Hijokaidan x You'll Melt More! - Watashi o Noise ni Tsuretette

From one end of the Hijo collaboration spectrum to the other ...

CD released as part of the (always revelatory) Alchemy Records Special Edition Series in 2015.



Genbakustakaidan - Live At Shinjuku Loft 2009.10.10

The Genbaku Onanies and Hijokaidan. Live. Unless you were a member of the audience with an alergy to squid, this is a shitload of fun!

DVD released on Alchemy Records and Uplink Records in 2010.



Various - Improvised Music From Japan

I posted this in 2014 but things have improved in the past seven years so this time it is non-MP3. It is still ten discs containing pretty much all of the Japanese improvising savants that you could wish for! Just for good measure, you also get a 20 minute live performance by Incapacitants.

The Improvised Music from Japan label was created by Yoshiyuki Suzuki to document the Onkyō music scene that began to emerge in Tokyo during the late 1990s. Onkyō translates as "sound, noise, echo" and represents a form of free improvisation which is more interested in texture than structure. It was also a sub-label of the utterly magnificent Ftarri. The Tokyo venue Off Site was the centre from which the "movement" emerged and the Off Site label also released music from this headspace.

One & Two

Three & Four

Five & Six

Seven & Eight

Guess & What


Altered (States) Images

This is suitably niche, but here are all twelve of the Monthly Altered States: Live Video Selection VHS tapes released on Zenbei between March 1995 and February 1996. The images are all great but let's say that some of the camera angles don't work so well ... you'll see what I mean.

Vol. 1 - Live at Manda-la 2. ZEN-V001

Vol. 2 - Live at Silver Elephant. ZEN-V002

Vol. 3 - Live at Dampfzentrale. ZEN-V003

Vol. 4 - Live at Knitting Factory. ZEN-V004

Vol. 5 - Live at Lounge AX. ZEN-V005

Vol. 6 - Live at Manda-la. ZEN-V006

Vol. 7 - Live at Cegep de Victoriaville. ZEN-V007

Vol. 8 - Live at Big Apple. ZEN-V008

Vol. 9 - Live at Crocodile. ZEN-V009

Vol. 10 - Live at Buddy. ZEN-V010

Vol. 11 - Live at Shinjuku Pit Inn. ZEN-V011

Vol. 12 - Live at Hosei University Student Hall. ZEN-V012


Fushitsusha - Secret Black Box

I posted this in 2012 and resurrected it in 2016 but this really deserves to be kept alive forever. All seven hours of a Fushitsusha performance at Hosei University in Tokyo on December the 13th, 2003 spread across six CDrs in an edition of 20 that were given to Keiji Haino himself or to friend/s of the label owner.

If you don't have it already, take it and give it ten other people ...

[Edit: there were two tracks missing from the 6th disc on yesterday's upload. I hadn't noticed so thanks go to you know who in Hamburg. No idea why the two tracks were missing but I have this release backed up for such "just in case" moments. So, the big link is now the complete box but here are the two missing tracks to save you the bother of doing it again.]

Secret Black Box


va - Great Blue Thing


Compilation of mostly Japanese noise, grindcore, rock whatever with tracks by Merzbow, Discordance Axis, Yeah, The Love Apaches, Tatsuya Yoshida, Multiplex, more.

va - Great Blue Thing


Various - Festival Beyond Innocence: A Brief History In 67 Chapters

I posted this in 2012. In 2014, somebody asked for it to be re-upped, commenting that "I know you are peculiar about these things". You know what, with chat up lines like that you are guarenteed success. So I didn't. Since then, I have honed my skills in being poised like a coiled spring ready to react to the whims of random people that I wouldn't care about if I had slept with them. Seven years ago, I said I'd get around to it eventually and I am a Badger of my words. As then ... there are so many things going on here, it's a swingers party for ridiculously talented improvisors.

A four CD set on FBI Discs in 2002.

car keys in the fish bowl


Altered States - Live In Tokyo

There is a post of twelve VHS tapes of live Altered States coming soon. I thought that if you weren't familar with the work of this avant-prog free-jazz rock juggernaut then this would be a very good introduction.

On bass: Mitsuru Nasuno (Fushitsusha, Ground Zero, Korekyojinn, Sanhedrin, The World Heritage and so much more). On drums: Yasuhiro Yoshigaki (Ground Zero, Date Course Pentagon Royal Garden, any number of Otomo Yoshihide's projects and so much more). On guitar: the main man - Uchihashi Kazuhisa.

Double CD released on Innocent Records in 2011. It's not MP3.

Live In Tokyo


Les Rallizes Dénudés - Hanging Dance Party

I think it's me and kingpossum (might be wrong) that can't wait for the 20 disc release of those rare recordings of LRD having breakfast and taking a dump. Lord knows, everything else they have ever done seems to have been released. Mind you, they recorded very little in the studio so a lot of it is fan archived material ... but let's just say that there was a time a lot of it appeared to be endlessy recycled in the "grey area" vortex. Needless to say, for a hefty price.

There were two people in the audience recording this gig so the two discs are the same thing but from different perspectives. It's actually more rewarding than that sounds given that there isn't a lot of "video" footage of them.

Recorded on July 10th, 1994 at Seibu-Kodo (Western Auditorium), Kyoto University (京都・京都大西部講堂).

A double DVD set released on the very unofficial Ignuitas in 2006.

Soon, it will make another appearance wearing different skin. Until that happens, is there any appetite out there for rips of all 12 Monthly Altered States VHS tapes? They have never been referred to on Discogs and I've never seen them for sale ... but they are these.

To pre-empt sentient butt-plugs everywhere, it's not MP3 and the file is quite large.



Mayuko Hino - Performance At Club FUCK In L.A.

This purports to come in at half an hour in length but it isn't. It takes a while to start and initially the images are poor (it was filmed in a dark club after all). Move past that ... this is a Mayuko Hino artistic performance and the musical backdrop is provided by then-husband Hiroshi Hasegawa so in effect it's a mini C.C.C.C. gig. Not going to say anything else. If you are even mildly interested ... just watch.

VHS released on Endorphine Factory in 1993.

Just to keep the sentient butt plug up to speed ... it's not MP3.

Club FUCK Off


Francisco López - Untitled (Compilation Tracks)


Massive (though incomplete) four-disc collection of compilation tracks by Francisco Lopez. Some of these ended up on official albums, but in different versions. A fifth and sixth disc are in the works, but this ought to keep you busy for awhile. Careful with that volume, knob. 



Yuragi - Yakusoku No Ji

This is short, sweet and wild. Quiet passages followed by traditional hardcore spacerock noiseprog?

The central core on this release are Hidenobu Kaneda and Morihide Sawada with various contributions from Ryuichi Nagakubo, Toshiaki Ishizuka, Fumio Kosakai and Hiroshi Hasegawa. From my distance, this was a banner that like-minded legends congregated around because they could. Just another day in Japan. Create. Dissolve. Create again. Apparently there are at least a couple of self-released tapes but I can't imagine they will turn up in my lifetime.

CD jointly released on Test and Creativeman Disc. in 1996. It's not MP3.



Various - 沫 Foam

Ages ago, I posted a rip of the seminal double LP from 1981. If you can be bothered, I wrote some blah at the time. I also suggested that you might want to try this out ...

Double CD reissue courtesy of Super Fuji Discs in 2011. It's not MP3.

沫 Foam


Various - Evolve Or Die

Who knows where the hell the idea for this compilation of cover versions came from? You get some covers of great old Blues songs like Incense going all Portishead on Lowell Fulsom's classic "Tramp" and Masonna destroying Paul "Wine" Jones' "Rob And Steal" then apparently unconnected songs like OOIOO reworking Otis Redding's "Respect", Asteroid Desert Songs funking up Johnny Guitar Watson's "A Real Mother For Ya" and two radically different versions of "I Just Want To Make Love To You" by Guitar Wolf and the Keiichi Sokabe Blues Project ... and that's not the half of it.

CD released on P-Vine Non Stop in 1996. It's not MP3.

Evolve Or Die


Various - 双音迷宮 - Alchemy Mysterious Sound Collection

I've got itchy feet .... and Poland will still be there when I get back. This is a good way to bridge between destinations.

These are four outfits you've never heard of ... well not really. You have Mr. SO-&-SO who are Masahiko Ohno (Solmania etc) and Seiichi Yamamoto (Boredoms, Omoide Hatoba, Rovo, etc), AXA who are Aya Onishi (Sekiri and The Nihilist Spasm Band amongst others) and Akifumi Nakajima (Aube, obviously), Swastika who are Fumio Kosakai (Incapacitants, C.C.C.C. and a hell of a lot more) and Ryuichi Nagakubo (who was in C.C.C.C. and a whole host of Fumio side-projects) and Kishidashin who are Shiro Maki (who is actually Jojo Hiroshige) and Seishiro Kikui (who is really Koichi Nakaya, the main man in Nasca Car and a member of Grind Orchestra). Given all of the people involved ... it is briliiant but not at all what you might expect.

CD released on Alchemy Records in 2003.



va - Hear Japanese See Japanese Say Japanese


Compilation CD of (like it says on the cover) "japanese youth and obscure noise/power-electronics/industrial/avant-garde" music, released by Dotsmark in 2007. Includes tracks by Amnesia-Channel, Bloody Letter, Groyxo, Variations of Sex, others you've never heard of. Plus, a video!

va - Hear Japanese See Japanese Say Japanese


Various - PRES Revisited (Józef Patkowski In Memoriam)

Yeah, I have a glitchy mojo. Living in a Covid world is arse. Getting Covid and having to deal with the long-form is arse. Losing family to Covid is arse. And still having to go to work is arse. And, a couple of my feline tribe left the building recently. That was proper arse with a capital ARSE. So yeah, boo fucking hoo. So that's why it's been quieter than normal around here. Not losing interest in the blog, just the will to live. They are different things and sarcasm doesn't translate written down which is a pisser because if it did I'd be award winning and rich! Then I could safely lose interest whilst paying someone else to do this bit ...

I have a few more examples of Polish sophistication before I ruin the atmosphere with a lovely long run of noise. So. without further ado: one disc with original compositions from (respectively) Eugeniusz Rudnik, Krzysztof Penderecki, Bohdan Mazurek and Bogusław Schaeffer. The second disc features interpretations of these works by combinations of Phil Durrant, Mikołaj Pałosz, Eddie Prévost, Maciej Śledziecki and John Tilbury. Not bad eh?

Double CD released on Bôłt in 2010. It's not MP3.

In Memoriam


Bohman Brothers & Richard Thomas - The New York Special


Tour-only CDR (not on Discogs!) by the trio that would later be called Secluded Bronte. Adam Bohman, as you all know, was a member of criminally under-rated group Morphogenesis. Adam and his brother Jonathan perform and record as (duh) the Bohman Brothers. This CDR was sold at North American performances in the 00's. I don't have a cover scan, but it's just generic black text on white paper with no other art or information.

Bohman Brothers & Richard Thomas - The New York Special


Za Siódmą Górą - Clean & Unclean


Polish industrial band covers a tune by Neil Megson's pop combo on one side, recorded live in 1991. Released as a 12" on Obuh Records the same year, then a little later as a cassingle. 

Za Siodma Gora - Clean & Unclean


Various - Blanc et Rouge

Recently, you've met a few of the people on this compilation. Two very notable exceptions are Elżbieta Sikora and Krzysztof Knittel. Given the right head space, this is wonderfully engaging.

Triple CD from Bôłt in 2012. It's not MP3.

Blanc et Rouge