Akira Sakata - 20人格 = 20 Personalities / Akira Sakata Sings

Akira Sakata is a giant of Japanese jazz across decades ... from the early flowing recordings to the later embrace of Jazz Hijokaidan and the works with Jim O'Rourke and etc and so forth.

Here he shows that he is a man that shouts at people in passing cars. That is an approach to the general populace that I entirely approve of!

As a whole, this is just magnificent ... equal parts hallelujah, wtf and laugh out loud funny (frequently at the same time). His scat take on good ole Bing is just gold ... slip that one into your festive playlists.

Originally released on Better Days as an LP in 1980. This is the CD reissue from 1993.



Pink Chunk - Abstracted Bar

Daniel Dlugosielski and John Olson in their much-feted non-jazz Jazz Band.

A double tape set from 2013 released on American Tapes in an edition of 40. It's AM939 btw.

"Live @ The Abstracted Bar, Fall Sessions"


General Assurance - Abundancia En Su Vida

The indefatigable John Olson.

C56 released on American Tapes in 2008. It's AM730 btw.

calling occupants of interplanatery craft


Philosophy Of Knives - Violent Death To Rapist Scum

Couldn't agree more. A pleasing miasma of noise / PE / grind rage.

It repeats on both sides and still only comes in as a C14. Fusty Cunt. 2012.

may your suffering be eased in retribution


Dissecting Table – Death Is Deaf To My Wailings

Ichiro Tsuji is an icon that has been active for nearly 40 years. For quite a while now, his output is almost exclusively self-released and highly limited. Keeping track can be a full time job ... but when it's this good, it's worth it.

A double CDr set on his own UPD Organization from 2020. An edition of 15.

for ruby


Deterge - Gestation

There's a bloke called Steve that runs Industrial Coast and he is a shining beacon on this stinking isle. I always go to gorp even if I can't justify the wrath of hungry cats by buying everything. A few days ago, I got five Fusty Cunt tapes from him at a lovely price. It will take me a while to get around to listening to them, never mind sorting a decent rip.

However, it's always a good time to remind people that Fusty is a stunningly good (harsh) noise label. It's run by Jim Haras. He records as Deterge. I love him. Here's one he prepared earlier.

A three tape set on Fusty Cunt from 2013.

will you keep it, will you keep yourself


Various - Foundation Stones: The Stunned Box

I was, and still am, in love with Stunned Records. The entire catalogue is wonderful.

Between 2008 and 2011, Philip and Myste French ran that label with impeccably high standards from packaging to extraordinarily good artwork and then you move on to the range of artists and approaches. Just WOW. I only found them about half way through and bought everything that I could get hold of. Given that it was a small tape / CDr label based in Long Beach, California (with no discernible European distro around), it took a bit of work to track the releases.

It was around this time that they moved to Portland, Oregan before ceasing operations with their 137th release in 2011. There was a 138th release in 2019 but it's really not part of the canon.

Here you will find Eureka (aka William Giacchi who was also in Super Minerals amongst others), Ear And Throat (their only release), Rambutan (aka Eric Hardiman who was also in Burnt Hills, Century Plants and more and runs Tape Drift Records), Metal Rouge, Sleepwalkers Local 242 (which, whilst being a great name in its own right, is the work of Grant Capes who was in (VxPxC), Thousands etc), SMGSAP (Shea M Gauer and Scott A. Peterson, geddit?), Plankton Wat, The Doglands (the work of John Frank who in a completely different guise was in Trotsky Icepick
and Danny and the Doorknobs), The Pistil Cosmos (aka Vincent Caylet who also recorded as "V", Archers By The Sea, Cankun and Thé Déluge as well as within Ruralfaune Collective and Monks Of The Balhill), Sean McCann and Enfer Boréal (aka Maxime Primault who recorded loads of great stuff as Annapurna Illusion, Black Zone Myth Chant, Black Zone One, High Wolf and Kunlun and as Iibiis Rooge with Neil Campbell, with Jani Hirvonen as Saturn Finger and as Voodoo Mount Sister with Alice Dourlen aka Chicaloyoh). That is quite some list of wonderful people ...

Marking their 100th release, this is a six tape retrospective of, even then, out of print releases in a magnificent purpose built vinyl clip case tape box, with gorgeous artwork inside a woolen drawstring crocheted bag. A landmark release courtesy of Stunned Records in 2010.


All links are interchangeable but lean below first to share the load:


Whilst you are waiting for them to download, you could do worse than listen to Enfer Boréal ...


Hijokaidan featuring Nasca Car - Untitled

Yeah. Even ennui runs out of steam. You can't rely on anything these days!

I was really bored with all of this and then started to get bored with being bored and then I thought "this is the finest sign of being a postmodern twat". Unsatisfied with that self-evident truth, I started to wonder "if I disappeared up my own arse for long enough, would I get to see the back of my own teeth?" and then I thought ... *gun shot*

Until recently, this was one of my missing links. Two five minute studio recordings (that surely were intended for a 7" release?) and two 18 minute live sets. It's magnificent and everything that I had hoped it would be before I was able to actually hear it.

A CD on Alchemy Records from 2015.

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