Various - Ata Tak: The Collection Box 1 - Genesis / The Beginning

Ignore the awful cover.

This stuff is totally wigged out in all of the right ways. As you may rightly suspect, this is an initial retrospective of the Ata Tak label formed by Kurt Dahlke from Der Plan. They were from West Germany (kids, ask your dad). Everything was released between 1980 and 1983 which is quite brain scrambling. You get three Der Plan releases (the first, Geri Reig, was released on Warning Records but that was an earlier name of the Ata Tak label), one album by Pyrolator (which is the work of Kurt Dahlke) and one from Lost Gringos.

It's all as though Residents thought that they weren't strange enough so started channelling Hans Grusel's Krankenkabinet thirty years before they existed ... just because they could ... and Richard D. James thought "that's a bloody good idea!".

A five CD collection released on Captain Trip Records in 2011.

Literally no MP3s were harmed in the creation of this hyperbole.

Ata Tak


Test - Test

In response to Mrs Inside's post, a friend of ours gave us this to give to you.

CD released on Ecstatic Peace! in 1999. It's not MP3.



Hans Reichel, Fred Frith, Kazuhisa Uchihashi - Stop Complaining & Sundown


Just like it says on the cover, this album features Hans Reichel in duets with guitarists Fred Frith (of Art Bears, Henry Cow, Naked City) and Kazuhisa Uchihashi (of Altered States and Ground Zero). Released in 1991 by FMP.

Hans Reichel, Fred Frith, Kazuhisa Uchihashi - Stop Complaining & Sundown


TEST - Untitled


1999 album of furious free jazz by the powerhouse quartet of Daniel Carter & Sabir Mateen (sax, flute, clarinet, trumpet), Matthew Heyner (bass) and the incredible Tom Bruno (drums), released on CD by AUM Fidelity.

TEST - Untitled


Various - Rebel Street

This is an upgrade on what I posted a few years ago. It's still a little belter that includes E.D.P.S., Chance Operation, Non Band, P-Model, Totsuzen Danball, Daisuck & Prostitute and more ...

CD reissue on Wax Records in 1989. It's not MP3.

hot tramps


The Stalin - Mushi

I don't know about you, but everytime I turn on t'internet I get an earful of G.I.S.M. ... so how about these spunky punks instead?

Originally an LP released on Climax Records in 1983, this is the Wax Records CD reissue from 1989. It's not MP3.


Various - Great Punk Hits

You wouldn't know that this is Rebel Street II unless you looked at the inner sleeve of the original vinyl or inside the booklet of this reissue. Apart from that, it does exactly what the tin suggests.

CD reissue on Wax Records fron 1989. It's not MP3.

the second rebel street


The Continental Kids - Nowhere Gypsy's

I prefer to believe that the cosplay and the gratuitous abuse of apostrophes is done purely in the name of "fun". In spite of any initial misgivings, it turns out that this is indeed fun ... garage punk with a dive into the hardcore pit.

Originally released as a 12" on Sunshine Sherbet Records in 1988, this is the CD reissue courtesy of Love 2 Skulls and Vitamin in 2008. It's not MP3.

hes' a real nowhere kid


Various - Jumping Jam / Rebel Street III

Originally, this was a double LP from 1984 that doesn't seem to have been given the Rebel Street suffix until the reissue. I think it's fair to say that this has "a certain charm". The Godzilla are head and shoulders above the competition and The Kids are alright but the majority carries the threat of The Brotherhood Of Man covering Blondie. However, the curse of new-wave synth-pop surely never trangressed more than Lolita's "After School Gay Boy". No, I'm not making it up. It's wrong in so many ways that it starts becoming really good until someone overhears you singing the chorus and you realise just how wrong it is. The original release had another 6 tracks and if they can compete with Lolita than I really do / don't need to hear them.

CD reissued on Japan Records in 1987. It's not MP3.

the third rebel street


The Comes - No Side

The (aforementioned) Comes, a brilliant punk band and you can see a hardcore Motörhead thing in a few tracks. That is a great thing in my world.

A CD reissue with the three tracks from the Outsider compilation that I posted a while ago to no acclaim whatsoever. Courtesy of the ultra-grey No Side Records in 2008. It's not MP3.

No Side


Various - Some Girls / Rebel Street IV

Originally, this was released in 1987 as a showcase of then current outré artists. It's OK but not as good as the previous three. You'll be able to make your own mind up but this seems to be that shark-jumping moment where the underground are coaxed out of the shadows with the promise of fame and money and go full-Butthole. Virgin Rocks, for example, were the very excellent hardcore outfit The Comes but decided that fairly generic (though adequate) NWOBHM was the way forward.

This is the 2010 remaster from Japan Record. It's not MP3.

the fourth rebel street


various - Paper & Plastic


Two-CD compilation released on Suitcase Recordings in Atlanta. Compiled between 1991 and 1996, released in several different art editions in 1998, 2008 and 2010. The intensely silk-screened cover art is unmistakably done by Abo of Yeast Culture. Tracks from Agog, Appi, A4/All Fours, Kapotte Muziek, Inzekt, Small Cruel Party, Sudden Infant, Achim Wollschied, Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock, Chop Shop, Wash Your Brains, Das Synthetische Mischgewebe, tac, Jos Smolders, Emil Beaulieau. 


va - Bananafish #10 - Bonafide Gas


This is the compilation CD that came inside issue 10 of Bananafish Magazine from 1995. The track listing in the magazine is much longer than what appears on the disc because emcee Emil Beaulieau gets carried away with his between-track commentary and ends up having to cut the last few songs when he runs out of time. Includes a lot of Emil Beaulieau and also tracks by Couch, Melt-Banana, Prick Decay, Macronympha (their interview in this issue is hilarious, though it's hard to tell whether the band is in on the joke), David Tholfen of US Saucer, William Hooker ("... yeah well Seymour, it's not my imagination, I swear I just heard some guy playing the drums for the past fifteen minutes") and more.  


Klinikal Skum - Chosen Powerless

Ryan Oppermann's notes on this release refers to these tracks as "five successful autotherapeutic sessions". I'd never really paid attention to those words but on repeated re-listens prior to posting, that is exactly where my head was at with this. There is something intrinsically personal being worked through in the creation of this that transfers directly to the listener. Well it does for me.

A CD released on Expectorant Recordings in 2009.

For Bela


Atau - Biorhythms


The only solo album by Atau Tanaka of Sensorband, released in 2000 by Caipirinha. 

Atau - Biorhythms


Lidless Eye - The Liquid Engineer

I've been a bit busy on good things and cats ... hence the slowdown recently. This seriously makes up for it. Four ridiculously great tracks that will make you either grin your face off or realise you're looking at the wrong blog.

C32 released on Green Records And Tapes in 2013. It's not MP3.

The Liquid Engineer


Lidless Eye - Stops A Beating Heart

"4 track recordings of short lived fried and rewired electronics experiments. Strange homemade effect boxes and rewired radios melting together into malfunction."

C32 released on Green Records And Tapes in an edition of 20 in 2012. It's not MP3.

Stops A Beating Heart


Nervous Corps - Soulless Devil

Roaring wall noise and jittery static glitch.

CDr released on !MONDO ANTHEM! in 2019. It's not MP3.

Soulless Devil


Lubricated Goat - Plays The Devil's Music

Well, my chance reacquaintance with the slippery goat cheered me and three other similarly old farts up and that is good enough for me.

The is the first lubricated full length issue.

LP on Black Eye Records from 1987. It's not MP3.

Plays The Devil's Music


Lubricated Goat - Paddock Of Love

I once saw Monster Magnet ... fuck me the singer BELIEVED he was in league with Santa or Satan or something. Entirely tiresome ... but have no fear! This is the sledgehammer swing of a camp Killdozer. These fuckers have their collective tongue shoved so far between your cheeks you may never need to wipe again.

CD released on Black Eye Records in 1988.

Paddock Of Love


Lubricated Goat - Psychedelicatessen

Whilst trying to repair my computer, I ended up listening to these for the first time in a long time. A great Australian bunch of noise-rock fuck-ups who deserved way more attention than they ended up getting. Admittedly, this wasn't helped by the singer getting tour-stabbed the year after this release. They reformed a while later with people from Cop Shoot Cop in tow. It might be a dumb name for a band (it depends what gets you through the night I suppose) but they knew what they were all about and did it very well. Unlike fucking Microsoft ...

Originally released on Black Eye Records in 1990 that was given a wider audience on the consistently great Amphetamine Reptile Records. Wow, thirty years ago.

they had one job


Klinikal Skum - Sane = Slave

Fkn Windows update screwed my computer and blocked the automatic repair function to roll it back. It's taken me way more than a day to find the correct command prompts to work around it. Arsewipes!

Ryan Oppermann on a brilliant pair of C48s released on Skeletone around 2008ish.

Slave To The Midden


Nervous Corps - Deicidal Tendencies

Smart title and cleverly variegated waller business ... apart from the gloriously named "Locust Abortion Technician With Deicidal Tendencies" track that would sit comfortably in the canon of the top Japanese harsh-head destruction merchants.

A great CDr from Wm. Rage on his own !MONDO ANTHEM! from 2019. It's not MP3.

Deicidal Tendencies


Klinikal Scum / Lidless Eye - Split

It's that man Knox Mitchell again but this time sharing a tape with Ryan Oppermann (aka Redrot, Neuntöter Der Plage, Xombie, Post-Mortem Junkie, etc.). Play it nice and loud!

C62 released on Green Records And Tapes in 2013 in a mammoth edition of forty. It's not MP3.

Klinikal Scum / Lidless Eye


Lidless Eye - Lusbirdan

16 gorgeous chunks of noise that makes me laugh out loud. Callow observers ... feel free to wonder what kind of weird shit occupies our minds constantly when we are in civilian garb. If it's any consolation, we daren't do more than scratch that surface.

C60 released on Green Records And Tapes in 2015 in an edition of 18. It's not MP3.



Dried Up Corpse - Black Sand / Obsidian

Another missive from one of my favourite people: Stan Reed.

C30 courtesy of Meaning Corrupted in 2014. I would imagine there were 16 of these. I know it's not MP3.

Black Sand / Obsidian


Lidless Eye - Faces In Axis

As far as I am concerned, Knox Mitchell has never made anything that is less than great. So now he can sleep at night. So you're watching a foreign language film, played backwards at variable speeds and you start to wonder why all films at made this way. Or something else entirely.

A CDr courtesy Green Records And Tapes in 2015 in and edition of negligable and it's not MP3.

not said it for a while and i'm not missing it


Lidless Eye - Wet Depression

A lovely offering from Knox Mitchell.

This is my disco and gives you a small insight into why I don't get invited to parties ... no problem for me, anybody prepared to invite me is a place I don't want to be!

A self-released C50 fom 2014. There were only nine of these. This one is not MP3.

you are not mine you ugly thing


Hans Reichel - Bonobo


Solo guitar scratching by Hans Reichel, recorded at Conny Plank's studio (though not produced by him) in 1975, released on wax by FMP the following year. CD reissue by Corbett vs Dempsey in 2017. 

Hans Reichel - Bonobo


Nervous Corps - Dead System

Harsh Junk Wall Noise? Probably. The art is by Stan Reed by the way.

Another CDr on !MONDO ANTHEM! in 2019 in an edition of 16. It's not MP3.

Dead System


Nervous Corps - Dead System II

23 blurts of hardcore / grindcore wall noise from Mr Rage ... very entertaining.

CDr on William Rage's !MONDO ANTHEM! in 2019 in an edition of 16. It's not MP3.

Dead System II


Corpse Candle - Radio Telepathy

A wonderful set of sci-fi horror noise on what thruned out to be one of Robert Meldrum's final recordings.

C86 released on Meaning Corrupted in 2013. It's not MP3.

Radio Telepathy


An Innocent Young Throat-Cutter - Cold Metal Table / Stained In Red

Richard Ramirez & Cristiano Renzoni doing what they do very well indeed!

C60 released on Meaning Corrupted in 2014 in an edition of 16. It's not MP3.

Cold Metal Table / Stained In Red


Burial Ground - Road Games

Fierce horror film themed wall noise. You know it makes sense.

C92 released on Meaning Corrupted in 2014. It's not MP3.




Blue Sabbath Black Cheer - Electric Heavyland RIP

Electric Heavyland was the record store ran by Mr and Mrs Rage and the place where Mr Rage and Mr Reed first rehearsed as BSBC. This was recorded to mark the store's passing ...

3" CDr released on Mike Finklea's (aka Striation's) Nefarious Activities in May 2020 in an edition of 50. It's not MP3.



Dead Machines + Withdrawal Method - Withdrawn Dead

This is a live in-store recording at Electric Heavyland. A lively affair especially considering Withdrawal Method's equipment caught fire (and not in an entertaining Crazy World Of Arthur Brown stylee). It was initially planned for release as an LP but for some random reason, the mastering on Side B sounded awful. So, whaddya do? Deface / improve Side B rendering it unplayable and put the collaborative track on a CDr. Obviously.

A necessarily single-sided LP with (surprise) a CDr released on Enterruption in 2006 in a sprightly edition of 62. It's not MP3.

Withdrawn Dead


Burial Ground - The Return Of The Living Dead

Don't worry, it's not them!

I just want to spend a little part of my life acknowledging all of the anon shamen who waste their time thinking I give one single shiny shit about their wannabe troll superstar efforts. So, well done you.

This is the broiling harsh noise work of Anthony Shaw. If you've been here for a while, you know I love him in a large way! Apparently, it's the best way. Punchlines on a postcard.

It's a C84 released on Meaning Corrupted in 2013. There were 16 of these.

It is MP3.




Liberation Day!

Fight them every day in every way!

Fuck All Of His Apologists And Enablers

Now here's a proud boogaloo boy I'm fully on board with!

Fuck Nazi Line Dancers

Sorry ... nearly forgot.

Fuck Nexist!


Werewolf Jerusalem - And Hell Followed

Sometimes, it's slightly inconvenient to be an atheist. Take this for instance: if I believed in social control fairy tales then my Satan would be a Palestinian demonically spit-roasting the shitty little career narcissist. I do gain feelings of great hope when picturing the image but imagine if I believed it on an existential basis? I would be kneeling whilst laughing my face of at the impending juggernaut of "fake justice" smashing the crime syndicate. So erm yeah ... it's just the kneeling thing I'm missing out on? Way to go atheism!

A C60 released on Meaning Corrupted in 2014. A traditional edition of 16 that is not MP3.

Bar-B-Q Trump


Black Leather Jesus - A Prized Assfuck

Now the thought of a Black Texan Jesus dressed in Leather raining righteous punishment down upon the ass of The Filth Pig pleases me greatly. I have to admit that the prescience of our intrepid band of noise mongers is also a thing of splendour. To name the tape after The Filth Pig's new nickname as he makes the seamless transition from the White House to the Big House seven years before it will happen? Bravo!

On this recording, our forceful disciplinarians are: Sean E. Matzus, Vanessa Gates, Tanner Garza, Richard Ramirez, Thomas Mortigan, Joseph Gates, Zach Guttowsky, Carol Sandin, and Austin Caustic. Yeah, I know.

A C60 released on Meaning Corrupted in an edition of 16 in 2014. It's not MP3.

Even Though Trump is Fucked

Fuck Trump!


An Innocent Young Throat-Cutter - It Kills And Devours The Male

The reaction of Malaria in one days time when she finally realises that it wasn't his real hair after all and she is entitled to half of his wealth in the divorce settlement. Yes, the final reckoning when she contemplates selling her soul for 50% of nothing.

Richard Ramirez building walls that the orange Emporer could only dream of on this double C92 set released on Meaning Corrupted in 2013. It's not MP3.

The irony of an orange white supremacist is lost on them.

I guess that's the state of American education these days.

Oh yeah, before I forget ... Fuck Trump and his Space Force!


Dried Up Corpse - Waterfall

I fully intended to spend January posting only free jazz but the filthy ankle of harsh noise has turned my gaze. So, things are going to get consistently loud for a while!

This is Stan Reed who amongst a plethora (geddit) of great things records as The Broken Penis Orchestra and was a member of the uplifting and crushing Blue Sabbath Black Cheer.

A C90 released on Meaning Corrupted in 2013. This isn't MP3 ... it's a 16-bit flac of the tape. Any issues with that, please advise your therapist.

Fuck Trump And His Russian Golden Showers


Keiji Haino + Masataka Fujikake Duo - Hard Wo Nanjujo Sasetara Hikarino Tsuboga Furisosogunoka?

Preamble. Postamble.

CD released on Fulldesign Records in 2015. It's not MP3.

Fuck Trump Hard


Haino Keiji Fujikake Masataka Duo - May The Alphabet Disappear

So, you put a guitarist and a drummer together ... and then you wonder if it is any good.

CD released on Fulldesign Records in 2009.

Fuck Trump


Filthy Fecal Mutants - Untitled

You know those make believe superhero movies where random unrelated cos-play perverts band together to save the Earth? Well, this is the noise equivalent. If you can't guess, it's Darren Wyngarde (Filthy Turd), Nicola Vinciguerra (Fecalove) and George Proctor (Mutant Ape). A comment on the Dolls? An accurate description of me and Mrs Inside? You lot? Well, in the 2021 spirit of global harmony ... it's all of us. To paraphrase the chimp spanker: "We are the Turd. We are the future!".

A CDr courtesy of Smell The Stench from 2006.

Fuck Fecal Presidents


Sylvain Mizrahi

So good they named him twice.

R.I.P. Sylvain Sylvain.

Fuck Cancer


Frank Lowe & Eugene Chadbourne - Don't Punk Out

Now, here's an existential series of questions. You are listening to this, would it make you think ...

A: "praise be for all of my misguided youth that I spent taking drugs because now I understand"

B: "this is why they told me to stop taking drugs and now I get it"

C: "fucking hell, it's Frank Lowe & Eugene Chadbourne"

D: "did somebody mention drugs?"

E: all of the above.

Originally released as an LP on QED Records in 1979. This is the CD reissue from Emanem in 2000. It's not MP3.

Fuck Trump