Die Reitenden Leichen‎ - Post Wall

This is a C20 released on Monolithische Aktion from late last year, this time in an edition of 25.

This is another of tapes that I bought at the time (see below you non-sequential people). This will sand blast your house...or, frankly anybody that you point this in the direction of...use it vindictively!

I've just spent all of April's money (and come on...give me some credit, it's not even April yet) on everything that Victimology Rec. had in stock. This includes DRL's Supreme Nudity cdr.

Supreme Nudity takes a completely different turn again. Seriously...I can't think of another wall artist who differentiates as much as Matthias does.

Since I bought the batch of goodness from Matthias, he has released a lot more. Chase these down if you like his work, they don't appear for long.

I've just spent the month's food money on tapes and cdrs. Not a sustainable position when you weigh it up. If you get any of the new DRL...bear me in mind and cheer a starving blogger up!

Post Wall


Die Reitenden Leichen‎ - Pleazüre Endlösung

DRL is Matthias Mützlitz. I've posted some of his work before. This C62 was released on his own Monolithische Aktion label late last year in an edition of 20.

I got in touch with Matthias at the time and bought everyting he had...this was one of my favourites of the batch of tapes he sent me.

Crawling wall noise...really quite brilliant!!!

Pleazüre Endlösung


Vice Wears Black Hose‎ - Part 1

C40 released on Cathartic Process in 2008. Obviously, this is Richard Ramirez and Sam McKinlay.

A while ago I said I'd post Parts 1 and 2 but, well you know, butterfly mind and all that. I have the Part 2 cdr in a box around here somewhere, when I lay my hands on it again I'll post that as well.

By the way, there are two copies for sale on discogs right now at very reasonable prices (I've seen copies go for well over twice those prices). If you value the artifact over the artificial...grab them now!

Part 1


Werewolf Jerusalem‎ - Black Chapel

The first LP released in 2009 on the the mighty Urashima label.

You need to keep checking in on Cristiano Renzoni's label. It continually pumps out quality releases...a lot of which disappear quickly!

Black Chapel


OVMN‎ - Optimum Volume Maximum Noise

Another C62 released on Mother Savage Noise Productions in 2010 in an edition of 30. This sees OVMN using source material from Thirdorgan.

This was originally released in 1996 and received a CD reissue on Industrial Recollections in 2010.

OVMN are Joseph Roemer & Rodger Stella who you will also know from their work with Macronympha.

I bought these tapes from Rodger when they came out. To quote the great man from an email at the time "I prefer they go to someone who will listen to them, not just file them away". I agree. Enjoy!




C62 released on Mother Savage Noise Productions in 2010 in an edition of 30. Originally recorded in 1995.




C62 released on Mother Savage Noise Productions in 2010 in an edition of 30.

This was originally recorded in 1995 and in 2011 a mixed and edited version was released on vinyl on Urashima.



Natural Snow Buildings‎ - Live Sheffield & London 2012

C96 released in 2012 on Blackest Bootlegs which is an offshoot of the excellent Blackest Rainbow label.

'In true bootlegger style, we screwed up the dates on the insert, the actual dates of these recordings were 5th March (Sheffield) and 10th March (London)'

There is some really great stuff still available and up for pre-order on the parent label and you should check it out!

A London

B Sheffield


Thurston Moore / John Moloney - Fundamental Sunshine

Lord Thurston of Moore on guitar with John Moloney of Sunburned Hand Of The Man, etc, on drums captured live during their European jaunt last year.

This was released on John's Manhand label last year as a c40 tape. I'm not sure if this is the same material that received the vinyl treatment on the "Caught On Tape" LP that was jointly released on Manhand and Feeding Tubes Records shortly after...certainly the venues that the material was extracted from are the same.

There are two further Moore / Moloney excursions released this year. They disappeared almost before they were released! I'm a Manhand devotee and am on the mailing list and still never got a sniff of them. An awful thought that I may never get to hear them...anyway...

Fundamental Sunshine


Vomir‎ - Deliverance: The Living Dead Noise Box

Whilst I've been away, I've been immersing myself in Harsh Noise.

Romain Perrot needs no introduction.

This four cdr set was released on Maisonbruit in 2007. These were (probably) the only things missing from the Maisonbruitarchive set put out by Victimology Rec. in 2011.

I'm pretty sure that this has never been posted before.

This might be the start of the restart...