Various - King Of Extreme Music Vol. 1

This is a cracking tape released in Japan nearly thirty years ago. Tonnes of fun to be had by all ... lots of noise variety, some nice grind and some wonderful what!?! The artists are largely from Japan, some you'll recognise and some you won't and there are a couple of American gutternoise monkeys thrown in for good measure.

C90 released on Noting Note Tapes! in 1994.

spin me right round baby


Crank Sturgeon / PCRV - Future Steps For An Ancient Fever

Whilst drowning in a mental drought, Matt Anderson and Matt Taggart can always pull me out! Kinda glad I wasn't trapped in a trough ...

Here is a heart-warming tribute to the complexity of the tape:

"COMPLETEISTS ONLY! I have the utmost respect for both of these artists and I have no intention of bad mouthing their work. That being said this is not necessarily "enjoyable." cranks interest in spoken word is on full display, and boiled down to the absolute minimum. One man, one microphone, one word. Serious DADA ... sound entity? Did make me laugh a few times and I appreciate that. PCRVs side is a continuation of the crank piece, either a remix of sorts or a collaboration. The track title is BEWTS...a dialog, which leads me to suspect the latter. A bit more "musical" than cranks side but still probably a bit too minimal or "weird" for most listeners. Definitely not his usual work. If you consider Kommisar Hjuler or Dennis Tyfus to be a little too mainstream for your tastes than this is the tape you've been dreaming of. But if you are looking for charming bounce and clank or innovative soundscapes I would seek out one of the many top notch releases these two masters have available."

Nancy Sinatra's recordings released as a C30 On Matt T's Fluxus Montana label in 2014.

and that's just what I'll do


Andrew Coltrane - Rotten Blues


Another Hermitage Tapes cassette from 2008.



Andrew Coltrane - Hidden Underworld


2008 cassette from the artist's own Hermitage Tapes label.



Andrew Coltrane - Midnight Winds


CDR of tape gunk released by Chocolate Monk in 2009.



Andrew Coltrane - Chromosphere


Two long tracks of ugh by Andrew Coltrane, released as a CDR by Folkwaste (which is a very good name for a label) in 2008.



Severed Heads - Ear Bitten 79-99


A self-released and long out-of-print CDR from 1999 by the legendary Severed Heads. Includes their side of a 1980 split LP with Rhythmyx Chymx (aka Slugfuckers) with remixes and more to round it out.

living in the past


Protein Den - Cml


Protien Den was a short-lived but excellent duo of Gordon Ashworth (Oscillating Innards, Concern) and Matthew Sullivan (Privy Seals, Earn, Deep Jew). This c15 came out in 2008 on Sullivan's flawless Ekhein label.



Iovae & Teeth Collection - Untitled


Two solo tracks and one collab by two Ohio noise dudes. Iovae was very good but not prolific and he seems to have fallen off the noise map. Teeth Collection's Matthew Reis remains active as Developer. Released in 2006 as a CDR in an edition of 100 copies by Epicine Sound Replica.

round on the ends, high in the middle