Asmus Tietchens / Arcane Device - DBL _ FDBK

Cavernous is the best single word.

CD released on Stille Andacht in 1993.



Various - The Throne Of Drones

You know, I really should have been quicker off the mark by just going with the Asphodel connection. I have so many of the label releases that I was buying a long time ago: Invisibl Skratch Piklz; The X-Ecutioners; Rob Swift; Mix Master Mike ... they were also releasing Otomo Yoshihide, Cristian Marclay, KK Null, Daniel Menche, Zbigniew Karkowski, Zeitkratzer and whatever lies behind the letter z.

Admittedly, I am thinking out loud but that's because I hadn't connected things up before. My relationship with the label was initially with the turntablist releases. I've spent a lot of time with the Drones compilations and the thread throughout the Asphodel catologue is something so obvious it's like finding something brand new ... but it was hidden in plain sight. Within the context of the label's aesthetic, these compilations make so much more sense to me.

So ... erm, yeah. It's a CD. It's not MP3.

The Throne Of Drones


Asmus Tietchens / Arcane Device - Speiseleitung

You can be forgiven for judging this book by it's cover and thinking that this is some neo-hippy trance nonsense. That's graphic design produced by mid-90s software packages for you. Luckily, this is Asmus Tietchens and David Lee Myers creating some seriously psychotic hypnosis.

CD released on Raum 312 in 1996.



Various - Swarm Of Drones

This is in a similar vein to the previous compilation. So, the likes of Maryanne Amacher, Robert Fripp, Robert Rich, Steve Roach, K.K. Null & James Plotkin, Lull, Vidna Obmana and more ...

A double CD released on Asphodel / Sombient in 1995.




Asmus Tietchens / David Lee Myers - Flussdichte

On. A. Different. Planet. Full. Stop.

CD released on Disco Bruit in 2001.



Various - A Storm Of Drones (The Sombient Trilogy)

Lots and lots of warped ambient, drone and concrète noise ... something for all the family.

A triple CD released on Asphodel / Sombient in 1995. Not MP3.





Das Synthetische Mischgewebe - The Escape Of The Electrified Dermatologist ...

"The full title of this double-CD album of collaborations is: "The escape of the electrified dermatologist epitomises his dissent with the compromising juxtaposition of the smell and the sound of a pair of wings injured in subdued romance". It contains tracks recorded with ERG, Jörg Thomasius, Artificial Memory Trace, The Oval Language and Thomas Beck. Loud and quiet, occasionally full blast and more frequently sneaking little sounds, no less intense and all alternating in a few seconds - discontinuity may likely be the trademark of DSM's sound world. Things are kept together, coherency is established by all what is absent, form vanishes before it can be grasped."

I can't improve on that description. However, a long time ago, there was a collaborative work between Jörg Thomasius and DSM that was due to be released on Johnny Blue. It even managed to be reviewed on Vital Weekly. For whatever reason, it never appeared as a extant release but thankfully, that material is here.

Double CD released on Monochrome Vision in 2006.

Compromising Juxtaposition


Various - Frequency Of Decomposition Vol. 1

In my house, compilations like this are filed under "The Dog's Bollocks".

A CD that came with a Japanese fanzine/magazine on Yoshida Yasutoshi's Xerxes in 2009.



Various - Directions 2

Nurse With Wound, Colin Potter, Jörg Thomasius, Gen Ken Montgomery, Arcane Device, David Prescott, Muslimgauze, Conrad Schnitzler and more ...

C80 released on Direction Musicin 1989. There was a Directions 1 but I don't have that ...

Directions 2


Hesskhé Yadalanah - Antidisestablishmentarianism

So discogs has this tape with a tracklist and times associated with them. A load of old cock or a deliberate diversion? Who cares.

Anyway, the person that send me the previous rip also sent this. At virtually the same time another great person sent this and a near complete collection of the compilation tracks. I'm going to track down the missing ones and post what we have ... unless someone has all of them already?

Anyway again ... I went in and tried to split the tape. There are no multiple tracks, "just" two half hour sides. The first side is a rumour being told to you by a friend who heard a rumour that there was this place where really bad things happened ... the second side is the unsuspecting clean-up in preperation for the next rumour ... maybe.

C62 released on Tragic Figures in 1990.



va - A Selection of Drones Past, Singles 1993-2000


Double disc compilation of tracks from Drone Records, a German label that exclusively produced 7" singles of (mostly) dark ambient/ritual/industrial noise. Music by Maeror Tri, Aube, Reynols, Vir, Tarkatak, Droneament, Toy Bizarre, Francisco Lopez, Yen Pox, Feinen Trinkers Bei Pinkels Daheim, Osso Exotico and more. 

va - A Selection of Drones Past, Singles 1993-2000


Hesskhe Yadalanah - Melleril de Nembutal

This is Miguel Santos who ran the Johnny Blue label. When I posted the other three releases I said I didn't have this tape. At the time that was true but then a lovely person stepped out of the shadows and gave us this. Apparently, there are multiple tracks but when I went in to split the sides there are no obvious transitions and it really does work perfectly as two single tracks. So, here it is. And what a majestic piece of nice this is ... Schimpfluch Hjuler playing Ivor Cutler's harmoniun descending into dank drone purgatory before you get Sten Hanson's crock and roll band. Sometimes, it pretends to be relatively "normal" which is really weird but that's just a set-up so you don't expect your reality melons to take another twist. Genuinely, this is the best thing that I have heard this year.

C46 released on Johnny Blue in 1992.



Coa - Sea Urchin Character

Coa are two former members of LSD March. I posted some a while ago but this has been on my wantlist for a long time. It was worth waiting for. It's a gorgeous mix of psychedelic hardcore and cathedral post-rock.

CD released on Zasshoku in 2002. It's not MP3.

Sea Urchin Character


Yoshino Daisaku - Yoshino Daisaku No Shounen Jidai

Just in case there were any doubts, this is the Daisaku of Daisuck & Prostitute. Originally, this was a self-released LP from 1973 and is vanishingly rare. Luckily, it was reissued and that would have been great enough ... but then they added another ten bonus tracks.

CD released on Super Fuji Discs in 2012. Not MP3.



Telepherique & Alienlovers in Amagasaki - Globalisierung


Split & collaboration by Telepherique and Thirdorgan alter ego Alienlovers in Amagasaki.


Various - Hare, Hunter, Field

This is (apparently) the fourth and final label release ... a crying shame when you consider the people that were drawn to contribute. This includes Das Synthetische Mischgewebe, The Grief, Hélène Sage, a great track from (the Manc Hero Vini Reilly™ aka) Durutti Column that has his delicate guitar over a bed of System 7 style hippypsychetrance (it's much better than I've made it sound btw), Jon Rose, Asmus Tietchens, Architects Office and more and more. The final track is a 14 minute collaboration between Muslimgauze & Hesskhe Yadalanah. It's very good. Has a similar vibe to Material's "Seven Souls" but then degrades into electronic decay which is welcome in my house pretty much every day of the week. The missing release is a tape by Hesskhe Yadalanah who is also Miguel Santos who ran the label. I've never heard his work outside of the occasional track on a compilation ... if anyone could share those, that would be feckin' marvellous!

CD courtesy of Johnny Blue in 1992. It's flac.

everybody hurts ... so what?


Das Konzentrat - Selbstritik


Third self-released cassette by Das Konzentrat. 

Das Konzentrat - Selbstritik


Arcane Device - Feedback Music II

Arcane Device is the work of David Lee Myers. The title of this tape may mislead the literally minded. He uses processed feedback of course but rather than use it to raze things to the ground, he stretches it out and sculpts.

C56 released on Generations Unlimited in 1988.

Feedback Music II


Various - The Eye Decay Theory Or When The Garden Becomes A Time Lapse (A Compilation Of Spontaneous Combustion Witnesses)

A compilation packed full of shifting definitions courtesy of the likes of PGR, S. Core, Bourbonese Qualk and Peter Vogel. Full immersion recommended.

LP released on Johnny Blue in 1991.

Eye Decay Theory


va - Compositions In D Minor


One-sided compilation LP "anti-tribute" (?) to folk singer Diane Minor, because... I have no idea. Tracks by Crawl Unit, Illusion of Safety, Persona Non Grata, Trance and J. Allen Williams. Released by Gender-Less Kibbutz in 1994. 

va - Compositions In D Minor