Coa - Smell Me, Smell My Grand Father

It's actually quite a good chat up line ... worked a treat with my Nan. Mind you, we were always a close family.

NoMeansNo basslines, Albini growling and an Unsane cover ... guessed where you are yet?

CD released on Japan Overseas in 1996.

Smell Me


Various - Aiyoku Jinmin 21 Seiki

I can only imagine the smile on Mr L's face when he realised that Incapacitants has named a track "rrrrrrrrrRon". You also get Hijokaidan, Merzbow and Solmania counterpointed by the likes of The Nihilist Spasm Band + Aya Ohnishi, Christine 23 Onna, Seiichi Yamamoto and Garadama.

CD released on Alchemy Records in 2000.



Ferial Confine - Meiosis

This is the 2003 CD reissue of a 1985 cassette by Ferial Confine, an early pseudonym of ambient done guitarist Andrew Chalk. The tape originally appeared on the legendary Broken Flag label, but this version was remastered and cleaned up for release on Daisuke Suzuki's Siren imprint.

Ferial Confine - Meiosis


Various - Land Of The Rising Noise Vol. 1

Big Black is dead. The Buttholes have disappeared up their own surfers and NoMeansNo were repeating on themselves. Even my natural enemy was co-opted and turned into a commodity that was supposed to be my new friend. Go postal or go underground? I didn't have access to guns and I had to wait for a while ...

So into a world of ingénues who shuffled around mumbling "yeah i know stuff", this is Omoide Hatoba / Agencement / Dissecting Table / Aube / Children Coup d'Etat / DMV / Angel'in Heavy Syrup / Merzbow / Tokyo Dowser / C.C.C.C. / Hijokaidan and Keiji Haino.

CD released on Charnel Music in 1993.

... aka nice one Mason Jones!


Various - Land Of The Rising Noise Vol. 2

Again, there is (what is now) the hook of Contagious Orgasm and Melt-Banana and a whole host of other Japanese artists that largely passed me by. Regardless, it's a brilliant collection that does what they all should ... surprise and entertain all of the way down.

I mean, Kadura's shiny shiny shiny boots of leather on the first track followed by Der Eisenrost lifting the beat from Polygon Window's "Quoth"? C'mon ... that's genius ... and then you get more.

CD released on Charnel Music in 1997.



Ultra Fuckers - Untitled

Think of a really shambolic Bunny Brains trying to channel their inner Lightning Bolt ... and getting it wrong. Yep, that's how great this is. Brilliantly and deliberately hopeless. I'm not even being sarcastic. It's great! I don't have much by them so if anybody wants to fill my empty Ultra Fuckers hole ... please do!

CDr released on Monopolka in 2006.

Ultra Fuckers


Keiji Haino & Coa - You Should Draw Out The Billion And First Prayer

A match made in heaven ... all prayers answered.

CD released on Hören in 2000.



Various - Land Of The Rising Noise Vol. 3

Excellent compilation featuring now well known people such as Acid Mothers Temple, Mitsuru Tabata, K2, Kazumoto Endo and Keiji Haino (in a great collaboration with Coa) and those with a more esoteric reputation like the splendidly screwed Ultra Fuckers.

CD released on Mason Jones' Charnel Music in 1999.



Merzbow / Null - Babilonia

I'm assuming this needs no introduction so I won't bother ...

C60 released on ZSF Produkt in 1983.



Keiji Haino / Merzbow - Live 2004

This wonderful sounding gig is one of those where you really wish you were in the room. Personally, getting home afterwards would have been a problem.

Recorded live at Loft, Shinjuku, Tokyo 2004-07-02 and released as a CDr boot.

Live 2004


Rasenkaidan - 不思議なところ (Fushigi Na Tokoro)

Early Hijokaidan-related shoegaze goth rock recorded in 1979 and 1980, released on CD by Alchemy in 2006. 

Rasenkaidan - 不思議なところ (Fushigi Na Tokoro)


Noise - Tenno

Noise were a shifting collective with a improv-noise-drone mission. In their latter phase, the core appears to centred on Tori Kudo and Reiko Omura (who later married). The only other aural evidence of their existence is a split with Inryo Fuen that was released on Cragale ... but I've never seen it.

There was reissued on Alchemy Records in 2005. However, this is the CD released on Pataphysique Records in 1997 that comes with two bonus tracks.



Cockc' Nell - Live In ヤネウラ 81.10

Effectively, another bootleg but this was given away for free (what?) if you bought something else from the label in a few record shops in Tokyo.

CDr passed on by Cragale.

Live In ヤネウラ 81.10


Cock c' Nell - Live in Shibuya Yaneura 1980.10.07

This is a bit of a mystery given that I can't find any mention of it anywhere on t'web. It's made the more odd by the fact that the label spent it's time bootlegging extremely mainstream artists, so what they were doing dipping their digits into obscure Japanese territory is anybody's guess. Anyway, it's yours if you want it.

Released on Ze Anonym Plattenspieler at some point.

Live in Shibuya Yaneura


Cockc' Nell - Boys Tree

The line-up is doubled to eight on this release and includes Tori Kudo. Originally a 12" from 1986, this is considerably more polished than the original single. Not a surprise given the five years that have passed ... this remastered edition also has a bonus track.

CD inevitably released on いぬん堂 [Inundow] in 2002.

Boys Tree


Cockc' Nell - Kokushineru

Who you may ask?

I say, you no longer have to ask.

So stop asking then.

This has the Dodo rare 7" released on Pinakotheca Records from 1981 (with the brilliant violinist Yasuo Kojima). To be honest, that would be enough but you also get another nine live tracks.

That'll be a good thing then?

If in doubt, don't ask.

CD released on the increasingly indispensable いぬん堂 [Inundow] in 2002.



Children Coup d'Etat - Shiva Of Barbeque / Technepas

Now, this Children Coup d'Etat may be the last that I will ever be able to post. I obviously hope not but if it is ... what a way to go out. A truly delirious and beautiful thing for the brain to behold!

7" released on Public Bath in 1992.

Shiva Of Barbeque / Technepas


va - ZK Samplers 1992→93

Japanese noise-rock compilation from the early 90s, featuring Surfers of Romantica, Ita-Roh, Yellow Cab, UFO or Die, Coaltar of the Deepers, Gaji, Korean Buddhist God, Ruffians, Convex Level, Dado, Koenjihyakkei, U. (which is one guy from Corrupted), Elekki Bran and others even more obscure. 

va - ZK Samplers 1992→93


Harpy - Do Not Eat

More brain dislocation for the Radio Gnomes who sailed out too far and found out that the Earth isn't flat ... it's a helix. Sorry to break it to you like that.

CD on Stupeur & Trompette! in 1997.

Do Not Eat


Harpy - Speech On The Radio

The heart of Harpy is Kenichi Ito (who was in Aburadako) and Kyoko (who was in Kokushoku Elegy and OOIOO). This is a warped blend of Zappa anti-jazz and funk-punk orchestrated by lunatics on children's toys. And then there is the wonderful vocals of Kyoko coming across as a more weird Kate Bush with echoes of Elizabeth Fraser and Laetitia Sadier.

CD on Stupeur & Trompette! in 1999.

Speech On The Radio