Negativland - These Guys Are From England And Who Gives A Shit

Generally, I find that an itch needs scratching and I'm clearly not the only one.

"An official reissue of Negativland's infamous U2 single, which is deliberately presented as a bootleg. The label's name was changed to SEELARD for this release.

Contains 2 original full tracks from banned EP and several bonuses: early run-throughs of U2/Casey Kasem material on "Over The Edge" radio show, live versions from before and after the lawsuit and some tracks from "Music For Lawyers" 1993 tour.

Liner notes, published on label's website:

Negativmailorderland has discovered what can only be described as the ultimate "reissue" of some music that made Negativland rather (in)famous: the two track EP originally released by SST Records featuring cover versions of a Very Famous Irish Rock Band's hit song. If you've gotten this far you undoubtedly know what we're talking about, so we won't bore you with the details.

Several "bootleg" versions of our banned single have appeared over the years since it was sued out of existence, including some forgeries for sale on Ebay that are so well-designed that it's hard to tell them apart from the original, but none of them have come close to encapsulating the bloody history of that old release as this CD, released on the suspicious sounding "Seelard Records" label. We don't know where this so-called "label" is actually located, but we were so impressed with the extreme high-fidelity and professional presentation of this material that we decided to distribute a bunch of copies of it ourselves.

"These Guys Are From England And Who Gives A Shit" arrived at our warehouses on the tenth anniversary of the original lawsuit, and it's an album-length collection of just about every darn musical gasp, sonic squelch, and audio twitter made by Negativland which relates to the notorious and banned "U2" single. From early run-throughs of the material (taped from our weekly radio show, Over The Edge), to live versions both pre-lawsuit and post, and to the actual single itself, we are convinced that this overly attentive-to-detail release will exhaust your interest in this subject forever and provide the Negativ-fan with some top-notch legally impossible entertainment, all at the same time. Also includes the only top-notch stereo recordings available from our "Music For Lawyers" tour of 1993 (several lawsuit-related compositions which never saw the light of day on any other legitimate Negativland album).

Track 11 has a bonus 16 second Kasem collage after approx. 8:55 of silence following the ''Edited Special Edit Radio Mix''. N©2001."

A CD released on Seelard in 2001.

Who Gives A Shit


Negativland - Guns

"This recording is dedicated to the members of our favorite Irish rock band, their record label, and their attorneys. This music is two U."

A CD EP release from SST Records in 1991 that wasn't withdrawn from release this time.


... meanwhile in the land of the free:


Negativland - U2

The vacuously pompous don't like to be pricked so this got banned as well. However, truth is truth no matter how many lawyers you have.

CD EP courtesy of SST Records in 1991.



Plunderphonic - Plunderphonic

At the time, this attracted some unwanted attention. Can't think why?

More brain bending brilliance courtesy of John Oswald's Mystery Tape Laboratory in 1989.

shamone motherfucker!


Plunderphonics - 69 Plunderphonics 96

John Oswald​ doing what it says on the tin.

A double CD released on Seeland and fony in 2001.

69 Plunderphonics 96


The Evolution Control Committee - Plagiarythm Nation

This was a revamp of an earlier self-released ECC CD that has a different tracklist / running order than the original.

CD released on Negativland's Seeland in 2003.

Version Two

Now, c'mon we're all nerds here ... what did you expect?

Version One

... and now swing yer pantaloons.


The Evolution Control Committee - Notes Of Nihilistic Bliss

Mark Gunderson ... half live and half studio.

C48 released on Fistful Of Love Tapes in 1988.

feel my hand


The Evolution Control Committee - Double The Phat And Still Tasteless

I don't make the earworms ...

Self-released CD in a floopy disc cover from 1996.

life is improbable


Various - 1974 Hobo’s Concerts II ''大きな青空が胸に''

The second of the series with tracks from Yasuto Asahina, Hayashitei, Hiroshi Sato (aka GWAN) and Shiba.

CD reissue on Super Fuji Discs from 2007.

maybe tomorrow


Zeitlich Vergelter - Schlagen / Dimension

Chu Ishikawa (yep, the person responsible for so many great soundtracks for the films of Shinya Tsukamoto and Takashi Miike), Hidemi (who was in Sadie Sads), Keroppy Maeda and neu (not the German band). So you get an amalgam of the soundtrack for Escape Fron New York as seen by Test Dept. and Einstürzende Neubauten with a wet dream from the 12 months where Ministry were actually great wishing they had taken the drugs of Crash Worship instead.

This is a 7" released on Transrecords in 1985 and as far as I know it's their only release under that name. The B side also appears on this triple tape from 1986 and we really really want to be able to hear that one day. Maybe ... one day.

Schlagen / Dimension


Various - Selections From Excommunicated Monument

Years ago, I posted a rip of the original LP released on SMS Records in 1984 to no acclaim whatsoever. Two tracks each from Auto-Mod, Sadie Sads, Madame Edwarda and G-Schmitt.

This is a flac rip of the CD reissue on J-Factory in 2002.

redeem yourself


Shizuka - Paradise Of Delusion

We haven't done justice to Shizuka (other than to mention that Jun Kosugi was also in Fushitsusha). That definitely needs to be rectified! Before we do ... can I just take a moment to say FUCK THE FLIPPERS! Well, I've done it now. This was released on June the 28th, 2021 in an edition of 300 and obviously disappeared from sight very quickly. One of the reasons it disappeared are the leeches who buy multiple copies to try to turn a profit ... like the seller on a popular "fan-run" website, who is trying to get this sold for at least TEN times the original cost. Yeah. I know.

However, a person after my own heart has ripped it so it can be sent out into the world. This is a live recording at BinSpark, Nishiogikubo in Tokyo (which is apparently two minutes on foot from the North Exit of Nishiogikubo Station) from exactly ten years ago to the day.

It is a LP release courtesy of the always wonderful An'archives ... they even have a recent LSD March LP that is still for sale but I'd be quick if I were you.



Various - Wohlstand

Subtitled as a "German-Japanese Noise Compilation", the Teutons are up against Ufo Or Die, Ground Zero, Melt Banana, Merzbow, Omoide Hatoba, Zeni Geva, Ruins, Violent Onsen Geisha, Space Streakings and Null. It's not a fair fight.

CD released on Human Wrechords in 1994.



Yuji Katsui, Hiroshi Higo, Yoshihide Otomo - Visions Of Japan / Sounds Of Tokyo

The Victoria and Albert Museum in London held the exhibition Visions of Japan as part of the Japan-UK Festival in 1991. The second room of the exhibition, (awkwardly) called Chaos was meant to represent contemporary Japan. The field recording / sound art on here was commissioned by the architect Osamu Ishiyama, who designed that particular installation, for use within that space.

Courtesy of Our Touch Records in 1991.

sound and vision


Various - 1974 Hobo's Concerts I "見えないボールを投げる"

The Hobo's Concerts series are selected recordings from Theatre Green in Ikebukuro, Tokyo captured between January the 7th and December the 22nd, 1974. This was originally released as a seven LP boxset on Bellwood Records in 1976. Vanishingly rare and I can't imagine how much it would cost just to look at it.

Luckily for the curious, Super Fuji Discs released a series of seven CDs in 2007 that brought it back together. It will be somebody's cup of tea.

one hobo chang ba


Toshiharu Ohsato - Improvisation Dedicated To Aquirax Aida

Ohsato was the bass player for Gaseneta, a legendarily volatile band of simultaneously proto- and post-punk nihilists whose raging excess lasted for just 3 years in the late 1970s before their inevitable implosion. Gaseneta foreshadowed no wave, Musica Transonic, Harry Pussy and more in a brilliant flash that was destined to self-destruct quickly. Once it did, Ohsato was disillusioned about music, something he had mixed feelings about since the start. He played in Taco for a bit, taught college art and film classes in Yokohama, wrote an astounding and brutal memoir "Gaseneta Wasteland" about his tumultuous years playing in Gaseneta (recently translated into English and published by Public Bath Press) then died in 2009. This album is one of very few documents of his sporadic post-Gaseneta music. It was released as a CD in 2018 by Company Sha.



LSD March - Shindara Jigoku


Considered by many to be LSD March's best, this 2004 LP features Michishita and Takahashi with the amazing guitarist Masami Kawaguchi of Miminokoto and Broomdusters fame. Released only on vinyl by Siwa.



LSD March - Nikutai No Tubomi


Double-disc album from 2007, released by Beta-Lactam Ring.



LSD March - Empty Rubious Red


2005 album of post-PSF psychedelic rock from the Himeji-based group led by singer/guitarist Shinsuke Michishita and a rotating crew of players. This album is just a duo with legendary drummer Ikuro Takahashi. First released in Japan as a CD on Michshita's own White Elephant label, then reissued in the US on both vinyl and CD by Tequila Sunrise and aRCHIVE. 



Various - Two Rabbits On A Rocket

When is a duck not a duck ...

CDr released on Hospital Productions in 2003.

stars shining bright above you


Boris - 見殺し塔からずっと

Sonic distractions for darker days. Heavier that a black hole. If you haven't seen them live then make an effort whilst they are still here. Recorded live at The Shimokitazawa Shelter on their Black Summer Tour in 2003.

DVD released on Diwphalanx Records in 2003.

anata o aishiteimasu


Shakuhachi Surprise - Space Streakings Sighted Over Mount Shasta

Shakuhachi Surprise: Space Streakings + Mount Shasta + Steve Albini production = carnage²

CD on Skin Graft from 1996.

Shakuhachi Surprise


He Was - He Was

I don't know anything about the people behind these wonderful industrial shamanic rituals and have less than no idea whether they recorded more. Surely they did, you can't be this good and then leave? I've done a bit of work on this rip and considering it's a 7" flexi disc from practically 40 years ago, I think this sounds amazing.

Kageroh Record. 1982.

who was he was?


Space Streakings - Sexual Aesthetic Salon After School


A 7" released on Skin Graft from 1993.

Aesthetic Salon


Space Streakings - Taco Beya

I can't see a producer on this but surely it's that man Albini again or at least he lent them Roland?

7" on Skin Graft in 1996.

Taco Beya


Inner City Unit - New Anatomy

We all know that only me and kingpossum are interested. That's enough for us. At the time I thought it was amazing and it was my favourite ICU release. I haven't listened to this for about thirty five years and to be honest it's still solid. Apart from the other waffle I've spouted, there are parts of ska orchestra, AOR drivel (Airplane anyone?), Eno's Roxy Music, The B-52s if they grew up in a London squat and had bongs for breakfast, and really fucking weirdly unacceptable theme tunes for the likes of Dynasty or Triangle revisioned by Frank Sidebottom as well as revisionist skronk Cramps. Thinking about it, this is absurdist genius and I love it.

LP released on Demi Monde in 1984.

New Anatomy


Space Streakings - 7-Toku

Captain Insect, Kame Bazooka, Karate Condor and Screaming Stomach in the production hands of Steve Albini. Winner!

CD released on Skin Graft in 1994.



Inner City Unit - Punkadelic

Best known for the post-Hawkwind sax of Nik Turner, Inner City Unit were "a devolving London five piece whose music is so far over the edge that it almost defies comprehension. Had the Bonzo Dog Band spent the `70s attending muddy rock festivals this might have been the outcome." You could also add The Rezillo's drinking milk and alcohol with the Bonzo's in a free festival field in the middle of nowhere in the early Eighties. My excuse was that I was stuck in with a crowd who thought Roy Harper was hardcore and there was nothing better on earth than a ten day Zappa guitar solo ... so this spacepunk was the only raft that floated. Dark times.

Originally a LP on Flicknife Records in 1982, this is the CD reissue on Anagram Records from 2007 with additional tracks.

Punkadelic Plus...


Space Streakings - Hatsu-Koi

Excuse me sir, is that your tongue in my cheek? Could you remove it, I'd like to sit down. Erm ... think The Locust and Inner City Unit meeting on a hyperactive jazzpunkfunk magic roundabout.

An excellent CD from 1993 courtesy of K.K.'s Nux Organization.



Christian Marclay - More Encores

Like the tin says.

Originally a 10" on No Mans Land in 1989, this is the CD version courtesy of ReR Megacorp nine years later.

it's just a jump to the left


Altered States - Mosaic

It regularly surprises me how long we have been pissing into the wind on here ... I posted this nearly seven years. One of our oldest friends commented at the time that "Suite "Circle" is the fuckin works!!". As always he was on point. Quite randomly, I played this about an hour ago and it still blows me away in exactly the same way it did the first time I heard it. So here it is again. If you are interested in such things, this time it's flac.

CD released on God Mountain in 1995.

link removed


Abe Kaii - Abe Kaii

Abe Kaii were Jojo Hiroshige and Toshiji Mikawa in one of those many beautiful Japanese moments of do what ever you want. It's a free jazz, psychedelic space rock monolith of the highest order. The second track is live with added circuit boards.

Originally a cassette released on Pinakotheca in 1982. Mercifully, this was reissued on Alchemy Records (obviously) in 2017. There was a promo edition of this that came with a bonus CDr that contained another 25 minute live track. I don't have that ... but given that for well over two decades I thought it would be impossible to hear Abe Kaii in any form, right now I don't care.



Suyama Kumiko - Yume no ha ji ma ri

Suyama Kumiko is the only member of sh that I have been able to trace. This is strange fare indeed. There are parts that are really quite beautiful but then start to dement. Parts are a histrionic and baroque interpretation of Jun Togawa mixed with a Chindon'ya street orchestra where Ren & Stimpy control the beat. I'm pretty sure I really like this a lot but I'm still trying to understand why.

LP released on Zero Records in 1986.



sh - Fukaki mori kara

Part field recording noise assault and part haunted This Mortal Coil. Ridiculously good ... apparently the title translates as "from the deep forest". That makes total sense ... an imaginary precurser for the Bad Seed revelation.

7" released on Zero Records in 1984.



Chance Operation - Place Kick + 1984

Yoshiko Komiyama, Higo Hiroshi (founder of Gozira Records), Jun Inui (Gaseneta, The Stalin etc.). Legends.

Originally a LP on Telegraph Records from 1985 which was re-released on CD by Wax Records in 1990. This is a lossless rip of the CD reissue courtesy of P-Vine Records in 2011 that has a couple of extra unreleased tracks.

knock-knock at your front door


Acid Mothers Kaidan - Kill The King Of Noise

Another one that Discogs doesn't do justice to. The first part starts off with Rainbow's Kill The King which quickly goes what the fuck for about six minutes. Then you get Pink Floyd's Interstellar Overdrive which quickly becomes utterly beautiful carnage ending up with Makoto Kawabata going full-on Pete Townsend and smashing up every guitar within sight. Luckily, he found another so that him and Jojo could encore some more I have no idea holy shit.

Atsushi Tsuyama, Fumio Kosakai, Hiroshi Higashi, Jojo Hiroshige, Junko, Makoto Kawabata, Koji Shimura and Mikawa Toshiji on a DVDr released on Alchemy Music Store in 2008.

in space ... everyone can hear Junko scream!


Chance Operation - Resolve

I was tidying up some Chance Operation vinyl rips and then remembered that I had this. Wonderfully articulate Japanese post-punk from this (core) three piece.

The discogs entry really doesn't do this justice. This is actually a two CD set. The first disc has (in order) the Chance Operation 12" from 1981, the Spare Beauty double 7" from 1982, the Demo. Seat flexi from 1980, the remaing four are live. The second disc is live but if I had to put money on it then I would say that the final track "Noise Rhapsody" is an unreleased studio recording.



mega option 1

mega option 1+1


Various - Drastic Perversions

Very similar line-up which does mean you get another NWW track.

LP released on Inner-X-Musick in 1984. flac.

Drastic Perversions


Various - Perfected Perversions

Your usual suspects plus a welcome glimpse of Nurse With Wound.

A C54 on Inner-X-Musick from 1985.

Perfected Perversions


Encephalophonic - Psychopathological Entertainment

You ever had that feeling when you have tiny fascists stuck in the back of your throat and no matter how hard you retch the retards just kind of hang around like a fart in a lift. Yeah, me too! Here's a palate cleanser so we can all move on and concentrate on how great the world would be without them.

Jointly released on Audio Dissection, Freak Animal Records and Self Abuse Records in 2016.



Portray Heads - Elaborate Dummy

A synth extravaganza from this very short-lived Japanese outfit.

7" flexidisc on Kageroh Record in 1985. If this floats your boat then check out Bitter Lake Recordings who do a splendid job of unearthing and rereleasing Japanese obscura of the period.

pseudo-intellectual nazi punks fuck off


Various - 6 Years

I feel a bit guilty for leading the previous post with a picture of his mother (bitch, it's yo mama). I'll get over it in time.

I've got to admit that the entire John Zewizz schtick has never entertained me for long. I just found the persona tiresome. It had already been done but was portrayed as unique. It wasn't and isn't. It's just my opinion ... there is part of one of the interviews where someone (maybe him) says something like people don't like him because you are either with him or with Broken Flag. It's really not binary but there may be a point hiding in there somewhere. So, yeah the actual point. Jonathan Briley was in Sleep Chamber and yeah i've got some but never really bothered (actually) listening. Within the last month, Diophantine Discs realeased a seven disc retrospective of the work of Jonathan Briley ... it's really really good. It sent me back to this tape, which is also really good. Ivor Cutler said the true happiness is knowiing that you are a hypocrite. I'm truly happy in my skin.

A C60 released on Inner-X-Musick in 1986.

I kiss you, you're beautiful, I want you to walk


Just saying hello to my intellectually challanged keyboard warrior ...

Some real fuckwit (anonymous of course) left a comment in yesterday's post. Apparently the post was proof of several things: I hate white people; I'm gay; I'm Jewish; I'm part of thee global Jewish cabal that has existed for centuries to control the world's white working class; that's why people like me have been kicked out of a thousand countries; and that's why he wants to shoot me in the head. I haven't posted the comment because I wanted to give him (it's always a him) the benefit of the doubt. Who knows, maybe his nurse read the post out incorrectly?

Anyway, I think my proud little boy needs to just crack one off and relax a bit ... so I thought I would offer a little bit of inspiration.

So bye bye tiny friend ... looking forward to hearing from you tonight ... if you know what I mean ;)


Mark Stewart - As The Veneer Of Democracy Starts To Fade

I suppose it's a snappier title than "When You Begin To Realise That Your Society Has Been Stratified By A Statistically Insignificant Economic, Ethnic And Religious Male Elite And You Are Not One Of Them And The Expectation Is That You Shut The Fuck Up, Stop Asking Questions And Work Until You Drop Dead Whilst Bearing In Mind That You Need To Have Children For The Greater Good So They Can Work Until They Die Whilst Soaking Up The Flood Water And Operating As An Alternative Food Source". Maybe Flux Of Pink Indians used that one.

Anyway. This has an On-U catalogue number but was never released there but on Mute instead. Anyway. Again. On here, you might suspect that our agitprop chanteuse has released a solo album. Whilst that would be a good thing, the mafiosa are Doug Wimbish, Keith LeBlanc, Skip McDonald and Adrian Sherwood. If that news draws a shrug of the shoulders then you have much learning to do.

Originally a LP from 1985, this is the CD version from 1988 that also includes the Hypnotized 12" released at the same time as the original.

the awareness of self-management