Faxed Head - Chiropractic

Fifth Head (aka James Goode who was also in The Double U), Jigsaw Puzzle Head (aka Brandan Kearney of Caroliner, Archipelago Brewing Company and World Of Pooh etc), LaBrea Tar Pits Head (aka Phil Franklin Of Sunburned Hand Of The Man, Franklin's Mint and Secret Chiefs 3 etc), McPatrick Head (aka Gregg Turkington) and Neck Head (aka Trey Spruance).

And, now imagine if Slipknot styled out their masks with crap they had just found and Ministry took hallucinogens instead of their usual cup of tea and the fucking lot of them had a sense of humour (or at least irony). Then throw in Michael Gerald's Killdozer vocals. Yep, it's nonsense. But great nonsense. Just wish I'd have got to see them live.

CD released on Web Of Mimicry in 2001.



Anonymous,  19 August 2018 at 12:52  

Incredible album. Second only, in my opinion, to their second...

Dante D 19 August 2018 at 18:26  

Agreed, and such a triumph over tragedy. I'm still afraid to watch the DVD.

bruitiste 19 August 2018 at 20:43  

Fantastic record. I remember hearing someone say that Trey had commented (paraphrasing) "you have no idea how hard I worked to make this album sound this bad."