M.S.B.R. (Molten Salt Breeder Reactor), aka Koji Tano, was one of the most respected noise artists to emerge from Japan's vibrant noise/experimental music scene of the 1990's. He played with countless other musicians and toured on 4 continents (Asia, Europe, North America and Australia). Much of his material was self-released on his own labels, one of which was dedicated to the production of limited edition cassette releases. Like Merzbow, MSBR's crushing wall of noise managed to tap into a post-human territory of pure absolute volume that seems to have more in common with the unstoppable forces of nature than any form of music.

Koji Tano died on 31 July 2005 at the age of 44. Cancer took him quickly at a young age and at the height of his power. If you have any doubt how respected and loved Koji was (and is) within the community, then you should go here. Within only 23 days Steinklang gathered support from 154 artists from 31 countries to pay tribute to Koji. The personal testaments recorded there are genuinely moving. The homage takes the form of a 10 disc tribute that is free to download.

Greatly respected and sorely missed...

1993 - MSBR - Structured Suicide (C60) [msbr records]
1993 - MSBR & Taint - Scopotophilia (7'') [msbr records]
1993 - Telepherique & MSBR - Amalgam (7'') [msbr records]
1994 - MSBR - 2,000 Thousends Contaminate Electronic Acid (C60) [old europa cafe]
1994 - MSBR & Daniel Menche - Multi Layering Termination (7'') [msbr records]
1994 - Telepherique & MSBR - Geplünderte Leichen (cass) [drahtfunk-products]
1995 - MSBR - Collapseland [heel stone records]
1995 - MSBR - Destructive Locomotion Dedicated To Chizuo Matsumoto [pure]
1995 - MSBR - Fracture Of Silence (cass) [sounds for consciousness rape]
1995 - MSBR - Metal Stricken Terror Action (cass) [banned production]
1996 - MSBR - 303 Holy Mountain Electronixx (C52) [cling film-records]
1996 - MSBR - Final Harsh Work #1 (cass) [robotomy tapes]
1996 - MSBR & Merzbow - Destructible Foundation / Drain (7'')
1996 - Telepherique & Contagious Orgasm & MSBR - Contact #1 (lp)
1997 - MSBR & Blazen Y Sharp - Mass For Dead Insects [msbr records]
1998 - Aube & MSBR & Koji Marutani - 3 Cadavres Exquis [e(r)ostrate]
1998 - ERG & MSBR & Das Synthetische Mischgewebe - Geosynclines [flenix]
1998 - MSBR - Euro Grappling Electro [msbr records]
1998 - MSBR - Final Harsh Work #2 (C30) [spite]
1998 - MSBR & Government Alpha & Notchnoi Prospect - Japanoise Action In Russia [insofar vapor bulk]
1998 - MSBR & Kengo Iuchi - One [alien8 recordings]
1998 - MSBR & RoboChanMan - Australian Sunshine Madness [msbr records]
1999 - MSBR - The Final Harsh Work #7 (C60) [ultra]
1999 - MSBR - The Final Harsh Work #22 [spatter]
1999 - MSBR & K2 & Magmax - Split [msbr records]
1999 - MSBR & Spastic Colon - Live Electronics At Matsuyama (lp) [flenix]
1999 - MSBR & Speculum Fight & AMK - Damkbr (cass) [banned production]
2000 - Government Alpha & MSBR - Live In Moscow (7'') [rrrecords]
2000 - MSBR - Ultimate Ambience 2 [20city]
2000 - Sudden Infant & MSBR - Split [msbr records]
2001 - Birchville Cat Motel & MSBR & Eso Steel - Droop Drone Drops [denshi zatsuon]
2001 - MSBR - Space Lab Green [celebrate psi phenomenon]
2001 - MSBR - The Final Harsh Work #18 [blade records]
2002 - MSBR - Euro Grappling Electro 2 [msbr records]
2003 - MSBR & RoboChanMan - Final Electro Acoustic Work 1 [msbr records]
2004 - MSBR - Mental Dissolution [denshi zatsuon]
2005 - MSBR - Metal Stricken Terror Action - Dedicated To Richard Rupenus [denshi zatsuon]
2005 - MSBR & Government Alpha - Planet Of Fluctuation [xerxes]


Fuck, The Retarded Girl

Fuck, The Retarded Girl is noise artist Kyle Dennis from Melbourne, Australia. I'll leave it for Kyle to explain the moniker..."sometimes on the early buses to university there is a group of 4-6 mentally disabled young adults (20 year olds) who do some work around the uni, anyway their conversation is always really crass and vulgar, but of course because of whom they are nobody ever says a word. One girl in particular is fond of the word fuck thus, in mine and my girlfriend's head at least, she became known as Fuck, The Retarded Girl. So this name is both a testament to the noise I occasionally have to endure first thing in the morning and an acknowledgement that how acceptable something is has a lot to do with who says it. My theory is that even a bunch of noisy racket like my music should be at least put up with by the public at large given that is coming from a retarded girl named Fuck."

His physical releases are usually very small scale but he has been liberally sprinkling his angel dust all over the interweb for a good few years now. I was going to put links up for all the ones that are freely available elsewhere, but thought "fuck it". So here is everything I've picked up over the past three or so years. Expect Plunderphonics, Noise, Musique-Concrete, Sexual Desire, Power Electronics and Industrial Mayhem!

Also, check out his brilliantly named one off side-project Dannii Minoise. Cheers to Kyle for being up for the post and the offer of other lps to hopefully more soon!

2007 - Fuck, The Retarded Girl & NOWINGUS & Apophallation - Revisiting Retro Metal I
2008 - Acid Attack & Fuck, The Retarded Girl - Split
2008 - Fuck, The Retarded Girl - A Cantankerous Christmas 2008
2008 - Fuck, The Retarded Girl - A Quick Cure For Depression
2008 - Fuck, The Retarded Girl - Abuse
2008 - Fuck, The Retarded Girl - Amplitude Modulation Concerto No. 3
2008 - Fuck, The Retarded Girl - Anti-LP
2008 - Fuck, The Retarded Girl - Bondage Circa 1953
2008 - Fuck, The Retarded Girl - Live Action #1
2008 - Fuck, The Retarded Girl - Live Action #3
2008 - Fuck, The Retarded Girl - Nude Disco
2008 - Fuck, The Retarded Girl - Pull The Plug
2008 - Fuck, The Retarded Girl - The Dead Horse Tapes
2008 - Fuck, The Retarded Girl & Havoc On Fire - Vintage Porn Split
2008 - Fuck, The Retarded Girl & Metek - Split
2008 - Wolverine Carcass & Fuck, The Retarded Girl - Split
2009 - Fuck, The Retarded Girl - Axem Rangers
2009 - Fuck, The Retarded Girl - Cartoon Pin-up
2009 - Fuck, The Retarded Girl - Shitcore Cunt!
2009 - Fuck, The Retarded Girl - The Shape Of Vaudeville To Come 2010 - Anal Immanuel Kant & Fuck, The Retarded Girl - Split

Fuck, The Retarded Girl - Angel
Fuck, The Retarded Girl - Collision
Fuck, The Retarded Girl - Death Erection
Fuck, The Retarded Girl - Dedicated To Issei Sagawa
Fuck, The Retarded Girl - Foot Worship And Fellatio
Fuck, The Retarded Girl - Frozen Banana
Fuck, The Retarded Girl - I Do Aplogise, I Haven't Got A Gramophone
Fuck, The Retarded Girl - Material For Radio Performance
Fuck, The Retarded Girl - Shostakovich Violin Concertos nos. 1 & 2 Fuck, The Retarded Girl - Side Effects
Fuck, The Retarded Girl & Apophallation & Ikea Families & deaddoglover - Revisiting Retro Metal II



It is with honour and wonder that we offer up the majesty of Newcastle's mighty drone-noise-dream-scuzz-improv legends (drum-roll please) Jazzfinger. If ever a band's 'sound' was simultaneously hauntingly pastoral yet at the same time grindingly industrial then it would be Jazzfinger. You need Jazzfinger in your life, even if you don't know it yet! Buy everything you can find. Without hesitation, the people who hold the world together. Feel their power, and be comforted.

2001 - Orrin Deforest & Jazzfinger- Split (lp) [traqueto]
2003 - Jazzfinger & A Way - EP [mallard lake]
2005 - Jazzfinger - Live @ Barden's Room 2, London (05 Aug 2005) 2005 - Jazzfinger - Live @ The Sage, Gateshead, UK (22 May 2005)
2005 - Jazzfinger - This Small Space Where The Salt Glitters (12'') [classic english womb]
2005 - Jazzfinger - Ugly For A Living [gold soundz]
2006 - Jazzfinger - Autumn Engines [rebis]
2006 - Jazzfinger - Iron Age Credentials [spirit of orr]
2006 - Jazzfinger - Los Band Magicos [low point]
2006 - Jazzfinger - Slowed By The Grace Of Water [alcoholic necrolepsy]
2006 - Jazzfinger - The Glass Key [classic english womb]
2006 - Jazzfinger - Winter's Shadow Between Two Worlds [curor recordings]
2007 - Jazzfinger - Listen And Vanish [cut hands]
2007 - Jazzfinger - Low Level Cloud Fucker [chondritic sound]
2007 - Jazzfinger - Orange Sauce (8'' lathe) [altvinyl]
2007 - Jazzfinger - Tour Of The Moors Volume 1 (C60) [heavy tapes]
2007 - Jazzfinger - Wixxon Flag Bearer [dnt records]
2007 - Jazzfinger & Lanterns - Untitled (C60) [sick head]
2008 - Jazzfinger - Grief To Grind The Fire [blackest rainbow]
2008 - Jazzfinger - King Murnam (cass) [jk tapes]
2008 - Jazzfinger - Mole And The Morning Dew (lp) [spirit of orr]
2008 - Jazzfinger - Self Titled (7'') [short forest]
2008 - Jazzfinger - Wooden Women Will (C60) [middle james co]
2008 - Jazzfinger and Culver & Fordell Research Unit - Split - (lp) [blackest rainbow]
2009 - Jazzfinger - Live @ Cafe OTO, London (02.05.09)
2010 - Jazzfinger - Gates Of Failure (C60) [gods of tundra]



Fossils are a rarity in any music scene: staggeringly prolific artists who, by and large, fail to produce subpar music. They're not devoid of ideas, either. From the typical grating metal clangor, lurking murky subterranean drones and psychedelic spiraling voids to super fried, paint-splattered jams that sound like they were born out of junkyards and garbage cans and every sort of droning instrument ever made. Every Fossils release I own sounds distinct. There are two split releases with Sick Llama in J's earlier Llama post. Also, don't have release info for the Blue Tape, I think it's a tape that Dive in.......

2005 - Fossils - Fossils (C60) [fag tapes]
2006 - Altar Of Flies & Fossils - Split [hästen & korset]
2006 - Fossils - A Green Ha [middle james co]
2006 - Fossils - Code White [middle james co]
2006 - Fossils - Empty Can Blues (C30) [midori records]
2006 - Fossils - Fossils [fag tapes]
2006 - Fossils - Infected Tissue [maggotapes]
2007 - Fossils - All the Homicides (C30) [jk tapes]
2007 - Fossils - Dug (cass) [middle james co]
2007 - Fossils - Fly By Night (s-sided cass) [ley line magnetic tapes]
2007 - Fossils - Morbid Chicken [middle james co]
2007 - Fossils - The Dehumanization Of Art (C90) [knife in the toaster]
2007 - Fossils - Uhl [cut hands]
2007 - Fossils & Head Boggle & Sick Llama - Brain Mash Potatoes [fag tapes]
2008 - Fossils - Dagobah [knife in the toaster]
2008 - Fossils - Super Silver Fossils (C30) [middle james co]
2008 - Fossils & Sick Llama - Split (lp) [no label]
2008 - Mike Khoury and Derek Rogers & Fossils - Terror Tapes Vol. 35 [middle james co]
2008 - Sick Llama & Fossils - Split (lp) [no label]
2009 - Fossils - Deep Sea Fossils (2xC30) [middle james co]

Fossils - Blue Tape


New CDr out on Quagga Curious Sounds!

QCS_021-Utnapishtim / Bruital Orgasme: "The Breathing" Split CDr, edition of 15 copies
Hypnotic, beautiful and captivating mixture of noise, drone and experimental music between these two talented projects.
Spraypainted CDr comes in a PVC slip case with handmade artwork also included is an A4 information sheet/poster and multi coloured feathers packaged in a blue and white striped paper bag


To buy items via paypal please email Mike:
All prices inlcude p&p
Trades are also welcome

These aren't going to be around long so don't hang about ;)


Steel Hook Prostheses

Gotta admit, SHP were a new one to me. J sent me a sneaky request from his current sabbatical (he's doing a short prison sentence for interfering with farm animals btw).

Expect power electronics with a dark ambient/death industrial twist...

All gone by request. SHP material is going to be officially distributed digitally. Check here.


Heavy Winged

Heavy Winged regularly lock into relentless motorik grooves, super repetitive, the guitar slowly building momentum, with sheets of high end, streaks of feedback and a wall of buzz lifting you ever higher. Imagine a deranged lysergic-fuelled scientist taking a lost Fushitsusha jam and slowing it down in the lab to examine it more closely...a time lapse film of a 'psych jam' captured in the wild. For most of their releases, the trio set up in a room and play. Totally improvised and recorded to 4 track. Wildly ecstatic...and the "song" only finishes when it feels right for it to finish.

The Wire reckoned one release sounded like "...a vast blank wall of a monolithic windowless tower block, seemingly featureless from a distance, but so rough up close that it tears skin from flesh and flesh from bone." Fair enough, I reckon, if you like that kind of effusive review! This ain't Explosions In The Sky! This is some serious psychedelic heaviness, blissfully blown out and weirdly hypnotic.

I've followed this band for a few years now. Even so, I nip to the shops to find out they've sneaked out another ridiculously limited release...and it's sold out! The last 4 of the posts have no release date or label info...any help out there?

2006 - Heavy Winged - A Serpent's Lust [foxglove]
2006 - Heavy Winged - Echoes Of Silence [deep water acres]
2006 - Heavy Winged - Hunting The Moon [ruralfaune]
2006 - Heavy Winged - Taking The Veil [students of decay]
2007 - Ashtray Navigations & Cold Solemn Rites In The Sun & Heavy Winged - Split [ruralfaune]
2007 - Heavy Winged - Blacc Stork [students of decay]
2007 - Heavy Winged - Enough Rope [cut hands]
2007 - Heavy Winged - Feel Inside [archive]
2007 - Heavy Winged - On The Marble Cliffs [trensmat]
2007 - Heavy Winged - The Very Eye Of The Night [whistle along records]
2007 - Heavy Winged - We Grow (lp) [not not fun records]
2007 - Heavy Winged & Blues Control - Split (7'') [not not fun records]
2007 - Heavy Winged & Taiga Remains - Split (lp) [not not fun records]
2008 - Heavy Winged - A Blanket Of Ash [no label]
2008 - Heavy Winged - Alive In My Mouth [three lobed recordings]
2009 - Heavy Winged - Shaking, Waking (lp) [aurora borealis]
2009 - Heavy Winged - Spreading Center [release the bats records]
2009 - Heavy Winged & Inca Ore - Ring Mining (lp) [not not fun records]
2009 - Windy & Carl and Heavy Winged - Monolith Earth [music fellowship]

Heavy Winged - 1st
Heavy Winged - Katrina
Heavy Winged - Mojito
Heavy Winged - Split Lip


Hans Grüsel's Kränkenkabinet

There are very few bands who truly baffle. Who confuse and confound, both musically and conceptually. Sure, plenty of bands are weird, or strange, or hard to describe. Some might even be described as fucked up or damaged, but very very few truly baffle. Hans Grüsel's Kränkenkabinet is most definitely one of those bafflingly confusional elite. . .Hans Grüsel and his Kränkenkabinet create a bizarre cacophony of sound. Theatrical, dramatic, noisy for sure, but weirdly melodic and playful and more than anything, confounding. A brain melting chunk of avant "what-the-fuck?" Weird and wonderfully damaged. It's not so much like staring into a funhouse mirror, it's more like smashing your head against it over and over and over until it shatters and you can finally see and hear exactly what strange things exist on the other side.

Had to remove some, sorry.

2001 - Hans Grüsel's Kränkenkabinet - Das Boot [no label]
2002 - Hans Grüsel's Kränkenkabinet - Ein Haunted Sommerplatz [no label]
2006 - Hans Grüsel's Kränkenkabinet - Live On WFMU (04-11-06)


Luasa Raelon / Envenomist

In the words of the man himself..."David Reed has been producing heavy electronic music under various monikers since the year 2000. He currently records under three active solo projects, luasa raelon, brittle foundries and envenomist. Envenomist is sourced solely using synthesisers to produce a minimal industrial ambience heavily influenced by 80's Industrial acts and the European synth scene of the 70's. Luasa Raelon is a far-ranging death industrial/dark ambient project dealing with narrative themes and using whatever materials are at hand for sound and textures to create the requisite material. Brittle Foundries began as music concrete/academic project but has journeyed into territories of desolation and despair while retaining a subtle beauty. Also active in Nightmares with Jon Canady and Mark Solotroff. Past work with Starlight Fleecing, Rocco DiPietro, Larry Marotta, the Avant Collective, Jason Zeh, and Mike Shiflet."

All of this is OOP...David runs his own label (Snip-Snip Records) and you can buy the releases still available here and check out the latest news here . David has said he will give me a list of his personal favourite works/tracks to post as a compilation type thing. I have loads that is still in print (and therefore can't post) so have heard nearly would make for some fantastic listening!

Gotta admit I've never heard Brittle Foundries...or seen any for that matter...

Finally...SS Envenomind is a 3-way collab between the guys behind Spine Scavanger, Envenomist and Hive Mind, btw...

Luasa Raelon

2001 - Luasa Raelon - Combustion [snip-snip]
2001 - Luasa Raelon - Detonator (cass) [hmw distribution]
2003 - Luasa Raelon - The Erebus And The Terror [brise-cul records]
2004 - Hive Mind & Luasa Raelon & Redrot - Industrial Isolation (tour cdr) [chondritic sound]
2004 - Luasa Raelon - Avarice [i.n.k. recordings]
2004 - Luasa Raelon - Necronautical Mariner [chondritic sound]
2004 - Luasa Raelon & The Cherry Point - Split (C20) [troniks]
2005 - Hive Mind & Luasa Raelon - Alabaster Catacombs [chondritic sound]
2005 - Luasa Raelon - Cephalomancy [snip-snip]
2005 - Luasa Raelon And Hive Mind - Sea-Level Transmission [chondritic sound]
2007 - Hum Of The Druid & Luasa Raelon - Screaming Biology_Oceanic [audiobot]
2007 - Luasa Raelon - Into The Void [crucial bliss]


200# - Envenomist - Scorpian Gears [snip-snip]
2005 - Wapstan & Envenomist - Split [brise-cul records]
2006 - Envenomist - Delving Glacial [gameboy records]
2007 - Envemonist - Black Bile (C30) [twonicorn]
2007 - Envenomist - Beholder [chondritic sound]
2007 - Envenomist - Weighted Ghost (C30) [snip-snip]
2007 - Pulse Emitter & Envenomist - Split (C45) [black horizons]
2008 - Envenomist - Divine Intervention (C30) [husk records]
2009 - Envenomist & Hive Mind - Initiation Into Nothingness (C40) [chondritic sound]

SS Envenomind

2008 - SS Envenomind - Untitled (C30) [tusco embassy]