Caroliner Rainbow Grace Blocks Used In The Placement Of The Personality - Rings On The Awkward Shadow

In the world of Caroliner vinyl everybody seems to guess where the splits happen. I don't believe Discogs much anymore ... on there, the title track is 6:36 ... mine rocks up at 13 minutes even if the last 30 seconds are a locked groove (and it's the final track so where did everything else go?). I'm too far into the Grux-hole to care much.

Double LP released on BullsHit apparently in 1994.

Rings On The Awkward Shadow


Jeffer,  13 August 2018 at 23:24  

A final THANK YOU! for this item; the last gap in my Caroliner collection is now filled (at least according to Discogs, but maybe there are more secrets out there? . . .)

VOTG,  14 August 2018 at 20:44  

"Rings" is one of my favorite Caroliner LPs thanks to how goddamn unsettling it truly is. The recording lineage is insanity: recorded to wire recorder, then dumped to tape, THEN pressed to cheap vinyl. That is how you make an album sound like a ghost.