need a brief bit of headspace where I'm not just really fucking angry all of the time.

12" that I bought 33 years ago and posted here 25 years later.

Choose your side. History reveals all complicity


Smith & Mighty - Bass Is Maternal

The people and the police of Bristol are stone cold legends and the shitty little careerist politicians who ride the law and order ticket to exploit this would sell your neighbours for medical experimentation in a heartbeat.

Courtesy of Bristolians and More Rockers in 1995.

Priti Patel ... what's that on your chin?


Splintered - Noumena

... and Splintered just carry on with the sole purpose of creating new territory in order to fuck with your mind. Extraordinary.

"Joint-released [sic] by Amanita and Suggestion, this appeared in late 1998 and amounts to something of a 'lost' album originally intended for release a few years earlier by a US label. A vinyl version of the same album was released by Dirter Promotions in 1994 in an edition of 300 which very quickly sold out, although this was supposed to originally represent an actual accompaniment to the 'proper'/full version captured on this CD."



dis - Ed Was Solace

Some of the best music I've heard is something that I bought on impulse. Mind you, occasionally it doesn't work out ... the only music I ever bought that I don't still have is the Steel Construction LP by The Leather Nun. Surely there are laws against such crimes. I gave it to someone that I didn't like much. Anyway, I digress. I didn't know anything about this but the graphics grabbed me immediately. Fuck hyperbole ... it just blew me away and I played it for the rest of the day.

This was part of the wave of the quietquietLOUD expression of American post-hardcore/post-punk. Before I bought this I already owned both Slint LPs and they are truly brilliant and Slint are rightly lauded ... but ... dis are better. Maybe there is a church of dis- out there that I am not aware of but christ on a bike, these people should be played to children in all State institutions. We have nothing to lose ... dis to the masses on a free prescription!

There is one split single that was released with Cool Beans magazine #3. I'm pretty sure that track hasn't appeared anywhere else but I don't have it ... if you've ripped that pass it on in a mission of mercy type thing. Other than that there were three singles and three albums ... in a gift to humanity, they have put the first two albums up as a name your price ... there are a few copies of the third album that you can still get here.

Seven inches of wonder released confusingly on Twelve Inch Records (make your own jokes at the back of the class) in 1992.

with broken this and broken that


dis - Nicolae b/w Cage Me Safely

These are versions that are taken from small fry recording sessions 3+4, in April and August 1993 and don't appear on any other release ... does anyone know if those sessions have appeared anywhere?

7" released on South East Records in 1994.



dis- / Panel Donor - Split

This is all that I know about Panel Donor but that's now why I am here right now ...

7" released on Lombardi Recordings in 1995.

dis- / Panel Donor


Splintered - The Judas Cradle

Can somebody explain why this band aren't universally worshiped?

Even my cats don't understand and they know so much more than I do.

CD released in 1993 on Dirter Promotions, a label that is perpetually wonderful.

The Judas Cradle


Drive Like Jehu - Drive Like Jehu

Imagine a big room where Meat Puppets, Minutemen, Hüsker Dü, Sonic Youth and Fugazi sit around a big table, listen to Drive Like Jehu, and then accept that the mission has been accomplished and go home and get regular jobs.

Headhunter Records. 1992. Majestic.

Jehu Welcomes Careful Drivers


Naoaki Miyamoto - Me No Tawamure

Solo guitar noise album by the artist formerly known as MNS, released by Hitorri in 2009.

Naoaki Miyamoto - Me No Tawamure 


Splintered - Parapraxis

Splintered were/are just an incredible (shifting) bunch of people writing singular noise-rock scriptures. I'm not convinced that comparisons work in this case because most of the good people sound like Splintered. Do your own research. This is their first album.

CD released on Intellectual Convulsion in 1992.



MNS - Incredible Noise Guitar

There isn't enough music out there by guitarist Naoaki Miyamoto, aka Musik No Sense or just MNS for short. He self-released this aptly-titled CD and a lathe-cut 7" (yet unheard by me) in 1998 and a 7" with Stabat Mors in 2003. Under his own name, he made a few solo albums, one album with Satanic Abandoned Rock n' Roll Society (a band consisting of Miyamoto, Tetuzi Akiyama, Utah Kawasaki, and the great Atsuhiro Ito, who plays amplified florescent light bulbs) and one guitar duel with Kawabata Makoto. And so, enjoy this rare document of exactly what the title promises. Fans of Solmania, Diesel Guitar/s  or Total will surely love this.

MNS - Incredible Noise Guitar


This is what it is like when you are not Amy Cooper.


Send In The Army?

So what would the difference be exactly?


Melvins & Steel Pole Bathtub - Sweet Young Thing Ain't Sweet No More / I Dreamed I Dream

This is from memory but to be honest, that's never stopped me before. Apart from being a great piece of work, it's layered in meaning. The cover itself mimics the Mudhoney / Sonic Youth Sub Pop single from the previous year. Then you add in that Matt Lukin was a founder member of Melvins and then left to join Mudhoney ... hence the toilet on their half of the sleeve and the choice of song. Positively sulphuric in it's response and that cheers me up! SPBT cover a great SY track. Bonus.

7" released on Boner / Tupelo in 1989.

Sweet Young Dream


Sonic Youth & Mudhoney - Touch Me I'm Sick / Halloween

I always thought Death Valley '69 would have been a better choice.

7" released on Sub Pop in 1988.

Touch Me I'm Sick / Halloween


va - Brain In The Wire / Brain Not In the Wire

This came out in two versions... a double disc and a triple disc. The double disc version came, as you've probably guessed, in The Wire magazine. A third disc included music that was, again obvious from the title, not included in The Wire magazine. Released in 2002, compiled by the folks behind the website... includes music by Matmos, V/Vm, Greater Than One, Jessica Bailiff,  Legendary Pink Dots, Nurse With Wound, Aranos, Little Annie, Bedhead, Diamanda Galas and more.

disc 1
disc 2
disc X


Steel Pole Bath Tub - Venus In Furs / European Son

Yeah, two Velvet Underground covers ... what's not to love?

7" released on Communion Label in 1991.

shiny shiny shiny boots of leather


Tumor Circus - Take Me Back Or I'll Drown Our Dog

Just in case you don't know, Tumor Circus were a short-lived and unholy union between Steel Pole Bath Tub, Charles Tolnay (who was in the likes of King Snake Roost and Lubricated Goat) and the perpetually relevant political rants of Jello Biafra. It was only released in the UK as a 12" (a 7" elsewhere) and includes the track "Fireball" but it's different to the one that appears on the self-titled LP in the same year.

12" released on Alternative Tentacles in 1991.

horse molester must be stopped


va - Brainwaves 2008

Second triple-disc compilation from the second Brainwaves Festival. Another blank white sleeve for the bands to autograph. This one has music by Reformed Faction, Meat Beat Manifesto, Threshold HouseBoys Choir, Christoph Heemann and Andreas Martin, Marissa Nadler, His Name Is Alive, A Place to Bury Strangers, Manorexia, Silver Apples and more.

disc 1
disc 2
disc 3


Resistance Takes Many Forms



No Justice. No Peace.


va - Brainwaves

Triple CD compilation given to audience members at the Brainwaves festival, hosted by in 2006. Includes exclusive music by Z'ev, Jack Dangers, irr. app. (ext.), Throbbing Gristle, Goodiepal, Troum, Black Light District, Edward Ka-Spel, Wagon Christ and more. The package was all white with no information on it. The idea, I think, was for audience members to ask artists to autograph the album during the festival.

disc 1
disc 2
disc 3