Various - Timeline Beserker

Stare Case, Birth Refusal and F.I. Spykes doing the do.

C82 courtesy of American Tapes in 2012. It's AM917 btw.

stink my henbane


Eating People & Spykes (FxIx) - Eating Spykes

Create your own sentence here:

Four tapes that come in at somewhere betweem C14s and C20s released on American Tapes in 2013. It's AM 949 btw.

"Eating Spykes=Daytime"


Charlie Draheim / Spykes - From The Noize Explorers

It starts off with Crank crunk beatboxing, found sound of somebody doing bad but explaining to himself that it will be fine and then settles into its rusty groove. Play it in the background when you are planning something important and then wonder why you just forgot everything.

C32 released on American Tapes in 2006. It's AM548 btw.

i spy with my third ear ...


Hour Of The Wolf / I Dreamt Of Her Beautiful Tentacles / Dead Body Collection / Indch Libertine - Split

Whilst at least three of us await delivery od the GOL three CD set (all hail München!), let's gasp for breath with a monstrous slab of wall.

A double CDr released on Sickcore in 2011.

max wall

mega option


GOL - 25

Frédéric Rebotier, Jean-Marcel Busson, Ravi Shardja and Samon Takahashi with contributions from Fred Segall, Yann Leguay, Brunhild Meyer-Ferrari, Sébastien Busson and Dennis Tyfus.

A sublime double 10" set released on Gol Records in 2014.



Macronympha - Ongoing Orgasm

I would like to apologise for the funnel of spunk dust shot into the atmosphere by the small number of genuflecting morons that appear to be representative of this sinking ship of a country. Rest assured, they are not. Most here would happily follow the French example!

This is a C92 released on Mother Savage Noise Productions in 1995. Apparently people pay a lot of money for a physical copy. The release / reisuue schedule of MSNP is intertwined with the entire Macro fall-apart back in the day. Best not to know the details ...

the wankers will be queueing up at a food bank next week and still not understand the concept of dissonance


Various - 1974 Hobo's Concerts Ⅴ "ありがとう ありがとう ありがとう"

Of course I hadn't forgotten. Yoshitaka Minami, Fumio Nunoya & Coconut Bank, Chu Kosaka & Budou Batake, Sentimental City Romance and Haruomi Hosono.

CD released on Super Fuji Discs in 2007.

chang yr ba to this


Flatline Construct - Crippled Officers

More stellar Canadian noise, this time courtesy of Ryan Bloomer and Scott Hodgins.

C30 released on Where Late The Birds Sang in 1999.

no give me producer


Fossils - Memory Box Vol. 2

This huge collection covers a lot of ground: the Archive 1 CDr (which was itself a collection of parts of rare tapes and live performances, the aural contents of the Fossils & The Broked Leg Ensemble dvdr, live sound from the gigs on the Whale dvdr, the "Romancing The Stone / Jewel Of The Nile" tape that came out in 2006 in an edition of 11 (tagged here as part of the Terror Tapes series, but I'm pretty sure it never was), a self-titled tape from 2006 that came in an edition of 13, some work with Johnny Scarr (aka Spoils & Relics), some apprently unreleased mammoth sessions and (undoutably) some obvious stuff that I have missed.

Six C90s in a semi-posh little box released on Poor Little Music in 2016 in an edition of 20 copies.

i sometimes wonder

what's moving underground

Lean on this first ...




GOL & Charles Hayward - GOL & Charles Hayward

Another majestic recording guided by the musical mastermind of Charles Hayward. The first side is recorded in the studio and there are parts that sound like The Herbaliser are beaming one in from another dimension. The second side is a live recording from Sonic Protest Festival le 104 on December the 14th, 2008 and it's another beast altogether but it still has the beat driven straight through it's heart.

LP released on Planam in 2010.

give the drummer some


GOL & Ghédalia Tazartès - Alpes

It is highly probable that GOL are the most significant quartet that this century has seen or wiil see. I've only heard their collaborations with other remarkable people, so on balance, I'd say yes of course they are!

Initially, you think it's an Alan Lomax enthnographical examination of central France. Then, the late and greatly lamented godhead that still is Ghédalia Tazartès taps you on the shoulder and gives you a cheeky wink. The carpet gets pulled from underneath you to reveal a massive rabbit hole where the floor used to reassuringly fool you. It's amazing and you lot are the only people I know who would get this in anyway. See you on the other side ...

LP released on Planam in 2013 ... and the artwork is by Dennis Tyfus (obviously).

mont blanc


Various - King Of Extreme Music Vol. 1

This is a cracking tape released in Japan nearly thirty years ago. Tonnes of fun to be had by all ... lots of noise variety, some nice grind and some wonderful what!?! The artists are largely from Japan, some you'll recognise and some you won't and there are a couple of American gutternoise monkeys thrown in for good measure.

C90 released on Noting Note Tapes! in 1994.

spin me right round baby


Crank Sturgeon / PCRV - Future Steps For An Ancient Fever

Whilst drowning in a mental drought, Matt Anderson and Matt Taggart can always pull me out! Kinda glad I wasn't trapped in a trough ...

Here is a heart-warming tribute to the complexity of the tape:

"COMPLETEISTS ONLY! I have the utmost respect for both of these artists and I have no intention of bad mouthing their work. That being said this is not necessarily "enjoyable." cranks interest in spoken word is on full display, and boiled down to the absolute minimum. One man, one microphone, one word. Serious DADA ... sound entity? Did make me laugh a few times and I appreciate that. PCRVs side is a continuation of the crank piece, either a remix of sorts or a collaboration. The track title is BEWTS...a dialog, which leads me to suspect the latter. A bit more "musical" than cranks side but still probably a bit too minimal or "weird" for most listeners. Definitely not his usual work. If you consider Kommisar Hjuler or Dennis Tyfus to be a little too mainstream for your tastes than this is the tape you've been dreaming of. But if you are looking for charming bounce and clank or innovative soundscapes I would seek out one of the many top notch releases these two masters have available."

Nancy Sinatra's recordings released as a C30 On Matt T's Fluxus Montana label in 2014.

and that's just what I'll do


Andrew Coltrane - Rotten Blues


Another Hermitage Tapes cassette from 2008.



Andrew Coltrane - Hidden Underworld


2008 cassette from the artist's own Hermitage Tapes label.



Andrew Coltrane - Midnight Winds


CDR of tape gunk released by Chocolate Monk in 2009.



Andrew Coltrane - Chromosphere


Two long tracks of ugh by Andrew Coltrane, released as a CDR by Folkwaste (which is a very good name for a label) in 2008.



Severed Heads - Ear Bitten 79-99


A self-released and long out-of-print CDR from 1999 by the legendary Severed Heads. Includes their side of a 1980 split LP with Rhythmyx Chymx (aka Slugfuckers) with remixes and more to round it out.

living in the past


Protein Den - Cml


Protien Den was a short-lived but excellent duo of Gordon Ashworth (Oscillating Innards, Concern) and Matthew Sullivan (Privy Seals, Earn, Deep Jew). This c15 came out in 2008 on Sullivan's flawless Ekhein label.



Iovae & Teeth Collection - Untitled


Two solo tracks and one collab by two Ohio noise dudes. Iovae was very good but not prolific and he seems to have fallen off the noise map. Teeth Collection's Matthew Reis remains active as Developer. Released in 2006 as a CDR in an edition of 100 copies by Epicine Sound Replica.

round on the ends, high in the middle


Premature Ejaculation - Dead Whorse Riddles

You know where we are. I have nothing worth adding.

A double CDr released on Malaise Music in 2011.

Johnny's laying there, in his sperm coffin


Various - 1974 Hobo’s Concerts IV ''君のまわりをひとまわり''

Yoshihiko Asano, Takao Ito, Datça (who i think was part of Happy End which is code for "I don't know") and Masato Tomobe.

CD released on Super Fuji Discs in 2007.

the rails i ride are rustin'


Premature Ejaculation - Attempts At Seven (For The Sick)

More remastered material from (I think) previously unreleased work ...

CDr released on Malaise Music in 2011.

relax. don't do it


Various - 1974 Hobo's Concerts III ''みんな昨日のようさ''

Of course I hadn't forgotten. Just temoprarily misplaced the memory file that was intended to indicate that there was another memory file that's all. Apparently, the answer is 42.

So, there are two tracks by The Dylan II (Masaji Otsuka and Yoh Nagai), one from Kosuke Kanamori and Yoh Nagai, a couple from Kosuke Kanamori, three from Mikami Kan with Ryo Kagawa (aka Kosai Yoshihiro) with the unenviable task of following Mikami Kan.

The 2007 CD reissue on Super Fuji Discs. Etc.

hey you, fuck face!


Premature Ejaculation – A Little Hard To Swallow

I was looking for my mojo and found this. Recordings from 1982, released (with unintended irony) after a lengthy wait.

Double CDr released on Malaise Music in 2010.

no spitting


Heltir - Neue Sachlichkeit


Rozz Williams put Heltir on pause in 1989, then brought it back in 1994 as a duo with LAFMS weirdo Ace Farren Ford (of Smegma, The Decayes, Ace & Duce) for a more varied affair. Industrial percussion, tape loops, spoken word poetry. Released in the US by Triple X Records and in Europe by Dark Vinyl.  

rozz 3


Heltir - Il Banchetto Dei Cancri & VC-706


Low fidelity MB-ish synth dirge by Rozz Williams, released as a cassette in 1989 with a photo of (I assume) a sleeping Ron Mael on the front cover. 

rozz 2


Heltir - 69 Rituals


Rare cassette by Rozz Williams (Christian Death/Premature Ejaculation) released by The Happiest Place on Earth in 1989.



Hands Rendered Useless - Mists of Lace


A short cassette from 2011, released by City Mortuary. 

left hand cuts off the right


Hands Rendered Useless - Exit International

Cassette from 2016, released by Ascetic House.

left hand right hand


Villa Valley – Bedienungsanleitung


CDR released in an edition of just 50 copies by Curor Recordings in 2007. The group features Khristopher Reinshagen (aka Liable, Body Collector, Scorpio & Glass) and Matt Conzet (The Glass Path) and would eventually change their name to White Boss. 

bed... head


Taurpis Tula - Steel Rods Bruise Butterflies


Half hour of zonk released as a CDR in 2005 by the mighty Chocolate Monk label.

steel butterfly


Taurpis Tula - Caught In The Teeth Of It


Limited CDR released by Volcanic Tongue in 2005.

teeth collector


Taurpis Tula - Cadillac Sitting Like a Ton of Lead


2007 LP released by Ikuisuus.

lead cadillac


Boredoms - Vision Creation Newsun


Here's a bonkers boxset version of Boredoms' bonkers final masterpiece, 1999's epic "Vision Creation Newsun". A double disc set in a gorgeous deluxe package that shows off Ukawa Naohiro's striking art design. You may know Naohiro as the guy behind Mom'n'Dad Productions, a label that released CDs that were half Hanatarash performance documents and half goofy lounge music. The first disc is the main album with its symbols instead of song titles. The second bonus disc contains a complete live concert from this period and two exclusive remixes. There was also a little sound card that played another 40 seconds of Boredoms audio, but I don't have a rip of that. Sorry all you OCD completists. 


Chie Mukai & Yoshinori Motoki - 10 Minutes Free Improvisation Festival

Released as a cassette by Cacoon in 1983, this is one of the earliest recordings of kokyu player Chie Mukai, just a handful of years after her appearance on the legendary East Bionic Symphonia LP. Here, she is joined by guitarist Yoshinori Motoki. 



Macronympha + Torturing Nurse - Tiempo

Stand by your beds ...

C52 released on Bizarre Audio Arts in 2017 in an edition of 25.

whether or not


Chie Mukai & Rinji Fukuoka - L'energie De L'existence


A 2003 CD by two legends. Chie Mukai is the vocalist/kokyu player and leader of the band Ché-SHIZU. Fukuoka is the singer/guitarist for the breathtaking psych band Overhang Party and their successor Majutsu no Niwa. This duo album finds Fukuoka playing cello, piano and drums while Mukai sings and plays piano as well as her signature instrument, kokyo. Released on Turtles' Dream, which was a sub-label of Michel Henritzi's short-lived but excellent A Bruit Secret label. 

crazy to l'exist


J/O - Untitled


Only album by the duo of Alex Kmet (Climax Denial) and Luke Moldof (Stillbirth, Perispirit, Craniopagus etc). Cassette released by Kmet's Sexkrime Arts label in 2009 in a run of 84 copies.



Phil Milstein – Tapeworm: SFX By Phil Milstein


No-fidelity tape fuckery and cheerfully crude ughs released as an LP on Jad Fair's 50 Skidillion Watts label in 1990. You may know this gentleman from his mid-80s stint rocking reel-to-reel machines with Boston post-no-wave band Uzi or from his great 1988 Forced Exposure LP as Pep Lester and His Pals. 


Irene Moon++ - Triffles and True Trifles


A collection of tracks by renowned entomologist Katja Seltmann in her various bands/disguises, including her main alter ego Irene Moon as well as Auk Theater, Darker Florida and The Collection of the Late Howell Bend. Released by Carbon Records in 2009 as a limited edition CDR.



Einstürzende Neubauten - Yü-Gung

A slight diversion for personal reasons ... this stone cold slice of genius is nearly forty years old. What the fuck is that about? I'm thinking of setting up a go fund me so my bonce gets frozen anytime soon so I can ensure that one day I'll get to hear all of Thurston and Henry's tapes. You in?

12" released on Some Bizarre in 1985.



Scant / Pleasure Island / Shredded Nerve - Beyond A Single Breeding Cycle

... and Pleasure Island is the work of John Pyle who also ran the brilliant Beyond The Ruins label which appears to have jacked it in after 50 excellent releases.

Triple tape set from Dead Gods in 2018.

ticket to ride


Lapse - Adrenal Battering

Justin Lakes also records as Lapse and here you get four exquisite blasts of adorable harsh noise.

A double C8 released on Dead Goda in 2019 in an edition of sixteen. Small but perfectly formed.

i've got a catholic block


Scant - Debilitate

The aforementioned Matt Boettke who, in the spirit of what the fuck do I actually know anyway (that's clearly intended to be rhetorical but feel free), records on a spectrum between nuanced harsh noise and droned formication that makes you sweat and continually look under the bed ... just in case you were right all along. This sits firmly in the middle of that dichotomy.

C30 released on Amerikan Erektors in 2020.



Various - Hate Tasting

Mutant Ape.
Werewolf Jerusalem.
Fear Konstruktor.
Climax Denial.
Mourmansk 150.
Splinter Vs. Stalin.

Very Nice.

CD released on Sickcore in 2010.

play pasting


Shredded Nerve - Milking The Predator Nest

Shredded Nerve is the work of Justin Lakes and I like it a lot. He's a busy man. Apart from the Brooklyn based Thousands Of Dead Gods store, he set up Small Mercies and runs the Dead Gods tape label with Matt Boettke (aka Scant).

A C20 released on Dead Gods in 2018 in an edition of 25. The label's site is down at the minute but a lot of new Dead Gods tapes have just hit Total Black, so check your favourite distros!

accrington stanley


Various - Where Are We Now?

A choice compilation featuring the likes of Climax Denial, Hive Mind, Plague Mother, Scant, Shredded Nerve and more ...

Double CDr courtesy of the excellent Small Mercies in 2021.

where. what is it good for?


Hate Poem & Depletion / Audiorcist - Some Men Look Into The Girl's Sticky Panties After Coitus To See Their Mark Of Territory

The title initially made me dry heave but we have all met men who would think that would be standard practice. Also, I've added the apostrophe because, come on, we have to maintain standards around here! Anyway, in spite of the tawdry grammar and tacky title this turns out to be a big chunk of nice.

Hate Poem was Kenny Johansson (aka Obskyr and Philosophers Of Darkness) which was kind of power electronics but he's Swedish so that instantly makes it better. He only recorded under this name between 2014 and 2016. The first side of this is a recording of the final gig on the 30th of October 2016 and it's a collaboration with the UK based Depletion who sit at the noise end of the PE attitude which also instantly makes it better. The second side is the work of Kenny's long time friend Krister Bergman (obviously as Audiorcist).

This was released as an LP as part of the Hate Poem self-released series in 2017. Within a month, it was unofficialy given the Carpenter Prod treatment. None of that stuff is unofficial ... think of all the Hjuler related Psych.KG versions, it's just a way to represent releases as kinky / extreme art packages. Not a criticism ... I like it a lot, I just wish I could afford to buy more than I have.

As a seamless link, Kenny was also part of The New Movement and as proprietor of Obskyr Records released lots of music with the art/anti-art fetish editions that you'll know from the Blockader universe. There were Bandcamp pages (that don't exist anymore) where I would torment myself staring at things that I would never be able to afford. Thankfully, at least the images are still accessible.

LP released on Carpenter Prod. USA in 2017 that is now based in Sweden. Seamless.

public castration is still a good idea


Fire In The Head / Brighter Than A Thousand Suns Messenger Service - Here, Hill, Hell

Seriously, what else could you possibly need to know?

That it's a CDr released on Kohei Nakagawa's Utsu Tapes in 2004 perhaps?

crack on