The Henry & Hazel Slaughter Experience - Praying Mantis Brain

At the other end of the catalogue (and calm down, it's not the lingerie pages) lies this little jewel from John Olson. Sitting on the message board waiting for the next AmTapes release was frequently a "what do you mean it's gone, I didn't even blink" rollercoaster. Then there was the foreboding that there were only going to be another 15 releases left before the shutters were closed after AM999 (AM1000 was a party and my invite was lost in the post ... still waiting for the apology). Fuck me this is 10 years old. The policemen get younger and everything seems like yesterday ... all hail entropy!

A C52 released on American Tapes in 2013 in an edition of 30.

It's AM984 btw ...

michigan castle magic


Reynols - Sonirdo de lo Mofifero

This is Reynols as a six-piece from the previous century released on what is, I'm pretty sure, our favourite label ever! It's the best scrambled and roaring psychedelia that the finest Argentinian brown peyote can buy ... four warped tracks with the finale being the monumental three quarters of an hour that is Todo lo Solos Marmonio lo Cucu.

A CDr that was the 77th release on American Tapes in 1999.

'scuse me while i kiss the sky


The Mossy Throats - Sometimes They Come Back

The legendary Daniel Dlugosielski creating ultra-absorbant sub-subterranean noise murk in the way that, frankly, omly he can.

A double C48 set replete with a 43 minute CDr packaged in a hand-made cosmic box courtesy of his own Excite Bike label in 2009.

It came in an edition of fifteen so you may have missed it first time around.

(Return of the Murk) pump up the world


Tori Kudo - Tori Kudo At Goodman 1984-1986

I've thought about this for quite a while. Obviously. there are two types of people: people that adore Tori Kudo and people that have wasted their lives thus far.

Yeah, the secret messiahs will always say that there is the third opinion but back in the room sheeples ... I know truth and stuff so please sell your houses and send me the money.

This is a set of nine CDs (there's a DVD as well but it's not included here). Whilst these are apprently live (as in with an audience present) it seems more like captured practices and private moments. It sometimes makes me feel like a voyeur but really he is just letting us see / hear things when (almost) nobody was there. But, then you get 33 minutes of "Rain Falling On A Paddy Field Already Full With Water Prior To Planting" that has Tori on piano, Masami Shinoda on alto, Yuzuru Makino on baritone and Koichiro Watanabe on violin ... and it remains intensely private. It's another fleeting glimpse into The Fifth Column and proto Maher Shalal Hash Baz hive mind.

Best to act quickly ... he only has ome left:

"Tori Kudo's live recordings from 1984 to 1986 at Ogikubo good-man will be released on 9 CDs by boid/Voice Of Ghost label on May 19, 2021. The cassette recordings of Tori Kudo's many live performances, mainly at Ogikubo Goodman on the eve of the formation of Maher Shalal Hash Baz and shortly thereafter, have been re-recorded on 9 CDs.

In addition to a hand-written index and hand-drawn flyers, this gorgeous box set also includes a DVD of "Maher Shalal Hash Baz" as an enclosed bonus."




As always, pressure off der mein host: