Happiness Forever - HUH!?

So, I was listening to this offering by the lovely William Rage (aka Nervous Corps, member of Blue Sabbath Black Cheer and occasionally Nihilist Assault Group etc). Superficially, a procession of cut-up noise ... then I thought "hang on a minute, I know what that is" and that sent me down an unintended rabbit hole.

So, here's the double C10 set from his own !MONDO ANTHEM! in 2019 that came in an edition of ten.


Archetypal drum and bass courtesy of DJ Zinc that includes samples from "How High" by Method Man & Redman and Wu Tang's "7th Chamber" as well as the Cutty Ranks bed.

12" released on Frontline Records in 1995.

Dope Skillz - 6 Million Ways / Yo' Son

Prior to that there is this joyous bit of hardcore / jungle ...

12" released on RAM Records in 1993.

Uncle 22 & Navigator - 6 Million Ways To Die - Choose One (DJ Hype & Uncle 22 Remixes)

... and this classic slice of dancehall is where it started.

A 12" released on Roof International in 1992.

A Who Seh Me Dun

Two versions later appeared on this album that is more in the ragga / thug stylee which, I suppose, has it's own charm.

That's Me Dun


Boredoms - Super æ


By 1998, Warner was only releasing Boredoms records in Japan but licensed them to smaller independent labels overseas. "Super Ae" marked a big shift for the band. They went from super-angular noise rock to psychedelic trance-inducing music with multiple drummers. This one had some versions in extravagant packaging, though North America got a mere excellent art design that fit into a regular jewel box. From this point on, there was no predicting what a Boredoms album might sound like. 

super huh??


Boredoms - Chocolate Synthsizer


The 1994 follow-up to "Pop Tatari" is marginally more normal-sounding. Heavier songs that stay in one place for a bit longer. Some consider this to be their best album. Out of print, not currently streaming anywhere.

noise ramones?


Boredoms - Pop Tatari

When Nirvana's "Nevermind" blew up in 1991, major labels started frantically throwing money at all sorts of underground weirdo bands hoping that they'd be ahead of the curve next time and discover another big hit. At Warner Bros, some smarties thought they'd hitch their money wagon to Boredoms, an indescribable group from Osaka. It's actually not as strange as you might think. Members of the band had been (and continue to be!) very active in Japanese rock scenes, managing venues and playing all sorts of music: hard rock, hip-hop, psychedelic rock, acoustic singer/songwriter guitar music, free improvisation, techno rock, dance music, hardcore, jazz, ambient, indie rock, metal and harsh noise... as the family tree shows, they've been in bands as diverse as Zeni Geva, OOIOO, Omoide Hatoba, The Hanatarash, Children Coup d'Etat, ANP, Audio Sports, Mannish Tone and on and on and on. They also had an amazing, hyper-energetic stage presence and a striking visual sense. And so, with the backing of a major record label, "Pop Tatari" appeared in mall record shops across the world. The band would tour extensively on big stages and would even appear in an ad for clothing store The Gap. I'm not sure how financially successful this was, but it's one hell of a record. The opening salvo of sine tones scares away the weak, then it's a mash of stop/start rhythms, disconnected hard rock riffs, guitar noise, screaming and bizarre funk workouts. "Pop Tatari" doesn't sound like anything else but Boredoms. It seems to be out of print now and isn't streaming anywhere that I could find, so I'm sharing it with you now. 


Scab Minded - Kutenero Old Memory

How about this lovely thing then? A brief collaboration between Mr Facialmess and Mr Guilty Connector. It was on a shortlived Japanese tape label that put out a few releases limited to around twenty copies each and then disappeared. I'm assuming that it was run by Kohei Nakagawa as they all seem to have a GxCx connection somewhere.

A C10 released on Neon Audio Tapes in 2015.

old scabs


Encounter Group - Lost Anchor

American Tapes as an investment opportunity? Annoying isn't it!

C84 released on American Tapes in 2009. It's AM758 btw.

missing presumed


Lost Anchor - A Process Group

Don't touch that dial.

CDr released on American Tapes in 2008. It's AM797 btw.

group think


Minor Strain Season - At The Peak

another dimension, another dimension
another dimension, another dimension
another dimension, another dimension
another dimension, another dimension
another dimension, another dimension
another dimension, another dimension

CDr released on American Tapes in 2007. It's AM684 btw.

twin speaks


Abcess - Abcess

Remarkable John Olson offering that channels Master Musicians of Bukkake and feeds them into a noise shredder.

CDr released on American Tapes in 2005. It's AM505 btw.

pussy galore


Hair Stylistics - Uselessness Of 40 Years




Hair Stylistics - The Spiritual Inspirations

out of words.



Hair Stylistics - Punkrock Rape Scandal

Self-released CDr from 2010.



Hair Stylistics - The Dangerous Barbarian

Here we go again ...

CDr. 2010.

red sonja


Graveyards / Pink Chunk - Untitled

You already know these peeps ...

C58 released on American Tapes in 2008. It's AM761 btw.

blowin' chunks


Zombi & Dead Brain - Animal Emergenacy

Let's face it, if you don't like Hair Stylistics or American Tapes then you're not having the greatest time here at the moment.

Never mind. No one cares.

This a collaboration between Mike Connelly and John Olson and it is so so good!

A C42 released on American Tapes in 2002. It's AM COLLAB 24 btw.

zombie no go go, unless you tell am to go


Zero Days United - A Front As Well As Any Other

Another Olson one-off project. It's a lovely piece of "I wonder what will happen if I do this and press that?". You also get the ghost of a Native American shaman haunting the skronk. Obviously.

C38 relaesed on American Tapes in 2009. It's AM835 btw.

zero the hero


The Pink Chunk Jazz Band - Alone And Uneffected

Well, excite my american bike!

C36 released on American Tapes in 2008. It's with AM708 btw.

alone again tonight my dear


Hair Stylistics - EP

This lies at the "noisier" end of his spectrum ... as though that means anything at all.

Yeah ... it's that year again.



Hair Stylistics - Transparent Grave

F.R. David.

Self-released CDr from 2010.

i spit on your translucence


The Frying Membrane Boyz - Waiting For The Minded

A on-off Olson project that takes you through the looking glass and leaves you there.

CDr on American Tapes from 2005. It's AM381 btw.

inzane in the membrane