Incapacitants / Macronympha - Split

I remember referencing this when I posted the 7" split a while ago and expressing astonishhment that it was still for sale and linking a place to buy it. Pretty sure that you can't buy this anymore. You know where you are ...

C56 released on Bizarre Audio Arts in 2018. There were 50 of these.

split bananas


The Gerogerigegege - As If It Had Always Been Determined Since This Day Was Born

I've been meaning to post this for a while but have been too busy playing it on repeat. Gero gets filed away into an unfair niche largely due to some people's most regular contact being those releases containing Tetsuya Endoh's (ahem) artistic flourishes. It does Juntaro / them a massive diservice that any time spent with the wider discography amply demonstrates. This contains of a bunch of remixes and remasters that frankly could be seen as entirely new pieces of work ... amongst the tastefully manicured noise, there are even aspects that would fit in nicely with the good end of the C89 UK Indie crew.

CD released on いぬん堂 / Inundow (a great label more associated with Japanese punk and new wave) in October 2022. It even has the bonus CDr that was only available if you bought directly from Disk Union.

fatal attraction


T. Mikawa - Cloud Carpet Bombing

Now here is an entire bathful of HOLY SHIT!

Obviously, it's Toshiji Mikawa and I'll assume that you know where you are. Even so, you won't have seen this coming. It's a set released in Japan consisting of a box containing one CD and two tapes. The tapes replicate what is on the disc. I don't actually own this yet so you will have to cope with only having the rip of the CD. When I get my hands on a physical copy, I'll rip the tapes and put them up as well. Nerdtastic aspirations right there just for you.

This has genuinely surprised and excited me more than I thought possible. I've played this on rotation for the past couple of weeks and still can't translate it into the usual bollocks that I spout on here. This is genuinely special!

Released on Takuya Sakaguchi's Neurec label in 2022. There is a CD only version that raises it's head infrequently but I'm pretty sure that is not "authentic".

do the shake n vac and put the freshness back


Masayuki Takayanagi New Direction Unit - Mass Hysterism In Another Situation

A likely tale ...

But, as I said two and a half years ago: "Oh damn! This is a stripped down armour plated beast of a recording. Think of the Hijokaidan end of the free jazz spectrum. Masayuki Takayanagi and Akira Iijima on guitar and Hiroshi Yamazaki on all manner of Satan's bongos. Recorded live at Kid Ailak Hall on August the 14th, 1983."

CD released on Jinya Disc in 2006. This time it's flac.

i'll climb this blinkin' ladder till i get right to the top


Discharge - Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing

The original LP was released in 1982 before being repressed in Japan the following year. There was the odd decision to add the State Violence State Control 7". It's odd because Side A of the single starts off Side A of the LP ... the same with the reverse. I would assume it is the maintain the track structure whilst simultaneously making the idea redundant. There have been two Japanese CD reissues that follow the same structure ... this is the second one.

CD released on Toy's Factory in 1996.

never again


The Gerogerigegege - Nothing To Hear / Nothing To...1985

This is a good old harsh noise opus recorded on the 23rd of October, 1985. If the title doesn't riff on Discharge's "Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing" LP then Juntaro is just telling fibs.

From the label's insert: "We are experimental/noise music fans in Taipei, Taiwan. Because it was very hard to obtain any information about this kind of music here, we self published our small fanzine 'NOISE' from 1993. We try to contact unusual music workers and introduce them to Taiwanese fans. We hope to introduce more unusual music to Taiwanese fans and Juntaro (The Gerogerigegege) hope his work can be released in Taiwan. But it is impossible to find any Taiwanese record company to do a cd release for The Gerogerigegege. We do it ourselves with Juntaro's help. We don't have the government's approval to release cds, so the cd pressing company insisted wanting us to print 'PROMOTION ONLY' on the cd to avoid any trouble. This 'Nothing To Hear/Nothing To ...1985' cd is limited numbered edition of 500. When it sold out, we will not re-release it anymore."

CD releaesed on Noise in 1994.



The Gerogerigegege - Hell Driver

Just reflecting on the two comments in the previous post ... I think that people think that I think that people think that the Gero 30 material defines Gero. It couldn't be further from the truth. There is so much more going on than the genteel society baiting happy slapping.

CD released on Dirter Promotions in 1999.

season ticket on a one way ride

Pretty sure that I meant to link this up ages ago and forgot ... it even starts with The Saintly John Peel.


The Gerogerigegege - >(decrescendo)

I've posted about this before. Luckily for me, you all hang on my every word so I don't need to repeat myself. This is a 16/44 rip of the extremely rare tape version.

C84 released on Cav Empt (a Japanese tape label whose releases are priced exorbitantly over here) in 2019.



ONJT + - Lonely Woman

This time, the source is Ornette Coleman's work.

Two quintets. Two trios. Two solos. Six revelations.

CD. Doubtmusic. 2010.

and I will be alone again tonight my dear


ONJT + - Bells

Otomo's New Jazz Trio. Otomo Yoshihide on various guitars, long-time collaborator Hiroaki Mizutani on bass and the magical Yasuhiro Yoshigaki (founder of Altered States) on drums. The plus refers to two additional members who appear for selected sessions to make up a quintet. None other than Sachiko M and Jim O'Rourke handling electronics on the first version! The versions in question are riff meditations on Alber Ayler's "Bells". It's glorious. Obviously.

CD released on Doubtmusic in 2010.

ding dong mercilessly i'm high


NNCK - Aftypiclipse (For Jazzfinger)

This is a live recording of No Neck Blues Band playing at the All Tomorrow's Parties Festival in 2006. I don't think Jazzfinger were on that weekend but erm... Always wanted to get down to the Sands but the smallest dwelling is a four bed "chalet" and I don't actually know people who understand the first thing about the music I like. Well, not in the "real" world I mean ...

CDr released on their own Sound@One in 2007 and reissued on viynl a year later.

aftypiclimax (for FlaccusMUC)

There is this entire tawdry British history thing about holiday camps that ATP totally subvert (as you would expect from the VU reference). Some lovely person has uploaded a documentary that splendidly explains and entertains. Well worth your attention on its own.


Various - The Jewelled Antler Library

In 2003, Porter Records released a monthly subscription series of 3" CDrs with a bonus 13th thrown in for good measure at the end. You get Loren Chasse, Tomes, The Ivytree, Hala Strana, Dead Raven Choir, Famous Boating Party, Uton, Claypipe, The Muons, Thuja, Fursaxa, Kemialliset Ystävät and The Ways Of God To Man.

This is the four CD collection released in 2008.


the usual option



Shockabilly - The Ghost of Shockabilly

The reissue of 1983's Earth vs. Shockabilly and Colosseum from the following year. Truly righteous not-right stuff of legend.

CD released on Shimmy Disc Europe in 1989.

earth calling kramer


DJ Yo-Yo Dieting - Severed Complexion Mix

Time to crack on then.

The Superstar DJ in question is Pat Maher. A genius that shares a peculiar orbit with Mike Ridge's Zebra Mu. Admittedly, so far, that only exists inside my own head.

A CDr released on Cherried-Out Merch in an edition of fuck all in 2008.

ohh no yo yo


Bruxa Maria

Oh ... and Swans are back touring btw


E.E.E. - Found Documents 1984-1992

The E's are good in question are "officially" Ella Einsmire and Elliot Einsmire. British twins that made noise music and then moved to Texas to make some more. Tragically Elliot died in 1997, leaving Ella to pursue the noise mission alone.

The unfortunate truth is that none of that can be true. Nobody over here had ever heard of them and they don't appear in any meaningful way on t'interweb. Also, nobody over here makes wall noise like this and certainly never did in the titular dates. What am I? Some kind of mug that believes for a second that there are two Rupeni? For me, it's another one of Richard's ciphers and that is always a good thing in any right thinking world!

A four CDr set released on Deadline Recordings in 2014.

eee by gum!


Freddy Fresh - Chupacabbra

In a change from our usual sponser: I've loved Freddy Fresh for creeping on 30 years. Only saw him play out live once ... I think it was about 1999 in Liverpool on the Friday at the place that did Creamfields at the weekend. The only place I've been offered speedballs for sale on the way in ... but that's the scousers for you! Anyway ... fucking adorable latino hip house hop tech with the big beat bonus of Bassbin Twins / Propeller Heads remixes.

The expanded CD EP released on the magnificent Harthouse label in 1997.

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Hijokaidan - Legendary Live Collection Of Hijokaidan Vol.5 - 蔵六の奇病発売記念ライブ

Effectively, the launch party at Shinjuku Loft, Tokyo, for the original release of Zouroku No Kibyou in 1982.

Originally a self-released VHS in 1982, this is the DVDr reissue on Alchemy Music Store from 2008.



Sun City Girls - Superpower

Eclipse Records put out some brilliant double LP SCG releases that were as close as it gets to the Cloaven's seeing a reissue. I bought all of that vinyl and then they went bankrupt so that mission was unexpectedly terminated so not all of it escaped.

However, there is the common reissue misconception ... as beautiful as they are, they are edits. The first two tapes come in at around 140 minutes and that doesn't fit on four sides of vinyl. If anyone wants it, I'll post the corresponding Eclipse vinyl so you can compare and contrast.

Anyway ... "An equatorial collective improvisation recorded live in 1982 and informative disinformation financed by short-wave overload with text excerpts from Myron Fagen circa 1967. Recorded August 1982 live at Merlin's."

The second of the Cloaven Cassettes released in 1987.

solar power


Various - Fortune Tellers

A sparkling compilation featuring Ludo Mich & W. Ravenveer, Jazzfinger, Barf Thoth, The Haters, Jeph Jerman, Darksmith, Id M Theft Able, Leslie Keffer, Andrew Coltrane and Dylan Nyoukis.

A six C20 tape set released on AC's Hermitage Tapes in 2011.

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