Blood Sausage - Touching You In Ways That Don't Feel Comfortable

The Sausage in question was a really smart UK contribution to the Riot Grrrl correction. A great band with a lot of their own whilst channeling The Fall, The Cramps and early JSBX.

7" released on Wiiija Records in 1993.

semi-concensual sausage touching

... and not to be confused with ...

Meatmen – Blood Sausage EP

Fun dirtbag early US hardcore led by Tesco Vee just looking for cheeks to slip his tongue into. Entirely and intentionally "dumb" ... this is the man that started the seminal Touch & Go Records after all. I seem to think that he created the Maximum Rock n Roll fanzine / mag as well. I have a few of those originals and a big old book collection. I could check but I can't be arsed.

A 7" on Touch And Go from 1982.

officer ... i was touched by sausage against my will and you suck


Vargrwulf‎ - Black Supremacy

A lovely selection of crawling wall noise courtesy of Joseph Gates.

A triple C60 set from Violent Revolution International in 2010.


lean here first:

mega option


Peiiste - Bad Babysitter

With a single or double "i", this is Vanessa and Joseph Gates again. The world should be awash with their work but alas there doesn't seem to be that much around. A situation that needs resolving methinks.

A C58 released on Violent Revolution International in 2010.



Rodger Stella - Death Loop Cut

A few years ago, I posted the Death Loops but a good friend of ours sent me his rip of the tape reissue from 2016. It's far superior to the version of the tape that I posted so if you still have that then delete and replace!

However, this remains true: "two tracks of warped noise that manages to sound like somebody set fire to an orchestra whilst they were playing and they just haven't noticed yet. A reissue of a micro-edition CDr from 2007".

C72 released on 2016 on Mother Savage Noise Productions.

the death and resurrection show


Rodger Stella - Rare Cuts

You Could be forgiven for thinking that this was a solo box but it isn't. You do get one tape from Rodger and another that is a split with Leslie Keffer. But, then there is a live one from Macronympha, a lovely live rock-out attributed to "Rod Heydrich" that I'm assuming is Mr S and whoever else was on the bill that night. Not good enough for you? Then how about the C20 from Beastiarius ... the rare as chicken dentures collaboration between Akifumi Nakajima, Joseph Roemer and Rodger Stella (yes, Aube and Macronympha)? Or the Anarch Peak tape that is a collaboration between Rodger and "Greh" (mastermind behind Chondritic Sound, Hive Mind, Black Sand Desert and a host of other delights)? Thought you might ...

"A collection of previously unreleased material assembled for a European tour. Limited to a small but undisclosed number of copies." Six tape set released on his own Mutter Wild in 2012.

the first cut

... lean on this bandwidth first:

mega option


Ultra Fuckers - Psychedelic Warrior

Music as the evolutionary process it was always intended to be.

Survival of the fuckist!

A CD courtesy of Lost Frog Productions in 2004.

fuckers at the end of time


Ultra Fuckers - Beyond the Fuckless

Welcome to the new management of the English kick a ball team: "UF called "King of Scum" "Psychedelic Warrior" in Osaka. Their happy sound bridges from HC/Flexi-your-head style to German/Klaut rock. Fully retarded and naked in funny noise taste. Their produce event "Scum Nite" anytime, Faxed Head, Caroliner Rainbow, Zip Code Rapists, Half Japanese, UG Man, ENE, Monotract, Mr.Velocity Hopkins, etc. acted in past."

CDr on Public Eyesore from 2002.

punk as fuckless


Various - What Will Happen

What Will Happen was a short-lived sublabel of Human Ignorance whose output is ridiculously difficult to unearth, physically or digitally.

As far as I can tell, this doesn't anywhere on the World Wide Wankfest (obviously, the associated picture is just me going about my business at this time of year ... well anytime of year to be honest). It's a sampler of the label with edited tracks from the releases on the roster.

This is a gift from a friend of ours and I've left it in the wav files it was sent. It's not needed but I've asked wm. Rage (on here as Nervous Corps) about the release and he wanders past here now and again so might have something to add.

A CD jointly released on Vulnavia Editions and Human Ignorance in January 2013.

... bad things, that's what.


Various - 1974 Hobo's Concerts VI "空は君になじめたか"

Seriously ... does nobody have any faith anymore ... of course I hadn't erm ... so obviously, we all know what is coming next!

Originally, the sixth in the series of LPs released on Bellwood Records in 1976. This is the sixth of the CD reissue series on Super Fuji Discs from 2007.

penultimate chang ba


Lemon Kittens - We Buy A Hammer For Daddy

"Lemon Kittens were founded in Reading, UK, in the late 1970s by Karl Blake. By placing an ad in the Sept 1979 issue of Industrial News, he met Danielle Dax, who would initially provide artwork and then later become a full partner in the band."

Yeah, still alive ... but y'know, the world trophy of kick a ball is on and I've gone back to reading manga and graphic novels. So whatever. Pretty sure I have posted an mp3 of this a while ago. So whatever.

I simply ADORE this recording! This has been one of those build yourself a badgerstump keystones ever since I first heard this some time in the late 80s? It's quite easy to say that this is quintessentially English in the most subunderground terms. Stand up and bow down ... and if this is the first time you've listened to this, hold on tight and believe!

An LP on United Dairies in 1980 and then a CD reissue on Danielle's Biter Of Thorpe in 1993. I own both. This is a flac rip of the latter.

BTW, fuck Donate buttons!

Stop, Kitten time!


Slugbait - Medium To Heavy Flow


1995 CD by the people behind Splintered, Intervene, Husk and more UK noise acts. Released by Dirtier Promotions.

can't wait


White Heaven - Strange Bedfellow


Ultra-rare second White Heaven album released only on vinyl by PSF in 1993. 


White Heaven - Next To Nothing


Fourth album by the best 1970s California psychedelic rock band to ever come out of Tokyo in the 1990s. White Heaven's studio debut, "Out", was an instant classic when it came out on the legendary PSF label. More recently, Black Editions reissued it in an expanded and great-sounding vinyl remaster. This record, however, remains ultra-rare and very expensive on the second-hand market. Now you can enjoy it for (next to) nothing.

free for all


Giuseppe Ielasi & EKG - Group


Trio recordings from 2005 by Giuseppe Ielasi and American electronics & horns duo EKG (Kyle Bruckman and Ernst Karel). Released on the short-lived Formed label in 2006.

the groop


Ascites / Blood Oath 88 - American Force

Here's a split between the Texan harsh noise outfit Ascites and Thomas Mortigan's one-off Blood Oath 88 but you would know him better as RU-486 and the man who ran the great Destructive Industries label.

A C60 released on Human Ignorance in 2011.

to stupidity and beyond!


Bast - Bast

It's Vanessa again ...

CDr released on the post-Ignorance Vulnavia Editions in 2013.

for the devil sends the bast with wrath


L'Exorcisme – L'Exorcisme

It's them again, but this time with a run of industrial black noise.

Originally a C34 released on Human Ignorance in 2010 in vanishingly small numbers. Luckily it was reissued as a CDr on Violent Revolution International later that year.

... but he will also mix lies with the truth to attack us


Reptilian Sexual Predator - Death Camp U.S.A.

I'm not going to go back to the rage days but given the frantic attempts of douche a l'orange to avoid accountability / responsibility / bancruptcy / jail / truth ... this seems kind of appropriate.

RSP are one of my favourite Joseph Gates / Vanessa Gates outfits. Until very recently, I didn't have this but a friend recently stepped in to solve that issue. So, here it is, a C60 released on Human Ignorance in 2012.

Yo' babies see me kill a fool on TV


Trapezoid Electronics - 5748

There was one other Trapezoid Electronics release that I had resigned myself to never hearing. Until you get Delia's inevitable transition into harsh tribal noise ... yeah, yeah ... industrial estate.

You could split this into seperate tracks but there is no point. A truly majestic C58 released on Human Ignorance in 2012.

... because we're worth it


Fun In Latex - Crybaby

I was going to get on a real roll here but a great friend of ours sent me a stash of impossibles. This is one of them. I have always wanted to hear Fun In Latex and until two days ago, I'd never even had a sniff. So, you lucky bastards ... smell this!

A CDr released on Vulnavia Editions in 2013. It feels like it was intended to be a tape ... it was Joseph and Vanessa Gates' post-Human Ignorance label after all but maybe it's just me.

you told me love was too plebeian


Tissa Mawartyassari – The Box

Until corrected, this is the work of Monica Isabel Sanchez who apart from her singular abilities, also recorded as part of An Innocent Young Throat Cutter (and just like Vanessa), Are The Volcanoes Still Active? and Black Leather Jesus. That is more than enough in itself but she is in the room for these recordings and you can feel it ... there is a lot of NHW that is press play, leave the room whilst recording it and release it as a brickwalled, check my dick non event. Balance is hereby restored.

A double C30 released on Richard's H Series HNW in 2011.

we all fall down


Bast - Illusions

This time it's Vanessa providing tickly Wall kicking and harsh static trickle.

A double C62 released on Human Ignorance in 2012.

woman is the bast


Trapezoid Electronics - II

There are a catalogue of names associated with this short-lived project but all of them lead back to Joseph Gates. This set just doesn't sit still so you'll just have to create your own hyperbole.

A double C60 released on Human Ignorance in 2012.

the hills are alive with the sound of convex quadrilaterals


Heel In Mouth + Ulula - Untitled

... and then you add Vanessa Gates?

C60 released on Human Ignorance in 2012.



Heel In Mouth - Boot Licking Fetish

Richard Ramirez and Sean Matzus with Joseph Gates reprising the most poignant works of Penguin Cafe Orchestra.

Yeah right.

Double C60 released on Joseph and Vanessa Gates's Human Ignorance in 2012.

smack my spats up


Peach of Immortality - The Best MUX!


1986 cassette recorded live on tour with Pussy Galore. 

peaches galore


Peach of Immortality - Talking Heads '77

 First released by the band as an LP in 1985, reissued with a much worse cover in 1996.

artists only 


Peach of Immortality - Need "Thee"


The first known cassette by PoI, self released in 1984.

want thou


Peach of Immortality - "Jehova" My Black Ass - REM = Air Supply!


Obscure 1986 LP of rough tape mangling noise by a trio from Georgia featuring Tom Smith (later of To Live and Shave in LA) and Jared Hendirckson (of dire "industrial" rock band Chem Lab).



Crawl Unit - Terminal Absolution

Rude not to really ...

C44 released on G.R.O.S.S. in 1995.

terminal cheesecake


Crawl Unit - Everyone Gets What They Deserve

Joe Colley delivering a set of glorious noise / drones. The final track ends with ten mintues of a recording device on a window sill at midnight capturing the very little that happens outside. The antithesis of Territorial Pissings.

CD released on Blake Edwards' (aka Vertonen's) Crippled Intellect Productions in 1999.

because we're worth it


The Gerogerigegege - 燃えない灰 (Moenai Hai) / Voracious

If you think that the Gero project is all about the sound of one hand happy clapping the old chap, then shame on you! Although sometimes it actually is ... anyway ... an extra portion of Cornflakes per day is recommended to expurgate that pre-conception.

Anyway again. Make no mistake, this is high level (top shelf?) sinister drone and noise rock-out. I'm pretty sure that the cover's allusion to The Exorcist is stood up by the piano stabs on the first track. With Gero releases, there are always those pesky little extras that get away. You'll probably be happy to know that this includes the extra disc that was a "not for sale" extra given as a bonus when you bought it from Disk Union stores in Japan.

A CD and bonus CDr released in Japan on Eskimo Records in 2016.

your mother sucks a glass eyeball with a fish in it in hell


Night Of Desired Objects - Nighttime Schedule

Harsh vibes sprayed across a bed of wall noise? Chopped sliced and diced contact mic music hall skronk? It's another John Olson oufit that released one tape under that name and it's quality!

C92 released on American Tapes in 2009. It's AM843 btw.

and a thousand eyes will see me too

For traffic control reasons ...

mega option


Wolf Eyes - Log Jam

"A collection of Wolf Eyes tracks from different albums / eras played live."

A triple CDr set released on American Tapes in 2012 in an edition of 12.

It's AM941 btw.

flume on!


Incapacitants - Live In Cabaret Freak Out

What Bill said ...

DVDr released on Jojo's Alchemy Music Store in 2008.

dollar, dollar Bill y'all


Incapacitants - Live In Oslo - Norway 2007

It's been a while since I had played this and today watched it three times on the spin. Kind of made me think that if you haven't seen it then you might like it too. It's joyous!

DVDr released on Freak Animal Records in 2007. It's a big old file that is in two pieces ... don't see the point of compressing because somebody is downloading onto a phone.

bankers just

wanna have fun

Lean on this bandwidth first ...




Pharoah Sanders - Live At The East

Farrell Sanders is a legend that forged his art in the crucibles of Sun Ra and John Coltrane before taking his own rightful place in the pantheon. A friend of mine just told me that he passed five days ago and I want to bow my head in appreciation.

It is only relatively recently that his classic early releases have even been reissued, regardless of the format. This is a 24-bit digital remastering of the album originally released on Impulse! in 1972. This was released in Japan on Universal Music in 2003 as part of their (apparently brief) 'The...Music Hardcore Jazz' series.

sail on


Eresto - #1

Yeah, I could have waited a bit to post this but frankly what's the fucking point of that? None whatsoever. Admittedly, there may be no improvement from here on in ... but what a way to go downhill!

This comes in a physical edition of one. Yes. One. I have sweet dreams that John is leaking these himself to flip a mighty bird to the AmTapes speculator market. Twats the lot of them!

Four CDrs and a C32 released on American Tapes dressed in Tin Coffin style packaging in May of this year.


... lean on the Mega bandwidth first:



No Thing & The Spykes - Abominable Assurance In Oxidized Ointments

The past few posts have made me consider that time is deceitful. AmTapes in the 900s ten years ago? I used to stalk the HN_AM message board looking for the new releases and contact John to buy them. If I was lucky, I got them but frequently it was "hey, you just missed it". I nearly cried when I was told that the last copy of Spykes "Mistrust" six-taper had just been sold moments before I tried to get it. There were only five of those and it still really bugs the arse off me twelve years later. Never had a sniff ot it since then.

So? Oh yeah, the point. It was well-trailled that John was going to fold AmTapes when he got to 1000 (as far as I know 1K was a party in Michigan ... never got an invite, thanks for asking). It felt like a friend was shuffling off his mortal coil. Then the AmTapes site came down and that massive resource of "wtf was going on there then" was lost. Things went quiet for quite a while and then news arrived (always too late) of blink sorry you missed them bits and pieces, frequently tour mersh but still intrinsically American Tapes releases.

For the past couple of years, things have seemed to get a bit frequent. No fanfare that I have ever heard so not really been at the front of any queue to buy them. However, in the nicest and nerdiest possible way, I spend dumb / worthwhile amounts of time stalking t'interweb and talking to people and etc.

This is a ten disc set (with six of the CDrs being hand-painted "anti-discs") released on American Tapes in May 2022. No catalogue number btw.

Seriously, Brother O is at the height of his prodigious powers right now!

Oh yeah, nearly forgot ... it comes in a princely edition of two copies.

the abominable spyke thing


Various - Timeline Beserker

Stare Case, Birth Refusal and F.I. Spykes doing the do.

C82 courtesy of American Tapes in 2012. It's AM917 btw.

stink my henbane


Eating People & Spykes (FxIx) - Eating Spykes

Create your own sentence here:

Four tapes that come in at somewhere betweem C14s and C20s released on American Tapes in 2013. It's AM 949 btw.

"Eating Spykes=Daytime"


Charlie Draheim / Spykes - From The Noize Explorers

It starts off with Crank crunk beatboxing, found sound of somebody doing bad but explaining to himself that it will be fine and then settles into its rusty groove. Play it in the background when you are planning something important and then wonder why you just forgot everything.

C32 released on American Tapes in 2006. It's AM548 btw.

i spy with my third ear ...


Hour Of The Wolf / I Dreamt Of Her Beautiful Tentacles / Dead Body Collection / Indch Libertine - Split

Whilst at least three of us await delivery od the GOL three CD set (all hail München!), let's gasp for breath with a monstrous slab of wall.

A double CDr released on Sickcore in 2011.

max wall

mega option


GOL - 25

Frédéric Rebotier, Jean-Marcel Busson, Ravi Shardja and Samon Takahashi with contributions from Fred Segall, Yann Leguay, Brunhild Meyer-Ferrari, Sébastien Busson and Dennis Tyfus.

A sublime double 10" set released on Gol Records in 2014.



Macronympha - Ongoing Orgasm

I would like to apologise for the funnel of spunk dust shot into the atmosphere by the small number of genuflecting morons that appear to be representative of this sinking ship of a country. Rest assured, they are not. Most here would happily follow the French example!

This is a C92 released on Mother Savage Noise Productions in 1995. Apparently people pay a lot of money for a physical copy. The release / reisuue schedule of MSNP is intertwined with the entire Macro fall-apart back in the day. Best not to know the details ...

the wankers will be queueing up at a food bank next week and still not understand the concept of dissonance


Various - 1974 Hobo's Concerts Ⅴ "ありがとう ありがとう ありがとう"

Of course I hadn't forgotten. Yoshitaka Minami, Fumio Nunoya & Coconut Bank, Chu Kosaka & Budou Batake, Sentimental City Romance and Haruomi Hosono.

CD released on Super Fuji Discs in 2007.

chang yr ba to this


Flatline Construct - Crippled Officers

More stellar Canadian noise, this time courtesy of Ryan Bloomer and Scott Hodgins.

C30 released on Where Late The Birds Sang in 1999.

no give me producer


Fossils - Memory Box Vol. 2

This huge collection covers a lot of ground: the Archive 1 CDr (which was itself a collection of parts of rare tapes and live performances, the aural contents of the Fossils & The Broked Leg Ensemble dvdr, live sound from the gigs on the Whale dvdr, the "Romancing The Stone / Jewel Of The Nile" tape that came out in 2006 in an edition of 11 (tagged here as part of the Terror Tapes series, but I'm pretty sure it never was), a self-titled tape from 2006 that came in an edition of 13, some work with Johnny Scarr (aka Spoils & Relics), some apprently unreleased mammoth sessions and (undoutably) some obvious stuff that I have missed.

Six C90s in a semi-posh little box released on Poor Little Music in 2016 in an edition of 20 copies.

i sometimes wonder

what's moving underground

Lean on this first ...




GOL & Charles Hayward - GOL & Charles Hayward

Another majestic recording guided by the musical mastermind of Charles Hayward. The first side is recorded in the studio and there are parts that sound like The Herbaliser are beaming one in from another dimension. The second side is a live recording from Sonic Protest Festival le 104 on December the 14th, 2008 and it's another beast altogether but it still has the beat driven straight through it's heart.

LP released on Planam in 2010.

give the drummer some