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Sore Throat - Disgrace To The Corpse Of Sid / Unhindered By Talent

So. Where was I? Oh yeah ... Malcolm can rim me to be honest. Milking a fuck-up for cash and kudos? Then the woman gets the blame for the inevitable male violence? You mean you've never heard that trope before ... what are you, an embryo? Anyway, this bunch of splendid chaps probably have the same line of thought. I mean, they have a load of stuff on Bandcamp and all of the money goes to the PDSA. The People's Dispensary For Sick Animals. It's a British charity where people with limited incomes can take their animal co-habitees for medical treatment for a reasonable price rather than the extortionate prices of private vetinary practices or the execrable RSPCA who just kill them. So do what I've done and spend a bit of money on their discog and who knows ... even donate to the PDSA seperately?

Originally, vinyls from 1989 and 1988 respectively ... the order here is reversed because junkie muderers sell better I guess?

I think it's brilliant, that's why it's here. The breadth of ideas is a wonderful thing to behold ... also, one of the band members went by the name of Gibby Vomit which might be a clue to why you have loads of Buttholian vibes going on throughout. For irrelevant infotainment purposes, this is the Japanese Earache reissue from 2010.

it's better to be deafened by noise than blinded by lies


The Erotic Boulders - Starfish Toupee


Tape loop party time from California's beloved boy band the Erotic Boulders! The only published album by Mitchell Brown, Joseph Hammer and Damien Bisciglia/Agog (aka 3/5 of Points of Friction), recorded live in 2003 and released as a CDR the following year by Agog's Spagyric label.

echinoderm merkin


Gate - Golden

A 1996 CD that reissues several of Gate's (mostly lathe-cut, very small-run) singles from the early 1990s. 

precious metal


Keiji Haino & Derek Bailey - Songs


Recorded in 1996, released by Bailey's Incus label in 2000. While their previous album was a guitar duo, this one has just Bailey playing guitar and Haino only singing. 



Gate - The Lavender Head v3


Self-released CD from 2001. Bleary drones and no-fi ambience from New Zealand.

dirty knobby


Keiji Haino & Derek Bailey - Drawing Close, Attuning - The Respective Signs of Order and Chaos


The Japanese label Tokuma released four massive Fushitsusha albums in the late 1990s, then doubled down with four more Keiji Haino albums: two solo albums, one album by Haino's cover band Aihiyo and one guitar duo album with the legendary Derek Bailey. This is the Haino/Bailey team-up. You know you need it. 

drawing close yadda yadda


Gate - The Monolake


Michael Morley (of the Dead C.) follows up his sublime "The Dew Line" with this marginally more accessible album released by Table of the Elements in 1996. It includes a cover of Faust's "Jennifer" which you can play at parties to get some asses on the dance floor.



Orbital - Radiccio

Here's a neck-snapper. I intended to post Sore Throat but was listening to this whilst prepping that post. So. It's 1992. I bought both 12"s and then bought both CD EPs ... always mugged myself off with that "contains an extra two minutes of lead artist fragrance" palaver. Ah well, I was happy at the time ... I still am to be honest.

I can't be bothered checking but I think that this is the only digital release of The Naked And The Dub? Regardless, this is the Japanese CD release from 1993 and 30 years on, the pharmaceutical consequences await the future therapist but to what is left of my mind, this is just as good now as it was then.



Gate - The Lavender Head


Self-released in 1998 as a lathe cut double LP in a numbered edition of 20 copies, reissued as a proper double LP by Hell's Half Halo.

knob end 


Omit - Quad

Oh, go on then ... a post from nearly ten years ago:

This is the work of Clinton Williams and the info is taken directly from discogs. It adequately says what i would have said anyway:

"Clinton Williams has been on a highly personal journey into sound since the late 1980's. Starting from scratch, using modified electric motors as his sole sound source, he has built up a home studio and battery of hand-made and salvaged electronic sound sources, with which to pursue his researches into the human psyche. Working in complete isolation for several years, before making contact with a few like-minded souls in other parts of the world, he has released a mass of cassettes and lathe-cut polycarbonate records on his own Deepskin Conceptual Mindmusic imprint. He has also collaborated with Bruce Russell as Dust/Omit, and Paul Toohey as Omit/K Group."

If you have any interest in people who have an individual take on the need to pay attention to this 3CD set on Corpus Hermeticum from 1997!



Gate - The Dew Line


Michael Morley's "The Dew Line" from 1994 is, in my opinion, the best music he's made outside of The Dead C. A huge gray downer of an album, sounding so broken and hopeless that it hardly has the energy to stand upright or keep its eyes open. Released as a CD by Table of the Elements.



Gate - My Dear Sweet Reluctant Sweetheart


Recorded in 1997 and 1998, around the same time that the Dead C. were recording Tusk and their self-titled double CD epic. Released as a double CD by Hell's Half Halo in 2000.



Gate - Live in Boston, NYC 1994


Gate is usually the name that the Dead C's Michael Morley uses for some of his solo endeavors. For these live performances from Boston and New York City, he was joined by Lee Ranaldo (of Text of Light) and harpist Zeena Parkins. Released by Poon Village in 1994 as a CD in a very cool silk screened sleeve.

This is Boston, not NYC


Vertonen - The Blister of Communication


An obscure (and scarce) CDR from 2003, released by a short-lived French label called Naninani Recordings.



Heresy - Never Slit Thanks

Well, once an Italian skaterboy ... what more can I say?

"Japan-only licenced release of early Heresy material. Also includes the rare original recording (previously unreleased) for the Concrete Sox Split LP with Reevsy on vocals and guitars." Not a clue what the title is supposed to mean but here's the CD courtesy of Toy's Factory in 1990.

he was a punk, she did ballet


Vertonen - Trigger Field


An early title by the magnificent Blake Edwards/Vertonen, released as a CDR by Self Abuse sub-label Solipsism in 1999. Includes this dryly hilarious misdirection in the liner notes: Tracks 7-9 previously recorded as the "3 Hits From Hell" 7" on Plan 9 (first pressing of 10,000 copies in April 1981 ; second pressing of 800 copies in spring 1986) ; original track titles were "London Dungeon", "Horror Hotel" & "Ghouls Night Out".



Heresy - Face Up To It!

More UK hardcore that I bought in 1988. If only I could remember how much I paid for it ...

An LP released on In Your Face Records.

here say


Electro Hippies - The Only Good Punk

The UK hardcore scene blasted out of some very unlikely provincial places but if I'd been born that unlucky, I'd have been royally fucked off as well. This is their first LP, some compilation tracks and the "Live" LP. It finishes with a version of Silver Machine where they get a member of the audience to get on stage and sing the words with the irresistable cajole of "c'mon you puff". Happier times.

This was released on vinyl in 1988 but didn't get a digital reissue until this (lossless rip of the) CD on Peaceville in 2002.

Is An Anti-fascist One


John Duncan & Bernhard Günter - Home, Unspeakable


Very quiet album from 1996, released as a CD on Bernhard Gunter's trente oiseaux label. Turn the volume way up and you'll hear plenty of threatening action lurking below the threshold,



Extreme Noise Terror - A Holocaust In Your Head

Finally, I have some time off work and have been participating in volume induced acitvation therapy to repair my fractured synapses. This is a good way to get on with posting. Sometime in the mid '80s, I was listening to The Saintly Peel and he said something like [apologies, can't do the accent] "my lad advised me to go and see this band so I went over to Ipswich to see them. Very energetic it was too! They are currently unsigned but not for long I bet. Here's Extreme Noise Terror." He proceeded to play a recording of the entire gig. It was a short gig, but it's still playing in my head nearly 40 years later. I can't even picture the room that I was in, just an overwhelming feeling of what the fuck. Some smartarse journo went on to call things like this grindcore but that term didn't exist then. I still think of it as hardcore anarcho-punk. So what.

Initially released on vinyl on Head Eruption Records in 1989. This is a lossless rip of the CD released on Japan's Toy's Factory in 1991. I think that this is the only digital version that includes the opening track "Statement".

sleepy hollow head


Fushitsusha - A Little Longer Thus


Same line-up that recorded A Death Never to Be Complete, but very different from that album's ecstasy overload. Unrelentingly tense.


Fushitsusha - The Wisdom Prepared


A single, full-bore blast of impossibly dense rock roar. 



The Sunken - Untitled


Energetic dumb noise from 2005, released as a CDR by Audiobot back when that label was churning out albums by anyone and everyone. The sound of shirtless, sweaty twenty-somethings rocking tables full of pedals in some college-town basement. 



Various - Dry Lungs IV

Plenty of Controlled Bleeding and related, some Minus Delta T (or -Δt if you prefer), Un Drame Musical Instantané and Robert Rich amongst others. Then you get a couple of tracks that must have opened Occidental eyes nice and wide: a rabid industrial track from Ichiro Tsuji (aka Dissecting Table) and some great non-wanking loping and looped noise crunk courtesy of The Gerogerigegege (aka Juntaro Yamanouchi but not always on a solo basis ... sometimes others gave him a helping hand).

This is a lossless rip of the CD on Subterranean Records from 1989.



Fushitsusha - The Time Is Nigh


It sure is! Haino and Ozawa with drummer Jun Kosugi (of Shizuka), four songs of black-hole psychedelia. Another album from Fushisusha's inexplicable run of major-label CDs from the late 1990s.



Fushitsusha - A Death Never To Be Complete

In 1997 & 1998, Japanese major label Tokuma released eight CDs by Keiji Haino. There were two solo albums, one duo with Derek Bailey, one by Haino's cover band Aihiyo (a trio with Masami Kawaguchi of Broom Dusters/Miminokoto and legendary drummer Ikuro Takahashi) and four albums by the mighty Fushitsusha. Fusitsusha's membership since its inception in the late 70s has been more volatile than The Fall's, so it's worth mentioning that the line-up for this album was Haino with Takahashi and bassist Yasushi Ozawa, a name you might recognize from his work with Marginal Consort, East Bionic Simphonia, and Machinegun Tango (an early band with Tori Kudo and Tamio Shirashi, though sadly only one recorded song from 1980 has surfaced). A Death Never to Be Complete is, in my opinion, the very best Fushitsusha album. You may disagree, but then you'd be wrong.



Swans - Public Castration Is A Good Idea

Let's face it, celebrating New Year is as trite and futile as complaining when it doesn't satisfy your vain attempts to prop up your ego. But, three and a half days for it to turn to shit? Now that's taking the piss! I'm so glad that I don't believe in fate or destiny because I might have to go out and inflict my pain on some poor bastards who have nothing to do with it. Then six days in? The anniversary of the animated pond scum's attempt to have a nice day out in the name of totalitarianism (it's like the redneck's version of democracy ... if in doubt, just carry on playing with your own faeces ... look, poo poo mountain, well done you!). Then fron nowhere, on the same day, comes the blazing light of redemption ... Mister Gira has just offered up his homework for the next Swans release ... it's a fundraiser to get everyone together to record it, and people buy it which supports the next Swans tour. Multiple services to humanity all rolled into one.

Suddenly, it made sense for me to go back to this recording because it put me straight back in touch with my current feelings and the silent rage would lead to dancing and shit-eating-grinning face. On a particular day in 1986, I performed my Saturday morning ritual of visiting Piccadilly Records (when it was in the "Plaza", lost it's soul when it moved). I walked in and this was on the shelf behind the counter. No contest. I emptied my pockets and walked home. I put it on and I pretty much shat myself. This wasn't music. I knew I should have spent my dole money on something cool to impress some other fuckers that I didn't even care much about then. In those times, my disposable income involved food vs vinyl. Happy days. I had not seen Swans live and really did not have a clue what the mission was. A year later I saw Swans on the Children Of God tour and pretty much everything changed for me from that night on.

Apparently, the vinyl is worth a fair bit these days. I couldn't give a shit because I will never sell mine. It's priceless.

However, how about a 24/192 rip? It's in two parts and comes in at nearly 3GB. If that is an issue for you then tough shit.

As it says on the back cover: Play At Maximum Volume.



... and a different host:




va - Dry Lungs V


How's this to start 2022 with a big screeching bang? By all indications, this nascent trip around the sun will be just as shit as all the previous ones have been. Let's drown our sorrows in feedback with an absolute classic compilation from 1992. This is the fifth (duh) and final entry in the Dry Lungs series, as compiled by Paul Lemos (of Controlled Bleeding, Skin Chamber, Fat Hacker) starting in 1985. The first 3 volumes were LPs, then the 4th was released as both an LP and a CD (such was the market in the early 90s, I suppose) and this last one spans two packed CDs. Both the husband and I clearly recall our first encounter with this monster. It was an affordable introduction to names that everyone knows now, but were relatively unknown then: Masonna, Violent Onsen Geisha, Trance, Arcane Device, Hijokaidan, Cranioclast, Un Drame Musical Instantane, Etant Donnes, Carl Stone, Incapacitants, PGR, Desaccord Majeure, Solmania... plus Controlled Bleeding in their many guises and solo tracks by all three members. It's really one of the best noise compilations ever produced, made even better by its inclusion of sounds that aren't strictly "noise" but are definitely related. 

desiccated offal #5

We have loads of things that sit as draft posts that appear to be good ideas at the time and then are "temporarily" forgotten. I currently have shit be gwan as da yoot have resolutely refused to say. So Mrs Inside has dragged this back into existence as a holding position. Just checked the upload and there are tracks missing (thanks to masaya for pointing that out). So ... here's cue and log of the discs.

rehydrate to dessicate


MvvMvv Vets - O Seasons, O Châteaus!

The only "full" recording from the combination of Jennifer Sindon and John Wiese that manages to describe my current state of mind extraordinarily well.

Single-sided 7" released on NuForms in 2001.

rolling myself up


John Coltrane - Ascension

A magnificent set of improvisations. The first session was released on vinyl in 1966 but John preferred the second session. So without much fanfare, the release was just switched around so there are "Edition I"'s and "Edition II"'s. The line-up is legendary but it is worth a nod towards Archie Shepp and Pharoah Sanders who also join Coltrane on tenor sax.

This is the Japanese Impulse! CD reissue from 2001 that has both editions in the order that was artistically intended.

altitude not attitude


happy new same as it ever was ...

only some names change

the song remains the same