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"This recording consists of live radio sessions with Gaylord Pasternak, Sickness, and Johnny Headset; with additional contributions from Adinah Barnett, Mute Ant Sounds, and the Dismembraned Kazoo Orchestra. Crank added & mixed all the other stuff. The original recording was (apparently?) released on cassette by Extraction Records in April 1999."

C30 released on Detachment Programs in 2021

Architecture & Morphology


Crank Sturgeon / Styrofoam Sanchez - Split

C20 from 2012 which might be the only release on Float Objects. Start with perfect and call it a day. Bravo!

where's your headgear at?


Crank St.urge.on - Drastic Ishmael Effects

Consecrated noisejazz for the mentally unimpaired.

CDr on Monopolka from 2006.

drastic sturgery disasters


Various - Come Organisation

My eventual development involved stopping being obsessed by the flowing skirts of half of The Manhattan Transfer (ra da da da da) and Debbie Harry's nipples and into even deeper levels of transgression. At the time that these were individually released I was too young and knew nobody that had a clue that this stuff even existed. Eventually, I was able to go backwards to move forward. Nazi themes, the serial killer as hero and particularly the Sotos contributions to this part of the subunderground leave me very cold indeed.

The influence of Steven Stapleton, Maurizio Bianchi and Jim Thirwell on here sings out, but the quality of the actual music when they get down to it is pretty inspirational considering when it was recorded. This is an astonishingly great re-representation that lets me hear things in this work that I had not grasped before. It's a ten LP and one ten inch single and it could only be courtesy of Vinyl-on demand. This particular release is a verifiable work of art. I try not to think about never being in a position to buy it ... it makes me sad.

Anyway. I've had a good day at work. The cats have all had their christmas day tuna. I'm listening to Pharoah Sanders, drinking fine Belgian beer and cooking what promises to be a very impressive curry. Even though it turns to shit around us, life is still very excellent and so much better than the alternative.

part one

part two

part three

... and the mega option:





Crawl Unit & Maeror Tri - Broken Books and Wings-Forazeihan


Split 7" picture disc from 2000.

broken books


Various - De Nagalm Op De Kopf!

"Released at the occasion of the Ultra Eczema Galmbal event on 18th October 2008 at the Oude Stadsfeestzaal, Mechelen, Belgium. Each paying visitor received a copy with a specially printed magazine featuring artwork by Dennis Tyfus."

It's Ultra Eczema.

As you would expect, it's littered with genius ... but do yourself a favour, go straight to track 19: Bloated Ego & The Compliments covering Bad Brains with Cartman as guest vocalist.

Yeah, that's what it felt like when we were happy on a fairly regular basis!

ultra mega k.o.


Crawl Unit & R.H.Y. Yau - Japan Tour 08:98


California goes to Japan! Split 7" tour merch from 1998.

gas money


Various - Anhedonia

Twenty tracks from twenty lovely people(s) on a C20 courtesy of Jim's eternally delightful Fusty Cunt in 2011.

never forget, jesus died for exactly this kind of shit.

thanks jesus, you're way cool.

dong ding miserably on low


Taku Sugimoto, Burkhard Stangl, Christof Kurzmann - In Tokyo - First Concert, Second Take


Sugimoto & Stangl on guitars, Kurzmann on clarinet and laptop. Recorded at Off Site, Tokyo, in 2001. Released as a CD in 2002 by Musica Genera. 

take two


Various - Pure And Painless Pleasures

Some ferric archeology featuring the likes of Dave Prescott, Minoy, P16.D4, Illusion Of Safety, Violence And The Sacred, a tidy collab track from Eugene Chadbourne & Jon Rose and a host of others ...

C90 released on John Doe Recordings in 1988.

pure and simples


Taku Sugimoto Guitar Quartet


Two long tracks. Two acoustic guitars (played by Tetuzi Akiyama & Toshimaru Nakamura) and two electric guitars (played by Taku Sugimoto & Otomo Yoshihide). Released as a CD by Bottrop-Boy in 2003.

more is less


Ishiwarizakura - Okuno Hosomichi

I was going to post something entirely different but got out of bed and put this on. Mitsuru Nasuno on bass, Tatsuya Yoshida on drums, Murakami Naoki on guitar, with the driving force of Naoki Kita on violin. Beautifully improvised chaos-rock to put a spring in your step this weekend.

CD released on Magaibutsu Limited in 2011.

Okuno Hosomichi


Various - Rub Out The Word

"A compilation based on manipulation of speech recordings. The title comes from a quote by Brion Gysin."

A wealth of talent on offer here: Hands To, PBK, Yeast Culture, John Hudak, Kapotte Muziek, Eric Lunde, Crash Worship, Illusion Of Safety, Big City Orchestra and on and on and on ...

A double C60 set released on Big Body Parts in 1989.



Zoviet France - Assault and Mirage


First issued as a cassette in 1987, then cleaned up for a CD in 1995. Another gem from the Zoviet France catalog.

link removed by request


Black Sand Desert & Clew of Theseus - Obelisk

Double CDR from 2002, way back in Greh Holger's earliest daze, before the thought of co-hosting a podcast ever entered his teenage mind (before podcasts even existed!), before he started calling himself Hive Mind (which happens to be the title of a track on this album) and about the same time he began his Chondritic Sound label. Some tracks BSD solo, some Clew solo, ending with a couple of harsh blasts by both guys together as a duo called Obelisk. Edition of 70 copies on Cathartic Process.

old greh whistle test


PHBTK - Verfall / Melachoir

This is Phillip B. Klingler (aka PBK) and Jeph Jerman (aka Hands To). So what they did was ... ah, you're ahead of me. Anyway. These were initially seperate tape releases on Sound Of Pig (a seminal tape label ran by Al Margolis aka If, Bwana) and Jeph's Big Body Parts (stop sniggering at the back) in 1989. 20 years later, Phillip put them up on a netlabel that passed me by.

These are lossless rips of the re-reissue from 2011. It was only in the final stages of preparing this post that I realised that Phillip has these on his bandcamp ... I consider these tapes so extraordinary that I'm going to compromise our T&Cs, hope for forgiveness and encourage you all to dive into the wealth of art on the PBK page.

A double C50+ set courtesy of the aptly named Cathartic Process from 2011.

clap your hands and say lymphokine-activated killer T-cell-originated protein kinase


Zoviet France - Just An Illusion


First released in 1990, "Just an Illusion" remains one of Zoviet France's very greatest achievements. Mysterious, enveloping atmosphere that mixes acoustic instruments with tape delay for a mix of musique concrete, raga, and ambient noise. The edition we have here came inside a balsa-wood box with the titles stained onto it. The liner notes are on another thin sheet of balsa. Sure, it kind of scratches up the CD, but the band that once packed their LPs in roofing shingles could hardly care about that. When someone isn't sure where to begin with Zoviet France, "Just an Illusion" is what I always recommend. 

link removed by request


Zoviet France - Garista


The first album by Zoviet France might be a shock to listeners who jumped on later to hear their classics "Look Into Me", "Just an Illusion" or "What Is Not True". Back in 1982, when they self-released "Garista" as a cassette, it might have seemed to have more in common with weirdos like Metgumnerbone, New Blockders or even The Residents' "Eskimo". Feral animal grunting and whooping, banging sticks together at the back of a dank cave, general chaotic weirdness that gives hardly a hint of the atmospheric ambience to come. It's their strangest album, but worth a listen to hear what they were doing as odd teenagers huddled around a tape recorder. It was reissued in all formats in 1990, then on LP by Vinyl on Demand in 2019.

link removed by request


Captain Condoms - Super Cool

Take your best from the very early rosters of Amphetamine Reptile and Touch & Go and then move them to Japan to go and live with members of the Tokyo-based punk and hardcore scene. Fun times!

CD released on Bron Records in 1991.

turn around and see your butt in a clinic


Climax Denial - Repentance In Ecstacy

Following sessions of nylon worship it is always important to pay heed.

C30 released on Bacteria Field in 2016.

from here to maternity


The Rita - Pedicure Deconstruction Of The Feminine

Sam McKinlay (skateboarding hero, wall master and shark-baiting foot fetishist) effortlessly cracks off another one.

C48 released on Bacteria Field in 2016,

found footage


Deep Throat - Nylons Nailed To A Concrete Floor

Pleasant harsh noise that swerves between subterranean walls and metal junk

C20 released on Bacteria Field in 2016.

nailed nylon


19/Juke - 19/Juke

The first outing ... full-on Shockabilly meets The Beatles reinterpreted by Bunny Brains. Or something completely different. They created a completely different mode of articulation so why are you asking me?.

Originally a self-released LP from 1980, this is the Time Bomb reissue from 1996.



Sly & Robbie - African Roots

Robbie Shakespeare left us yesterday. Along with Sly Dunbar, he contributed to more than you'd know and influenced more than you could imagine.

This is my doff of the cap with Robbie on the bass, Sly behind the kit and the late great Bunny "Striker" Lee handling the production.

African Roots


Borghesia - Resistance


This 1989 album was Borghesia's widest-release and highest profile album to date. Released in for former Yugoslavia by Jugoton and the rest of the world by Play It Again Sam and Play It Again Sam USA, "Resistance" tackled the band's favorite themes of state oppression and popular solidarity. Holds up well in 2021. 



Borghesia - Ogolelo Mesto


Yugoslavia-only LP from 1988, featuring songs that appeared in different versions on their "Escorts & Models" album.



Borghesia - Ljubav Je Hladnija Od Smrti


The first LP by Borghesia, released in the former Yugoslavia in 1985 and reissued by Dark Entries in 2010.  



Borghesia - Clones


Second album by the former-Yugoslavian electronic duo, released as a cassette by Galerija ŠKUC Izdaja in 1984 then reissued on LP by Dark Entries in 2012. There was one self-titled cassette before "Clones" but it remains unheard by me. While lacking the irony and confrontational humor of that other Ljubljana band you know, Borghesia were still pretty great. They deal with some of the same themes as Laibach (as any artist living in that part of the world in the early 1980s surely had to) but wouldn't be so explicit about it until the decade's end. 



Taku Sugimoto, Taku Unami, Masahiko Okura - Chamber Music Concerts Vol. 1


A triple CD set of compositions by three guys associated with the Off Site venue in Tokyo. When it was active, the Off Site scene tended towards radically minimal noise and improvisation by Sugimoto, Unami, Okura, Toshimaru Nakamura, Sachiko M, Tetuzi Akiyama, Utah Kawasaki, Masafumi Ezaki and other like-minded artists. Released in 2008 by all three artists' labels: Hibari Music, Slub Music and Load Factor.



Alvin Lucier - Still And Moving Lines Of Silence In Families Of Hyperbolas

Two days ago, Alvin Lucier left us. What we've lost is someone who didn't so much push the boundaries as say that there were none.

Right up there with Pauline Oliveros, John Cage and Éliane Radigue.

A double CD released on the unintentionally understated Lovely Music, Ltd. in 2002.

not hyperbole


“19” - Ninety Seven Circles

Joyful idiosyncratic carnage.

It brings me back to the age old question: is free expression better then free sex? This offers the possibility that the answer is: it's just as good but quite a bit less sticky.

At last, the quest is over!

Originally self-released vinyl from 1981, this is the Time Bomb from 1996.

the ninety seven circles


19 - Sound Track

There are so many things that I have listened to and treasured over the years that seem to owe everything to 19/Juke and this set of post-punk uber-skronk just continues to confirm it. How do the territorially obscure channel ideas that don't exist yet? Who gives a fuck? The philosophical waffle (whilst relevant) is just an attempt to obscure that in terms of catalogue numbers this should have preceeded the previous post. A cardinal nerd-error ... forgive me Mrs Inside for I have sinned!

Originally a self-released LP, this is the (flac) CD reissue on Time Bomb Records from 1996.

the sound of slipping standards


19/Juke - Pieces

Unfathomable ethnographic whirlpools organised by genius beyond my imagination.

Originally self-released on vinyl in 1982, this is a lossless rip of the CD reissue on Time Bomb Records from 1996.



19/Juke - EZMD

Well who would have thunk it? It was nearly eight years ago when Mrs Inside posted the 19/Juke retrospective boxset. Erm, yeah, that was a long time ago! Definitely time to revisit the unfathomable genius of Shinro Ohtake.

This is a lossless rip of the CD reissue on UCA in 1991.


This is a rip of the original C40 released on 用美社 in 1987.



Various - alt.noise: A Switch Records Compilation Of Noise And Electronics

It starts with Incapacitants and ends with something that sits right at home on one of the Macro Dub Infection compilations. I need say no more.

CD released on Switch Records Canada in 1997.



Jeph Jerman - A Fidgety And Excitable Engine

The inimitable Mr. Jerman continuing to confound expectations.

C40 released on Second Sleep in 2013. The source material was reused and released as a lathe and CDr combo nine years later in a sexy wooden box. Completely different results to what is on this tape but there were only 12 of those released. So brothers and sisters, weep along with me at the futility of ever thinking that we will hear that and console yourself with this excellent tape.



Various - Extreme Pleasures

Nothing not to like here: Sshe Retina Stimulants, Iugula-Thor, Atrax Morgue, Macronympha, MSBR and Mark Solotroff.

A C30 released on Slaughter Productions in 1996.

Volume I

The main interest for me is Dead Body Love but you also get Advokat Ihrer Hoheit, Drape Excrement and Lvnvs (which was largely the work of Devis Granziera who also collaborated with Marco Corbelli as Necrophonie / Necrofilia).

A C22 that was available for free for those who preorded the first tape and was of course released on Slaughter Productions in 1996.

Volume II


Sharon's Last Party - Blue Light and Blue Eyes


The only 7" by short-lived Swedish power-electronics supergroup, featuring Erik Jarl, Ochu and a few other folks from the Segerhuva orbit. Released in 2002.

helter skelter


Blod - Romantic and Deranged


A 7" single from 1999. Scumbag noise for deranged romantics.

true romance


Death Laid An Egg - Collection 2008-2010

A big old chunk of wall noise courtesy of Richard Ramirez and Trent Bingham.

Their first four releases gathered together in a double CDr retrospective on Room 2A in 2015 in an edition of 15.


The film from which they take their name isn't a traditional Giallo and the director (Giulio Questi) isn't one that I would normally associate with the genre but it's pretty good all the same.



Blod - My Beloved Daughters


Confusingly, there are two different Swedish noise acts called Blod. This is the much nastier Blod. 2004 CD released by Seguhuva. 

scumbag relationships


Leif Elggren - The Internationale


King Leif's 1996 7" single, a sort of cover version of an 1800's left-wing anthem. 

destroy the nations


Dead Body Love - Nechronology

This is a collection of generally unavailable releases (with a tape of previously unreleased work) from everybody's favourite corpse fiddler: Gabriele Giuliani. What? you have a top ten? Weirdo!

I posted this in September 2013. I've managed to learn a lot in the intervening period, not least patience. I've gone back to the rips and reduced the unwanted noise where I could, amplified where necessary and topped and tailed where the machine was allowed to run without adding anything of value. It took quite a while and it was worth it.

A genuinely great eight cassette retrospective released on Second Sleep in 2010.

opt in

opt ion


Leif Elggren - Pluralis Majestatis


A metal bed frame played with metal crowns by King Leif. Released as a CD in 1999.

king & crowns


Leif Elggren - In Sleep The Knives Are Sharpened


Sounds of knife sharpeners by the co-king of Elgaland-Vargaland, released in Iceland as a 10" record by Some Records in 1998.

look sharp!


Leif Elggren - Flown Over by an Old King


Going way back to 1988, this is the debut solo LP by the future king of Elgaland-Vargaland, released by his future co-king CM Von Hauswolff on his Radium 226.05 label. 

as the king flies


Ankh - st

A one-off collaboration by Jean-Marie Onni (Le Syndicat) and Pierre Jolivet (Pacific 231), released on CD in an oversized cardstock envelope by allegedly-bootleg Swedish label Art Directe in 1993.

beat the boots