Various‎ - Helloween Holocost

Trick or Treat?

Good question. This boxset was released on American Tapes in 2006 (it's AM490 btw). It's 2 cdrs and 2 tapes. One tape is a C5 and one is a c30. Discogs and the Amtapes site has the second tape listed as a isn't. I know somebody else that owns this and it's a c30 for him as well.

The "various" adds a note of spooky confusion as well. This is the work of John Olson. Apparently he came across some horror effects material in a bargain bin, bought it for $1 and then gave it an Amtapes synth workout. The "various" is a nod to whoever was responsible for the effects material (which is presumably disc 2).

disc 1

disc 2



Glands Of External Secretion / Decaer Pinga‎ - Tubular Bells

Admittedly this is how I remember the transition so take this with a pinch of condiment of your choice. But. In a supremely ironic doff of the cap against the (probably self-generated) claim that Prick Decay weren't being taken seriously because of the band name, Dylan changed the name to the excellently obscure Decaer Pinga‎.

By this time, Lisa has made way for Karen Constance. Karen has also left a splendid trail of chaos behind her as an integral part of Blood Stereo, Ceylon Mange and The Polly Shang Kuan Band.

LP released on Starlight Furniture Co. in 2003.

It really is an "interpretation" of the pompous nonsense that was Oldfield's original. Rest assured. This is a different beast. The Decaer Pinga‎ side includes Dave Cross (member of the Arthur Doyle Electro-Acoustic Ensemble and Coffee) and Neil Campbell (Vibracathedral Orchestra, Astral Social Club and such and such...). You're on safe ground here...

Tubular Bells


Glands Of External Secretion vs. Prick Decay - Who's Who In Hospitalization

Glands of External Secretion (aka Barbara Manning and Bananafish founder Seymour Glass) collaborating via mail with Prick Decay (sibling outfit of Dylan and Lisa Nyoukis...amongst many wonderful outfits the former also created the excellent Chocolate Monk label). All tracks were assembled by trading tapes of field recordings, noise and loops. Ahhh, those were the days...

1996 CD on Seymour's Starlight Furniture Co. label.

Who's Who In Hospitalization


Acid Maso Temple & Kill Kill Kill‎ - The Electric Kool-aide Results

Split LP released on the mysterious White Noise label in 2011.

The only thing that I know about Kill Kill Kill is that they also had a split 7" with Oxbow.

Acid Maso Temple is Suhara Keizo, Aiko and Kawabata Makoto alongside Maso Yamazaki (who is, of course, Yamazaki Takushi who is also known to you as Masonna).



Zenta Sustained - Rooftop Snipers

CDr released on Life Is Easy from 2007.

Zenta Sustained was a relatively short-lived collaborative project from Ryan Bloomer and Sam McKinlay.

Rooftop Snipers


Zenta Sustained‎ - Breaking Through The Terminal Stasis

C30 released on Nurse Etiquette from 2009 in an edition of 84.

Breaking Through The Terminal Stasis


Bad Kharma / Lasse Marhaug / Grunt - Scandinavian Noise Manifesto

Split cd from Ronnie Sundin, Lasse Marhaug and Mikko Aspa that was co-released in 1998 on their own BonBon Records, Jazzassin Records and Freak Animal Records respectively.

Scandinavian Noise Manifesto


Astromason + Blue Sabbath Black Cheer‎ - Endless Black

Hiroshi Hasegawa and Mason Jones with Stan Reed, Wm. Rage and Crystal Perez.

C32 on Worthless Recordings from a couple of months ago. The edition of 50 disappeared you would expect!

Endless Black


Club Skull‎ - The Origins Of ...

Akifumi Nakajima, Fumio Kosakai and Hiroshi Hasegawa. Say No More.

C40 released on Nakajima's G.R.O.S.S. label in 1993.



Karuna Khyal‎ - Alomoni 1985

Psych classic by Takahashi Yoshihiro from 1974. I've never seen anything else by him.

This has been unofficially reissued a few times. Well worth picking up the vinyl version if you can!

Alomoni 1985


Non Band - Non Band

Obscure Japanese post-punk band. This 2007 cd is a reissue of a 10" released in 1981 (which I think was their only release) with a few bonus tracks.

Non Band


Various‎ - Murdered And Raped... Touched Again...

Simply brilliant double cdr of Harsh Noise Wall Artists: featuring Dead Body Collection, Die Reitenden Leichen, Griz+zlor, Indch Libertine, Last Rape, Sturmgeschütz, Terminal Erection and Vomir.

Released in a painfully small edition of 40 on Victimology Rec. in 2011.




Churner - Contours

Just over an hour of Churner on a cdr from 2010 on the all-seeing-eye that is Smell The Stench which also has a net label.



Churner / Doldis‎ - To Strangle Every Joy

The prolific Churner runs the brilliantly named Violent Noise Atrocities. He also sells his very reasonably priced wares on Discogs.

As far as I know, Doldis is the work of Peter Anthony Lehtola.

This cdr was released on VNA in 2008 in an edition of 50.

To Strangle Every Joy


Corsano / Shiflet / Yeh Trio - Live @ Flywheel, Easthampton MA 12/20/03

Chris Corsano (the Kali of the drumkit and the greatest percussionist in the world. Full stop.) with Mike Shiflet and C. Spencer Yeh who were both in Burning Star Core at the time.

Cdr released on Yeh's DroneDisco label in an edition of 60 in 2004.



Borbetomagus‎ - Zurich

Double LP released on their own Agaric Records in 1985. I don't think that this was re-released in any format.

They are legends so would assume they are known to you. If not, for the sake of brevity, I've lifted this from Discogs: "Borbetomagus is a trio of Don Dietrich (reeds) Jim Sauter (reeds) and Donald Miller (guitar) and additionally Brian Doherty (electronics) that has existed since the mid-seventies. This is free-improv "jazz" of the most extreme nature and its not for the faint hearted, since Borbetomagus create a heavy bone crushing wall of noise."

The trio is the core but they have also included in their time (a very young) Adam Nodelman of Sunburned Hand Of The Man.



Tusco Terror & Al Qaeda - Split

C30 released on Fletcher Pratt's Midori Records from 2009.

Tusco Terror / Al Qaeda


Deeper Wells‎ - Untitled

C20 of "American power electronics from the middle of nowhere, Illinois" on the excellent Waterpower label from 2010.

Deeper Wells - Untitled


Newage Panther Mistique‎ - Untitled

James Ferraro was one half of The Skaters. He has released solo work under many many different names. As far as I know, there was only the one release as NPM.

Cdr on Wabana Ore from 2005.

Newage Panther Mistique


Sacher-Pelz / M.B. - Clerzphase

Two sides of Maurizio Bianchi on a single cdr on Stridulum Recordings from 2006.

"The dawning of the vaporized infinite is promulgated in this theoretical making which negotiates the unpleasant manipulation of our wicked condition"




Retolt Mandala‎ - SF Munou Koukyoubutsu

Retolt Mandala‎ are Akiko Naito, Mamoru Narita, Nobu 'Embudagonn' Kasahara, Roboku Akasawa, Takeshi Kobayashi and Yuki Obara. That just about sums up everything that I know.

This cdr was released on Subjective Spirit Sound in 2007. It falls somewhere between Sunburned and Smegma and somewhere else entirely. I think drugs may have been involved at some point.

SF Munou Koukyoubutsu


Various‎ - Er Ist Tief Und Dein Wasser Ist Dunkler

PFN (Hans-Jürgen Schunk and Monika Westphal) and Seattle's legendary Yeast Culture and David Lee Myers' Arcane Device and Carsten Schulz.

LP on Quiet Artworks from 1991.

Er Ist Tief Und Dein Wasser Ist Dunkler


Sakevi + Jojo - Mammalia

Sakevi Yokoyama of G.I.S.M. with Jojo Hiroshige of Hijokaidan.

LP on Rest Records from 1989.



Smrznik‎ - Gletscher Kassette 60

Smrznik is the work of Neven Misaljević who plies his Harsh Noise trade from Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

C60 on Zvukovina in an edition of 10 from 2010.

Gletscher Kassette 60


Smrznik‎ - Throatblain

CDr from 2009 in an edition of 30 from Zvukovina.



Yellow Swans + Moth Drakula‎ - They Do Not Always Remember


Documentation of a live set in Los Angeles from December the 15th 2005.

Apparently, there is a tour cdr that includes an extra track ... obviously I don't have that. How about you?

They Do Not Always Remember


Arv & Miljö‎ - Stenbergapyromanen

Arv & Miljö‎ is Matthias Andersson who used to run the ace Release The Bats Records.

More great PE on a C20 from Posh Isolation from last year.



Arv & Miljö‎ - Öppna Vattendrag

Excellent C28 on the difficult to track Posh Isolation from this month last year.

Öppna Vattendrag


Hands Rendered Useless / Pharmakon / Throat - Inside And Out

C24 and C14 featuring Hands Rendered Useless, Pharmakon and Throat. When if you do a bit of research, you will realise that this is about a Yellow Tears / Pharmakon related kinda thing...

Excellent release on Callow God from 2009.

Inside And Out