Blood Sausage - Touching You In Ways That Don't Feel Comfortable

The Sausage in question was a really smart UK contribution to the Riot Grrrl correction. A great band with a lot of their own whilst channeling The Fall, The Cramps and early JSBX.

7" released on Wiiija Records in 1993.

semi-concensual sausage touching

... and not to be confused with ...

Meatmen – Blood Sausage EP

Fun dirtbag early US hardcore led by Tesco Vee just looking for cheeks to slip his tongue into. Entirely and intentionally "dumb" ... this is the man that started the seminal Touch & Go Records after all. I seem to think that he created the Maximum Rock n Roll fanzine / mag as well. I have a few of those originals and a big old book collection. I could check but I can't be arsed.

A 7" on Touch And Go from 1982.

officer ... i was touched by sausage against my will and you suck


Vargrwulf‎ - Black Supremacy

A lovely selection of crawling wall noise courtesy of Joseph Gates.

A triple C60 set from Violent Revolution International in 2010.


lean here first:

mega option


Peiiste - Bad Babysitter

With a single or double "i", this is Vanessa and Joseph Gates again. The world should be awash with their work but alas there doesn't seem to be that much around. A situation that needs resolving methinks.

A C58 released on Violent Revolution International in 2010.



Rodger Stella - Death Loop Cut

A few years ago, I posted the Death Loops but a good friend of ours sent me his rip of the tape reissue from 2016. It's far superior to the version of the tape that I posted so if you still have that then delete and replace!

However, this remains true: "two tracks of warped noise that manages to sound like somebody set fire to an orchestra whilst they were playing and they just haven't noticed yet. A reissue of a micro-edition CDr from 2007".

C72 released on 2016 on Mother Savage Noise Productions.

the death and resurrection show


Rodger Stella - Rare Cuts

You Could be forgiven for thinking that this was a solo box but it isn't. You do get one tape from Rodger and another that is a split with Leslie Keffer. But, then there is a live one from Macronympha, a lovely live rock-out attributed to "Rod Heydrich" that I'm assuming is Mr S and whoever else was on the bill that night. Not good enough for you? Then how about the C20 from Beastiarius ... the rare as chicken dentures collaboration between Akifumi Nakajima, Joseph Roemer and Rodger Stella (yes, Aube and Macronympha)? Or the Anarch Peak tape that is a collaboration between Rodger and "Greh" (mastermind behind Chondritic Sound, Hive Mind, Black Sand Desert and a host of other delights)? Thought you might ...

"A collection of previously unreleased material assembled for a European tour. Limited to a small but undisclosed number of copies." Six tape set released on his own Mutter Wild in 2012.

the first cut

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Ultra Fuckers - Psychedelic Warrior

Music as the evolutionary process it was always intended to be.

Survival of the fuckist!

A CD courtesy of Lost Frog Productions in 2004.

fuckers at the end of time


Ultra Fuckers - Beyond the Fuckless

Welcome to the new management of the English kick a ball team: "UF called "King of Scum" "Psychedelic Warrior" in Osaka. Their happy sound bridges from HC/Flexi-your-head style to German/Klaut rock. Fully retarded and naked in funny noise taste. Their produce event "Scum Nite" anytime, Faxed Head, Caroliner Rainbow, Zip Code Rapists, Half Japanese, UG Man, ENE, Monotract, Mr.Velocity Hopkins, etc. acted in past."

CDr on Public Eyesore from 2002.

punk as fuckless


Various - What Will Happen

What Will Happen was a short-lived sublabel of Human Ignorance whose output is ridiculously difficult to unearth, physically or digitally.

As far as I can tell, this doesn't anywhere on the World Wide Wankfest (obviously, the associated picture is just me going about my business at this time of year ... well anytime of year to be honest). It's a sampler of the label with edited tracks from the releases on the roster.

This is a gift from a friend of ours and I've left it in the wav files it was sent. It's not needed but I've asked wm. Rage (on here as Nervous Corps) about the release and he wanders past here now and again so might have something to add.

A CD jointly released on Vulnavia Editions and Human Ignorance in January 2013.

... bad things, that's what.


Various - 1974 Hobo's Concerts VI "空は君になじめたか"

Seriously ... does nobody have any faith anymore ... of course I hadn't erm ... so obviously, we all know what is coming next!

Originally, the sixth in the series of LPs released on Bellwood Records in 1976. This is the sixth of the CD reissue series on Super Fuji Discs from 2007.

penultimate chang ba


Lemon Kittens - We Buy A Hammer For Daddy

"Lemon Kittens were founded in Reading, UK, in the late 1970s by Karl Blake. By placing an ad in the Sept 1979 issue of Industrial News, he met Danielle Dax, who would initially provide artwork and then later become a full partner in the band."

Yeah, still alive ... but y'know, the world trophy of kick a ball is on and I've gone back to reading manga and graphic novels. So whatever. Pretty sure I have posted an mp3 of this a while ago. So whatever.

I simply ADORE this recording! This has been one of those build yourself a badgerstump keystones ever since I first heard this some time in the late 80s? It's quite easy to say that this is quintessentially English in the most subunderground terms. Stand up and bow down ... and if this is the first time you've listened to this, hold on tight and believe!

An LP on United Dairies in 1980 and then a CD reissue on Danielle's Biter Of Thorpe in 1993. I own both. This is a flac rip of the latter.

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Stop, Kitten time!